Monday, April 30, 2007

canoeing on saturday morning was totally like shagging. it made me feel really groggy, like i became sea-sick suddenly....oh think no more canoeing for me for the next 2 decades...HURHURHURHUR.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

mr cactus should learn to be more fierce.argggggggggh
he tried scolding people today, but however he is not fierce enough and did not get the overall dramatic effect as desired. despite all these, it was still a very very pleasant effort put up by him and he truly deserves a warm round of applause. :P

mr cactus tried car-washing today!!
yah he sorta finished lazing around in some secluded corner of singapore when he found out that his car has been sorta consumed by yellow fallen flowers/leaves. oh the dread of utter embarassment as he and his partner drove along the very populated streets. OH but car-washing was fantastic. mr cactus thinks it relieved much stress and pent-up in the end mr cactus got semi-wet but he was pretty nonchalant about it. another round of applause pls... HAHAHA

who is going canoeing this coming sat? go leh go leh... the weatherman PROMISED sunny weather!!!:D

mr hungry cactus is having his korean noodles now. yeeepiee!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

after 1 week of sedation i am finally charged for work tomorrow. NOT!!!

darn monsters inc. was really nice... i feel blessed watching the movie hurhurhur.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Sunday, April 15, 2007

alright friends from vc i had to delete our group photo cuz it was so blur i can't even see my fingers which were blocking the lens. sorry i am a lousy photographer....hurhurhur... alright here are some of the other photos from our molesto dinner outing.

what's dinner without the boooooooze? ...

so, lucas and i took a pic together. and where the hell is he looking at? the queen bitch manager??? ...

and i took a picture of 2 people sitting opp me...
the pizzas were a little too much on the salty side. well the manager did give us a warning that smoked salmon and some scrubby wubby grassy salad would conjure a salty dish, but we didn't heed her advice so in the end we couldn't finish our food and had to give some of the grass to the other table, which had a greater variety of living orgasisms.

oh badminton at joo chiat was great. would love to sweat more though!!!!

emma the bitch's virgin attempt at my phone. (evidence of not paying attention when nelc is conducting) - i am bao toh kia lor... :P

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

was running with chan, suresh and tl sedek yesterday at toa payoh stadium when it poured heavily. yeah the sky was overcast but we still decided to complete our 7 or 8 in the end we had to brave the rain and walk back to npc. well it had been such a long time since we all last walked in the rain, and i guess we enjoyed it alot! haha it makes you feel like a child once more...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

saw this kitten-like cat (???) cuddling itself at one of the staircases in toa payoh. haha can't help taking a picture of it enjoying its afternoon nap. :) NOT well-taken la but the cat is soooo cute hahha. it looks so fat and i like the closed eyes and the way it cuddles itself. triple smiles :o):o):o)


nathan knows the stories behind his favourite songs...
1. i was born to love you by queen
fell in love with this song when i was watching japanese drama 'pride' starring kimura
2. 黑色毛衣 by jay chou
was on vincent's car when i heard this, which was the one nice jay chou song which i don't have
3. fly away by corrinne may
total indulgence. especially if you listen to this after midnight at braddell road at the old braddell-westlake school compound.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

had a great time playing 'BANG!' at sandy's house no. 2 yesterday! chorale people always have so many interesting games for us to indulge our entire night in. ok now 2 intensely dark eye rings surround my eyes due to the lack of sleep. hmmph.

oh we went to this 'hainan 2nd street' restaurant to makan. my table had sweet and sour pork, kailan, braised beancurd. and, FROGs. ok the FROG dish was actually 3/4 spring onions, ginger and garlic but still the food was generally palatable, as you can see. =) --->

and while viewing the fantastic photos in my phone these 2 girls decided to add their beautiful faces to my album. hurhur.






i am so so so so shagged after getting banged (at) yesterday. adios!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

let mr sleepy head

present you with his lovely bishan estate. --->>>

southern view from my house which is pretty restricted due to the other taller buildings...=( oh and and some angry clouds too.

bishan north shopping mall!!! goodness! when did it even become a mall... it should be bishan north pasat. hdb's imagination terok sia.

salivating sight where blocks of flats are juxtaposed against the icy blue sky.

oh and not forgetting our renowned teletubby land (sheena i spelt it correctly yeah?)

ok i m obsessed with my phone hahaha been playing around with it all day long, but still, i need games inside!!! can anyone help???

lapar sia. aku nak makan sekarang. :D

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


你知道吗? 我很喜欢牵着你的手的感觉

Sony Erisson k800i NEW PHONE!!!! damn excited about it hahahah.
it takes nice photos!
(this one was taken along bishan st 21. i don't believe it myself it looks like telly-tubby land.)

Sunday, April 01, 2007