Wednesday, February 28, 2007

argh! rush rush rush...

better get this post out before 12 midnight!
it wasn't a very fun february.
NO date for valentine's day as always.
NO internet for half of feb.

but there was something interesting and exciting that i attended! ACTION sia.

slump. i am learning malay! teach me teach me.

yay i have a christian name.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


i feel under-appreciated. :(
ok shadn't be so moody.

went to alexandra fire station for in-service today. finally got to see from how high they slide down the fireman pole. WHOAH so tall sia when i looked down from above i felt quite terrified. i think it's 2 storeys high. hahah. yah so after this in-service thingie, i went with titus to town to do shopping. YAY. :D

ok one nice soul for the lonely soul.



Tuesday, February 13, 2007


it's been SO long!
the ending of jin zhi yu nue was not as nice as i would expect it to be. it was such a tragic last episode.

Friday, February 02, 2007

mini me

yah was sending xiaowei off at the airport with sheena yesterday. well it's obvious that xiaowei is a socialite from the farewell turnout at the airport. hurhurhur.

then i saw mini me at the airport yesterday!!
haha this little 6-7 years old japanese boy was wearing a white shirt with blue and brown strips, jeans, sneakers, and had waxed, dyed hair. gosh that really look like what i wore, ok except his is much cuter la i admit hahaha. hahah i think his younger sis was also very cute with black stockings and pink lacy dress and pink court shoes. haha SO adorable! too bad i didn't have a camera with me to take pictures of them. haiya.

o ya did i say that the duty at tank road sucks big time? yes i did.

i finally visited STomp. some of the complaints really do make sense. the singaporean society should rethink la. we are in a modern world not pre-WWII period! one thing i want to say is that we should be allowed freer fashion standards!!! arh what's wrong with having long and chic hairstyles? i think schools and certain govt agencies should try to remove these unecessary rules and regulations and replace them with 'please be fashionable when you come to school/work'. hurhurhur

HOWEVER i think they should stop posting photos of ppl doing inconsiderate acts in public places. i mean, at least pixelate the face or something la. actually they should just walk up to the person and tell him/her off in the face. don't do things behind ppl's back LA. hmmmph...

and ppl really should mind their english when they are posting comments lor. if not ppl wun understand de. hurhurhur.

well hong kong has brilliant drama series!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

haha stood for 11 hours yesterday for yesterday's duty. WTH. it's one of the worst night duty ever man... lousy food and drinks, lousy rest area, too big a crowd over there...i am grateful i am in the comfort of my house now...
one good thing about the duty is that i got to talk on the phone with sheldon and veerappa! hahah haven't seen or heard their voices in such a looong time yeah so it was great. heard that alex and amin were there too. well too bad we can't meet up.