Wednesday, December 31, 2008

not only relieved. but happy too. i am high! i am tall! :D

i guess i was really high during the post xmas party party at sam's place. most of my shots were blurred. HAHAHAHAHA

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

vc/vjchoir xmas party later! :D:D:D

have been travelling to and fro home and hall these past few weeks. i think i can tahan the train rides next year. HAHHA

anyway my acct tut groupmates came to my house and partied till 7am. my gosh. HAHHAHa

had dinner with vc peeps at parkway on sat

had dinner with jingzhi, ziyi and kaijun at fish and co on sun. didn't know they have free flow passionfruit/kola tonic drinks! :D hahaha so we cheated and shared the free flow. :P
went back to hall yesterday morning to take photos for basketball girls, then prac with michelle in the afternoon and after midnight, and also had cheerleading in between.
SHAGGED. i haven't seen my family since saturday. okay not so bad. HHAHAHHA

Sunday, December 28, 2008

jianhao is running out of time! argh hahahha

shall go sleep le! :D

Friday, December 26, 2008

so lazy to blog about the past few days...

i think carolling at pan pac and copthorne went well. HEEHEE

reunion carolling was fun after seeing so many familiar faces. my maroon shirt and black pants and blazer are uber smelly now. HAHAHA

went to bottletree village this morning and met this very kind lady. she drove me around the park on a buggy! hahah it's my first time riding a buggy! woohoo hahahha

cheerleading is tiring...

yay now that carolling and the flights are booked, i shall focus my attention on the vc/vjchoir xmas party on the 30th dec first. :D pls come pls come!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

ooo just woke up

i believe the problem of insufficient singers is solved. :)

let's have fun carolling on xmas eve later! :D


okay it's 90% now after the third elbow from jamie. HAHAH

anyway i am pian ti ling shang now after doing basket toss during cheerleading. toes, neck, hand, cheek, shoulders...WAAAAH.

i wanna talk about how much i love VC. but you guys should know such stuffs usually stay in my heart.

anyway just realised that cheerleading pracs take place everyday after school reopens. YAY. i love cheerleading! shall not make ppl like kim min lose morale by telling her how much i look forward to pracs. :P

okay wait for hair to dry.

anyway it just started to 4am!

taking a 15-min break from cheerleading prac. HAHHHHA i think i am 70% towards dislocating my left shoulder.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


lunch from hall 14

ah boon



pan pac orchard

copthorne king

talk at BK


ykx birthday

Sunday, December 21, 2008

hmmm what am i doing online at this hour when i only started sleeping at 2am. HAHAHHA

the pain from the calf cramp woke me up. SHIT I NEED TO EXERCISE. HAHHAHAA

oh man BUSY 2 weeks ahead!

thanks to my friends.

carolled at selaseh park and rivervale tonight. well not very organised i think. hmmmm paiseh to everyone who had to be aimless and not knowing what to do except wait for that one or two minutes. SORRY!

oh yah have to thank sheena for coming down to sing with us! and kenny for rushing over at the last minute! hahah so sorry to have to make u eat dinner at 11pm! thanks sandy for always helping to organise and be decisive. thanks suelynn and marcus for always being there and waiting for me. HAHAAHA oh and thanks emma (a.k.a. emmasik), for making that few mistakes on stage. it's okay one. :) and thanks to our ferry-godmothers (sam and joyce) and ferry-godfather (asik a.k.a. emmasik) for ferrying us around the sengkang estate. thanks for letting us make use of you! hhahahhahahahahaha KIDDING!

okay luckily everything went smoothly.

went to jalan kayu to have supper! wooo took lotsa photos and had roti prata and tau hway. :D and 14 of us had to squeeze into 2 cars! hhahhhaah. oh in the end emma was kind enough to come back and send us back home... THANKS!


Friday, December 19, 2008

yay. just came back from suntec city. had a wheel of a time at nydc with alicia, jocasta, jerrick, alan, agus, jun wei, yi chen and jie ying. HAHAH played the usual zhong ji mi ma. oh ah ma gave me my upselling vouchers! 80 dollars! hahahhaha can't believe i still have upselling after leaving mms for 5 months. :D hahahahahhahahhhahhahahahah i am PROUD of MYSELF!
aieks forgot to bring back the usb port to transfer photos from my phone to my comp. ARGH.
(but kapoed them from alicia's and jerrick's blog. still waiting for alan's photos. HAHA)

before that i went back to hall in the morning to get my laptop. bought waffles and bubble tea for meself and ykx. heeheee. oh man cheerleading pracs are getting more and more xiong. SHIT.

after breakfast went to copthorne king to met arlene there and take a look around.

passed ah ma, alicia, jerrick, alan and irene my cards le. YAY. :D

HAPPY now. :)

5 minutes to blog about these past 2 days.

ok had a bad day yesterday. waited from 9.30am to 5pm for my shooting from tanglin dhq to hta. but got turned down around 2 metres from the range cuz my hair length was not acceptable. F!@)#!(@#)!($)!$!)$(!)$!($
oh saw titus and khairul and zhang and cash over there and i think we talked alot about training and npco life in the van.

okay that's about pretty much that happened yesterday i think.

am back in hall now to bring my laptop back home. :D going to copthorne later.

who knew that it can get so busy during the hols?!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

okay time for blogging!

wow had a long day.

went shopping at nie bookstore in the morn. then got a call from sis saying that she got a venue for vc's xmas party! woo hoo! bottletree village at khatib. sounds good!

watched little nonya just now. not bad. even after missing so many episodes i still managed to catch what's happening. :)

oh will need to plan for the xmas party VERY soon.

and ppl pls sign up for carolling.

and need to book air tix with ace99.

okay jiayou!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

jianhao's getting better at shoulder stands! woohoooo

oh jianhao's photography skills suck. :( can't take indoor photos for nuts.

okay things are getting a little more organised.

shall be less lazy you dumbass.

oh and some random photos:

on the train towards yck from khatib.

during world youth choral festival

oh the train to yishun.

oh we are featured!!!! we realised that the least expensive ticket to our concert in korea costs 30,000won, the most expensive being 80,000won. WOW!

oh yes and finally.... HAHAHAH

Monday, December 15, 2008

can't believe we got the NAC grant!!! woohoo!!!

went to visit barney with puff, ykx and derrick, then we went over to ykx's house for DINNER/SUPPER. :D

oh must do the dual hand movements again soon.

the weather's good. :D

Sunday, December 14, 2008

long. time ago. far. far away.....

yc is a mensa member. WELL DONE.

sandy bakes delicious brownies. :D

Saturday, December 13, 2008

went to the library in the afternoon to borrow korea travel guidebooks. heehee shall drown myself in them and bring out the tour guide in me. :D

then went to vch to perform for the world youth choral festival. it was kinda screwed up at first as the seniors didn't really know whether to wear or not to wear the suits and gowns for the soundcheck cuz i thought that we could turn up in our slacks. oh well we took 5 minutes to dress up. GOOT JOB. :D i guess our performance was ok.

Anyway i always loved impromptu singing. the no man after the concert was not bad. ;) and we took lotsa photos. to be posted up as soon as i kapo them from facebook. :D

oh we went to thai express after the concert and talked about yc's choral sexual experience with oliver. HAHHHHHAHAHAHH damn hilarious.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

jianhao is very secretive.

where to go snow-skiing in seoul!?!??!

sorry friends if i tell you i can't go for the next dinner/movie/kboxsession/zooouting....


one of those cold december nights which you need a hug. O O O

argh i am so stuck within myself.

can't help at all.

hahah derrick gave me a call yesterday night, and asked me if i was going to take photos this morning for netball. AHAHAHAH yah so i lan lan have to go to hall this morning lor. reached my room at 9 plus, then we helped venetia and shu xuan to fill up the entire bucket with water. anyway our netball girls are qiang. they won against hall 12 by more than 15 points i think. HAHAHAH

went for choir prac at 1 plus as i had nothing to do in hall. it took my 22 stops to reach bedok from boon lay. saw CHEAM at bedok!!! hahahah then i tapao-ed ahballing to eat at siglap. hehe

oh conflict of interests. TOTAL CONFLICT!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

WOW my whole day was burnt becuz of auditions. hahaha

tk came to my house at 10plus to practise our duet song. heeeeheee then we watched half of harold and kumar 2 before leaving for ocean butterfly at 2.30pm. heeeheee i guess everything went ok except that a few lyrics didn't come out properly from my mouth.

went to maxwell food centre for some fish porridge with teck kuan, and teck kuan had to make ham chim peng at this store whereby the auntie just threw in the dough and he had turn them in the oil himself! hahah oh and i helped everlyn to tapao FIFTEEN goreng pisang for her crew mates. HAAHAHAH this is called HUI LU. :D

then waited a long time for the very singer audition to start. saw hong jun yang and xu huan liang inside there. i think i barely sang for 30 seconds before the bell sounded. oh well. wonder how things went. PRAY HARD FOR ME!!!

yup and so i was late for dinner with alicia, jerrick and agus. HAAHAAHHA really very very full from dinner, but i am glad that my old-lady-with-mole joke went well during dinner. HEEEHEEE aiyah so sad for alicia that many people are leaving again...:(

oh man have to return to school tml to help derrick with photo-taking...BAHHHHHH

can't believe ziyi initiated a class outing. STUNNED-ED. our 61st month anniversary. :D

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

wah shagged. shagged. shagged.

i think i can sleep before 12 tonight. :D

have to wake up early tml!

oh yes finally finished ykx's xmas poster design. yay. didn't sleep much yest though....heehe

went to take photographs for netball girls this morning. YAY hall 3 won against hall 15! :D

erm was watching one litre of tears with barney and ah boon separately just now. :.( poor aya...hmmmmm we should all be more brave and not cry. HAHAHAH

going back home in a while. YIPPIE!

Monday, December 08, 2008

jianhao loves the cold weather, and the soft pillow in hall. hahaha

girls are nasty. and sweet. and nasty.

okay went to joshua's house with sheena this morning. heeeheee kapo-ed a few dvds from him. WOOHOO. then we played guitar hero. HAHAHA first time playing guitar hero and i assume i am quite pro at it. HAHAHHA okay then we had chicken rice, and continued to play risk. OKay one thing i hate about risk is that it shows the evil scheming side of ur dear friends. HAHAH don't play risk with me pls. i hate the backstabbing and plotting. HAHHA oh but the war music part was really COOL!!!! hhaahahahaa especially the battle of greenland and central america. HAAHAH okay maybe we should play it again. :D
okay then rushed back home for practice with teck kuan for our auditions this wednesday. must practise more!!! teck kuan really improved ALOT ALOT ALOT!!!

yup was most reluctant to go for cheerleading practice, but since ykx is my friend i shadn't pangsay her HAHAH learnt CHAIRS today. wow. nv knew i could support someone with just one hand. GO, TECHNIQUES!

hmmm my sis went diving so alicia and leroy came over in the morning. haha promised to help her look after them but i guess i woke up a little too late. HAHA luckily mom and dad were there to help out... hehehe

went for choir prac, then went to changi chalet to celebrate shawn loh's birthday. HAHAH met andy, samuel, alexko, yy, daniel, and fabian poh over there. yah had quite a fun time playing citadels and indian poker. HAHAHAHA took the 1-hour 59 bus ride home...WOO HOO.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

went to marie's place to gym in the morning at 10am. WAHHHH couldn't really wake up at 8. AHAHAHA anyway the run was goot. :D and the view from her condo was goot. can see the ECP!

choir prac was quite messy initially cuz we couldn't really find a room big enough to accomodate 60plus of us....yah mainly my fault for taking things for granted. OK WILL LEARN THIS LESSON WELL! yup luckily we had 01-02B until 4 plus, then we went over to this kindergarten room to practise. alright the 3 songs for the concert are ALMOST memorised!

ooo just had a nice shower after bbq-ing and talking at sue lynn's. we initially decided to go town to have dinner after choir prac, then we realised that marcus and sue lynn had asked us to go for a bbq at sue lynn's, hahaha so asik drove us to carrefour and bought food there before proceeding over. oh i was acting alto while singing joy to the world. my first attempt was not bad at all! :D

Friday, December 05, 2008

badminton with daniel wasn't very fun except for the hitting of high balls to each other. hahaha. damn my badminton skills SUXXXXXXXXX oh and i must wear shoes to play badminton next time.

met jiasheng and pock thong at amk s11 for dinner just now. oooo fish and chips was GOOT. :D hahah after that we sorta bummed around amkhub for a while...HEEHEHEE

oh man i need to memorise my scores. :D

and so it was kaili who tapped me at citilink mall! been trying to figure that out for weeks. HAHHA

and so are we named 3+1 now? what a weird name. HAHAHHA kapo-ed some movies from daniel's hard disk onto my harddisk. yay i love my 320GB external harddisk. then suhui, kim min and wen si came over and we watched love actually in my room with good food like BBQ Lays, Carrot Cake from Cedele, and Jam Biscuits from Marks and Spencer. after the show i was trying to be sacrificial but they didn't want to let me sleep on the floor. oh well. HAHA xie xie ni men. slept at 4 i think.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

cheerleading prac was ouch, oUch and more OUCH! hahaha

had senior flyers from hall 13 to demo to the girls how things should be done, and we did some shoulder stands and extensions and pops. pops were fun but difficult to execute.

hhaha come join cheerleading boys and girls!

finally some pictures of my hall life again.

lunched at wang jiao at marina square. ooo sesame balls and custard buns!

tired from 5 hours of singing. and eating. and filling songs with actions. O O O. we were lucky that we managed to extend the singing from 2.30-6pm to 2.30 to 8pm FOC! hahaha i think they forgot about us since we were in a room in one of the more secluded corners. had sushi and chicken pie and taiwanese egg tarts for dinner. YIPPIE. was looking at the tabloid magazines with these guys just now. er nvm shouldn't even be looking at tabloids in the first place.

oh everlyn, yongkai and xuwei came over to my house on monday to make pizza bread. HHAHHA okay i guess i am getting outdated. but still it was nice and fun!

okay need to know who are extending their stay in korea and who aren't.

Monday, December 01, 2008

and so the few of us got pangsay-ed. in the end only 4 ppl came to my house to make dinner.

we had pizza bread for dinner (hhahah simple!!!). everlyn was here earlier and tried to find some songs to sing for talent quest. then yongkai came with his ben and jerry's. xu wei arrived at 7 plus after he was done with OBS. hahahah lyn, xianhui and vanessa PANGSAY-ED. tsk tsk tsk. oh we saw lyn at ntuc at j8. talked for a minute before she said that she was very tired and wanted to head home to sleep. WEIRD GIRL. HAHAH

finished watching red cliff and baby and i in the morning. NOT BAD AT ALL! :D