Wednesday, July 30, 2008

managed to accomplish many small little stuffs this week. went for singing contest but didn't do well (AGAIN), managed to sell (and give away) some vc concert tickets, packed most of my things for hall life, got my pay cheque from the hotel (quite alot of money for 10 days work! hahah), got sandra to help me with the script for our concert, purchased my bike to be riden around in school(and hopefully it doesn't get stolen)... i feel slightly more organised now.

went back to cat high this morning to eat CANTEEN FOOD. it's amazing how the school had changed so much structurally but the people who have stayed still almost remained the same. the peranakan stall uncle and auntie and the hot drink stall auntie did not change one bit.
HAHAHA saw mr leong and mr suah in school and talked to them alittle about life and school.
yah really miss primary and secondary school days.

well lotsa things coming up. school is making me excited and nervous. i guess these 2 emotions are never apart. well wanna be able to take the jap modules in sem 1. PLS LET ME!!! :D

Friday, July 25, 2008

4-4 Farewell Trip: Hong Kong 170708 to 220708

well....long trip. it seems to be passing rather slowly for the first 2 days...then things just sped up and now i am back in singapore... well will really miss all my 4-4 friends when we go to different parts of the world...

alright sasa (the beauty and cosmetic shop) was's ridiculous it's even more prevalent than 7-eleven. and the thing i hated most about hk was that there was water dripping everywhere from the air-con units.

can go to facebook to see all the photos :D

Thursday, July 17, 2008

V O L A R E !

Monday, July 14, 2008

haven't been sleeping much/well for the past few days...been getting home really late in the evening yet waking up early in the morning for work... okay SOOO many things happened.

4-4 gathering on friday evening.
met up at andy's house early to do the food preparations, only to discover that we actually had too much sweet corn and sweet potato. only 18 of us going but there are 2 big plastic bag-full of those two kinds of food. BAH anyway we spent 2 hours peeling, cutting, washing, and wrapping them in aluminium foil. TIME WELL SPENT. HAHAHAH after which we took a cab down to joel's place at west coast.

the people who were there earlier were frantically combing the condo for pit 7. hahah went up and down the apartments only to discover that the pit is right beside the pool near to the entrance. OH WELL. had a difficult setting the pit fire cuz the wind was really too strong. couldn't even light the fire starter properly. well actually throughout the entire night the fire was sorta weak. i think we are all inexperienced BBQ-ers... soon everyone came and we decided it's finally time to sing the birthday song to samuel.

HAHAHA he knew what we were trying to do to him, since we were conveniently located just beside the pool. MUAHHAHHA yah there was a fierce struggle between this small guy and 7 other big 1.8m-ish fellas. OH Well we still succeeded in the end. HAHAH couldn't bare to leave the place at all after 11 even though i had to work the morning shift the next day. joel's aunt prepared marinated chicken wings for 100 ppl i guess. HHHAAH we had TOO MUCH FOOD already!! so i was telling melvin it is definitely better to cater for less ppl than to have so much food and see them go to waste in the end. (oh at the end of the bbq 90% of the food preparation went to waste, becuz some went too near the hot charcoals, and most didn't even go into the pit.) oh well. had LOTSA fun still with these crazy guys.

hmmm what happened on saturday after work?!?!!!??!?!?!!?! i can't seem to remember that part of the week....

it was an emotional farewell i guess. I LOVE U GUYS AT RECEPTION!

had a huge stack of reg cards to mod on sun but i still decided to go down to concierge to bade everyone farewell. when i saw letitia and meng jing we were _________________.... argh. then i went up to the club floor to say bye bye too. after everything came back to the back office. everyone was waiting for me in the briefing room.

my best friend at reception. miss alicia yap siew kuan a.k.a. ye lai xiang.

my best ang moh friend in the world mr thomas kerschbaumer who always refer to me as MR. FOO.

and the finest manager anyone can get. miss jocasta lim a.k.a. shining moon/ah ma.

like elfie has said. i think i should change my blog name soon. :)

went back for clearance on monday afternoon. took a photo with reservations girls. :D

Friday, July 11, 2008

just received msg from pock thong that vjchoir clinched category champion in wales! woo hoo well done guys WE WILL BE HERE GIVING YOU GUYS SUPPORT OVER HERE IN SINGAPORE!!! ALL THE BEST FOR FINALS!!! :D

wahhh feels so high... :D:D:D

Thursday, July 10, 2008

off days are SOOO important.
i am done with some things already. *heaves a sigh of relief. :D

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

had a really wonderful time with lip yong and raymond. as always. went window-shopping at orchard today. i always feel this sense of security when i am with if i shutted off the entire outside world and the 3 of us are just sitting in restaurants and cafes eating and talking and enjoying the music... how i wish lip yong doesn't have to leave for australia again.

starting to be really hard on jerrick sometimes nowadays becuz time is so tight yet his progress seems to fluctuate quite a bit. on good days he will score 95% but on lousier days like today. i really have to scrutinise all his actions and scold him even if there is a minor mistake on the reg cards. i was like this too the other time...being scolded by the AMs and Miss Shining Moon (yes HI MISS JO!)....but i guess i really learned from them. i think jerrick learns quickly too...just that he is like me....can't cramp so many things into our brains and will make many many careless mistakes on bad days. HAHAH jiaxin seems to be progressing slowly but steadily even though she joined us only last week. maybe that's why girls are better at admin stuffs becuz they are more meticulous. :P

oh vc has been running through my mind almost every second of the day from the second i woke up vc just flashes pass my eyes. challenges and rewards await us....jiayou new comm. jiayou vc!

realised that i shouldn't give life standard answers

Friday, July 04, 2008

am feeling that time really went past too quickly. so many things to do yet so little time! i need to improve on time management. :(
went out with reception ppl to mind's cafe and then to clarity cafe to play and eat. :D i guess things are always more fun the first time rounf...anyway alicia and i were stupid enough to dare each other to eat the chocolate-chilli-lime-salt-pepper ice cream + strawberry shortcake. HAHAHA

at mind's cafe @ purvis street

with half of mark's face.

with half of xiuqi's face.

alicia's so proud of the background that she chose for this pic.

thanks guys for making my 7 months at mms sooo sooo sooo memorable. okay not gone yet but....HAHA