Sunday, August 31, 2008

ppl in this photo pls don't kill me! i tried my best to conceal your identities already! HAHA

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

thanks friends for coming to the concert!

In Song '08: A Little Gath'ring
have typed the above few words countless times for the past months... it was really quite a thrilling ride ALL THE WAY to concert day itself...HAHAA...ticket collection at ulu gatecrash in jurong east, going down to yst for the first time to take a look at the concert hall and going into xiao dong's recording studio, weekly exco meetings to bring everything together, burnt weekends and some week nights for small group and combined practices, getting scolded by zhi hong on saturday and feeling lost the entire day until after dinner at beer garden...and finally the exhilaration of completing our most memorable concert yet and the urge to perform somemore. i know everyone is experiencing the 'In Song Hangover'. HAHA it's so weird. and fascinating. i love our black and white theme this year. i love the ppl who helped made this concert as hassle-free as possible. i love not focusing on my studies and looking at the ticket tally and facebook photos of in song 08 (big no no. HAHA will study). this was the most enjoyable concert i have ever performed in. i am sure many others share the same sentiments. well, some people have said that we won't make it past this concert. but the fact is: the phoenix has risen from its ashes. :D

Saturday, August 23, 2008

wednesday 200808

1300hrs: had lunch with mel, yy and andy at ntu canteen A, which is near to my hall
1400hrs: they came over to my hall to get photos
1500hrs: accounting tutorial
1730hrs: dinner
1900hrs: small group prac at smu. we did suzanne for a thousand and one times. OH SUZANNE YOU ARE DAMN ILL-FATED.
2200hrs: had tau hway at selegie
2300hrs: left for ntu.
2315hrs: train broke down towards tanjong pagar. (...)
0015hrs: got back to hall safe and sound.
0300hrs: ORH ORH

thursday 210808

0930hrs: IT seminar
1230hrs: lunch at hall. watched xing guang da dao 3 finals
1700hrs: tried to do FM tutorial.
1800hrs: went to nie lt 5 for odac agm
2030hrs: left for hall to attend hall pageant and bash at butter factory
2200hrs: arrived at butter factory. cheered DAMN loudly for ying guang and eileen from my block. oh the ribena vodka was not too bad.

friday 220808

0000hrs: suppper at upper thomson road roti prata house. bomb prata + egg prata + chicken murtabak + roti john + teh halia. SHIOK!
0230hrs: bathed at hall
0300hrs: taboo at shawn and yaofeng's room
0330hrs: orh orh time again.
0930hrs: FMmeeting at hall 2. celebrated everlyn's birthday with some help from the canteen auntie who was very kind to help me get a candle and a lighter to put on top of the brownie. HAHA
1030hrs: decided hall 2 was not condusive. moved to FAL in S4.
1230hrs: FM lecture. YAWNSsssssss......
1600hrs: went to gatecrash at ulu jurong east's 'ship-like building which sits on top of a hill' to collect tickets
1830hrs: dinner at marina mandarin aquamarine with melvin, yy, daniel, andy, tk, samuel, dominic and liying, joel and wei ming. thanks to jocasta i got half price off the buffet and my suntec city vouchers
2130hrs: thanks to jocasta for pulling me to 2037 to watch the fireworks at marina bay. saw deanne along the way...i miss everyone at mms.
2245hrs: left for home and bade melvin the last goodbye before he leaves for u.penn. JIA YOU!!!!!!! we will miss you!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

hi guys. long time no see to you guys and myself! i hope none of u have forsaken this blog.

a big issue here. i hope i have not forgotten who i am...cuz these past few weeks i have just been going with the flow of time and the crowd and not too sure where my focus is. shit what was i saying...

yah! finally did my first full tutorial today! i am quite happy with this little accomplishment becuz i did not study or do much of my homework for the past weeks. heehee.

oh my niece Alicia with her brother Leroy ---

anyway take care guys. my choir concert is coming up this sunday at NUS yong siew toh conservatory of music at 730pm. hahah this is such a last minute advert on my blog. anyway tix are at 20 bucks! :D

Saturday, August 16, 2008

just sent brandon off to the us at the airport. argh everyone loves him and we all can't bear to see him leave....ah i really don't want him to leave leh and i wish for more overseas trips together...

vc,financial mgmt, comp tix, korea, odac, hall 3, printing notes, costumes, memorising songs...HAHA my mind is blocked. i need off days

Saturday, August 09, 2008

lessons and tutorials and textbooks aren't very inviting...

i have a nephew now! his name is leroy :D he's super tiny!

Friday, August 01, 2008

ntu hall 3 is really a nice place to leave in. condusive for study i guess. so money well-spent! yah with that statement i am going broke soon. NVM we shall still turn the aircon on for the entire month of august. :D

anyway am really tired from the accidental exploration trips around the school. and the bike's coming on monday! needs to chain it up properly. left out quite alot of stuffs to be brought into the hall. wondering if i should go and stay over there after gabriel's dinner or should i just wake up earlier on monday and catch an early train there...