Wednesday, March 31, 2010

just came back from suntec city with alicia and irene. HAHA i like the basketball and bishi bashi games. :)
we had some really good food at bali thai. :)

oh i spent the entire day watching xiao jing teng on youtube. :)

ingredients to make jam:

1) be quiet in front of strangers
2) be funny in front of friends
3) able to sing in all genres
4) able to play the drum, piano and guitar
5) make magic

should he bring his guitar or keyboard to vietnam?

i was thinking i will bring the keyboard over (wah how to check in?!?!?) and then buy an acoustic over there! woohoo :P

taking online vocal lessons on youtube

aims to make his piano AI ZAI!!!! :)

and stop doing useless things! spend these HOURS on pushups and situps and learning the piano and singing. :) and break more knuckles to make the finger joints more flexible. HAHA just kidding. :P

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

萧敬腾 cured my flu. HAHA! i am in love with him liao. swoons and faints. he is my same-age 偶像!

how did his hair grow so long for xing guang?!

was reading men's health at my sis's place earlier on and i realised that i have to be my own dj when i run. start with songs at 60bpm to warm up, by the 4th song it should be 120bpm, and then back to 90-100bpm for cool down. :)

another wasted tue morning!

how come michael li nv ever keep his promise on letting us present?!?!!?!? if only we can get to present we will stop coming for his lessons. KNS.

we kenna cheated 4 times.

Monday, March 29, 2010



作曲:李伟菘, 填词:胡如虹





what is lee wei song's limit!?!?!?!! hopefully he nv does so that we can have endless # of good songs!

was supposed to study today! hahahah but in the end become chit-chatting session with alicia and jieying. HAHAHA!

shall sleep early tonight! hahahha can feel something not right with the nose. i think my plastic surgery fail. HAHA!

wants to bulk up so that his head looks smaller. HAHA!

oh i keep hearing TELEPHONE everywhere in amk. EVERYWHERE...

bangs don't work for beyonce!

wants to do a ballad version of mirotic! :)

why did they do those things to yoona's hair?!?! alright tiff is hot. her black hair's really hot. weet weet. seohyun seriously look like selina when selina was 20.

just completed the student feedback on teaching - well, a prof fared really well, as usual, while the other 2 kinda sux. okay one of them really sux. i am sure all the thm students know which prof i am talking about. he should have just sticked to research, and should be trained to improve his pedagogy.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

wanna study tml :) shall start with going to bishan mos and camp there with a cup of milkshake. :P

today was such a low-productivity day. oh well it's sunday! hahha :P

had meeting with xianhui and daniel at mos. i guess we are on the right track. i can feel it. at least now prof won't say that we lack lit reviews and are not exposed enough to the topic. :P

it was so coincidental to see alicia at amk mrt just now! YOU YUAN REN! hahah i hope you are sleeping now cuz you looked like a GHOST just now when i saw you. HAHAH!

yeah went to hawker centre opp andy's shop and celebrated joel's birthday. hahaha had fun poking fun at andy. HAHA! yeah then we went to amk hub and sorta walked around aimlessly. i was thinking we really didn't change at all after all these years. (the longest i had known these guys was since 2000. 10 YEARS. OMG) hahaaha yeah we walk in 2s and 3s and just sorta window-shop the entire building. HAHA! some things just never change.

i feel relieved and pleased when i see that my cousin is happy to be at home. i dunno why.

i can barely wait to know what i will be doing for my internship! everyone's been asking me when and where i am flying and all i can say is that everything is still TBA!!!! hahha this is really frustrating, but i guess there's nothing much that i can do right! hahah :P

...since when did i get so much courage/thick-skined-ness to move about so much on stage? hahahah

Saturday, March 27, 2010

what are some of the best social media marketing tactics for singapore hotels to use?

had big breakfast with alicia at amk macs in the morning. woohoo! i like pepper and salt on the scrambled egg! yummy!

score reading with vc was kinda fun! i think we were really productive and came up with alot of songs! woohoo :P and thanks shixuan for the ride to macpherson! hahahah although i think i still spent about 50 mins to get home from there! hahah u live in a very bishan-inaccessible area. HAHA! comes the question AGAIN. HAHA
what should i sing for thur?

李圣杰 - 手放开
萧敬藤 - 爱过了头
张信哲 - 爱如潮水
李玖哲 - 洗牌
洪俊扬 - 沙沙的谁
曹格 - 寂寞先生
小宇 - 爱上

i want to do all the miscellaneous stuff tonight, like packing. :)

gabriel cheow!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

hahah i need a kitten in my life.

i hereby confirm that the best way to contact daniel is through EMAIL. he is a complete email addict.

just got a call from lee kuan to collect the spectacle hut hamper from them on thur. hahah miaoru i pass to you during class! :)

i must get my HMK next sem k! 5th language! woohoo! i am becoming a shuting. HAHA!

HAHA i love doing my bt203 project drawings! totally reminds me of simtower. HAHAH! just that this time it's with unlimited budget! haah :P

내가 왜 학교에 가야한다?
kenapa saya mesti pergi ke sekolah?
why must i go to school?

cuz got meeting u dumbass.

kwok wei replied to my email at this hour. WHOAH. HAHAHA

bm305 - interesting as usual. i thought the group presenting went a little out of point though...
bt202 - a waste of time as usual: 'facebook' tutorial as mentioned by bernard...hAHA
fyp meeting with xianhui and daniel. hahaha aiyah we are really still very unproductive leh....

had a really great evening at ob.

dinner with alex (thanks for walking with me to maxwell for my fav curry rice! hahah), then sang gaseum apado for review (whoah my first time! i nv thought that i would even dare to sing this song! hhaha). HAHA you all know why i always want to sing first? cuz my voice warmed up already before that so i dun want it to cool down, that's why i always rush to be the first one to sing...HAHAH! then supper at macs - told lotsa stories and lame jokes but the best one must be julio's NUT story. HAHA!

thanks avril for sending us home! :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

can't wait to go ob.

every thurs i get this overwhelming feeling to just get out of school and head over to ob to practise, and to meet some of my favourite friends there! and then have dinner at maxwell/subway. BAH. seeya guys in a while... :)

sometimes i wonder why i come to school for, other than for svc marketing class on thurs. oh well. have a presentation coming up in a moment for RM. hope we can get to finish it today!!!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

oh well. rubberband didn't get in stardust. AT LEAST WE TRIED and TIRED ourselves out in the end. HAH!

did a little shopping at amk earlier in the afternoon. oooo the avocado juice at the food centre opp andy's shop was REALLY GOOD! really CREAMY! yum yum! oh i got a hair straightener btw. becoming more and more like a girl. HAHAH! oh and i didn't mention that i cut my own hair yesterday! so if you see any holes in my head pls tell me. HAHA!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

can't find mmo for 林俊杰: 一个又一个 and FT Island's Missing You

Which song should i sing on thur?
Fly To The Sky: Kaseum Apado
萧煌奇: 你是我的眼
曹格: 寂寞先生
小宇: 爱上

was at home the entire day (except in the morning) cuz wasn't feeling too well. so just chill at home! hahahah

yearns for a run and a good haircut.

is going to listen to justin bieber on youtube later!

totally didn't learn anything from prof li! textbook is better!

wasted my time coming to school today. i thought that my group would be presenting, but no! KNS. prof pls promise to deliver what u say u will be delivering! stick to your lesson schedules!

woots woots.

just finished with the presentation slides! damn not satisfied but what to do?! no time...

FYP meeting wasn't productive at all. we need a slave-driver in the group to make sure everyone does their work and contribute. i am the FREE-RIDER inside! kns.

really really really not looking forward to prof li's morning lesson tml.

Monday, March 22, 2010

had lunch at suntec's swensen's with alicia and irene. wooohoo i like the big breakfast! however service at swensen's probably the same throughout the island - rushed, impersonal and not very responsive. hahah

at jco donuts with daniel now waiting for xianhui who will be an hour late! kns.

woohoo lunch with alicia and irene in a while! after that will be FYP meeting and dinner with daniel and xianhui. woohoo! i haven't done my fyp lit reviews yet! dies.

realised that he got da bomb question only after 2 days.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


今天沒做些什麼,就只是呆在家裡發呆。一直都想要做一點功課, 可是總是會被分心! 嗨! 苦惱著。。。


oomg. i no longer have tangled ends!!!!!!!!!! but with honey and butter on my hair will ants come and eat my hair at night?!?!?! hahaha

When's the haircut going to happen?! hahaha

i have been thinking that i am too old for the entertainment scene. BUT. someone older than me isn't afraid to pursue her dream of singing and performing. why should i right? :)

this is da bomb! hongki's voice is damn good! esp love the string intro in 'missing you'!

ooo i finally bought some things which i REALLY needed today. yay 刮得容易, and my hair feels soooo smooth now. MUAHHAHA

just blocked alicia on fb. HURHURHUR then we didn't know how to add each other back. hahah

needs to make a to-do list!

just woke up from an afternoon nap.

oh. about stardust auditions. clearly they dun have as much manpower as impresario. and we were kinda intimidated by all the full bands, since we are only an acoustic band with a little guitar and 2 shaker eggs (and we pack up and set up really fast!), but somehow we are like the underdogs - there's really nothing to lose in participating in it. HAHAA yeah only thing was that we had to adjust the sound system (reverb, volume, etc) ourselves! hahahah they gave us 2 mins to test the sound...

we look fugly dun we. HAHAH!

just got back from stardust auditions. HAHA

really thankful for all the support given by everyone to rubberband! i think we never pray to the 台神 enough! the stage and the mic blacked out during our second medley, 我爱你+no one+where is the love! it happened the last time also during impresario finals when the feedback almost drowned our voices. i guessed we have given up putting the blame on the sound man already. hahaha we really tried very hard to make sure that he was happy with us and stuff. oh well in the end it still became like that! hahahh GIVE UP! hahahah but yeah thanks everyone for singing along with us! we had a great time today! :) i think we learnt alot and really felt loved by everyone! :) thanks alex for the pic!

this is fion and shuting from urban queens.

time to sleep and prepare for stardust audition at 10.30 tml at bugis. SHAGGS! hahaha

then it's a long day of projects. blah.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

slept in this morning cuz it was such a COOOOL day to snooze! hahaha i love rainy mornings (when i dun have to go out la.) :)

ooo 2am's new mv!

had a really great dinner and supper with suelynn, marcus and gim sen at novena square. thanks for being my friends. hAHAH

yeah too bad that i would be missing horny night tml at vj. BLAH. my first time to miss it since J1. blah.

Friday, March 19, 2010

at novena square bk with marcus, suelynn and gim sen. woohoo steamboat dinner later :)

argh. it's already 4.30pm and we still have one more presentation to go. BLAH.

okay meeting sue and gs in a while. woohoo. :)

15 new mails! wow that's a record. HAHAA

just came back from supper at macs opp int'l plaza. the service there's really good. it makes the sundae taste soooo much better! woohoo. :P

yup i think i learnt growling today! hurhurhur.

been listening to kaseum apado the past 2 days. almost every minute on buses and trains were spent listening to it. WOOHOO. FTTS ROCKS!!!

oh yeah need to find out how to differentiate our rubberband medleys!

oh YES.

RUBBERBAND will be performing in front of Wisma this coming Saturday, alongside other OB performing artistes such as Urban Queens, Simpli5 and Augmented 6. Huanjie and Junyang will also be performing there! Oh yeah other artistes from Lee Wei Song, Ge Fang and Ark will also be there to perform! do come catch us from 8pm onwards. :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

meeting with prof gerard in the morning for FYP. argh. was under-prepared again and sorta 'kenna scolded' by him for not putting in enough effort, since he kept mentioning "as i told you during our last meetings,..."

met up with alicia yesterday for dinner. HAHHA i should run a counselling centre for her. HAHA oh why is saba always soooooo oily?

prac at zach's place was fairly productive. :)
I had the urge to eat hot fudge sundae, but resisted the temptation in front of daryl cuz he was having a sorethroat. HAHA!

today is one of the rare productive days in recent months. :P michael li still sucks. oh yeah prof gerard kept targeting me today during lessons! hahah it's weird. i dun like it when i keep getting unwanted attention. BLAH.
going to ob in a while for rubberband prac. shit i am feeling hungry. BLAH.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

learning Gaseum Apado (Even Though My Heart Breaks) and its chords now. :) like finally...

Ga-seum a-pa-do na i-reo-ke u-seo-yo
Ne nu-ni haeng-bo-khan geon cheo-eum-i-ni-kka
Sam-kin nun-mu-re ma-mi jit-mu-lleo-ga-do
Gu-dae-ra-myeon nan gwaen-chan-ha-yo


it was the first time i took a non-aircon 179 in the morning. okay it will be the last time i run for a non-aircon bus. kns. okay only good thing was that i met hamizah on the bus. WOOHOO.

will start on the arrangement in 10 mins!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

doesn't like the feeling of showcasing something which i haven't prepared enough for - it happened last thur and it happened again today. BLAH...

sorry huanjie!

will work hard on always online and 100 days!!!!!!! trying to come up with a decent acapella arrangement. :P

argh. headache at night and stomachache in the morning. kns. :P

browsing through how OSMM is different in different Asian countries in the FAL. the FAL is like how smelly. HAHAH

yay. shall go to ob now and chill.

oh man. having a bad tummyache now.

stopped by 2 toilets on the way to class just now, and my tummy is still aching, although much of the pain has already subsided. the next time it aches again a baby is going to pop out.


Monday, March 15, 2010

mom bought durian back home. yum yum. :)

i just created a facebook group to hunt for songs for victoria chorale's In Song 2010. theme is on water.
hoping to leverage the power of social media! haahahah

i miss my taipei hair. i need a haircut soon. :P

almost thought that i was gonna have a tooth extraction at the dentist just now when he did some injection into my gums!!! whoah heng he only wanted to smoothen the chipped edges. haha i think i ate too much nuts. HAHHA!

and i saved a little boy at the pool today. okay i didn't really do anything dramatic but i guessed he was really scared when he was struggling in the pool. yay proud of myself.

lindt dark choc ROX. it's been in my mouth for the past 10 minutes. HAHAH!

and based on the videos below i came to a few conclusions:

- tend to oversing - as such listen to the voice in my head and relax everytime i oversing. it helped alot during bei dui bei especially.
- must use more head voice to sustain the higher notes
- sense of tempo kinda sucks. i nv get my entries right.
- i often add too much ad-lib into the interludes.
- hold the mic too far away esp during the higher notes, and as such the notes suck cuz they were too soft and sounded like i didn't have any strength.
- lack interaction with joel on stage even though i told him before that that we must have more eye contact! hahha
- my tailing off sounds bad cuz i dun have proper control of wei yin.
- i still talk too quickly on stage
- there is a lack of emotional buildup for most of the songs. like i didn't have different treatments for the painting of the words. BLAH. and as such the songs sound emotionless and too technical.
- i move awkwardly on stage. i think learning dance helps.

okay good night world. :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

i did a great deed by preventing daryl from going broke. HAHAH!

woke up late today. but had a really long day.

had prac with rubberband at zach's. oh there are really imbal people doing imbal things on earth. how on earth do ppl know how to sing, play the piano and guitar, kajorn, beatbox, rap and harmonise at the same time. it's ridiculous! hahahah

wanted to get to admiralty station with daryl but the rain was really big and we got really drenched in the end. i think i may be falling sick from it. oh nos!!!!

yeah then it was fyp meeting at amk hub with daniel and xianhui. think we managed to come up with something at least. oh well but i lost in both the cai quan and scissors paper stone and got to do the suckiest lit review. oh wells.

perf at ntu open house with joel was fun! :) thanks andy for helping us get the room for prac and for being our PA for the day! the sound system was really good! we have FOUR monitor speakers. WHOAH say. and we got pei fen and zhi yong from fm93.3 as the host. WAH daniel! big budget ar! hahaha

choir meeting was good i guess! :P

alicia and her friend geok leng.
bah didn't manage to take photos with ob peeps. :(
Jam's concert rox. his fashion designer really went out of the box by putting a giant carnation to surround his head.
i was rocking to the music 99% of the time. except when the guest performer was singing. kns.

okay things to learn:
- 尾音 (HUANJIE TEACH ME!!! hj was irritating us by singing the wei yin in the very 油 way. kns.)
- 咬字 & 口气 (mesmerised by his voice when he sang 心如刀割! that usage of breath and how much he bit his words really mattered so much!
- sense of rhythm (all his notes are on beat. like even if they are off he makes them on beat! wow!)
- transition at the passagio (his transition really rocked. why did everyone say that there were very few points whereby he had to transit between real voice and falsetto? hahah)
- how to hit high notes with the head voice effortlessly. i am sure there is a way.

oh and i met shihui who just returned from japan on the way out from jam's concert!!! woohoo what a coincidence. and...either she grew or i shrank. HAHA

Saturday, March 13, 2010

in chem engine building with andy and joel. HAHAHA wah liao CEE buildings are so much nicer than NBS ones. KNS.

early rise and shine to wake up the morning voice :)

Friday, March 12, 2010


tml's gonna be a LOOONG DAY!

performance for ntu open house
choir prac
xiao jing teng's concert :)

left with the write-up for my profile to be submited to huan jie. HAHA thanks munhoe for the template. (get an english name quick.) :P

i am tempted to try i'm yours with rubberband. :P

i think my itunes on this mac is jealous. it's finally synchronising after 2 months. another WTH. HAHAHA

my itunes is DEFINITELY NOT my ipod's best friend. it cannot even detect it, and there's no other way to modify my ipod on a mac. i am currently resorting to syncing the ipod through my dell laptop. WTH.

it's frigging synchronising now. WTHHHHH

bm305 presentation in the morning was not too shabby. glad that prof liked my slides. WOOHOO.

BT202 is seriously just a WASTE OF TIME. potential THM students pls beware of michael li. think twice before u decide to join thm specialisation.

i wasn't prepared for lessons with huanjie at ob, and as such was really disappointed with myself. hahah but i wasn't emo today. it's just that i was damn tired from the lack of sleep.

just came back from julio's birthday celebration at hk cafe. the cake from breadtalk's really good! i like.

well. let's just put ourselves as our main competitors. look at others for inspiration, but never pretend that we are like them cuz we aren't. just keep trying to surpass ourselves... HAAHHA really ar. my posts are quite blue nowadays. BAH.

oh yeah just to tell my sis that i shook hands with he wei jian. HAHA

Thursday, March 11, 2010

what to do between now and ob class later?

i have 6 hours to spare...

- prepare my song for later
- prepare my songs for sat
- FYP lit review!

was about to sleep but woke up again to do the slides. BAHH

hahah :P

shit i am ill-prepared for ob class tml. :(

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

good night world. :) keynote's fun to play with.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

u know. sometimes it's really not fair that we get blamed for making wrong choices about decisions which we have to make. it's not like we know that that's the wrong decision and we purposely make it right.

run was good.

just wanted to pen down that

you know. it really kinda sucks that despite so much efforts put in, we sometimes fail to garner the support of the people we want friendship and support. We then begin to lose confidence in these people, and the mind starts to wonder "what are we doing everything for?"... we wander off somewhere and found something better, but still clinging on with the hope that someday, they will want me back and make me love what i am doing again.

but no.

we suggest negativity, we show our lack of interest, and we blame things on other people without throwing out constructive remarks in the first place. one by one, we slowly lose interest and allow what we love to disintegrate. then we blame it on others again.

i was the first one to reach ftr3 today. woah.

okay going to give michael li 50% of my attention now. see if he is really working or not. :P

finally done, SIANZ.

twitblog - i am 75% done copying school work.

Monday, March 08, 2010

just saw the title of a talk on THM day - “Workplace G-Spots: Preparing For A Diverse Workforce”. kinky stuff eh.

doesn't think he deserves to get a good night's sleep tonight.

mac's start speaking tool is damn cool! it reads EVERYTHING! it's SOOO FUNNY when i tried it on alicia's blog, i spat water out from my mouth. HAHAAH!!!

woohoo nadiah, my favourite regular officer, is getting married!!!! :)

half way through the slides. shall continue tml. and i realised i have no time to do bt202 assignment. DIEE!!!!

shall try and sing wu yuan for thur :)

Sunday, March 07, 2010

today's a hot day.

woke up late at 10 plus. was shagged from yesterday. bm305 meeting at novena. whoah year 3 jiu shi year 3. damn efficient. i feel like a free rider in the group.

interview at transinex again, this time with sam and adrian. i think i got it. but dunno go where sial.

i dunno how to start on bt202 assignment, bm305 ppt and fyp lit reviews. i foresee a long night ahead.

after the past studious 30 minutes of going through slides and reports, i finally realised what marketing position is NOT. :)

a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who supported rubberband in one way or another throughout our journey in impresario 2010. thanks wensi and lee kuan for being so patient and helpful throughout! many thanks to the hairstylist, who blew my hair and straightened my bangs (HAHA) and makeup artiste for giving me a glossy pink lips! we almost had to put eye shadows. HAHAHA thanks daniel, yy, alicia, irene and my family for coming down to support rubberband!

****OH YES!!! thanks to ivy-jie for porh-ing us on stage! rubberband really appreciates it!

:) We really hope that we could have done better today, but i guess we didn't have 天时地利人和. yup we will work harder in the future and aim to stand on a bigger stage to perform for all our friends and family. :) hwaiting!

Friday, March 05, 2010

haha went to shangri-la in the morning and realised that the hotel is REALLY HUGE! wow we took 2 hours to just tour the facade + a few guestrooms and ballrooms. HAHAHA

just came back from dinner after impresario rehearsal. shaggzzzz.

listen to nothing but the sound in myself.

oh my dad just passed me the hdd which was supposed to have been killed by bath soap. and with evetything intact! incl the new year gathering' photos that we took at iris's! :)

to go to NTU auditorium:

1) take 179 from Pioneer MRT (once you exit the gentry, turn left and go down the escalator. you will see a kopitiam on your right. Walk straight to the bus stop)
2) Once you enter NTU, stop at the 6th bus stop (outside Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information) - see the blue dot near the bottom left of the map.

3) walk UP the slope which you just came from

4) make a right turn at the first junction (you will see the sign board with 'nanyang auditorium' on it.

thank you google map :)

Thursday, March 04, 2010

just came back from ob. HAHAHAH rubberband jiayou.

i think there comes a point when the party has to end. i think i will really miss everyone when it comes to a stop, however temporary the halt is... :_(

okay. time to look for a new song to sing next thur liao! :) think i should sing a fast/uptempo song right? :)

ok. just sent out the rejection emails to 2 companies. apprehensive. what if the company i am going for an interview on sunday hate me. HAJHAHAHAHA

really impt link that must be save.

okay. a glimpse of hope!

but still...

how to craft an email to reject something...HMMM

jade and jie sin came over to my house in the morning to do project for BM305. hahah we ended up jamming on the guitar and keyboard. oman. jie sin can sing really well!! woohoo. jiayou for project! still gotta do the ppt tml morning :P

yeah after that went to clarke quay for wine appreciation workshop with thm peeps. it was damn cool and damn worth it. choir peeps wanna try? :) i think i prob had too much to drink! hahah i loved the champagne! the food there was good. especially loved the orange cheese with crackers. and i bought some sweet wine too. HAHAHAHA

ahahha i most certainly look drunk in all 4 photos! hahah

rubberband prac at ob. no stress no stress. just relaxing la! just came back from supper at coral village cafe. food and company were goooood. :)

oh man. will things really be different if i go out of singapore for 4 months?

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

i am becoming an untidy person. or maybe i just realised that i am really really untidy. LOOK AT MY ROOM! omg. HAHAHA

meeting at orchard zara starbucks with BM305 mates. aahahah when someone takes the lead i love to sit back and be a follower. :)

after that went to adelphi for a meeting with kwok wei to talk about choir trip at the end of the year. She's really nice!!!

okay. 2 internships are kinda confirmed. i am waiting for one other to be born, which is also the one that i really want. BLAH. but i have to reply everyone by TONIGHT / THIS WEEK. HOW. DIEEssss....

argh. the separation of the lettuce couple was sooooo sad. :(

argh i am confused now. dunno what to do with internship. i hope i can get what i wanted!

Monday, March 01, 2010

let's go have a swim and get rid of all the negative energy! :)

hahaha and yet another disappointment.

hahah now drowning my sorrows in WEG.

can someone do me an aegyo.

was at mrs liang's house today! and managed to meet up with these amazing ppl, some of whom i have not seen for 10 over years! :) yeah had a really good time catching up with mrs liang, xunqi, zi cheng, guo feng, kennedy, zhe qin, eugene, daryl, jie wei. hahah we managed to squeeze 7 full-grown male adult in daryl's car from clementi mrt to mrs liang's house. woohoo.

prac at zach's was stressful! extremely stressful!!!

oh man i just need a confirmation!!!