Monday, June 29, 2009

just wanna be himself. but he wants to change too.

jianhao is greedy. he wants everything.

jianhao also likes to try and give up...but that won't happen in music!!!!!!!!

jianhao doesn't want to lose his choir friends.

woohoo! 600th post! hehe

yeah these past few days haven't been very good for me, in the sense that alot of questions about my abilities were raised and i sorta lost quite a fair bit of self-confidence.

was helping my sis with her kids cuz she had to go for this sudoku challenge thingie. hahaha yeah my mom was freezing inside parco bugis. :P
performed for terr's teacher's (and mother-in-law-to-be) concert on saturday. erm. wasn't good at all. my perf sux man...oh got to know huai zhi who's a speech therapist! suelynn go talk to him! haha yeah bought tau sa pia from balestier. actually wanted to give some to vc peeps but they didn't come for the concert event in the end. and, they also didn't want to wait for sandy and i for supper. haha oh well no luck for them. :P

went to support miaoru for a million star pk finals at kallang leisurepark. there were really alot of good singers over there like aijia, diya and sly. i didn't know that sly can actually sing quite well until now. HAHA but he didn't get in anyway.

oh this is my teacher sherlyn :)

after that went to j8 to have dinner with nichole, sheena and jingzhi. ok that's the happiest thing i have done in ages. hahaha haven't laughed for heartily for very was really great listening to them talk about life over chicken rice, fishball soup, sweet potato and banana fritters with coconut. HAHA yeah good food and good company. :)

it really sux not to be the CHOSEN few/one... but I will not give up!! make more music!!! make better music!!! and find my voice!!! i don't wanna sound like jj or zhang xin zhe or xiong tian ping!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

haha feeling abit helpless about my voice. my musicality. alot of doubts were raised these past few days about my own capabilities. BLAH BLAH BLAH.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

bistro bar prac!! ahahah i am going crazy soon. HAHA!

erm lunch at raffles place was not too bad. the viet restaurant had nice food but the service was kinda bad.Haha really missed suelynn and marcus!!!

oh been having alot of maxwell food lately. i always look forward to the curry rice + carrot/orange juice + goreng pisang meal every evening i am there. HAHA!

Monday, June 22, 2009

oh just received this email with a reply from xiaohan the songwriter. MUAHAHA

okay busy with the coordination for bistro bar performance. haha i hardly have time for other things man. HAHAH okay but need to start composing!! :D

Sunday, June 21, 2009

happy day!

had a cooking session at my house with 4-4 peeps. i tell you brandon and melvin really learnt alot about cooking from their overseas staying experience! AHAHAH melvin did a seafood and mushroom soup (with really big king tiger prawns), brandon made butter and spice dory fish (with a really good butter sauce), daniel made curry (commendable effort!), yy made ice-blended juices and milkshakes(commendable effort too!), and i did my ice cream mixes (as always...HAHA). HAHAHA okay i was the dish-washer for the day, and was really surprised when they told me someone was at the door... and when i went out to take a look they sang the birthday song. Hahahh thanks guys!!!

had a busy day today.

1130 - met wenhao to prac for grad perf with ivan
1315 - left for siglap
1405 - was late (AGAIN) for choir. DAMN IT. HAHAHA anyway a thousand miles really reminded us of together since. DAMN IT. haha
1700 - went to ice cream chef for ice cream. saw raquel working there and talked to her for a while. HAHA she's soooooo ah lian! hahahah yc was bitching all the way about nelc in his face. HAHHA
1945 - dinner at pasir panjang boneless duck rice store. had tofu and kangkong and lime juice. yum yum
2030 - (dinner was damn fast and good) went to millenia walk and decided to chill at bakerzin. heard alot of stories!!! hahah
2230 - went to bugis to meet iris to go down to upp thomson road for supper. kept jio-ing ppl to go down for supper
2330 - supper at prata house. managed to get shuting, daryl, alex, collin, miaoru, bryan, iris and i for supper. chloe was busy preparing for her camp and sherlyn was sick (take good care of yourself!). alan MIA-ed. HAHA

omg. LIP YONG is back!!!!

oh sue lynn and marcus are back too! hahah

Thursday, June 18, 2009

can't wait for naruto shippuden 115!!!!

AIYOH haven't talked to alicia for so long!! how are youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

thanks to jason, mika and i (and daryl, soon) got a free dye at toni and guy at heeren. hahah i saw their basic haircut is 70 bucks so i really wonder how much a dye would cost. HAHAH yeah jason's friend xiao mao wanted to experiment with colouring i think. HAHA

anyway guys vote for my friend, miaoru @

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

i can't believe i actually got silver for ippt. HAHAH and i saw the entire team Delta at old tracom!!! hahah really misses everyone alot!!! was talking to nadiah about the old times. haahhh yeah really sweet fond memories. HAHAH and nadiah's getting married next april! woohoo okay good thing is i don't gave to go back for ippt and shooting this year (hopefuly no other events too! haha)

oh anyway just came back from VS prac with daryl, zach and siling for the bistro bar performance. the 28th june performance has been pushed back to 5 july so that we can go and support miaoru for xing guang pk! hhahah jiayou!

Monday, June 15, 2009

just came back from mind's cafe at purvis street with derrick, wensi, suhui and kimmin. hahah thanks for the sustain pedal!!!! hahhha you guys added life to my keyboard. WOO HOO! and paiseh for asking wensi for choosing her present herself. HAHAH!

the performance at Love the World Bistro Cafe was fun! hahah although got alot of screwups here and there, but i think we really learnt alot about presentation on stage, what to say and do and what not to...and i really need to learn piano from ivan and sendy again!! hahaha really cui kept playing the wrong notes. HHAHAH but i thought the singing was really enjoyable la! hahah :P

Sunday, June 14, 2009

oh man. i am very happy yet very sad today also.

was late for choir in the afternoon cuz i was fiddling around too much with the keyboard at home and lost track of time. HAHAH yeah the circle of life solo line is difficult. thanks for the coffee and walnut cake, sandy! and thanks guys for pretending to be doing warm ups but instead singing a happy birthday song for joel and i. hahaah

after that went to expo to catch the celebrities show for city harvest church. i was there becuz my singing teacher decided to share with us what the celebrities have experienced in the past. yeah saw F.I.R., ocean, vanness wu, milk, the miss universes and miss worlds and a few others. yeah actually i realised that they were also talking about sharing. SHARING is really good. :D

erm. yeah after that sherlyn actually booked a bus down to singapore flyer for all of us. had milo and biscuits on the bus.

oh man i just saw this email from a close friend of mine. he sux man. ARGH. how can just leave like that!!!!!!!!!!! but i am sure everything happens for a reason and something good will always come out of it. yeah i really hope to see him very very soon :D JIAYOU BRO!

Friday, June 12, 2009

thanks everyone for the birthday wishes man! hahaha

went to ob to practise for the sunday bistro bar performance. yeah productive day!! hahah i learnt so much about chord progressions, playing style, harmonising, lotsa stuffs la! hahahah i was very surprised because the lights suddenly went off when we were singing when you say nothing at all. HAHA then collin, chloe, iris, jason, gabriel and daryl brought in the birthday cake and celebrated my birthday. woo hoo felt very loved. HAHA thanks guys!!! let's jiayou for tml and sunday! :)

i am still sick. OH WELL.

HAHA happy birthday to myself!! woohoo! thanks for all the wishes that you guys have sent me :D hahaha

yeah porridge for dinner at 9 plus with daryl and mika. yeah have to prepare for so many performances. good and bad la. i think i am not getting enough rest leh. HAHAH! but no complaints!!! i think i will definitely miss this when it ends!

i am still trying desperately to improve my piano playing skills before sunday. HAHA! DESPO liao.

anyway went for shooting this morning with edwin and nassar. i got MARKSMAN! woohooo means got money liao la. HAHA! but pls don't ask for a treat. my first time getting monetory incentive from SPF k? must save. HAHA!

yup gotta go to ob tml at 1230. better sleep!!! :D

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

busy busy preparing for this sunday's performance at singapore flyer. and have to come up with the perf songs for the grad night.

14 June - Bistro Bar Performance (Singapore Flyer)
27 June - Terrence's Performance (dunno where...)
28 June - Bistro Bar Performance (Singapore Flyer)
11 July - Janet's Wedding
12 July - Bistro Bar Performance (Singapore Flyer)
17 July - HDB Performance (Depot Heights)
18 July - HDB Performance (Taman Jurong)
19 July - Bistro Bar Performance (Singapore Flyer)
24 July - HDB Performance (Rivervale Plaza)
1-4 Aug - Penang Trip with Chorale Peeps
6 Aug - Hall 3 FOC SP Night Performance

Busy busy 2 months ahead!!

Monday, June 08, 2009

my naughty nephew, Leroy Koh Hao En.

thought i didn't give my best for VS exam. yeah. but anyhow managed to stop er-ing on stage :D

went down to bukit timah saddle club to sing for gabriel's sister, grace's wedding.

then went to city hall to meet the VS peeps for dinner and night at the museum 2.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

ups and downs. i have overcome this emotional ride!

Friday, June 05, 2009

do not be depressed by setbacks. learn from it and you will grow. no matter what happens, it will always be a good thing. remember to stay positive and keep in mind the goals that u have in mind.

i want to make my family happy.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

met irene today and had dinner at pepper lunch. okay my impression of pepper lunch was tainted when i ate at the express version of it at raffles city kopitiam. yeah but now it's okay la. not too bad. the sesame ice cream was good!

hahaha anyway managed to catch up with irene and thanks everyone for the birthday present!!! ahahahah :P

after that went down to ob to let ashton listen to the songs for the hdb performance.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

i was walking back home from my sis's place and i passed by the aramsa spa at bishan park. suddenly i heard kid's voice calling "hello" and i so i turned back to see 3 kids, around 8-14 years old. HAHA i was very surprised to be approached at this time of the day. anyhow, they asked me whether i was in for a card trick. HAHAH they were quite zai. and i was very amazed. HAHAH SO DREAM-LIKE!