Sunday, May 31, 2009

i realised my whole family is really very entrepreneurial.

dad and uncles - family business doing pottery in malaysia. got one uncle also opened a provision store in johor.
auntie - opened an IT shop at funan mall (called inforcom) and dabbled in clothing and cosmetics and real estate.
sis and bro-in-law - opened a diving centre called Sunny Cove (as you would see in the link bar) and my sis has her own webstore at Fashion Hub Online.

so what about me? i wanna surpass every single one of them!

went to support sherlyn at the bistro bar at singapore flyer. the chocolate frappe was really good. her singing was really good. melvin the pianist and harmonist was really really good. HAHA i wonder how we are going to match their standards!!

oh yeah before that attended alan's birthday party at bukit panjang. second time i tried the LRT.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

watched men of honour just now. it is a true story about how an afro-american navy diver, Carl Brashear fought through all odds just because he believed he could, and of cuz with constant reminders from memories of his unfortunate past. sometimes we let the past affect us. in reality life will really kick us around if we let that happen. stop dwelling in the past; make a change to yourself and get a life. it was a really really great movie. i used to not like such shows but i realised in every book and movie there is really a message/a few messages that they want to drive across. and these precious messages sometimes continue to be hidden within the text/scenes if we do not seek to discover, absorb and retain them. :)

VC - my goal by the end of this year is to make EVERYONE feel comfortable singing alongside each other in VC. let's start SHARING! :D

Thursday, May 28, 2009

just came back from upp thomson road. had dinner with 4-4 guys at prata house and ice cream at iceskimo :)

went to ob in the afternoon to practise and had the performance briefing by sherlyn.

ok i am almost done with rich dad poor dad. left with the epilogue! :D

oh yes! naruto shippuden is getting exciting again. can't wait for episode 112! haha

finally, after 22 years on earth i was actually watching football with passion! go man U! make a comeback greater than any team in the world! :D went to chester's place to watch soccer and taught david, teja, kah cheng and sam how to play german bridge. HHAHA okay i am going to get my own condo too! just you wait!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

the spell is wearing off. HAHA i feel a little bit impatient today towards my mom. no this cannot happen. i think i am just blaming myself for not being of much help. JIAYOU! work hard! help myself and help others.

was talking to chan on msn about ba zhang, and i realised how much i missed my grandma's ba zhang! hahaha yeah dumplings are so expensive especially during duan wu jie. i didn't realise this in the past cuz dumplings were always home-made... ok i better make sure i don't regret anymore things in the future!

guys! cherish everything you have now! :D

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

vc should be managed like a family, but marketed like a corporation?

fried my first sunny-side-up today at my sis's place! woohoo!

took the first small step today. AHAH

Sunday, May 24, 2009

just came back from fish and co dinner with 4-4 peeps and boyang and joel toh. hahaha it was damn fun la! had a great time catching up with brandon who just returned to singapore a few days ago! hahahaha yeah lotsa good food and talking. :D
shall wait for yy's pics to go up on facebook. :D

anyway here's a pic from dawn sin for FF concert.

and some pics of FF from facebook:

finally ended FF concert with a bang. HAHA i cracked at the last 'sephiroth'. AHAHAHA oh well. it was really quite an experience working with vocal consort and wow empire. must really thank nelson for the exposure. i wish someday vc will be as big as the combined chorus for ff, around 50-60 peeps bah. HAHAHA! :P

Friday, May 22, 2009

it's the first time i had a full-house standing ovation at esplanade concert hall. hahah we know the applause wasn't for us entirely but we still felt great i think. HAHAH i think that's my dream for VC. to have a full house standing ovation at the end of our concert. :)

oh i totally forgot that results are out already. HAHHA yeah and so i went to check. i am very happy leh. HAHA!

AB103 Statistics - C
AA102 Accounting II - C+
AA1484 Choir III - A+
AB105 OB - A
AB112 Marketing - A+

after all the naruto and how i met your mother, i believed this is not bad leh! hahahhahah yeah i played cheat by taking choir module. HAHAHH! maybe i am going back on my word... next sem i may be going to take again. HAHAHA yay but MARKETING A+ leh! hahahah how zai! :P

shall got catch naruto episode 110 now! :D

Thursday, May 21, 2009

it's actually quite good to talk to my parents. HAHAH i am beginning to treat them more like friends now. actually they are better la. at least they listen attentively to what i have to say. HAHA yeah so actually i just gave my dad and my mom a lecture....lecture on being a better person.

ok i know some of you may think that i am abit too young to do that, especially to my parents. but i dunno why i just sorta felt confident enough to do that and i doubt there's anything wrong with it. I MAY have hurt a little pride here and there since it's not very ordinary for a child to be lecturing his/her parents, but i really hope what i said moved them.

mom didn't appear very good in the morning when she left the house la. she didn't even want to utter a word. but luckily she talked quite alot just now and both my mom and my dad spoke their mind just now during our thrashing session. i think we should have this thrashing session every week. :) it will help in family bonding. :)

ok erm. so what did i do in the day then? went for breakfast with sam in the morning...started my mini-art-project for the weekend...went for FF rehearsal. saw arnie roff with his mickey-mouse sweat patterns...yeah and i pangsayed choir for family. HAHAH! paiseh la! will join you guys again once i settled everything back home :)

and yeah! need to practise on my composition for exam on 7 june.... BLAH. :P

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

i dunno why but today felt like kinda a down day for me. HAHA! maybe becuz i have been rather high during the past few i am kinda tired! hahaha yeah need to recharge my batteries. i just feel that i cannot please everyone la right? no matter how hard i try some ppl will just not like me and pick on my mistakes...ahahah but nvm that's really your loss. :P

have been dilligently helping sis with her housework the past few days - helped to change bedsheet, vacuumed the bed, cut vegetables, brought leroy downstairs for a stroll. yeah i am really MUCH MUCH more patient with my family members now, trying to treat them like they are my friends. alot of my friends were surprised that i actually didn't treat my family very well in the past; i was really impatient and didn't talk alot with them. HAHA so unlike me right???

then went over to ob in the afternoon to practise piano. helped geraldine with her piano. passed raquel her mmo, and listened to collin and gabriel do harmoney of "gai bian zi ji". yeah feel very happy helping them. also let wen hao and ger listened to my new song. AHAHAH! shall let everyone hear when i have the time :D

just returned from esplanade. yeah was supposed to have supper with vc peeps but i realised my mom was waiting for me at home la...ahhaha yeah so i better go home and accompany her. :P ff was quite a mess actually. i think nelson is not very happy with me. OH WELL. i tried my best though i am not very good with directions and details. managed to sort out the food part though.

alright will have another round of FF rehearsal tml. :P shall sleep early.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

haha today's really packed!

12pm - went to my sis's house to help her with leroy and dish-washing. i think i am in love with dish-washing.
2pm - left the house for mica. Parked the vehicle at Funan so that my sis can go and find my mom. i went to find bee lan at NAC and she passed me nearly a hundred bags of stuff. i wasn't kidding. hahah so i was lugging everything back from mica towards funan but i realised it was impossible. so i called my mom for help. hhahaha
3.50pm - went to parkmall to collect my sis's vouchers
4.30pm - left for home to place the 100 bags at home and to meet everlyn and xuwei
5pm - xuwei and everlyn helped me to carry the bags up and they went to my house to collect my keyboard.
5.15pm - drove my sis and leroy back to amk to pick up alicia from child-care
5.30pm - bought dinner
6.30pm - left amk for aljunied to meet sam. was kinda lost on the way there so was really depending on the street directory for help. yay no summons! haha
9pm - left for home!
10.45pm - adyll came over to collect the 100 bags from me.

okay will need to leave the house for amk to help my sis tml morning before going to ob to prac my piano at 2pm! hahahah after that going to esplanade for ff rehearsal at 6pm. HAHA! busy week ahead!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

felt very accomplished helping my sis to rearrange her house and tidying things and throwing useless stuff away...better than rotting away at home. HAHA yyeah. wensi and eugene came over to cook dinner today. everlyn and her friend cheryl were also here to practise everlyn's song with my keyboard. suhui and daniel came over later. okay dinner menu included macaroni carbonara, butter prawns and bread pudding with ice cream. i thought all 3 rocked! hahaha :D

OKAY good thing about today. OR tonight rather. i think i really helped my mom quite abit. i really hope i did so.

i was helping her massage her legs and we just started talking. okay actually to be frank with everyone my mom is actually suffering from depression. yeah lotsa things happened in the family and she is kinda taking things to hard on herself and stuff like that la. yeah i have been talking to her (on an irregular basis) but i doubt anything that i have said actually managed to change her thinking about life. she was actually getting out of depression already the past few months but somehow the past week was just kinda trying. yeah she even cried yesterday complaining to my sis, dad and aunt just how bad life is...and what's the meaning of living...

and so today i think i was lucky enough because she had actually managed to free her mind better, if not no matter how gifted my influential skills are she won't be moved. yeah so it's a lucky day for both of us. i told mom about my dream - it is set around a very large swimming pool at our future bungalow's backyard. we are having a party with families and friends and my parents are sitting on the deck chairs playing with their grandchildren, then people will be going to them telling them how great their son is, and i will be very happy looking at their proud faces...

hahaha yeah i then gave my mom a mission to complete this month: to find out what's her life goal. and be specific about it (hahah sounds familiar right, SALLY?) like down to the very small details of the things that she wanted. i wanted mom to have a goal in life again. not to live for the moment, but to have a sustainable goal that will keep her living (physically and spiritually). hahah she must be really happy how much her son has changed for the better. i am certain she was moved by what i said just now, and i am certain that i myself was proud that i have taken this really huge leap forward to know my mother better, even to the extent of influencing her. i was telling her how it felt as if she was my daughter. HAHA!

another thing to know about me. i do not know my dad well enough. i seldom talk to him. i even disliked him a little for not taking really great care of the family in the past. my goal this month is to understand him better. at least know what his favourite food and number is. HAHAH

oh well. LOOOOOOOOONG post from me. but i really learnt alot these 2 weeks.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

just came back from amk hub where we had 4-4 gathering. first time seeing melvin in 8 months! woohoo! damn happy la! yeah erm ordered damn alot of food at the hawker centre - fried hokkien mee, fried oysters, fried carrot cake, porridge, chicken rice, duck rice, japanese salmon rice, sugar cane with/without lemon. WOOOOO! hahaha

argh i really wanna help my mom. JIAYOU! :)

anyway I found my dream car: the Mercedes SLR Roadster!!! my heart leapt when i saw it just now.

jianhao is not proud of himself for whatever that he did after 2am. tsk tsk tsk.

okay sleep first.

Great party nic! hahaha you should have played chop chilli chop with us! hahaha

Friday, May 15, 2009

yup SOV09. my juniors are damn power. HAHAH

glad that vc could pull through this year's SOV. hahah we really didn't have a lot of practices but luckily we still made it. yenling was the ultimate. she touched down at the airport at 1810 hours and managed to rush to esplanade in time to do her solo line. HAHA

argh. i am so sad. nobody talks to me. HAHAHA did i do something wrong or ppl just don't like to talk to me? hahaha i tried to change la but sometimes i fail still. nvm i will keep on trying until everyone accepts me :) i am a determined boy :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

wow~! i just vacuum-cleaned the floor.

okay gtg prepare to leave for SOV09! jiayou everyone! :D

oh yeah daryl was asking me what song i will be singing. have to choose 4 songs for the july hdb performance...too bad i can't sing any korean/japanese songs! :(

- Shayne Ward - No Promises
- Seal - Kiss From A Rose (okay i know this is crazy...)
- Kelly Clarkson - A Moment Like This
- Elton John - Can You Feel The Love Tonight
- Lin Jun Jie - Qi Dai Ni De Ai
- Lin Jun JIe - Baby Baby
- Fang Jiong Bin - Huai Ren
- Cai Ming You - Fan Bu Wan De Xia Tian
- Fish Leong - Ke Xi Bu Shi Ni
- Jay Chou - Cai Hong
- Lin Yu Zhong - Kao An
- Wang Lee Hom - Wei Yi
- Xiong Tian Ping - Huo Cai Tian Tang
- Zhang Xin Zhe - Ai Ru Chao Shui

oh need to make a choice by next wednesday! haha and i will be singing with sherlyn! like wth! hahha sing with lao shi leh! oh and i heard gabriel's singing yesterday. ultra ultra r&b. HAHA

eh alicia ysk i watched 1l of tears like how long ago. pls refer to my previous posts posted last year! hahha

anyway adapting to changes is really important. like i said i wrote my first love letter to my mom but i was quite scared to face her when i woke up in the morning. damn paiseh la! hahah but mom was very nice about it. hahahahah i hope she's happy that her son is at least trying to make her happier. :P


HAHA mix with ppl who are really much better than you.

anyway i am picking up SOCCER! hahahaha which fc should i join? hahahaha

oh yeah here's what i did today.

went to sis's place in the morning to help her with housework and leroy (alicia's at school so things were pretty ok) yeah talked to her about her online website. after that went back home to bathe and went to ob at around 2.30pm. saw jason and jacinda at the dance studio and jac was practising her dance. yup then i slacked around for a while but managed to come up with a new song! no lyrics though! hahaha yeah ob really gives me inspiration sometimes :P ok then met ashton lao shi for july perf briefing at 7pm, then went to maxwell for dinner with zach, wendy, iris and fiona (fiona has the same bday as me!)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

wrote my first 'love letter' to mom yesterday night. HAHAHA i really want to help change people's life. start with my family first :D just came back from sis's house and helped her with dishes and cut veges. haha small stuff but i hope she's a little happier too :D

heard k's only love on yes933 just now. HAHA suddenly felt damn emotional. HAHA those who haven't watch 1 litre of tears pls go and watch it. :)

shall prepare to go ob in a moment. got lotsa lyrics to bring there to help choose songs! ahahaha. or should i just bring my comp! lighter right! hahahah

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

jianhao is sick of empty promises. he promises he will change! 12th May 2009 is important. it's really important. it made me realised how screwed up the way i am leading my life is. jianhao needs to change everything in the shortest amount of time possible before time runs out. don't worry i am still contented but just felt alot more responsible to everyone around me. i dun wanna be called joker-face anymore. i wanna be someone whom everyone can look up to (yeah those below 1.8m always look up to me anyway. :P)

...i dreamt of being a cartoon character in an anime, and i stole a chincilla (aka 龙猫, you know totoro? haha) from a bungalow house. I was hugging it so tightly and then was approached by a policeman. i was damn scared la. then he asked me what i was doing and i replied that i was walking and hugging my pillow. good thing is he believed me. after that i woke up with the intention of getting back to sleep so i can know what would happen next... but that didn't happen.

Monday, May 11, 2009

had a great musically-infused day.

met wenhao to practise piano @ 2pm.(didn't do much though) then had an early dinner @ 5.30pm with VS4 and VS5 peeps. wooo. had fun talking to everyone today. anyway zhang mei xiang lao shi was sick and couldn't come so pei xiang lao shi took over and taught us for an hour. after which we left for music dreamers' cafe at marina square to listen to the female singers' audition. one thing good about there is that the atmosphere and music are really good, but it also meant that we have to pay more for it. but i guess it's worth it. hahaha zach was abit buay song though cuz they weren't auditioning for male singers.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

hello! yeah as always i am updating in the lamest way possible.

celebrated mother's day at home yesterday with mom and sis and bro-in-law and my niece and nephew. tao-baoed back 20 dollars worth of food for all of us. hahah damn economical.

had vs class today with zhang si li lao shi on deportment. hahaha yeah as usual there're 'er's and 'ran-hou's in my words. and i can't seem to find a nice place to place my hands. BAH

after that rushed down to siglap for lunch and had my first ever practice with vc since exam break. it's been long! i almost didn't know how to sing the songs already! hahah yeah had htht with the exco members and i believe we really want to take good care of everyone, don't we? hahahah :P

yeah like i told everyone, this blog's purpose is for me to remember what happened just in case i get senile dementia in the future. so DON'T LAUGH at my reason! hahah

Saturday, May 09, 2009







currently waiting for my lazy butt to get off the chair so i can go and bathe...HAHHHA

met julio and janice in the afternoon. we thought each other harmony, beatbox and dance. okay i really suck at dance. it was really upsetting seeing myself dance in front of the mirror. i really don't think this is a self-fulfilling prophecy lor! hahahah oh yeah damn happy. sherlyn said that my "wei wan cheng" is okay! hahahah (shows guan yin ma hand) yeah just need to work on the playing of the piano and to bring my sound more forward like what huan liang lao shi said. ahahah

okay i really find that there is a need for me to blog every nitty gritty details down just in case i get dementia someday. (choi!) okay after class went to dhoby gauht fish and co. fried calamari with the garlic-butter-lemon sauce is heavenly!!!

hahaha oh yeah will be performing at yew tee and taman jurong on 17th and 18th july. more details to come soon :D

yup need to plan in the morning later! shall go and bathe really soon!! :)

Friday, May 08, 2009

met wensi and eugene on the train to city hall yesterday. hahah damn qiao in the same carriage somemore!!! okay we went to cut hair together then they came over to my house to sing karaoke. okay i realised my house karaoke was no fun cuz no new songs!!! haiz....suhui also dropped by to sing a few SHE's and teresa teng's songs before she left for tuition.

- clearer goals
- lesser procrastination

Thursday, May 07, 2009

helped sis out today with alicia and leroy. oh man. one kid is already a nightmare i really wonder how she can handle a 3-year old and a 8-month old infant everyday. i almost wanna give alicia away when she kept screaming 'i want strawberry' when i didn't want to get her the strawberry yoghurt drink just now. HAHAHH i think i can only play with children but not take care of them.


Tuesday, May 05, 2009

7 GwH. wth.

hmmm anyway it's been a busy day. met nich, peien, jiejun and nelc for breakfast with bf on nelc! woohoo. yeah then went to vch to listen to jc syf. in my opinion the only deserving gwh choirs are vj, aj and hc. :P but of cuz, my opinion doesn't matter.

anyway gabriel was doing the coffee/tea and open/close thingie at macs just now. it made me realise how bad i am at observing people. HAIZZZZ


ah. the bread at my sis's place is expensive BUT GOOOD. :P

jc syf tml. GO VJCHOIR!!!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

family day. hope alicia's fever and mom's anger will subside tml. :P

Saturday, May 02, 2009

blogging again. HAHA

am trying out old classics like 等你等到我心痛 and 吻别. HAHAH so fun!

anyway just had performance at expo for sherlyn's church (city harvest) hahaha yeah let's try not to be skeptical about this. HAHAHA they are nice people la! hahha ok back to the performance. it was alright other than the fact that my mic wasn't working, but the audience was great! so happening. HAHA after that we went to heeren to watch sherlyn's performance. before that hall 14 cheerleaders were performing but one girl feel from like 2 metres and landed on her head. OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yeah that's how painful. she was admitted to the hospital after that.
erm yeah sherlyn's really good. HAHAH i actually agree with her on pulling the mic away from the mouth esp during the high notes - so that you would be able to hear the notes and rather the audience be able to hear softer notes rather than out-of-tune notes. smart.

ok after that went to shokudo for dinner.

and paiseh VC peeps for ponning choir today!!!! paiseh paiseh! oh yeah need to think of practice venue for next week!! X|

你怎麽舍得我难过 巫启贤




Friday, May 01, 2009

bye bye alicia! hahhaha

helped alicia bring her stuff at 1130am SHARP. yeah she got 4 big bags and naturally the person who helped her move in have to help with the moving out right. HAHAHH yeah and so we went to golden mile complex and bugis junction, on the same cab coincidentally. met jerrick, jun wei, ee chen, irene, jocasta, jiaxin and her mom, and xiuqi who was late. yeah. we then cabbed to golden mile again after the meal at hk cafe and sent alicia off on her bus. hahah YAY i am the only one who didn't CRY. HAHAHAHAHA!!! i think i still wasn't awake la. maybe that's why. HAHHAA take good care of yourself ar alicia!

okay after that went to fuji xerox tower for the prudential interview thingie. yeah talked to the boss and he told me the assistant will call me again on monday to discuss the details. erm the thing is i saw COLIN from ob there!!! he actually works there!hahah how qiao!!! after that went to ob to practise piano and also our songs with colin and julio. yeah after that had microphone class with xu huan liang principal. HAHA not too bad. he told me i have to bring my voice forward. i do agree.

okay after that just came back from ykx's place with wensi and eugene. was playing them my new songs. MUAAHAH and ate durian and played word games over there. am very happy that they were singing my songs! hahah the feeling is good! HAHAHAHA eh ykx don't be angry with us already la!! scary eh!

okay. busy day. i wanna sleep...