Monday, March 31, 2008

have been trying out li sheng jie's songs these past 2 days, and i realised that it suits my vocal range! yay good shall go practise more. i think it's also because my computer table moved to the corner, and there's more echo there...that's why i sounded better. hurhurhur


it was 3.30pm earlier today when i thought i had finished all my work so i bade goodbye to all the afternoon shift ppl at work, then i realised that i still have some filing work yet to be done. and so i went back and asked ah ma where to put some of the documents. she then directed me to that cupboard above the photostating machine, and so i dutifully put that few pieces of paper on it. and then the cupboard COLLAPSED! wth all the papers came flying down on my left, luckily nothing fell on my head, if not ar....hahah so i spent 15 mins packing the mess with ah ma.

then i went to suntec to watch spiderwick chronicles with jingzhi. took some time to walk around carrefour and bought pizza and hot dogs into the cinema to eat! heehee the cinema was freezing and the movie was lame. the death of the ogres were abit hilarious. they were killed by tomatoes! like totally no link. haahaha both jingzhi and i thought that the ending where the old grand aunt actually turned into the young girl that she was and reunited with her dad who was younger than her cuz he was stuck in time. WEIRD.

anyway i am planning bbq at bishan park. anyone wanna come?! :D

Sunday, March 30, 2008

had a great time watching horny night yesterday at vj. it's been so long since i went back there! i think at least 1 year plus. heehee tenor's skit was really good i kept laughing throughout the entire thing! hahaha! then we went over to parkway to eat dinner and we sorta just sat at bk and talked for a few hours. oooh then we went to scoops, the famed ice cream shop at parkway parade, and bought ice cream. ooooooo their durian ice cream was really marvelous... even better than the one i had at iceskimos! hahaha okay i am going to get an ice cream making machine in 5 years' time. :D

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

went for karaoke at bugis yest with shihui. erm we sang for 6 hours i think. SIX hours. :P heehee bought salad and sushi in there to eat. heehee.

after that we met gabriel for dinner at raffles city, then we went to smu to meet marie, sam and sheena for practice. i like our song suzanne un jour. okay anyway sheena bought us donuts and we used gabriel's photo booth to cam whore.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

really really had alot of fun these few days.

HAHA errrr went for group one prac yest at marie's house. i kinda like the tune of suzanne un jour. hahah though we couldn't really pronounce the french words properly, but i think we had alot of fun sight-reading the score! heehee...after that went for leonardo prac, then we went to vivocity for the treasure hunt. on the bus we told jokes and logical puzzles. i don't like being on the hook. hahhaa but we had alot of fun on the bus and at vivocity la, though i left early, but got to know the juniors who went a little better. yah hope to have more of such activities in the future. i vote for BBQ! :D

after that rushed over to joel's 21st birthday party. yah had great food and company. :D sang baby baby for joel and attempted to modify some of the lyrics on the spot. hurhur i think i need to do some planning before i carry on withe such risky affairs in the future. hahahah yah i WANT A BIRTHDAY PARTY TOO. hurhurhur

ok just had a long talk with alicia, my brother at work. hahah yah alot about work and life and handling human relationships...anyway even though there's only 4 dollars left in my wallet, i am looking forward to the many karaoke sessions i am going to have this week. heeeheee.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

went to sandy's house to play wii and ate M&M's peanut choc. heeehee. had delicious chicken cutlet with daifung at AMK S11 after that. hahaha the proportion's really big and we added more coleslaw which made it even bettter..... WOOOO. ok then we went to macs and stuffed ourselves with sundaes and mcflurry's. HAHAHA then we ended up very full and had to walk around amk hub to digest the food.

okay then i was walking past bishan park in the dark and saw the stars...and felt the evening breeze...