Monday, August 31, 2009

omg. CUBASE GAVE UP ON ME!!! how am i supposed to record my demos!!!?!?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

needs someone to stop me from watching one piece!!!


by2's songs...readings...tutorials...

caught in a dilemma between adjusting back to 'normal' life and leading a 'new' life.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

boring day!

watched one piece the entire morning, now i am actually quite sick of it. HAHA!

Friday, August 28, 2009

had a long day at school, kept wanting to doze off during the lectures. luckily daniel was there to keep me awake. HAHHA yeah HS813 is quite boring with the videos. blah.

went to border's cafe and had their fungi cream. HAHA sounds weird. ok it's called creme di funghi. :) nice. if only i didn't have a bad flu i would have finished it!!! hahah anyway belated happy birthday to wenhao and chunrong, and early birthday to miaoru! :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

oh there are quite a few olivias in the world who can sing. HAHA

yah am sick today. felt sick during supper at glutton's bay with vc peeps already...hahah thanks joel and dawn for the supper!

yeah am really tired and felt lethargic the whole day. hahah i remebered telling someone that i won't skip school this sem. okay taking mc counts partially. :p

oh kept having this grubbly feeling in my stomach for some reason... :( it feels like gastric but i not very sure cuz i haven't had it before and i ate alot of things today! haha

Monday, August 24, 2009

had a bad headache this morning at 2.30am and that woke me up. yeah was desperately looking for a remedy and decided to listen to DBSK's Stand by You. That put me back to sleep :)

yeah had lessons today, then went to maxwell to eat dinner ALONE. haha this random auntie came up to me at the curry rice stall and asked me whether it is nice. of cuz i replied yes! it was my fav food at maxwell. ahahh i had that plus carrot-orange juice and goreng pisang. MUAHAHA. yeah then chanced upon chunrong, iris and regina at pcc (hurhurhur).

went to esplanade after that for LYP rehearsal. yeah only like 14 of us on stage just now. HAHHHA then went to starbucks at marina and chilled abit with PUI EN and gang. :)

ahhah anyway thanks jj for the suggestion! maybe i could use that for this week :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

dinner with family at block 93 toa payoh lor 4. WOOHOO carrot cake and beancurd rocked!

good that mom is happier today. :)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

went DXO to watch sherlyn's and ivan's gig and cine to celebrate huan jie's birthday yesterday night.

slept for 3 hours then went for a full day of choir activities.
woke up at 715 and realised i was late. hahah picked up gab and cc then went to changi-simei cc for the citizenship ceremony.
then went for lunching and shopping around at parkway and then choir prac at 2pm at siglap. then off to siying's birthday party at the env building at newton.

ah. freaking shagged. i am in no state of mind to do anything now. just SLEEP. :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

just took a short trip around tokyo shinjuku and taipei xmd. WOOHOO.

hey to guys going for sherlyn and ivan's DXO gig: let's meet at 7.30pm @ city hall for dinner :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

finally got my textbooks today. yay. i am a mugger. :)

feels weird not hanging out late at night. HAHA

am so glad to meet ppl i know in school so that i won't be alone for lunch or dinner. HAHA met kelvin at NIE after buying my books and we had lunch together. then met xianhui coincidentally at cant b in the evening and then we had fish bee hoon for dinner! hahah

wants to take the family out for breakfast this sun. but where?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

said byebye to rachel hoon then met her again with her friend cuz we were all searching frantically for the mysterious TR88. quite qiao cuz her friend was there to take the linguistic lesson while i was going there to pass wensi a calculator. HAHA!

then bought my THM marketing book and went to meet ivan to cut hair at dhoby gauht. hhaha i like my new hair style. :)


Monday, August 17, 2009

2 very good songs to sing and play on the piano --









你说某种脆弱 我才感同身受
安慰你的痛 保护着你从始至终






such an uneventful day. i feel like a loner in school. HAHA no same tutorial/seminars with friends. BLAH. :P

how can miss sung think that ESTP stands for evil silly tenor poop. HAHAHA :P

oh. just found out that it's always best to sing with your own voice rather than another person's voice. start from yourself. :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

hates not being able to do things that he wants to do because it doesn't help make mom happier. :P


ooo listening to 名师高徒! haha

wants to train my falsetto!

let's hit that high A that huang zhi yang hit during pk. HAHA

had choir prac from 12-7. WAH damn shagged. hahah yeah then dinner at yong tau foo and supper at tcc. welcome novabelle and ching chieh! :)

then went over to serangoon gardens for another supper with vs peeps. bryan is like how skinny.

Friday, August 14, 2009

alex and wenhao and iris all said that i looked DAMN SHAGGED today. haha really meh. must be the 5 hours of lectures today that drained me.

hahah AB213 was scary. HS813 was boring. BLAH

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

alright! my R is back to normal. woohoo!

now finally knows that he will need to set an hour aside a day to clear his to-do list. :)

oooo apparently i am an ESTP now. HAHA

You are flexible and tolerant, and take a pragmatic approach focused on immediate results. Theories and conceptual explanations bore you - you want to act energetically to solve the problem. You focus on the here-and-now. You are spontaneous and enjoy each moment in which you can be active with others. You enjoy material comforts and style. You learn best through doing. Famous people with your same ESTP personality include: Ernest Hemingway, Lucille Ball, Jack Nicholson, Eddie Murphy, Madonna, Bruce Willis, and Michael J. Fox.

i think ESTPs make good bloggers and entrepreneurs. they just need to follow thru. :)

alright. something wrong with the R button on my keyboard again. SIAN. u know how difficult it was to complete these 2 sentences? HAHA

second day of school. had thm briefing for the ritz-carlton-F1 event in sept. that june is freaking bitchy! she said "it's good that your hair can grow so well, but it needs a trim." (OMG) yeah took so long to wait for the interview (which was quite worthless) and missed the guitar audition. now ivan/daryl/joshua has to give me personal tuition liao. MUAHAHA.

am feeling sleepy at 7pm. tsk tsk tsk

ahhaha alicia told me that her dad was squeezing the shrilling duck non-stop when he saw it. SO FUNNY!

hhaha slept for 10 hours last night! from 10pm to 8am. WOOHOO. i am a pig :) okay no more sleep debt.

looking forward to travelling 1.5hrs to school in a while! :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

he doesn't dare to sleep.

knows that he will never be truly happy unless things change, unless people change.

WOW. first day of school officially ended.

met up with alicia and irene yesterday to shop around. junwei, eechen, joyce and elizabeth joined us too. wah took neoprint sia. HAHA waiting for alicia's pics

yeah then went over to airport to send miaoru, huanjie, jacky and junyang off to the singing competition in china. HAHA bought that shrilling duck for alicia and everyone was playing with it. DAMN IRRITATING! esp iris and wendy. tsk tsk tsk

nobody's gonna scold me for posting this. :) why are the 2 of them so shy. HAHA

hahah yeah then we went to mr bean's for supper before heading for pool. i reached home at 3am i think.

slept for 3 hours and then woke up at 6am to go to golden mile to send alicia off. haahah joyce was there too.

then took bus with joyce to mrt and reached my bt313 seminar at 9am. haha i was half an hour late! hhahah i got appointed as class rep. more saikang to do. luckily the prof is still nice at the moment. oh yeah same class as rachel hoon. she is so MINAH. HAHA anyway most of the students in my class are year 3 tourism students. i must read up more so that i won't lose to them!

yeah then met siying for lunch at hall 3. she slept for only 1 hour yeah so she is like more tired than i am.

slept on the train back home and spend 93 dollars on the hybrid concession. FREAKING CHOR! jialat jialat.


Sunday, August 09, 2009

ndp. nothing spectacular other than getting to know that vocaluptous charges thousandss of dollars for 15 mins of performance. WAHHH

oh dinner at bran's was spectacular. dinner was great. i loved all the 3 dishes that he whipped up himself. and it really felt like i was dining at a restaurant. WELL DONE! hahah i especially love the mango and sticky rice. yum yum. :)

and of cuz! we had lotsa fun watching ndp and singapore idol and xing guang da dao. :)

oopps kenna jio-ed to go out. HAHAHA :) seeya guys later!

unbelievably long day. woke up after 4 hours of sleep. then went for choir prac at siglap. yeah today was productive. then talked to nelson about next year's plans! sounds really very exciting! we will work hard towards that! after prac went for yong tau foo with sue, marc, emma, and sing.

then cabbed down to dbs auditorium to catch dad's performance. i totally forgot that julio and chun rong will be there so i was quite stunned to see them there. and wendy also! and yeah collin was hosting that event! aahahh yeah so lotsa vs peeps over there. after that went to lau pa sat for supper. had lotsa food. iris joined us then...

then we went to cathay to CHILL for a while before our movie 'UP' which starts at 1.40am. hahah damn late. erm. yeah. zach, miaoru, yk and regina joined us for that...

it wasn't a very interesting show. i fell asleep on several occasion.

yeah then we went to selegie for beancurd. HAHAH been spending too much money on food!!!! HAHAH

Friday, August 07, 2009

just came back from supper at the airport again. HAHHAHA had swensen's ice cream for desserts. met bryan and he told lotsa stories about army. and catch-phrases like har-har-tua-lam-pa (ooops) hahah. yeah then we sorta lazed around and played with the push-trolleys...what a life.

yeah had fun too at blooie's in the evening. met all the hall 3 ppl and freshies! and sang a song. almost felt like it was qing chang at the beginning cuz the music was really too soft. HAHA guo liang was very apologetic before i left. it's okay la! :) oh yeah i saw darren at sp night too! hahah

oh and my hair is BLACK now. MUAHAHAH.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

met ivan today for lunch and then went simlim and funan to get his external hdd. wow sim lim is not cheap lor! in the end we settled for the one at my aunt's shop in funan. haha yeah then saw brandon on the way while going to thai express to meet gab and sue for dinner. vc meeting was good :)

looking forward to sp night tomorrow and then supper after that with vs peeps! hahah :)

siying said that i am an exhibitionist. WHERE GOT??? hahaaha

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

alright! while i am waiting for my hair to dry might as well update what happened today. ahhah i always tell myself that this blog is an avenue for me to post all the events that happened so that i can always have some reference if i ever lose my memory. HAHA

yeah had a long day today.

met ivan to window shop for HDD at funan. daryl joined us later and we went to excelsior to fix his guitar strings. then we trained down to ob to meet miaoru and zach, both of whom were TERRIBLY late! blah.

hahah yeah we practiced LOVE and when you say nothing at all for a while, then cabbed down to changi biz park. was late too when we arrived at nestle. saw siying and her intern friend, and jane and carilyn from the marketing dept. they sorta liked our performance. HAHA

yeah then went to kbox at cine with zach and miaoru. hahah alot of ppl came i think. can' count. around 18 bah. HAHA! had so much fun. that's why i am home so late. MUAHAHAH

oh yeah thanks daryl for helping me get the shakers. :)

Monday, August 03, 2009

ECP outing today with wensi, suhui, daniel and derrick.

hahah met everyone except suhui at city hall to take bus 36 to ecp together. WAHAHAH damn tired, haven't woke up at such crazy timings (8am) for a long time. I am a sleeping and eating pig, i know.

yeah and so we cycled and absorbed vitamin d and took lotsa pics on the way. HAHA yeah i am damn tired i just took a 4-hour nap actually. when mom woke me up i thought it was morning already. HAHA

yeah Junyang-laoshi replied my email le! woohoo. needs to write more touching melodies and have a singer in mind.

mom was very upset today. yeah decided to take her and dad for a stroll at the park today. i hope that cleared up alot of things. :)

anyway i am on a composition spree nowadays! hahah happy happy happy :) needs to compose fast songs. okay i kept saying that... HAHAH

Sunday, August 02, 2009

ah. leroy's birthday party today!

naruto shippuden ep 120 is freaking touching.

needs to keep on writing songs and making demos to feel the emptiness and lack of confidence within. HAHA so emo!

Saturday, August 01, 2009

been heading home very late nowadays, and mom has been complaining. i think i should return home earlier... went to ecp to enjoy the breeze yesterday night. :)