Wednesday, October 31, 2007

when all the things that you are doing are not going your way, as in such as a job that u r in the way of getting only to find out that u are not qualified. another example would be all the waiting for the things that u wanna get and the people that you want to meet, unsure of whether all these waiting will be in vain. and finding out that you are really low in cash and desperately needs to find a new job. bah that's when u have a bad day. yah that's why gymming was good for venting all these frustrations. argh and pain tastes good.

so i shall not dwell further and make myself more miserable. let's look ahead.

and so i wanna try to get dark-skinned, again, because i am reaching the threshold of fair-skinned-ness.

bahh i am so silly.

苏 打 绿


Monday, October 29, 2007

hehe had my first propnex course today. yup really interesting. did glass walking. opps i almost typed fire walking. ok la not so garang. HAHAH

Sunday, October 28, 2007

i took nearly 800 pictures the past 2 days. and i finished cropping and deleting the ugly ones in 3 hours. bloody 3 hours doing the editing made my eyes sore. how am i going to survive 5 days of phototaking in taiwan. haha but i must admit it was fun experimenting with my new camera. wheee. my new wife. :D

i had a great night out with raymond and lip yong after my morning shift on friday. we went to plaza sing for desserts at cafe cartel since they always have cakes at half price after 9. wheee so we just grabbed the last 2 pieces of banana rum cake off the display fridge and happily tucked in. was it banana rum cake? i think it is. haha.

we were walking the escalators towards gv at the 6th floor when we saw 2 osim back massaging chairs at the 3rd floor. ok so lip yong and raymond went to have a try and they thought that it was really painful. then they went up to the 4th floor and had another go. i have retarded friends...
hmmm so then we went to watch STARDUST at gv. it's a really interesting movie about medieval witchcraft and there was a flying ship with traders capturing lightning to sell. how cool is that?! even though i thought that the ending was REALLY lame, well there were alot of funny moments and it's still a good movie to catch.

my family went to simpang rengam, somewhere in johor, on saturday because we were supposed to attend a concert dinner that he had organised for his singing group and fellow villagers. HAHA. it's quite a grand event actually cuz i think we had 99 tables of guests. ok la it was held in a school hall but still alot of ppl turned up for the event, and i was our table photographer for the night. :)


my niece alicia having fun. well i took hundreds of pics but i think only this one turned out good. haha

oh man my propnex course starts tml!!! needs to revise.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

wanted to try out d40x while on the way to joshua's place yester...but the battery just went flat on me! wahh i think i will have to get backups soon if not it could mean disaster.

oh in service today was quite lame. really. had sop on bubble threats, talk by dr money and deeparaya celebrations (oh the epitome of boredom and lameness combined). but i guess the only nice part of the day was our little excursion to kerbau rd's chapati shop.

OK the chapati's not nice at all... haha but i really enjoyed my team mate's company, cuz i must cherish every moment with them since i am going to ord soon. argh. oh there is a new sc junkai. another new kid on the block. that's fast i had to wait 9 months for chuan's replacement but mine came even before i left. hahah lucky peter. ahaha we all thought that junkai loves skating cuz he wears skater shoes and really baggy jeans. teenagers nowadays ar...

oh cropping is fun. i think i will go to the extent of over-cropping. that's not good. stop me please.

anton and chan have been telling me to get a tripod and remote control for taking long exposure shots and night shots. oh man. that means more money to be spent. argh i guess i just have to figure out the basics first.

P S A M. they sound intimidating.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

jianhao's got his camera! yep it's a nikon d40x. wheeee now i can starve for the next two months. need to get a nicer case though. probably i will when i go to taipei. HEHEEE so many things to look forward to. heeeheee. alright i shall go play with my darling camera. :D

hahahahhah just came back from josh's house and learnt a new song (home by chris daughtry) and polished up 2 old songs (jay chou's qing tian and bread's if) wheee. basically home and qing tian have the same chords just that the progression is different. will practise more yah!

oh my propnex course is coming up. am very excited about it. and i am going to ord soon. wheeee.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

what a day!

oh everything went rather smoothly, other than a car fire that shane managed to put out with a working fire extinguisher, ...and this one.

there were several calls received on a lady who was sorta on a hacking spree, carrying her chopper and pair of scissors around cutting potted plants and hacking wooden doors. so when we arrived we saw this middle aged woman who was REALLY REALLY MENTALLY UNSOUND holding her weapons up high on both hands and walking towards us in a very mechanical manner (think zombies), and shouting 'i m god' and whatnots in chinese. yah nothing really makes sense except that we had to keep moving back and a distance away from her, making sure that no other residents were near her at the same time. some of the residents got really curious by looking out of their metal gates. i believe among those some of them really had suicidal tendencies.

ok so she was walking towards us proclaiming that she is god and we were retreating, partly to buy time waiting for our tl to come with his taser (f.y.i. it's an electric gun that sends really friendly electric pulses through your body :) ) i was then instructed by ramli to go to the ground floor to make sure that no one was near to get hit by any fallen objects. and then i saw tl rushing to scene. but he was one floor below the others and i guess he didn't have the slightest idea where their exact location was. i shouted for him and he seemed to have gotten the location out of nowhere. ok that's good. so i started dashing up the stairs so as not to miss a glimpse of someone getting tassed at. (how exciting!) oh well i was a tad too late as tl had already fired a shot at her, and she was already lying face down, albeit still struggling to wriggle out of this nasty situation. so sedek gave her another current. well she was really strong despite her small size and continued struggling then.

ok at this point tl spotted some of us SCs standing behind him looking on at all the excitment and drama and not really working as we should be. (well we should be pinning her to the floor by then). haha so kenna scolded. peter seemed to be rather shocked by what was happening (crazy woman chasing us with choppers, then kenna tassed.) yah and he looked really stony/stern, which i couldn't really differentiate. haha ok la in the end we managed to pin her down with nadiah pulling the needles out from her body in a very kan-chiong manner.

ya it was a job well done i guess. one less insane woman walking down the streets for all of us. :D

edwin just told me that tonight's his last tour. WTH i still have 5 more tours to go. ok it's different. i work in a busier estate as compared to his so i had to take more leaves. BLEAH.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

we were sorta fooling around during carolling prac earlier on cuz there were less than 10 of us present. well we ended early and went to whampoa market opposite sandy's house. ooo the food there was fantastic. i had nasi lemak and satay and fried oyster omelette. oh man all of them were good. i had sugarcane with lemon for the first time in my life and i promised myself that i will never get a sugarcane drink without lemon in the future. :D

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

oh karaoke session yesterday with npc guys was great. the company was good yah. before that we had beef kway teow and fried chicken ("L"'s recommendation) which taste really good. yah i think it was the first time i was on the brink of getting really drunk, cuz the heineken really tastes like water, so i just kept pouring myself more and gulping all of it down. wheee.

was playing table tennis and badminton with yy and samuel this afternoon and i finally realised how alcohol can impede brain activity. which sucks.

oh here is the poster for bentan's 'remember me'


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

i just named a few of my pimples that have sprouted all over my face. two of them were famous amos and kfc. burh. think famous amos just burst 10 minutes ago. HAHA.

did lotsa readings on hdb regulations today. i am feeling kinda groggy from the reading sessions in a semi-lit room.

anyway just in case you guys didn't know yet, i have signed up for a real estate course at propnex and am currently an aspiring 20 years old real estate agent.

look for ME to buy and sell properties. :D

oh this is very striking...talking about emphasis on certain words and punctuations...yay

Friday, October 05, 2007

ok some constructive work i have done in the past few days

went to bras basah with josh on wed to get a guitar with a black guitar bag. the sales assistant at the shop where i bought the guitar tried to sell me a disgustinglg gay blue bag, so i decided to bump around some more and finally got a black one. yay i am still learning qing tian and can't find guitar tabs that are easy enough for me. :(

had team dinner yest and saw a lot of the former scs who have already ord-ed. hahha ate a lot and then we went to the hari raya bazaar to take a look. it was mu first time in a malay bazaar and it was an eye opener. the baju kurongs for the ladies are really exquisite. shall get one for my girlfriend soon.

and i finished reading harry potter and the deathly hallows. FINALLY. now i know who died. nobody can threaten me with spoilers anymore! :D

there's a dim sum session at ecp tml afternoon with chorale peeps. yay. hunger hunger hunger hunger.

haven't touched photoshop for ages. just managed to finish bentan's movie poster. still wondering which one is nicer. hmmm.

Monday, October 01, 2007

yay had a great day today.

went for guitar lessons at joshua's house. MUAHAHAHAHA all the girls are going to be mesmerised by me!! :D
went to vivo to shop with peter. hahaha bought a grey shirt at gap. whee
went to amk hub to have dinner with my family at soup restaurant. been such a long time since i really enjoyed dinner. hahaha family bonding rocks :D and my niece alicia is getting prettier. her eyes can talk.