Wednesday, March 28, 2007


i just turned introverted and intellectually curious.

today's post shall be dedicated to my dear friend and team mate,

ahah aiyah ok actually we were all mentally prepared for his depature to become an io, but still there is a foreboding sense of reluctance to see such a good friend and fine officer leave the team for somewhere else. he was the one who (unwittingly?) taught me that there are so many false alarms around whereby we wait in our cars for key holders to arrive...haha. and also i must admit that i had been quite irresponsible with the preparation of the logsheets...HAHAHA. willie is one of the few people whom i have not seen grumbled at all though he still use a fair amount of vulgarities when necessary.... :P ok i will also remember the crazy red outfit you wore to d&d... arh so many things to be missed...haha i guess in future i will have much less chance of walking with you towards our station from central...well take care and don't push too many cases to us!!! :D

Monday, March 26, 2007

a giant pigeon flew into my living room today!!!!!! and it treated me to 4 great lumps of it's greenish excretion.
i am currently angry with pigeons...

Friday, March 23, 2007

of all the shows to watch on youtube, i had to watch the last episode of hana kimi 花样少年少女. haha was just wondering what was going to happen in the end...well the ending wasn't very nice. hk shows still rock more.

i just went for a haircut two days ago and it made my head looks 10 times more gigantic. photos as proof though.... :(

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

fine i shall keep fantasizing about the some things that are red until next month.

haha the crumpler website is as insane as a bottle of chicken skin. yewww.
i hate listening to ghost stories, especially during debriefing when everyone is about to go home!!! argh.

Monday, March 19, 2007

i love my braziliano praia slippers from num!

hehe it's a hefty 50 bucks and it's such an impulsive buy but yay i finally got something i wanted. haha i want to congratulate myself :D haha actually i went out with yy and daniel and samuel to get some really important stuff haha but i side-tracked. bad bad me. melvin and brandon was supposed to come too but they decided to get lost in vivocity instead of the more pleasant downtown. haha daniel was complaining that i appeared to be in a daze the whole day thru....well....

i agreed to go to bishan gym at 5 with chan and he came half an hour late! haiyah luckily i not tl lor if not you sure kenna F-ed. ok but i did not use my half an hour to check properly cuz part of the gym is closed becuz of some bloody painting jobs... hmmph but still i guess it was one of the more productive sessions cuz it has been a pretty long time since i sweated. haha yah i always feel that talking to chan has been very enjoyable, especially when we gossiped about the yongtaufoo lady and discussed about VERY IMPT life issues and about chinese music. haha...then i took an enjoyable 15 minutes walk back home from j8.

THERE IS WORK TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

joshua is mr smartie(s) chocolate.
have fun in camp DUDE.

yay this is my most colourful post. :D

...i was born to love you with every single beat of my heart...Queen
i promise myself i am going to find the japanese drama
Pride プライド

i wanna watch this drama again. ok shall hunt on sat.

do you live in housing estates or live near one?

if you happen to have an afternoon off to laze at home, you would always hear construction noise, whether it is from upgrading projects or renovation works. Singaporeans just ain't content and must continuing upgrading their living environment. i am not saying that this is not good BUT CAN'T WE HAVE A NOISE-FREE AFTERNOON?!?!?!?!!?!?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


i wanna be random!!!

it's so F!#))#($)@# hot! bah i can't stand it anymore. i should get a ventilator installed at my butt. BLAH.
my tl was calling me handbrake boy but he was the one whose actions and facial behaviour suggested the joke that i blurted out. bleah. HAHAH ok it's rather funny ASKME!.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

during patrol

a few nights ago, my team leader told me he thought he had seen a GHOST at one of the estates. well basically when he drove past the gate of one particular house, it kept opening and closing, and opening and closing. well we went back there to check it out with him, only to realise that it has a faulty self-correcting mechanism cuz it somehow got stuck when it was closing. SO, what i want to say is it's best to have someone out there with us at night so that we wouldn't let our thoughts run wild.

ok 2 weeks ago i went to mrs liang's (who was my PRIMARY 4 form teacher) place at clementi. she is still as energetic, or even more, now that she has 2 witty children running around the house. maybe i should stop eating new year tidbits and drinking milk. i look chubby. HAHA.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

belanjah kau...

...satu benumboh!
(i am sure there is a spelling mistake somewhere...hurhurhur)
ok this sentence is so cute. hahha it means treat you one punch, as we would say in hokkien. yah lingual and cultural fusion is so exciting. hahah

i wonder if in 10 years' time i would still be single... BLEAGH. that's damn sad la.

ok so when's my ord. WHEN?

o i watched BORAT yesterday. GOODNESS. GOODNESS. GOODNESS.
devil wears prada was good though. heart-warming.


Sunday, March 04, 2007

not very happy.

well sometimes life makes you wait for nothing. ok perhaps there are reasons but i am still unhappy about certain things

o well at least the first episode of ugly betty got me hooked.

my mom has been telling me to go to the dentist. i have not seen a dentist for like 3 years??!?! oh no what happened to free dental services in schools? they should have such things in government services together with complimentary medical care. hmph.

i agree that i have no personality, forgetful, impractical, a procrastinator, and lack common sense. o man... i am really a lousy fella. i like to indulge in self-pity. :( somebody get me off the internet real quick i think i need a counsellor i can't stop myself from sitting in front of the computer ARGH. anyone? pls?

we had a great time with chorale guys at sandy's housewarming party yesterday. yah had great food with d-i-y pizzas, and yah the entertainment was fabulous. hehe we played pool, watched hiro, played twister(for a mighty short time cuz most of us gave up the twisting at the ring of the oven), pictionary(oh that was fun), and two new games that xuhao brought over which were citadel and anima. yah things were getting so interesting but too bad we didn't really get to play the game thoroughly cuz we just got through the tutorial rounds. alright yah it was a good night we stayed till the wee hours...