Tuesday, January 30, 2007

i want an


how much would it cost?

it's so boring staying at home.

Saturday, January 27, 2007


i should have realised long time ago that my team contains crazy and crazily horny people HAHAHA! today was such an entertaining day looking at people and listening to stories. :D

i am sure there's an innate madness in me somewhere. i was browsing thru my junior, shixuan's friendster acct just now, and i realised that i LIKED TO HUG PILLARS just as ben, lucas and mart did! pk photos photos i wanna see the evidence! hahahahah well vj pillars are nice to hug and the one outside the choir room was actually declared my wife. ok i FINALLY realised that i was weird, and still am. happy to be weird though...hurhurhur wee woo.

i am a gemini and i am dirty-minded. realised that actually everyone is supposed to be horny after reading the pornoscope that ridzwan printed out. tsk tsk tsk ppl you guys shold start wearing more and thicker clothes and avoid those revealing ones...NO!!...heeeeheee.

o ya!!! the two OCTS, namely matthew and alvin who are currently attached to our team, seems to behave and even look somewhat similar to my choir junior jeremy yeo and ex-bunkmate-cum-latenightstorytellingbuddy kexin! hahahah its so coincidental!!!

Friday, January 26, 2007

in conclusion

sakae sushi sucks. please don't ask me to go there to eat sushi. i rmb that time josh and i ate buffet at parkway. GOSH. BAHHH. i guess $2 simple food fare works for me best. HURHUR.

o V for Vendetta was nice. i like their chain of 'v' words. sounds so cheeem that i don't understand a single sentence. but still its worth watching. on the other hand madagascar wasn't. HAHAHAH. its freaking less than 80 minutes! the ending was an anti-climax... o if you are wondering why only till now that i have watched these old movies, it is because i have just borrowed some dvds from my dear friend JOSHUA! hahaha thank you ar will return them soon :D o ya gotta start watching prison break too! :D:D:D ALSO, the 10 o' clock channel u drama is worth rushing home everyday to watch guys. local films clearly pale in comparison to those from hong kong.

everyone should read 'woe am i' to improve their english language. it's user-friendly and grammatically correct.

was asking daryl for the d&d PHOTO. but realised that it are on titus's cam. O well...

Thursday, January 25, 2007

jet lag

feeling rather groggy even though i have already been awake for 5 hours after my 7-hours long afternoon nap. hurhur. such a long sleep i regret not setting an alarm to wake up a little earlier. its like having jet lag.

when one joins the force one gets to experience jet lag every 4 days because of work he has to do the previous night. thus he has to adjust his body clock a little (7 hours!!) the next day. but i guess this is really not a good thing for the body...haiya.
there are new SCs at the npc to share everyone's burden, yah but too bad there is no one coming to join our team just yet. o well...i guess we can manage yah.

actually after over one year serving ns i realise that it is a quintessential stage in my life and i am glad to have it. yah MANY MANY people say that i am really lucky to get in here, partly because it is slack (!!!). well there is no need to clarify these myths with anyone who doesn't understand how things operate in here. it's real working life here. ppl get beaten by hooligans when we try to apprehend one of their own.

haha i realised that there is actually some form of leadership associated with being a driver. you get to decide where you want to go, how you want to get to your destination, and what you are going to do over there. yup so there's some impt decision-making involved over here. just drove 120km this morning! wow talk about vehicular policing hurhur

yay friends are an integral part of my life. since last year some of the people around me and i grew from mere acquaintances to friends, to better friends. hahaha yes from squad1 to npco3 to team delta to vc. definitely old friends should stay in everyone's heart even though some of them had left the country to go overseas for studies but i m sure they will be back soon yeah! yah life sucks without friends.

i am feeling extremely GUILTY for not going for vc practices for 2 consecutive weeks. please punish me, but don't kick me out please...will be going next week.

o van helsing was a blast! anyone has the simpsons to lend me?

Friday, January 19, 2007

the people with no life

alright yesterday's dinner and dance at oriental hotel was fun. ok we had pole dancers and our own guys and girls dancing on stage..haha that's quite funny especially after seeing my tl pole dancing on stage. hahha someone should post it on youtube!! haha. aiyah however most other things suck. such as the lousy food, which made the crispy ikan bilis that they served as one of the cold dishes the most delicious dish on our table. AND AND AND our table's luck totally sucked la. only 1 person won a lucky draw prize despite the chances being 30-40% of winning an item. SWEATS. they had ipod nanos and psps and digicams. WTH la hhahahaahaa so next time i shall earn money and buy these items myselfs. shall not depend on lucky draws yeah!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

throwing tantrums.

bored.feeling extremely lethargic after these few days' work! blah. just had in-service at DHQ and seccom road show at toa payoh. it was so boring. anyway was sitting in vincent's car just now and i heard one song called 黑色毛衣 being played on his radio. its one nice jay chou's song that i have never heard of! haha.
anyway am working on some banner thingie for weikiat's samba. yup, a great way to keep me busy after all these boring stuffs take over half of my life. HEHE.

i should be a more interesting person. i remembered that faithful day i met joyce from S61 junior class, whom i happened to meet at citylink, telling me that "(something something something....), you are boring what..." hahah that's all i remembered from the entire conversation, and her forever chao-tared face thanks ar joyce you are a great mortal (or is it angel). i won't forget you. HAHA.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


just woke up from the afternoon power nap.

i was late for prac again (sorry yc!)=P. if this carry on i have no choice but to move my house over to siglap spc. hmmph. ok during practice we did deus in adjutorium and janger. BLAH did deus during '04 when vjchoir went for the choir olympics in bremen, and janger during '03 in ebchoir for syf. hahah so basically, basically, i can see that i have alot of revision to do!
i am glad to see that we have quite a few juniors joining us, namely irvin (tenor section! yay!), samantha, jiejun, jamie and marie. not bad already la they saved the altos. and also semi-new guys like junyi and hong kiang and chin leng and calvin. all also adrian, ben, lucas and gabriel. yay so we have so many guys. MORE GIRLS LA!
well obviously during our introduction to each other some of the OLDER members were quite bad lor. well we know it and they know it too so there's no need to disclose any names.
ate lotsa pizzas during our tea session (sorry to those who didn't get to eat anything!) next time i shall stand further away from the table yeah shouldn't be a g#@^@##@^&*. hahah no offence la just kidding really! went out with the usual outing group to this chicken rice restaurant at katong to eat. the side dishes tasted horrible. ok at least the you tiao was hot and crispy so it was much much better than the calamari which was soft and cold and oily. OOOO then we went next door to settlers cafe which is actually a games cafe to play some board games.
well i really suck at the games. i suck. i think my mind is only suited to play games like mah jong, bridge, hearts and daidee. not CRANIUM and DEMOCRAZY!
cranium is such an interesting game, esp when we reach humingdee, and when it was sandy's group's turn to play. i think everyone almost laughed their hair off their armpits. hurhuurhur
bah i felt so stupid throwing my votes out with my right hand that i had a dream later on in the night with people talking about my stupidity right in front of me. they mentioned that since i was tall i had to be shortchanged with less intelligence...come to think of it it could be true. BLAH. yin chuin gave me so many hints and chances during the beginning of the game but i was still doing the same silly thing hahah so i could see his patience growing thin HAHAHAHAHAHA ok i think i m not stupid la. its just that i was abit less vigilant last night and of cuz, the law stating we can only show our votes with our left hand was a stupid law out to con simple-minded people like me. correct?

joel told me that these sort of outings usually last till 1 plus. gosh. so yesterday's session ending at 1230 was RATHER early. haha ok i think i am still not suited to stay out till so late, even though i work the night shift every 4 days. was so sleepy and such a party-pooper kept asking joel whether we are still staying to play the next game. HAHAHAH really appreciated the company though. talked to yc and bryan and weikiat about buying apartments and earning money and living life, all of which were sorta out of my league right now. but it was really interesting listening to them talk about such things that it was actually inspiring. they made me wanna own a loft too. HAHA

there are unseen reasons why two of a kind arrive together. there are also unseen reasons why we can't access the vc forum.
am listening to stabat mater now. i hope we tenors can clear the lacrimosa part comfortably. HAHAHA work work work!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

first vc practice of the year!

3 pm at siglap. wonder who are going?

Friday, January 12, 2007

lotsa things to say

ok this post was one day late cuz YESTERDAY, my mom startled me with her shouts of 'i lost my wallet!!!" while i was in the midst of entering an entry. so we went on a thorough search around the house, however nothing was recovered. so we went to bishan npc at about midnight to lodge a police report, and it was rather displeasing to see that police officers only take the important details and told us that the other stuffs other than i/c and cash are not impt. HAHHA now i am complaining about this even though i do this like half of the time.

OK so TODAY we called up the shop where my mom seems to have left her wallet at, and luckily luckily they still had it with them and when i went to collect it everything was still intact. thank goodness. phewwwww. we got rather paranoid to the extent of thinking whether anyone would use her i/c at the loanshark...yup so i was very glad we got it back finally.

then the day before yesterday i had to go to adelphi centre with chan to meet the asst public prosecutor (app), who to our delight is a rather young lady and she is not bad-looking. it was a brief session, so afterwhich we went to chinatown to chiong karaoke. HAHAHAHAH chan is a really good singer he kept saying that he did not get any professional training and his singing style still hasn't passed year 2000, but i am sure so many girls have been mesmerised by him already. HURHURHUR
we went to this place called k-ster in some secluded shopping complex in chinatown. there was nobody inside the lounge except us so it was good la only 2 of us singing all the songs and playing pool and snacking and drinking. so i went abit crazzzzy and started shouting. AHAHAH i was not drunk ok cummon. it was a really entertaining experience.

so chan and i had to attend a court hearing today. so i was pretty excited as it was my first time to ever be in the court. ok so we sat outside the courtroom thinking when we had to go in. we waited for about 2 hours before we saw the app lady coming out from the room telling us 'it was over. he plead guilty.' GOSH waited for so long and we didn't even get to enter the room to see and feel what it is like. SHARKS...

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


was one of those lousy days because nothing was done and i just rot at home the entire morning and afternoon before going to work. i hate the feeling of not accomplishing anything.

get rid of THAT tummy boy!
help. my mom is forcing me to eat fish soup with leftover rice. yum yum.

Sunday, January 07, 2007


ok there's a certain sense of bewilderment when i look at the world around me... mr cactus is going MAD.

how shall i phrase it... went to this secret society meeting today. i know i shouldn't have done it because i am a law enforcement officer. well i did it. felt a little awkward (during and after)though but at least i gave it a shot, so heck care.
went to shop for slippers since my pair was getting a little too slippery for good safety. but couldn't find one cuz my feet were too wide and my taste too high. ah hem.

i am feeling rather liberated, even expedient.

must be the after effects of watching catch me if you can. interesting show, and i can't say that it is exaggerating stories since it is based on a true story, but it appears to be quite fictional. WHAT am i talking about.

mr i-wannabe-successful.

Saturday, January 06, 2007


kayaking was fun! yup went out with mart, yeo, weijie, jon gan, marcus and suelynn. it was so tiring but it was really quite fun. haven't kayak since sec 2! yup then went to meet jeremy gan and daniel thong at macs at parkway. haiya we kept complaining about the rise in transport cost because we ain't got any student pass, so we took taxissssss instead.
then suelynn weijie jon gan and i went back to vj choir room (still smells of paint after one year) to play bridge and hearts. yah been quite some time since i ever played cards for that long! well today was a good off day well-spent:D


Friday, January 05, 2007

memories of vjchoir from 04, when i had my first sov and the unforgettable trip to germany, to 05 when we competed in syf and finally, towards farewell.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

time for

2007 resolutions for mr lazy pig.

1. save up enough money to last me for at least one year of college
2. learn japanese, italian and malay languages
3. get gold for ippt/stop thinking that i am fat
4. get marksman for shooting
5. save up enough money for overseas trip after ord
6. be able to talk with/sing alone in a big group/be more vocal
7. make one satisfactory photoshop image every week
8. be nicer to my family

o man 1999 more...

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


class gathering ok who went.
1. pris
2. sheena
3. jane
4. xiuqing
5. yeh lin
6. ziyi
7. jing zhi
8. kai jun
9. mun bbun
10. rifdi
11. shawn
12. joel
13. chris
14. jianhao

ok that's quite a nice number of people, more than half the class turned up! too bad the other guys weren't around. we did really 'vegetative' stuff like sit on the sofa and laze around watching movies from mun bbun's laptop and speakers. also played mahjong and brigde. and got to sit on pris' car so some of us got to joy ride to kembangan mrt and around. it was a great start to the new year!
shall we promise on the australia trip after we guys ord.
well one shouldn't get too envious of his friends who are doing well...ok let's stay happy and positive that life would be better.

61 class gathering later!