Thursday, November 30, 2006

it's the last day of november

it was just the end of the As a year ago.
had buffet dinner with my team at toa payoh cc and there were lotsa food, =), and the food was varied and delicious. however i have loads of mosquito bites on my arms and legs. BAH toa payoh CC is like one concrete mangrove! they should make a check on the water retention abilitiy of the building.
i am so forgetful finally managed to get my shoebag...slippers...and ridzwan's cds from my locker. how did i manage to forget to take them...must be because they are all placed on the top shelve.

Monday, November 27, 2006

after much deliberation, finally went for a haircut yesterday. and i am happy about it. Was doing some typing for my dad yesterday. BAHHH i hate typing for hours and hours its mentally tiring.
Oreo Cookies/Munchy's Chocolate Sandwich Biscuit with Marigold Milk is BRILLIANT.

O yar i am proud of marcus quek, who is sheena's brother, for doing well in his psle chinese. was rather nervous that day when he was getting back his results at school, and sheena was giving live telecast of the entire process through sms. hehehe looks like the hours spent reading passages for listening comprehension, doing (and marking) the dreaded compositions and comprehensions has paid off. :D

sentosa or east coast anyone? :D i miss my friends...

Sunday, November 19, 2006

wonderful. totally wonderful. retail therapy is wonderful. YAY we should all work hard and make good money. i declare my europa tracktop my new wife. so don't touch it if you can if not you will get a bashing from me. if you are my girlfriend its a totally different thing of cuz. you get to hug both me and my wife.
ok shall stop talking nonsense.
O YA and i saw jing zhi today at bishan library. is singapore really so small. glad its small i get to see my friends every now and then without planning to meet. this is called 不约而同.

more coincidences in life.

spf seems to have complete control over me and its taking over my life at lightning speed.
well was doing duty for christmas lightup along orchard road, and i saw khairulnizam, lucas, gc, bentan, alexko, alexsim, chunyang, marcus. why do my friends get to party in orchard road on an weekend while i don't.... :( o ya lucas stop touching my belt and scrutinising my attire.
doing duty or shift work with chan is always an interesting and laughable occassion because we get to talk alot and joke alot and sing alot!
i am so shagged after 2 continuous night shifts. and more work is coming in tml. yay.\
i feel that someone tall wants to put me in a ridiculously difficult position.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

corporate retreat

today's retreat was surprisingly interesting for me. ok maybe its because of all the bad and demoralising things other peeps told me about it. but to me the retreat was really quite an intriguing thing to have. even though it may be a little waste of time, but it is really great being able to get out of our usual social circles within the npcs and just get out and have fun with other people, and at least get to be better acquainted with them.
and the best part is that my team sleepy head (=P) won the challenge and all of us were definitely not expecting it. haha so fun to run about the entire afternoon looking for clues and doing crazy things at the stations. feels really great being the runner to bring our challenge result back to the base camp.
o ya and there were loads of food!!! :D --- morning tea break, lunch, afternoon tea break......haha made me soooo full.
ok so now i am officially shagged and stoning...

random let's conform to maslow's hierachy of needs.
i was thinking about...a modern choir.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

stressed by

chorale postcard design;
boss saying my hair is long, even though i just got it trimmed, which links to
tml's retreat;
the lack of cash;
being unable to attend chorale practices;

saw these two puma and adidas jackets at marina square that faithful day. :) ok everyone needs money for Christmas cuz everyone needs to change their closets.


i want a digital SLR. too bad i don't have a camera

finally i think the postcard design is done. thank yous to yen ling, yokie, terrence, dawn, chloe, yc, owen, for offering invaluable aid and comments and definitely the pirated stuffs which i shouldn't mention what on the sensitive cyberspace.

i am sure all of us will meet bitches and bastards at work. but yesterday night nadiah and i met one of the bitchiest person in urban singapore. she drives a subaru wrx and the repoman wants to tow away her veh because she owes the bank money. she talks loudly and retaliates verbally in an incredibly impolite manner towards us and vehement way towards the repoman. she is surprisingly retarded for a singaporean because she will say 'i don't understand a thing' everytime we say 'madam, please understand that...' she is soooooo evil even nadiah who is one of the nicest and friendliest officer around said that she is really a bxxxx. OK i shall stop talking bad behind people's back.
o ya it was a busy night shift.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

marina square

is huGe! its like an orchard road within a shopping centre.

Friday, November 10, 2006

ok advert

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

project superstar

watched the first episode of project superstar on channel u. it was hilarious, and it also made me want to join a singing competition! HAHA

i heard the american democrats won the control of the house. is that true?
i need to purchase sooooo many things.

AND i went to have lunch at swensen's it was delicious. HAHA