Monday, October 30, 2006

book review

the 50 people most likely to drive you completely nuts!
a very suggestive and provacative read that talks about bad social habits and ugly human behaviour outside of the warm and cozy home.

Sunday, October 29, 2006


was so bored with the day i decided to stop sleeping and get out of the house since there's nobody in the house other than me. no niece to look after. only left with silly monotonous stuff to do on the computer. so went to j8 with daniel. haha he was stuck at home with nothing to do too. arh so we went to J8 yet again and saundered. haha that was such a foolish thing to do maybe our aim was to catch a meal there at long john's.
I realise my coherence level is dropping. it is so cold i got a cold so my brain is going to freeze pretty soon.
oh then i met mr wong shou teik on bus 410 on the way back home. saw this strikingly familiar figure standing at the bus interchange and thought 'isn't that my classmate?' haha so we acknowledged each other's presence. and talked and blabbered quite loudly everyone was listening to our 'so you are in police force, slack right.' and 'so you are also some sort of a policeman.' conversation.
haha it was pretty amusing but the most interesting part was still being able to meet this old friend.

ok illustrative work must begin.
shall procrastinate no more.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

grey angel

hur hur hur new skin... if only everyone can draw like this guy...



credits to mlad and norraic @ deviantart

yeeeeha photoshop rocks don't you just have to agree with me....


Wednesday, October 25, 2006


christmas is barely 2 months away!!!!!
been having a rather nasty toothache these few days since i ate 3 bars of delicious kit kat 2 days ago but i have recovered from it already! ...ho ho ho...kit kat's nice but i guess i won't touch sweet stuff again for a month or two...

Thursday, October 19, 2006


rururu rururururu rurururururururu ra ra.

hmmmm today had been a rather positive day. had a good talk with chan on issues ranging from past experiences to present states to future aspirations. yay then we played the chinese spelling game sounds childish and maybe even horrifying to some schooling children and teenagers but it was really fun and funny.
O this makes me realise whether funny is the adjective of the noun fun. and is fun also an adjective.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

hohoho christmas is coming and i am getting fat. this is rainie and this is hebe. hohoho
hmm i am relieved that the work stress seems to be reducing. i want to do so many things but i am soooooo lazy hahahha. i am such a lazy bum, but i guess it's not a bad thing. i know procrastinating is a bad thing but i guess being lazy is ok. HAHA.
latest question: when will i get my next pay?
stupid question: when will i get married?
have been drinking milk ferociously because i recently realised that i am still a growing adult-boy.

Friday, October 13, 2006


heeheehee played squash at lucas's place with ben, loo and moo. been a long time since we played and wow i am feeling very tired now. haha although i kept losing but it was very fun. i like the echoey squash court. :D

i seriously hate work. i hate these forms of responsibility and power that are ironically accompanied by the undying sense of powerlessness and fragility and restriction everytime i put on that dreaded uniform. it felt as if i was being coiled up by a boa constrictor...

Saturday, October 07, 2006

it's been very long since i last took a photo. :(
i was thinking which lyrics to post. so this was my decision. listen along to it if this song is conveniently implanted onto your friendly pc/mac. :)
Water Night
Eric Whitacre, original lyrics by Octavio Paz
night with the eyes of a horse that trembles in the night.
night with eyes of water in the field asleep is in your eyes
a horse that trembles is in your eyes of secret water
eyes of shadow water
eyes of well water
eyes of dream water
silence and solitude
two little animals moon-led
drink in your eyes
drink in those waters
if you open your eyes night opens doors of mask
the secret kingdom of the water opens flowing from the centre of the night
and if you close your eyes
a river, a silent and beautiful current fills you from within
flows forward, forward
darkens you
night brings its wetness to beaches in your soul.

Friday, October 06, 2006


i think i have weird dreams.
this morning i dreamt that i was in the 'a' level period and was supposed to be studying for it, but i will also be going to the us and japan, so i was packing my bags and i realised i don't have enough winter clothing since it is going to be winter soon. then an even bigger realisation came when i got to know that i was not going to go to these two countries for whatever reasons and i have to go back to studying, and this was when i woke up in the dream, not from the dream. so i was very disappointed and then went back to sleep. hmmm then i had another dream immediately whereby i was in a humungous hotel that was very beautiful. i was walking in its narrow passageways which always seem to come to dead ends. then i wanted to go to the toilet and i knew where the toilet was. i was walking then i saw one of the cleaner coming out from the passageway leading to it, and i saw a lot of people queuing outside the toilet but i decided to go there nonetheless. then i discovered that the passageway had turned into a slit mysteriously and there was no way i can go through. and i kept sneaking into one of the hotel rooms to do something and was discovered by the occupants when i was always about to leave the rooms who happened to be two of my friends whom i cannot remember now. during the last adventure into this room, i happened to see two of my friends joshua and sheena sitting on the brick tile roof top outside the room through the big rectangular glass windows. then i think we flew down to the lake side outside the hotel and then sheena boarded a very big flying flower and she uttered something like fairy before the flower started to become very roller-coasterish and we went WHOOPS. then i woke up. then i was relieved that i have already taken my examinations last year.
talking bout exam stress i think it drags on for a few years some people still can't get over it.

Monday, October 02, 2006

hot and hazy

the weather these few days has not been optimal.makes ppl sick easily. we are supposed to be approaching winter but its still so warm in Singapore......
ok why am i talking about the weather of all things.
ok i have nothing to brag about so this's all ahahaha.

bahhh i remember this place.

went out with daniel and yy and mel and samuel and shawn and joel yesterday to celebrate yy's birthay at j8. there was absolutely nothing to do at this neighbourhood shopping centre because we have been here last week and the weeks before and it's almost became part of our weekly routine its scary and boring. they should add more entertainment facilities there instead of just apparels and electronics stores. the cinema doesn't suffice. now that they have built the library they shouldn't stop there they should make bishan road the next orchard road. :)

bah rush hour traffic sucks big big time.
i like grape-flavoured yakult it is healthy and delicious.
i want to be mr rice cooker.

白色的风车 安静的纯真
真实的感觉 梦境般遥远
甜甜的海水 复杂的眼泪
看你傻笑着 握住我的手
梦希望没有尽头 我们走到这就好
因为我不想太快走完这幸福 很可惜没有祝福
但爱你并不孤独 不会再让你哭