Sunday, February 28, 2010

concert day was a pain in the butt, probably cuz we sat too much on stage on the wooden platforms. HAHAHAHA

oh well. I thought romance of the red chamber was kinda not too bad. like I felt the best people in the production were the 3 leads. Their singing was good and so were their stage presence. :) oh yeah! the people from sco backstage are really nice, such as jedy! hahah she's like the friendly auntie from next door! hahahha

yeah gabriel, jialing, cc and I had so much food yesterday I think, from the leftover chicken and fish in the packet food to the buffet reception at the green room. HAHAHA :P

just emailed thomas seet for another internship enquiry. Thanks daniel!!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

i think i haven't been getting enough sleep the past week. SIANzzz.

met prof gerard with xh and daniel in the morning yesterday. was kinda embarrassed that we didn't really prepare for it... blah.

then had bt203 class and meeting. yay going shangri-la next thur with my thm group for site inspection. WOOHOO. yeah we were google-mapping and pp was damn amazed by the street view function. HAHA i was when i first saw it too.

yup then had sco prac at esplanade. after which was supper at marina square macs. :)

shit man. there's nothing to do online...why are all the WGM videos on youtube removed?!?! argh...

welll i still have been checking mail constantly after the disappointment a few days ago...yeah a positive email or phone call or sms would be really good!!! then i can stop being unhappy and all emo-uped.

doesn't like to blog about unhappy days...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

jaebum left jyp for good...

i just sang 2am's this song for class but i have no idea what the lyrics are about. BLAH.

went to screening room in the afternoon with jiesin and jade to do an interview with the management. it's quite fruitful. i guess those 2 girls will go down sometime again. hahah!

okay. another long day tml! meeting + meeting + rehearsal. OMG. no time to nua at home.

just saw mr's 6am post. hha

has the sudden urge to go back to myeong dong and just walk down the street with an ice cream cone in my hand and the breeze brushing against my face...

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

i wish people can be less selfish and think for everyone instead, or at least act to make the situation better.

the sun's been scorching for the past few days. -sweats-

long day tml... HAHHAHA school then project then rubberband. WOOHOO i think our rendition is getting better liao. yay.

jianhao is disappointed. what if i don't get to go overseas at all this summer. :( i really really really dun wanna stay in singapore from may to august...

oh well. jianhao hwaiting!

blah. have been eagerly checking my emails everyday, hoping that vincent's email will pop up in my email with good news. BAHHHH i guess no news is still good news. :)

TIRED from waking up early in the morning, and from rubberband prac. hahah everyone was quite excited and anxious i guess! that's why got comm breakdown. HAHAHAHA!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

oooooooo 2AM and 8eight!

Monday, February 22, 2010

ok and so the 4 things happened as planned.

BM305 meeting was rather productive :)
had egyptian lunch with josh. woohoo humus! then we went to the burnt house along arab street (?! shit what's the name??!?! oh yes haji lane!) yeah was climbing high and low, almost got hit by a nail, and was traumatised by joshua's account of how the second level almost collapsed from his weight. HAHAH! yeah we were trying to get drinks at 7eleven only to arrive at the store swamped by kids at their school excursions. HAHAHA what luck.
and had a photoshoot! woohoo josh's photography skills and camera are DAMN GOOD!

mr koh! yeah check out josh's facebook photos! esp the hdr ones!
then interview with ashli from transinex.
then sco rehearsal at sch. i walked from adelphi to SCH! woohoo. yeah had my subway dinner which i bought at 8.30pm at 10pm. OMG. haha

Sunday, February 21, 2010

have lotsa stuff to bring tml. clothes, shoes, laptop, files, 1X loaded mind...not very excited about it.

woohoo 4 big things gonna happen tomorrow:

1. BM305 meeting at 9.30am
2. Lunch and Photoshoot with Josh at 12pm
3. Transinex interview at 4.30pm
4. SCO rehearsal at 6.30pm


Saturday, February 20, 2010

prac with maestro yeh and prof xu was kinda fun, and yet awkward at the same time since we just got our scores today and only learnt them today too. HMM. better prac more on monday!!!

anyway had vegetarian lunch at this restaurant along upp serangoon road. okay the food was really good, but the service sucked. they had 2 extra baby chairs which were reserved for a group which weren't even there and they wouldn't give them to my nephew. and we had to ask for plastic bowls THREE times. and the lady boss and her staff was talking about her new specs about 2 metres away from us. WTH. i guess i am hyper-sensitive to service failures.

watching hello baby on youtube. HAHA

Friday, February 19, 2010

hahaha interview with ivy at 93.3 was fun! hahhaah
and i am the real wujianhao! hahahaah and ivy looks like zheng jing wen. HAHAH

2AM craze now. HAHAHH even if i die, i can't let you go.

i saw this on wensi's blog! oh man she is AWESOMEEEE

Thursday, February 18, 2010

catch rubberband on FM933 tml @ 9.15pm! :)

prac at zach's was KINDA productive only after daryl came. HAHHA yeah. we will be doing a new song which we have nv done before as rubberband on air tml. :)

just came back from raffles city whereby i had S61 class gathering at the crepe's place in raffles city fountain area. savoury crepes were going at 50% with a uob card so how could we miss it!? haha. yeah everybody's still the same, just that each one of us are definitely more mature in our thoughts, and PROBABLY knows where we are heading towards in life. HAHA

man what to sing for ntu open house!??!! after a few days' deliberation i decided to sing JJ's 背对背拥抱 and 2AM's This Song. hahha

aim is to get changmin's strong and stubborn G#.

actually i just wanted to list down some of the things that i wanna learn about singing:
- be able to blast that high note.
- expand my falsetto to at least a G. it currently caps at E
- expand my bass range. i am currently barely audible at F, but comfortable at A
- be able to do simple 尾音
- use more chest tones and be less nasal.
- faster ad libs to attain a more r&b feel

looking for ways to aid monday's photoshoot. poses and hair. maybe props?

as planned, just posted details on forum and am totally not listening in class. OH NO. HAHAHA

no sucking up. but seriously, prof gerard rocks. HAAHAA

another shaggs night! hahah

just came back from nelson's house. hahah looking forward to in song 2010 and concert tour in dec! :) shall post the details on the forum during 202. :)

going to haji lane on monday for photoshoot with josh! woohoo excited over egyptian lunch too. HAHAHAHA

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

dun like the fact that i seem to have countless number of things to do but i don't seem to be progressing

1. 933 interview songs
2. impresario finals song
3. ntu open house songs and writeup (hopefully joel will help with this)
4. bm305 readings and project
5. jam concert tix collection
6. perf crew profile and photo (yay josh's helping me with it! woohoo)
7. touch composition (due 22 feb)
8. thm club poster
9. in song 2010
10. vc handover
11. vc concert tour (shall wait for nelson)
12. PA application
13. BT202 indv assignment (due on 4 March)

1000th post! woohoo

shaggs max! hahah

got to sengkang mrt late (oppss)
went to cold storage to get the ingredients for dinner
couldn't find croutons at all.
i dun like chewy bubble gums
found shuting to be exceptionally talkative in the afternoon HAHAHA =X
was youtubing and saw this really cool vid of 2am and davichi. awesomeness at 2:24 and 3:36!
caught micky and jaejoong on golden fishery and mireen went "ándwae!" (how to spell?) for around 15 times
we were lao-ing yu sheng but we got it all over the floor and our hairs and even some people's hair. HAHAH EEEEEEEE. no wonder cr's dad complained about the floor being sticky! hahah sorry cr!
nic pangsayed and didn't come at all.
coleslaw sauce from cold storage's really gooooooood.
cr's japanese curry rice is ups! i would like to have 20X more meat inside though! hahahah
saboteur - wendy and miaoru are damn good at the game. they are born to cheat people of their feelings. :(
i zha hu for 2 times at mahjong. my gosh. they gave me discount but i still lost $9.60 in one game! blaahhhhh.
yay vs rocks.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

this is da bomb man! hahah chanced upon this when i was finding out how to get to sengkang

shall not be stagnant while waiting for vincent's reply! send and spam more emails! woohoo.

yay looking forward to mahjong(?), card games and pot luck later. HAHHAHA

Monday, February 15, 2010

time for a new wallet.
mac has this really cool 'grab' function! woohoo
alright! meat meat and more meat!!! muahahhahaha

ooo my 3rd auntie and cousin make such nice muffins! woohoo! very milky i like.

am really amazed at how they printed the 'gong' on the apple's skin. HAHA

blah. what to sing for thur class next week?

-this song?

should i save money and do my own photoshoot? hahahah!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

my parents, my cousins and their parents were busily discussing about facebook earlier on. HAHAH i guess it is already a very good tool to stalk other people's daily activities. HAHAA

happy new year pull your ear! finally back at home after 6 hours of visiting. HAHA!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

white and green tml :)

alright happy CNY everyone! :) and happy valentine's too! :)

omy. 中国杂技 is incredible! how do the chinese kids manage to smile so vibrantly throughout their performances? maybe cuz it was difficult to get on stage with so many other kids fighting for the same slot, that's why they cherished it. maybe it's cuz they really enjoyed it. or maybe because of some other reasons.

and how did those <10-year-olds manage to sing so nicely in front of thousands of people.

i think we just have to believe in whatever that we are singing in. believe in every note u make.

damn. feeling hungry. HAHa

saw 小虎队 on cctv! what's even more amazing is that wu qi long was doing flying kicks in the air! how does he manage to look like he is 25 when he is already 40! hahahah

doesn't really like waiting for something that he wants. BLAH. i like instant results and replies.

i am really quite disappointed in mac. it kept hanging when i tried to shut it down. itunes is incredibly slow. and msn messenger just sux. oh yeah not forgetting that keynote and pages don't read ppt and doc documents as well. BLAH. a seriously big gap 4. kinda felt overpromised by apple.

give a 120% and u will reach at least a 100%.

man! i guess i really cannot live without the internet! hahah

was really at a loss when i couldn't access the internet yesterday night. hahah

met up with alex, wenhao, terr and iris at vivo to get the cakes and yusheng and i did some shopping and finally managed to get the basics! woohoo and yay daryl's surprise birthday party was a success. another high-5 reg! he totally didn't expect it. hahaha obviously oblivious to everything around him. blur cock. oh togi's food was really good too! love the authentic korean hospitality that the lady boss showered on us. they even had tv which was on a korean channel! and we had yu sheng with lotsa crackers and yeah we made lotsa noise! hahhahah damn nice! bakerzin's blueberry and blackforest cheese cakes were fabulous too. after dinner we went and chillax by the river at clarke quay. yeah with lady HAHA whom julio named k. HAHA :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

woohoo. total coolness other than hsiao's pronunciation. HAHA


我们大 笑着一起 回头
两颗心 就会漫出来 快乐

想起来 怎么像梦
小的美好 大的感动
是过了 多少个秋冬
沦为下片的 电影

永远都不 会懂 什么叫认错
还想爱 却调头放手

倔强的表情里 闪过了失落
你的泪 让我痛

woohoo going to jam hsiao's concert on 13 mar! woohoo!

xiao jing teng has a disgustingly good voice. HAAHHA tell me how to make mine coarse!

oh yeah. was supposed to take an hour long nap. but got woken by lee kuan from impre. HAHA we are gonna have an interview on 933 soon i think. WOOHOO

eh. i didn't know that i get to dream that quickly! like i have been dreaming for the entire 20 mins which i have been asleep. i think i started dreaming at most 5-10 mins after i dozed off. whoah interesting! :P

networking session at holiday inn was tiring. HAHA!

just came back from ob lesson. sang jj's bei dui bei in the end. HAHA and supper with huanjie, alex, iris and reg! banana prata was good. so was horlicks.

2PM & YoonEun Hye - 'Tik Tok' Music Drama! nice.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

damn shaggs day. HAHA

i am regreting taking up the choir elective again. BLAH i nv learn. HAHAHA

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

nv ever thought that i would get a pair of green jeans. HAHAH! just like how i never would have gotten the checked pants from tw. :P shopping and dinner with lip yong today was fun! :) alright. but waraku wasn't really good. like the upsized portion was merely just an addition of more noodles. and it sucks that we weren't able to order food from the 2 shokudos which were just side by side each other. horizontal communication!!!

either prof li go for english oral lessons or we chinafy our england. my gosh... i can't understand a thing once i dun look at his lips, ie when he turns his back on me i can't understand him. SUCKS.

stomachaches in the morning seem to be a pretty normal affair. BLAH!

in michael li's class now. anticipating an idle mind soon!

ooo. a certain senior just returned from the maldives. HAHHA

Monday, February 08, 2010

just realised that i have a cover letter due tml. HAHAHA

goodnight world!

thinking of doing a lin you jia song for thur and open house. :)


可能我浪荡 让人家不安
才会 结果都 阵亡

我又不脆弱 何况那算什么伤

我没有说谎 我何必说谎
你懂我的 我对你从来就 不会假装
我哪有说谎 请别以为你有多难忘

角落那窗口 闻得到玫瑰花香

我没有说谎 我何必说谎
你知道的 我缺点之一就是很 健忘
我哪有说谎 是很感谢今晚的相伴

我没有说谎 我何必说谎
爱一个人 没爱到难道就会怎么样
别说我说谎 人生已经如此地艰难

我没有说谎 是爱情说谎
它带你来骗我说渴望的有可能有 希望
我没有说谎 祝你做个幸福的新娘
我的心事请你就 遗忘

i am pretty sure i saw this uncle took out 6 five-cent coins from his ear to pay for his groceries. HAHAH

Sunday, February 07, 2010

woohoo! espadas vs vizards!

joel coming over to prac and yy and daniel joining us for dinner. :)

Saturday, February 06, 2010

tonight shall always be remembered as the BEEs Night. HAHAH

happy 21st christina!

Was at a photoshoot for impresario in the morning. sorry that rubberband was terribly late! hahah we damn dua pai. HAHAH
anyway photoshoot was fun and professional i guess. HAHA :)

tonight shall always be remembered as the rabbit night.

still didn't get any email from vincent. WAITING!

Friday, February 05, 2010

long day! lessons in the morn till afternoon, then fyp meeting. woohoo. just had lesson with huanjie. :) thanks avril for sending us back!

anyway this's rubberband's medley. HAHAH messy. HAHA:P

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

spamming myself with protein, fibre and calcium. :)


what a fruitful day.

had an interview for PA just now. hopefully things work out fine and i would be able to work in either beijing or shanghai during the summer hols! huahahahah seriously looking forward to it!

yeah. but failed to go for blood donation cuz i forgot my ic! damn it. shall attempt another time tml. HAHA

waiting to go to nie for choir at 4.30pm. lalala.

loves zipia's new layout! :)

anxious about the interview later! ah business wear makes me nervous. hahahah

and i just went for a haircut yesterday and i think it's quite sucky. HAHA! shall attempt to wear caps and hats everywhere.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

finally done with the PPT! hopefully it will work in class tml! :P

Monday, February 01, 2010

i am left with an hour to finish my tiger airway ppt before i go to sleep later! hahaha

pray that ylx's grandpa will be alright!!! :)

haha spent the whole day at alicia's house cuz she's just moved into her unit. HAHAH yeah was her maria for today - helped her mop the floor, cleaned the windows, carried bags and chair. hAHAHA :P then had lunch and dinner with her and jie ying. :)

dreading the meeting tml cuz i dunno a thing. SHITs.