Tuesday, July 31, 2007

there are many cb people around.

housewarming in simpang rengam.

serving drinks.


LOTSA tidying and cleaning.

irritating complainants and co-workers.



taking leave.



Tuesday, July 24, 2007

it was that day when the car broke down just in front of dhq and it's engine was not able to start that kenny scolded me and told me that i would be in deep shit. he is a true bastard and idiot and i am sure he doesn't know what he was saying and who he was talking to. i showed him that i am fully capable of handling a disaster situation. he is screwed-up. so much for getting condemned by taking photos of other people sleeping. he deserves everything he is getting now... hmph. i was so angry yet so emotionally-fulfilled.

anyway that was totally irrelevant. it was just a random thought that sprung out. oh. the days have not been very eventful. just lots of listening to music (i just discovered goo goo dolls and fergie and CRAIG DAVID which i had forsaken for quite some time) oh well nvm. and what's music without the visual entertainment.

i think i have good taste in music. :D
i want to read harry potter and the deathly hallows.

my niece alicia is very cute!

she is like being so curious and trying to touch the piece of pandan cake that was in her mouth 10 seconds ago. i laughed everytime i see this photo. HAHA

and she knows how to cover her mouth when she is laughing! HAHA

Friday, July 20, 2007

my teammates are soooooo michievious.

most of us were taken aback when my team leader announced that there will be some reshufflement of manpower between the different teams in the npc due to some of our officers intending to further their studies. we were really sad when he said that ansari, ramli and chan will be leaving the team. they are like the pillars of the team la! how can they leave. i was especially upset about chan leaving because he has been my gym, chatting and singing buddy all these while and things would really be very very very different without him around. tl sedek told us that they will be leaving next week and that's like SO DAMN SOON! he even told the officers to type out a letter indicating if they wish or not to leave the team and their stated reasons.

this morning during debriefing the 3 officers told us what they will be intending to do should they ever leave the team. ramli said that he will resign and join cisco. chan said that he will join scene of crime unit as someone had offered him a place in the past and he may want to try it out. ansari was abit more undecided and want to go to SOT, SFS...dunno whatever he is talking about la hahahah. but at that point of time i can really feel that the atmosphere is rather solemn. and then TL asked about our opinions. so obviously all of us were very reluctant to let such good officers leave and were very sad indeed. our TL then got off his seat and walked towards us, and told us it was all nothing but a joke. how naughty can he get... actually uncle bernard, ramli, ansari, chan and even dennis already knew about the evil scheme earlier in the morning but just wanted to act along. TSKTSKTSK.

ok moral of the story is to not believe stories easily. always be critical. i had believed the crappy story the entire night and was emotionally tortured. ok the thing is we have VERY good actors in the team!!! HAHAHA so it's not our fault that we are so gullible. but we were really very relieved to know that they are indeed not leaving. :D

oh dennis did my staff assessment report for me, and i finally realised how close i am to leaving the team. less than 4 months. HAIZ. not that i don't want to ord, but i seriously can't bear to leave the people there. my work and shift have became my lifestyle and my colleagues my closest social circle. it was a short one and a half years there la but i have really learnt alot from the cases i attended to, the working environment, and from my fellow teammates.

haha darn i was being a muddlehead again by leaving my file containing the precious precious logsheets on top of the car. the file managed to stay put all the way from toa payoh central until lor 4. it was only at the junction of lor 4 and lor 1 that i heard a 'thud' sound somewhere out there. well i thought that it was nothing mar so i didn't look around. then a few minutes later while we were at lor 7 andrew from clp called nadiah and asked her whether she had dropped a blue file at the said junction. well nadiah obviously did not have a blue file and directed the question at me. THEN i realised that i did not have my file with me at that moment of time. oooooo we then rushed back to the scene of carelessness and did a risky stop at the right turn point and i finally managed to retrieve my previous little blue file. oh after that things were much more peaceful albeit a very very common loanshark harassment case. darn the loansharks. i was deployed to do proactive duty with a voluntary sc. i really wondered it was so since there were so many other regulars around. o well i drove and wrote while the vsc went to sign the beat books. it was alright for me actually la cuz i am a LAO JIAO already MUAHAHAHAA.

ok la i appreciate my work and my life. however one thing i don't like about my teammates is how they threatened me and vincent with cockroaches in the locker room! HMPH. OOO my team has a new sc called peter and he's really hardworking. good. i can hand everything over to him from now on HAHAHAH.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

insomnia. that's one of the worst things anyone can wish to experience i guess. luckily what i am suffering from now is an afternoon type. OH how am i going to survive night shift later. :(:(:(

Monday, July 16, 2007

only felt positive when i was playing the games yesterday. most of the other time...NEH.

ate chicken and mutton murtabak from rk this morning a recommended by ansari. HAHA the mutton murtabak was really tasty!!

i have been catching this singing competition from china featuring male singers called 快乐男声. there is this singer who sings really ridiculously wonderful r&b tunes. HAHA

Monday, July 09, 2007

read jingzhi's blog on the advanced global personality test. so, i am:

rarely irritated, positive, tough, non phobic, fearless, likes the unknown, self reliant, high self control, confident, trusting, strong instincts, prudent, optimistic, willful, likes parties, prefers a specialized career, takes charge, altruistic, strong, high self concept, adventurous, practical, thoughtful
i am sure i am thoughtful. i have not been to parties. i feel like a caveman. boo.


watched transformers in 2k digital at vivocity today! woohoo it was fantastic. robots, cars, megan fox (whee.), action... what more can a guy ask for? alright maybe a little more plot.

i took joyce's advice to watch it in the cinema - i can never make my house shake like THAT theatre i was in. the effects were 'wow's, 'way-too-cool's and 'how-did-they-do-that?'s! i was totally amazed by the fifth minute. however, one thing i did not like was how megatron was killed and how the battle against the decepticons were won eventually. it was a bit too brief and lack excitment. oh well. transformers deserves a blue post. :D

optimus prime was oh ho ho. oh ho ho ho. oh ho ho ho ho. megan fox is going to be mine for the entire day tomorrow. HURHURHUR. i am so fortunate.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

argh that's the sound that the taser gun made for 5 torturous seconds...
10 members of toa payoh npc sat together cross-legged at the auditorium stage, shoulders-to-shoulders and arms were locked. we were told never to let go of our grip no matter what (god knows why?!), and we innocently sat there waiting for the current to flow through our bodies. we had seen brave little ansari volunteered by our tl to go up on stage alone to get a taste of it. we laughed when we saw him went down cuz he had a pretty amusing look on his face at that point of time, but i think we all knew it was a rather bitter laughter. hurhur.
they told us that the voltage was a mighty 50k watts but the current was only 0.00-something ampere-it can bring down a 500kg bull.
aiyah but we thought that it would be pretty alright still la since there were so many people getting the shock together. haha! it was only when that current surged through our bodies for that 5 long seconds did we understand the agony of a strong electric shock and being immobilised thereafter. understandably we all fell on our backs. chan and dennis who were sitting beside me were screaming and shouting uncontrollably. i was trying to see what was happening to them but couldn't turn my head one bit. it was like a very nasty feeling of the whole torso cramping up and one being unable to control all of his muscles but to wait for the current to stop. i guess all of us heaved a very big sigh of relief after everything was over. all of that in just 5 seconds. i can never imagine what it would have felt like to experience 3 cycles of it. so, poor violent, uncooperative criminals.
we were glad that we were the first npc to go up on stage for the experiment cuz i didn't think we could bear to witness sixty other people screaming and crying in agony before it was our turn. after everyone had went for it some of us saw how the electricity ran in the gun...alongside the 'taktaktak' sound we could see 2 nasty streaks of blue waves undulating at the front of the gun.
i would like to encourage all criminals not to commit crimes that will ensue the use of the taser gun on them.

it was an UNFORGETTABLE day. but it was also exciting la HAHA.
police ns is life-changing.

Monday, July 02, 2007

SO... talks are rife about the transformers movie and more importantly how fantastic it really was! everyone seems to be talking about it and asking me whether i have watched the movie already or not. SOMEONE watch it with me plsssss... hehe

my childhood was about captain planet (will they have a movie on this?? haha it will be so cheesy...), x-men, ninja turtles, ghost busters, pokemon and digimon...and i didn't really watch transformers when i was young...only caught beast wars on tv on sat afternoons a few years back which alot of people thought was quite lousy actually... HEHE.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

been working quite alot these few days...morning and night shifts followed by an early morning duty whereby we have to report at 530am...didn't get much sleep and i had a really, really bad headache just now after my afternoon nap...poor me...:P fortunately it got better after popping in some paracetamol...yay...hope i am able to sleep later...still have to work tml!!! wth.

oh yes i can totally sympathise with police officers who have to attend to last minute(S) cases.
i would like to strongly discourage you guys from calling for police at times like 7.45am...cuz we really have alot of administrative and investigative stuffs to do upon arrival and sometimes waiting for the investigator could really take HOURS!
HAHA ok la but if it is really urgent just call...but please try to feel remorseful cuz officers who are attending to you probably may have to work for 20 hours (8 to 2 the next day) as we had seen in the whampoa unnatural death case yest. that is very saddening. and i don't think they are able to claim hours (let's not bring up the issue of why there is no overtime pay) during the following working shift... yah so just spare a thought for us too before you dial that emergency call number...HA!

was at siglap on sat when nelson was there. well i guess everyone felt that it was a good productive session...oh how nice it would be if he was there every practice... haha it's also very enjoyable listening to his anecdotes on how the selection of songs came about. oh how we missed him!
ooooooo after chorale practice some of the YOUNGER vj peeps went down to heeren vilage (formerly marche) for our farewell dinner with jamie. darn i did not really bid farewell to her that night HURHUR. alright a pic that was kapo-ed from suelynn.