Monday, January 31, 2011

okay...almost couldn't fix the ear stick back in.
it was poking quite a few other spots on the ear before that.
ouch, and PHEW. :)

super sleepy after a really filling dinner and taebo. :)

The weather is so good today I dont wanna go home!! Hahaha

woohooo great song!

woohoo fyp today was kinda fun :) daniel stayed for dinner and monopoly deal and passed me some great movies! woohoo. :)
and thanks pp for the strawberries, blueberries and cny cornflake cookies! :) stop trying to not get my help by lying. RARRRR. i hate people who are nicer than me. HAHAHAHA

Sunday, January 30, 2011

woohoo. had a great day out with alicia, jieying, irene, jerrick, xiuqi, eechen, elizabeth and kevin. HAHAH kevin. yeah.

met up at nex to do some cny shopping before stopping by teadot for some matcha frappe! naise!

had seafood dinner at buangkok and really had our fill. too much food and we decided to solve the problem with zhong ji mi ma. AHAH after that we went kbox at hougang...RAR i am dead beat.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

On the way to meet mms peepos for dinner. :)

jajangmeun @ chinatown / raffles place. :)

it's raining so heavily it's raining elephants and hippopotamuses.

Friday, January 28, 2011

just woke up cuz i totally missed the 7.30am alarm! RARRRRRR.

now i have to wait 1 more week before the next gv17 class. RARRRRR.

extremely excited about the first day of school later!! :)

oh no. i dunno anyone in class! :(

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Had a great day with Daniel and Joel at my house, where we practiced for open house and did spss. Okay Daniel I promise to do the work on Sunday k!!! Hahaha and ur pineapple cookies are fantabulous. Hahaha after that met Yy for dinner at ichiban. Woohoo the wasabi there rox. Then we had koi where Daniel failed to get the straw for his machiatto. Hahahha yah then it was monopoly dealing at some Hk dessert shop at the old jubilee building.

Okay now off for supper with Ob peeps at rk! :)


oh we saw dasoo and his pretty girlfriend. dasoo's leaving tml. will miss him! :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

hahahahah on way to get koi for the peepos going to rockehmonkeh's house later.
I dun like to live a coded life. okay it's only temporary until i figure out the next step to take. :)

okay just reached home. :)
thanks guys for listening and sharing. HAHHAHA

okay see everyone tml again! :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Okay student's late. Nvm, give chance since it is the first lesson.

Pace this lesson well, and try not to step on anyone's tail/toe/whatever. :)

Preparing to make the room more conducive for work and music.
How to do that?
- set up the music score stand
- remove the swirlving chair

I need to stop laughing sO hard on the inside, cuz it's showing very explicitly on my face.

Okay dentist tml!

tml's lesson is gonna be soooo interesting. singapore is so small you never know who you'll meet, esp among friend's friends... HAHA okay shall do my best to share my knowledge in a coherent manner to aid in the student's comprehension. :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

did fyp today with daniel and xianhui. hence the silence. HAHA

tml's gonna be a LOOOONG day.

needs to find a song / songs to audition for convocation performance!!


i can't believe i screwed up my add drop!!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

woohooo just back from crystal jade dinner with alicia and jieying. it was the first time we had to move the cups and plates ourselves when moving to another table. What....

okay met up with terribly late people in the afternoon for lunch. HAHAHA lunch at itacho was super worth the money!!! $0.60 and $0.40 for one sushi, really quite a bargain. HAHAHA

afterwhich we took off to haji lane to get chun rong's gladiator sandals and his sleeveless denim jacket. HAHAH naise.

and then we had super naise koi bubble tea at iluma. serious stuff. i love the green tea macchiato!

we then accompanied diva to square 2 for ob performance. HAHAHA and then played 2-men monopoly deal with alex at seoul yummy. HAHAHA

Hahhah bored waiting for the others to arrive. I am sooooooooooooooooooooooo hungry. Haha

Saturday, January 22, 2011



dinner: 30 slices of salmon sashimi and half a small cup of wasabi.

stop blogging, and just do it!!!!

gonna watch monga in a while! :)

okay before that. taebo! yah mr it's a sweat-inducing exercise!

hahah brought alicia and leroy to cycle today with my mom. ahhaha brought back memories of how i first learnt how to cycle!

just remembered that pp, siyun and i were talking about what a singapore version of final destination would be like. HURHURHUR. what if someone's tie got stuck in the train doors and the train continued to move? T______T hahah thoughts like this must have originated from pre-school stress. school starting next week, and i haven't got all the modules i want. time to crash lectures and tutorials and curry favour the lecturers.

time to clean the room!

okay i should probably not be so adamant about 1-day school week. shall go for 2 days with exams. HAHAHAHAH! but the exam is the week of the kl concert leh. shit. how am i going to manage. RARRRRR.

anyway this zipia combi is DAMN NAISE!!!

and so i just passed the oven to pp for her cny cookie-baking. HAHA.

yeah met up with thm peeps, and had dinner at art cafe opened by irene ang. quite nice food there. i had long island tea since i was sooooo full from the gong cha, dim sum and salmon sashimi. HAHA then we went to macs to play monopoly deal! hahahahh okay photos :)
just out from the pool!

i had gongcha melon tea. OKAY okay. oolong and green tea really much naiser!!!

the view at the rooftop on OC is damn naise. oh yah. and we did some serious retail therapy at topman sale. HAHHAHAHAHAHA.

thm peepos! dinnering and monopoly-dealing. HAHAH

Friday, January 21, 2011

Haahah waiting at tanjong pagar to have dinner with Thm peepos. Haha

Had a great boy's day out (okay, fine. Men's day out) with lip yong and boyang. Went swimming in the morning and it was chilly! Super cold and feeling retarded swimming in that weather. Hahaha yah then we had like 20 pieces of salmon sashimi each at my house cuz my mom bought 2 huge packets at thirty plus each. Salmon and wasabi spamming session!!! Hahahahha

Yup then we had dim sum at taste paradise.

Okay peepos here. Update later.



明天要去游泳了,然後晚上和thm的朋友吃飯。看看有沒有時間做taebo! core connector kinda works, 所以明天應該會做回基本的第一課。


Thursday, January 20, 2011

taebo was damn friggin awesome!!! hahaha but yah fiona and cr were right. the footwork is abit difficult to get. i must pause and rewind like 2 times. HAHAHAHA

Vocal experimenting

等等回家要做taebo workout。還有寫寫歌。

HAHAHA excited about lesson with sherlyn and lesson with kelly in a bit.
i feel butterflies in my stomach. X_O

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

woohooo rubberband did a studio cover of teenage dreams today. HAHAHA will post it here once it's up.

some of the more interesting things that happened today included the M&S milk choc digestives, the jazz notes on guitar, the dry ban mian and our convo about dogs at the kopitiam. HAHAH!

eh zach. must play the guitar until you grow calluses on your fingertips. then will be even more motivated! hahahha

無眠 on loop and reloop and rereloop

wooohoo. wanna try cr's taebo workout later on at night.

now off to daryl's house for rubberband! :)







好啦。敢作敢當!i dare to be potato!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011





你現在想著誰 有沒有和我相同的感覺
固執等著誰 卻驚覺已無法倒退
曾經想一起飛 在自己心中蓋了座花園


你現在想著誰 有沒有和我相同的感覺
固執等著誰 卻驚覺已無法倒退
曾經想一起飛 在自己心中蓋了座花園


你現在想著誰 有沒有和我相同的感覺
固執等著誰 卻驚覺已無法倒退
曾經想一起飛 在自己心中蓋了座花園
把你的一切 都種在這個地點

oh ramen lunch at santouka 山頭火 (it looks like 大頭山 though hahahah) was sumptuous! the serving was sooooo huge i am sure i was 120% full (since i had the additional bowl of rice and like half of irene's soup too. HAHAHA!)

then we went to marina bay sands to visit old friends, and also to visit the sky park for free!! hahaha thanks irene! wahh the infinity pool was kinda intimidating. HAHAH! would like to have a swim there in the future. and then we went to far east to do a little shopping, and that's when we got so thirsty the first thing we thought of was COKE. :)

just came back home from my sis's house. HAHA naughty alicia and leroy!! watched enchanted for the gazillionth time!

waiting for irene's and alicia's photos. shall go jogging later on! :)

Wooohoooo! Thanks Irene for bringing us to the sky garden!!! Really naise view and I like the wind up there. Reminiscent of Taipei 101 haha

Hahhaha late for lunch! Today's warm. Rarrrrrr

Woohoo. Slashed my lips with the razor just now. Shiok!

woohoo daryl. naise remix of G6 and Poker Face! addictive! hahaha

just checked my school results for last sem. at least i can sleep tonight.

huanjie, wenhao and miaoru i think i need to consult you guys on how to prepare and conduct vocal lessons! HAHA

Monday, January 17, 2011

okay. time to go run again.

before that just wanna say another door to a world of new tunes just opened 2 hours ago and i am really excited.
here are some tips i got from eric yesterday:
- limit the range of a song to slightly more than an octave
- be clear on what to emphasise on, your voice or the song
- a good commercial song comprises of a good melody and a suitable structure
- to obtain proper structure and to create the hook, have not more than 3 motifs in the chorus

and i just found out that jay chou uses alot of repeat and reverse motifs in his songs, like 菊花台.
and it came to my realisation that we can use 1-bar, 2-bar or 4-bar motifs to write the songs. wahhhh so exciting.

okay go run.

woohoo. starting pop piano lessons at play by ear next month with jonathan, whom i have never seen before. HAHA really really excited to start improving on piano playing. :)

woohoo. and results tonight! just met up with boyang, yiyang and daniel for burlesque. kinda draggy, and i felt that tess could be more evil there should be a more dramatic twist to her character. haha.

Reverse motifs! Woohoo

rocking to LUCIFER and EMPIRE STATE OF MIND!!!!!! :)

sodagreen's 無眠 damn naise.

haha what a night!!!!

went to funkie monkies and learnt alot of stuff from eric and adilson. woohoo. all music schools smell the same.

went to meet alex and mr at orchard central to wait for wenhao, wendy, iris and daryl to audition for impresario. and miaoru took ALOT of photos with pudding camera. RARRRRRr.

oh yeah we past by red dot. so much memories we decided to take a photo in front of it. :)

after that we went to tanjong pagar and strolled along the streets, only to end up at sampo korean charcoal grill restaurant at the end of peck seah street. nice pork belly and beef and unlimited refills!! wooohooo.

and then we gave up meritus mandarin for yello jello, or yellow river/yellow jelly according to zach. HAHAHA met up with dasoo and muni and hazel for drinks and guessing game. WOOHOO. zach is the ultimate cheater i swear, and miaoru just willingly took alot of shots for nothing. HAHAHA! yeah it was fun at the bar. reg, cr, mr, zach and i did a little of dancing at the dance floor after everyone left. HAHHH! quite funny. and then we went for supper at boat quay. WOOHOO. :)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

3 or less motifs in the chorus.
And don't be so neat on the beat.

Glad for the encounter with the hope giver.


Okay. Seated excitedly at fmmusic now.
Haha relac boy.

Stressed about whatever's gonna happen at 3pm later. Oh yah. Looking forward to Korean BBQ and atas drinking at night!! Haha

Saturday, January 15, 2011

i am rather unprepared for the meeting with eric ng tml. RARRRr.

i wanna open a cafe.

a 2-storey glasshouse cafe set by the beach with the mountains and forests in the background. there will be drawings on the walls and the glass windows, and photographs taken by my friends hung proudly on every little desirable corner, and an open carpet grass area big enough to accommodate a band and an intimate evening crowd of 50. so cool, dark and romantic, you can even see stars in the eyes of the person sitting next to you while enjoying the night breeze.

the first floor sells coffee, but i am still undecided about what to do with the second: clothes? cooking class? living area?

okay. shall brainstorm during the night run.

聽著自己十月的voice memo記起那時曾為你唱過的歌。

The bright lights will inspire u in new york.
Man. I wanna catch broadway in ny city.

Now, where did that soreness in the throat come from?

woohoo. enjoying my favourite avocado milkshake from kebun baru food centre #01-01.

today's practice with joel and daniel was quite fruitful! at least we got out the skeleton for the medley. HAHA! :)

went with alex to meet up with dasoo, muni and gang for a short dinner cuz they are leaving soon. will miss them loads.
then alex and i met up with ivan and cr for supper since ivan's leaving for korea for 50 days. HAHA! have fun dude. :)

and yes. greatest news of the day: jerrick and jiaxin are getting married!!! woohoo, and lucky just released his 主打歌, 爸妈好。go listen. :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

just to show that i am still alive and kicking. ->
was trying to make my eyes look as big as possible without realising it. HAHAH!

oh yah. and this is my new guitar! been playing on it the whole day. Woohoo. just need to work on the fretting and my last two fingers. HAHAH and i think i am beginning to get the hang of the XXOXXOXO rhythm that daryl taught me. WOOHOO.

okay remove negativity and tml's a new day. :)

needs to start putting together all the voice memos in his phone.
okay night run again later! :)

woohoo. excited about tml's prac with joel!

snores at the movie social network.

just had a short but interesting talk with ijah and kwok wei over the phone. HHAHA!

now that today's lessons are cancelled, i should work on.... GUITAR! :)

woohoo! gonna self-learn korean/japanese with daryl!

woohoo lesson with sherlyn tml.

need to work on the lesson plan for kelly and also my third song. shall look up more songs. maybe english ones tml. :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011



okay consolation for the day. got to reshuffle my items on the waitlist a little. hoping to appeal if i dun get any of the slots!!! but i have 3 modules to appeal for... RARRR.

okay out for run!



going to playbyear pop piano lessons!

lost myself, again.
need to run in the rain later to find that person.

rarrrr. panic attack before audition. can't seem to sing anything properly. HAHA!

woohooo just came back from a highly retarded, yet interesting day out with daryl, alex, cr and mr. HAHAHA! 5 people toasting to 'something' at 11:11:?? on 11/1/11. HAHAH NAISE.

oh yeah had ayam penyet for dinner at lucky plaza, and then before that was learning guitar, drinking white wine and then shopping at haji lane. :P

hahaha look at wendy.
ayam penyet and extremely gao avocado milkshake

thanks mr for the ride home!
thanks daryl for the wonderful guitar lesson! looking forward to playing more music together!