Monday, November 30, 2009

i left the HMM1 exam hall 45 mins early. it was supposed to be 2hours long. haha

just went for a run. i increased the intensity and ran abit faster. argh but still not good do i get rid of that belly of mine? hahaha. no more suppers i guess. jianhao is on a belly diet. HAHA!

feels refreshed now though after the run. tired too. shall go sleep early and prepare for another early morning tml. :)

listening to 2PM - Heartbeat and SHINee - Romantic and Ring Ding Dong

i have totally caught on the korean high now. WOOHOO. :P

bleah. alone in the library now that yy and daniel have left.

2.5 more hours to paper at 5pm. wah damn bored.

waiting for daniel to finish watching his tvb serial before going for lunch. VERY SLOW!!! i am bored. HAHA

thinks the adm library is cool because the chairs which look non-swivel-able are actually swivel chairs! woohoo. and i tell u the adm library is like a mini-dvd-library. it has dvds like batman begins and archie. WTH!

i think i can't sit still and concentrate to study for an extended period of time. i get distracted every 5 mins. HOW. the only time i can concentrate is when people force me to sit at a table and keep bombarding me with questions, ie during exams. HAHA

saya tidak boleh pengajian melayu. :( i think i can't learn languages like that - it's too stressful. self-learning is better for me.

haha nvm i s/u-ed already. hopefully can pass!

okay gonna get this jacket soon! it's called a handkerchief china. HAHA!

seriously can't wait to head on the flight to taipei! :P

woohoo! it's the last day of november. and then comes my 2nd most fav month: december!

i am up and ready for a FULL day at school.

(i bet i will be youtube-ing all the time. hahha see what happens later. :P)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

will wake up early tomorrow to study at school!

Jeong Yeop - Nothing Better

my latest favourite song. :)

waiting for the hair to grow...

fickle fickle me.

tiffany! :)

esp when she smiles like this:

as discussed with pox, our infatuation with them has led us to believing that we have them as running partners. WOOHOO.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

er. watching north korea doc again. new insights. was wondering: do people quarrel or fight there?

needs to studying even when youtube-ing.


Friday, November 27, 2009

why am i always doing crazy stuff during exam periods instead of studying?

david choi...david choi...

damn nice. owl city woohoo!

was wondering.
what are things that i wanna do before i turn 25?
who do i want to be by then?

naruto shippuden 137 is DAMN GOOD.

woo hoo! spent the entire day on S4. and finally it's done. WOO HOO :)

偶像 is marvelous. i can easily hear guy/girl parts in his demo even though he sang everything himself and the parts are in unison... woohoo. boomz.

amazingly talented young singer justin bieber. he's only 15!

woo hoo. S Four lyrics.

homework from billy requires MASSIVE amount of inspiration and brainpower. he said "你应该读多一点书。" hahah i thought that was pretty funny. haha but i guess i was most amused when he mentioned this about my lyrics - "这是现在小孩子会说的话". yay i am a 小孩子! :)

learning points:
- use more verbs to present actions
- lay your path in the song properly. must 铺程
- use more prepositions to intensify emotions / change the course of the story.

hahaa it's like primary school composition! woohoo.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

part of 偶像's new song is up on his blog.


Okay i think i died after singing 2 covers. cuz it took like 292 attempts to complete everything. HAHAHA tee hee.

Ne-Yo - So Sick

DBSK - Magic Castle

see my room's in a tidy mess. HAHHA jeans and shirts everywhere. HAHA erm. shall study when i get out of the house later on. :)

Black Eyed Peas - Missing You

i love fergie. woohoo!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

for some peculiar reasons, i have a sound recording of nichole lim fen's singing desperado on my comp, from 2005! hahah bloody long ago.

hahha and here's me on tv last year. 早安您好. hurhurhur i miss my hair.

hahah bhb me virgin try at posting up videos of myself singing. hahah!

徐佳莹 - 一样的月光 (翻唱)

Lady Gaga - Bad Romance (Cover)


ahhah i got hello kitty clock in my room. hurhurhur. it's my sis's. she moved out then nv take with her! hahaha

it's a day which is too bright, too sunny, too emotionless... BLEAH. run and sweat it all out!

at ADM library again. HAHA daniel has one paper left and he is watching tvb drama in the library. kns. (eh yy he doesn't have notes with him already. HAHA

okay i shall go study a little bit of malay. before heading home for more exciting stuff! hahaha :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My two favourite gaga songs of the moment: bad romance and speechless

haha abit ps to post this cuz it's not very good, but we did try our best!!

AHAHAH i love aijia's "继续high." in her video. okay shall post that up soon!

run already must eat and sleep. then STUDY! :P


i am such a sucker for A+.

HAHHAHA BT313 individual project!!! woohooo!!! my favourite module by my fav prof. he mentioned "an excellent job!" omg. i am DAMN HAPPY!
project mavern got an A and A+ too! MUAHAHAHAHA ok better jiayou for BT313!!! well done rachel and hamizah! thanks for pushing me. :) hahah

okay i am going to fight with julio for yoona.

here comes yoona into my world. she's so beautiful!

Monday, November 23, 2009

i love documentaries, and this one is no exception:

Welcome to North Korea by Peter Tetteroo and Raymond Feddema

nobody asks questions like "the advocacy view of ....was challenged since (YEAR)." this is so primary school. cummon what's the practical use of knowing what the year was. MH sux.

oh in ADM LIBRARY. now. yes. LIBRARY.

it's really nicely set apart from the rest of NTU. can i transfer to adm pls. HAHA

Sunday, November 22, 2009

huahuahua. nothing to boast about. but today was wasted.
i feel empty inside.

i vaguely remember posting pictures and commenting here and there, and watching youtube, then going for my jog, back to the house, played the keyboard and the guitar, ate dinner, one piece, and that's it.

i wanna take a break, but there's nothing to take a break from, cuz i haven't even started. HAHA maybe it's time to mug through the night.

hurhurhurhur. DOUBT so.

blog-hopping the day before exams. WOOHOO! this is the shit.

i feel like i am becoming childish. HAHA! just felt like so many things have changed overnight! so many things i can and i can't do! :P

was listening to kelly clarkson's album the entire afternoon. hmm guess only my life would suck without you and if no one will listen passed my ears...maybe my ears are spoilt. :P

errr rubberband's little medley that was sorta used to 闯天下. hurhurhur. okay guess it's time to make new ones since this is not very in-tune! hahah!

just tasted the steel from my guitar strings. it's salty.

LOOKING FOR HELP in designing 2 websites, one for Victoria Chorale, and the other one for Rubberband. :P

and finally i know how google streetview works! this! ->

oooo haven't been out till so late in the night.

just performed at the youth talent concert at vivocity in front of his excellency, President S R Nathan.

wow it was really really quite an experience. the moment we went on the stage we realised that the keyboard's power cable was spoilt, and thus daryl came to the rescue and performed the medley with his guitar. HE IS DAMN GOOD. (YES DARYL YOU ARE FANTABULOUS! i guess we would have had DEAD SILENCE if you were not musically versatile. HAHAH) yeah but it's a pity daryl didn't stay on for the after-concert party, cuz we got to meet some really great people who appreciated our music! anyway here are some photos :)
rubberband with the big big xmas tree at vivo!

took a photo with little aijia backstage.;)

had ivan's celebration and then supper at boat quay. GREAT to see everyone again! :)

okay time to get some new clothes, Rubberband!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

oh i forgot to mention that gaga's collaboration with beyonce in telephone was ingenius. and so was speechless. MARVELOUS. i like the eastern european element in her new album. MUAHAHA

thinks this explains the gap between dinosaurs and present-day reptiles...hurhurhur.

nv heard the first HALF of an album that is as morbid and as depressing as Rihanna's Rated R. Where are songs the likes of shut up and drive and disturbia?!?! DANCE DANCE DANCE....get over chris brown girl.

okay they are depressingly nice at least. (WTF?!?) oh i like the songs photographs and rude boy. :) anyway i think they sorta complement with studying scales for AB213. hurhurhur.

ok this nigahiga video is only remotely funny. but still,...okay i am sure nigahiga didn't learn grammar properly when he's younger. "why chris brown beat rihanna"??? and this isn't an isolated case. hahaha okay enough crapping.

okay study before play.

Friday, November 20, 2009

been listening to alot of english and korean songs lately, and they sorta made me feel that chinese songs aren't as pleasing to the ears anymore. Of cuz my favourite chinese songs such as 退后 still stay, but i guess venturing into new areas and picking up new music styles are helpful. 加油。

I must overcome the barriers of the Bm and F! hahaha

and yeah. don't forget to study.

wants to work-work-work my body, but am la-la-la-la-la-zy. talk about recurring words.

argh how do i start recounting the happenings of today, cuz today ended on a bad note.

went to ps yamaha to get my capo. DAMN EX la! 22 bucks for this little black springy thing!

yeah then rehearsal with rubberband at vivo. our songs were all too slow!!! haha. anyway chatted with aijia and chenliang during our break, and i realised that aijia's really a xiao da ren. (and yes, daryl, not jia ai.) she's really quite mature and i really cannot believe that she is just 15.

and i saw Xunqi at vivo. he was performing with syco. omg so qiao! i thought the only place we would ever meet each other would be at mrs liang's house. HAHAH

okay tml sing well, play well, don't break the voice, and don't play wrong notes. :P

and my mom ate my brownies!! hahah ok la it's better this way i guess. won't spoil the throat! :P

i m weak! i feel wobbly now after the run i had earlier on. HURHURHUR

shall keep naruto shippuden 135 and 136 for breakfast tml! :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

needs more brain- and finger-power to do the transitions to and from Bm and F!!!

hols are counter-productive. HAHA

okay that searing pain in my head is less searing now.

the backspace button and my usb ports are going crazy, probably because i have been mistreating them so badly. BAH.


i am so gonna do bad romance acoustic later in the evening. for now, shall finish what i've planned to study today and stop acting like i dun care. HAHAHA

can't wait for lady gaga's new album.

recurring chords and recurring lyrics are getting trendier, aren't they.

freaking awesome ad. STB should do be as quirky as this...

i am sure she must be suppressing her laughter really badly when the merlion merlion-ed at the guy! hahahaha
anyway the guy in the video looks like the father instead of the woman's "dear".

oh buble has a new song! haven't met you yet. it's darn xmas-sy. HAHA

and i swear this is the most booomz slow-mo mv ever!

okay i am abit counter-trend, but just realised that paparazzi's video is so cool!

and yeah, lady gaga's really eccentric! she's bloody talented.

wants to learn piano!!!!! and guitar!!!! and singing!!!!! again!!!! :P

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

can't wait to go taipei!

haha i feel less guilty now about going overseas because my family is going to genting and kl without me.
(alicia i know! sorry i can't go with them got something on on the 2nd, which is the day that they are leaving! haha)

compiling my to-buy list in taiwan. MUAHAHHAAA

spent 1/2 the day sleeping, 1/3 on music and youtube and facebook, and 1/6 on books. HURHURHUR

oh yes i dreamt of joshua and melvin yesterday! hahah it's so nice to see them in my dreams...HAHA really miss them man. i know lip yong and josh are back already. WOOHOO! now it's just brandon and melvin who will only return home god knows when... :(

wants to go and have a good run and sweat it out after these few days of inactivity...maybe tml when i will get better. :)

i find it amusing that there are still MCQs in uni exam papers. ok maybe i am underestimating them but still, qualitative MCQs should be easy like hell right! haha :P i seriously dun think i can get As for any of my papers since i dun study alot, but seriously, there's really NOTHING MUCH to study! everything's done and gone into the brain while doing all the projects. i guess i just need to revise and recap the concepts, and memorise some figures. oh man this is so jc geography which i love.

must remember to eat vit c tml! :)

oh and did i mention that i LOVE the weather in november and december?!

Sara Bareilles - Love Song

i think this was the song that eugenia sang during the interhall singing thing a few months ago. NAISE!

oh man still can't get work done today. still feeling that searing pain in the head, and sometimes in the chest. i hope i dun get brain degeneration. maybe there's nothing much to degenerate anyway. hurhurhur.

i am so gonna crap everything for the hs813 paper. ab213 looks crap-pable too. :P

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

just finished listening to heartbreaker, look at me, wedding dress and where u at.
i love recurring chords.

korean songs are difficult to sing to since i dunno the language!!! :P

My Prerequisites for a successful Commercial Singer:

- Good-looking / distinctive style
- Sing really well (distinctive tone, wide range, good control and power)
- Gets to sing good songs
- Dance really well in at least one genre
- Can play at least one instrument very well
- Can compose lyrics/melodies
- Likeable personality
- X-factor???
- either you have all of this or you join a group to cover your weakness and draw on the strengths of your members
- or you are not successful

listening to hwanhee's new album. they didn't make full use of his voice! maybe he's better off in ftts.

argh not feeling well since i woke up from my nap in the afternoon. there's this pain between my ears, i think it's caused by the clogged nasal cavity. ARGH. :(

sorry been abit late on but, but still this is freaking interesting:
Flo-Rida's Right Round

G-Dragon's Heartbreaker

hahah no wonder sony sued YG!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

bloody irritated-ed by the guy from music and movement.

oh prac with aijia for di yi dian was not too bad. at least we came up with decent arrangements and harmonies.
i think we need to work on our medley. :P

anyway damn tired. i dun feel like studying yet. i think i will start tml morning. plan my revision timetable. and i dun think i can sing tml.

oh just saw this article. which Mr Ting would call their son Real - Mr. Real Ting!?!?!?! hahaahah

just saw the doc. :)

is a really talkative person. it feels lousy not to be able to vibrate my vocal chords! shall not sing until 3pm.

argh. when's that sorethroat going away. hate waking up everday with an itching throat. :(

-be the same-

tae yang's wedding dress:
and where you at

man i love his moves.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

and now off to disney songs. :)

ah!!! lyrics lyrics lyrics!!! still can't find lyrics!!!

C - G/B - A7 - A9 -. woohoo.

just updated my profile on facebook listing all my favourite singers. :)

family day is good. i miss free sats. :) just baked another batch of brownies with mum. i am mummy's boy. HAHHA

managed to figure out some harmonising parts with rubberband. cool shit.

YAY 2 out of 3 songs done. i need good inspiring lyrics. shall look for inspirations in my dreams.

I think i have been having persistent night coughs lately. HOW. and my sorethroat just doesn't heal. pls let me have a consultation session with lip yong when he comes back. muahaah the advantage of having a doctor-to-be friend.

yesh. really can't wait to see joshua and lip yong again!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha

anyway i think i dun have much to study for the exams this sem. :) or at least i think i don't.

and daryl. stop being a closet mugger. we all know that you are one. just mug openly. HAHHA

wants to pick up korean and do choir elective next sem. :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Why classics are classics. Play it, sing it, feel it, and you will know.

The Eagles - Desperado

Desperado, why don't you come to your senses ?
You been out ridin' fences for so long now
Oh, you're a hard one, I know that you got your reasons,
These things that are pleasin' you can hurt you somehow

kids don't hide their feelings don't they? they cry when they are upset, they laugh when they are playing, and they just don't get near you if they don't like u. HAHAHA

YAY! joshua and lip yong are coming back to singapore next week. YAY!

can't find the chords for howl's dang shun eun! :( and 2pm's again and again. :(

just made brownie last night. am eating them now. quite yummy.

Friday, November 13, 2009

okay sleep.

got to find out the other side of the saga, but still, i do not know who's right and who's wrong, or it's just plain communication breakdown. :P

damn. the delphi twister vanilla wafers just doesn't taste as good as those that xin miao treated me to on wed. the vanilla cream is not as thick and the wafer had some artificial taste to it. HAIZ.

oh man it's raining.

the ABSOLUTELY song.

i need to correct my 尾音!!!! it's not good at all. :(

Thursday, November 12, 2009

oh my...


yay sojus are safe, they will only expire in 5 years. MUAHAHA

my 2 best-loved class songs:
i don't wanna miss a thing
if we hold on together

the procrastinator can never do a proper to-do list and stick to the timeline. :P

anyway got to know that the news was online too from miaoru's blog:



Rubberband虽然在今年才成立,但演出经验不少。他们常在Love The World Bistro Bar @ Singapore Flyer演出,也在新加坡食品展上表演过。


heehee where is my blank piece of paper?

came across the guitar overtone by chance. HAHA

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

and yes. i think i am on the right path. but to where? :P

oh i just found out about this $99 music video thingie from youtube. freaking awesome.

oh yes and it's the first time i used the hyperlink function. HAHAH

argh. awkward left neck ache and lingering sorethroat and cough. OH NO.

finally finished listening to some of david choi's songs. wow he's amazing i love the quality in his voice. it's like james morisson's. just finished downloading some tabs, including my life would suck without you, hot n' cold, and yes, womanizer. WOOHOO. shall try this tml morning :)

i think i will skip school tml. MUAHAH :)

oh the increase in frequency of blog posts is the epitome of my freedom. to-be freedom. :) WOOHOO.

relly relly good cover of poker face by david choi:

watch his other videos too :)

i secretly want a husky, velvety voice. HAHA

woohoo. just took the malay tests with cikgu. Erm i was the only one in the room taking the written and aural tests cuz i was on mc last week. hahah quite relaxing la, sit at the back and listen to ppl take their oral tests. abit distracting to write a 50-word (HAHA) essay and comprehension at the same time though...

still have one more report to submit, which is the critique report for AB213. oh well. i think i am slacking off. and looking forward to visiting jiufen, the town that anime movie 'spirited away' was modeled after! :)

life is good. wanna have an overseas trip with my family though.

James Morrison is such a gifted performer.

James Morrison – The Pieces Don’t Fit Anymore

I've been twisting and turning
In a space that's too small
I've been drawing the line and watching it fall
You've been closing me in,
closing the space in my heart
Watching us fading and watching it all fall apart

argh. malay test later! hahah.:P

just came back from rubberband prac with zach, miaoru and daryl at zach's. okay acapella parts sound good. :)

hahah twitter is weird. okay maybe cuz i noob.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

country rock "please don't lie".

starting to love playing the guitar because my fingers are starting to hurt. :)

struggling between work at my laptop and music at my keyboard and guitar just beside me. DISTRACTIONS. oh yeah facebook and msn too. HAHHa

Em - Em/D - Em/C#

woke up early early to eat half-boiled egg. :)

nat is greedy. he wants to hand up a fantastic report, but he may not have the time.

Monday, November 09, 2009

realised his folly at BT313 individual assignment.

i wanna watch new episodes of how i met your mother.

well, very apprehensive about the malay oral exam which will take place in 15 mins. HAHA

can't wait for the sem to be over, so i can finally travel and make music. :)

Sunday, November 08, 2009

well been in a pretty rough mood nowadays due to never-ending work from school and bad flu which lasted a week. HAHA yeah sometimes life is unfair right, we try to fight it but in the end we just suck our thumb and most on. having said so we do have to be strong and stand our grounds too when we know somethings are not right. but well, i am often too softhearted and end up forgiving ppl for their mistakes. and my bad memory doesn't help. :P


Saturday, November 07, 2009


what the !@#*!@#!#!&@ is wrong with some people? why can't you just give me a decent portion of your report so that i can do a proper compilation. we have 3 people in our group now, and we are supposed to do a 30 page report, but u handed me only 2-3pages for the report???? and no diagrams somemore? am i supposed to pretend that this is an individual assignment and complete the rest by myself????

WTH man what are u doing in my group. you frigging suck.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

oh being rah-rah.

well rubberband had our performance at kent ridge residence today. it was a memorable experience, I am sure we all learned something from it, like it's good to be over-prepared, and be abit more rah rah. HAHA esp with people our age :)

anyway i think i screwed up the bt201 ppt. i was busy, but no excuse. :(

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

been realy busy with school work, projects, coordinating events, replying emails, band practices, etc... no time for myself!!! :(

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Prays that there will be enough ink for all the 56 pages that i am printing for BT313. As you can see, I have been preoccupied with so much stuff late, i seriously feel that i have been overloading and putting too much on the plate, possibly leading to indigestion and vomitting. OH NO.

shall sleep for 4 hours before another day starts :)

Monday, November 02, 2009

had to go to bed before i wake up again at 6 tml morning. BAHHHH

just finished MAVERN's ppt.

and i am not done with 213's presentation due tml. DIE.