Thursday, June 26, 2008

someone REALLY nasty came to visit me at my house yesterday. i thought he was supposed to be away in a land FAR FAR AWAY. TOTALLY didn't expected him at all. at first when the heard the few bangs on the door i was thinking 'what a rude salesman.' so decided to pull a long grumpy irritated face and walked towards the door. then i saw that REALLY nasty person.

he imposed on my for the next 2 hours then. made me watch old photos and videos where i have thrown all my memories and did not want to re-visit. played the guitar so lousily that i squirmed while i was in the bathroom. and worst of all he was following me to sue lynn's SURPRISE birthday party at night, totally UNINVITED. he asked me to go look for a new camera with him, luckily i had a good enough excuse to reject. HAHA. eh so after we parted at city hall mrt my day naturally grew better at singing class. got to know my classmates better, but the teacher was giving quite a lot of 'experience talk' as usual. hmmmm

okay nvm about that. so i went for sue lynn's house after my singing class. eh that REALLY nasty person was the first one i saw standing outside the gate of the house talking sweet nothings on the phone with a certain unknown someone else. i guess by the time i reached the surprise element has already established itself for 3 hours?

so who was there? gabriel, tiong, bentan, jie jun, jer yeo, denis, marcus (of cuz. he planned all of this.), samuel (sue lynn's brother) and her friends and relatives. was REALLY hungry so decided to head for some food. after 2 mouthfuls we went in to sing the happy birthday song and took pictures. then i went back to finish the other 20 mouthfuls while on the swing. then we played charades. for. a. really. long. time. how the hell do u act 'miss congeniality' and 'lilo and stitch' out? oh and we can't let jiejun play charades. i am sure we all know why...

we left sue lynn's house at around 12 in tiong's car. he had this funky gps system (something more high-tech than the one in our romeo cars.) luckily i was at the front seat so didn't have to squeeze with the REALLY nasty person in the backseat. and i reached home SAFELY.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Only Human (1 Litre of Tears OST)
Kanashimi no muko-u kishi ni 哀しみの向こう岸に
Hohoemi ga aru to iu yo 微笑みがあるというよ
Tadori tsuku sono saki ni wa たどり着くその先には
Nani ga bokura wo mat-teru? 何が仆らを待ってる?
Ni-geru tame ja na-ku 逃げるためじゃなく
yu-me ou tame ni 梦追うために
Ta-bi ni deta ha-zusa 旅に出たはずさ
to-oi natsu no ano hi 远い夏のあの日
Ashita sae mieta nara 明日さえ见えたなら
tame i-ki mo nai kedo ため息もないけど
Nagare ni saka-rau fune no you ni 流れに逆らう舟のように
Ima wa mae he susume 今は 前へ 进め
Kurushimi no tsukita basho ni 苦しみの尽きた场所に
Shiawase ga matsu toiu yo 幸せが待つというよ
Boku wa mada saga-shite iru 仆はまだ探している
Kisetsu hazure no himawari 季节はずれの向日葵
Ko-bushi nigiri-shime こぶし握りしめ
asa-hi wo mateba 朝日を待てば
A-kai tsume a-to ni 赤い爪あとに
namida kirari ochiru 涙 キラリ 落ちる
Kodoku ni mo nareta nara 孤独にも惯れたなら
Tsuki a-kari tayori ni 月明かり頼りに
Hane na-ki tsubasa de to-bi tatou 羽根なき翼で飞び立とう
Mot-to mae he susume もっと 前へ 进め
Amagu-mo ga kireta nara 雨云が切れたなら
Nureta michi kagayaku 濡れた道 かがやく
Yami da-ke ga oshie-te kureru 暗だけが教えてくれる
Tsuyoi tsuyoi hikari 强い 强い 光
Tsuyoku mae he susume 强く 前へ 进め

met up with deanne at ichiban boshi @ 5.15pm for dinner. we are like the only customers in the restaurant. AHAHAHHAH. hmmmm was talking about work... i guess each hotel does have it's own set of problems.

after that she had yumi yoghurt while i had andersen's ice cream even though we were VERY full from the japanese dinner. ehhh....then we went to the arcade again. i played the basketball machine for the first time in my life. HAHAH can't believe it. was very lousy at first but i guess practising helps. then we played mario kart. HAHAH i won the first time but lost to deanne on the second try. well...she was unhappy about me winning the first time so decided to have a re-challenge.

had strawberry and mango freezers at gloria jeans. oh i made cookies so she tried some and decided to bring the entire tupperware home. HAHAHA

there was a scary figure in pic 2 above. HAHA oh look joshua! i am wearing the shirt u bought me. :D

Sunday, June 22, 2008

er...what did i want to say.

oh yah i am WORKING HARD.

Friday, June 20, 2008

286 DEPARTURES. ARH okay so it was not much better. no time to rest and do my own stuffs. but i guess it's great having things to do every second. it's just that some things MAY HAVE slipped my mind. HAHA. eh hopefully not. i am becoming a very lousy robot. i pressed the numbers for the concierge when i was clearly trying to call housekeeping to clean a room. eh so when my colleague picked up i said "arrival tag...(long pause) sorry wrong number" and he started LAUGHING. hahah i guess it's almost time to change job. :D

go listen to one litre of tears' OST: K - Only Human

Monday, June 16, 2008

2.......6...........8..........ARRIVALS! (xiuqi and herman pls look at this.)
that's crazy. if it was 268 departures maybe it's still okay. NVM it's left with 46 now. HAHAHA jo i know you are reading this...HAHAHA i have always been amazed and wondering how you have been able to spy on everyone's work in the back office...HAHAHA. and thanks for the tee from num. :D

an incident happened this morning. the police was called. hopefully there will be no repercussions. AHHHH....

Friday, June 13, 2008

so 3 birthday celebrations. HAHA

went to fish and co with sue lynn, marcus, jie jun, shihui, jer yeo, sandy, emma and tiong. was forced to stand on a high stool while EVERYONE IN THE RESTAURANT sang me a happy birthday song while i was holding a sparkler.


today was milder. went to sandy's house to play wii and to help her finish the food cuz group 3 decided to mass-pangsay her. so emma and i went over to help finish the rice. and ice cream. and m&ms. hahah

then i rushed home in a cab. didn't know that from balestier to bishan can cost me 9 bucks. HAHA okay it was peak hour maybe that's why. yy, daniel, melvin, brandon, samuel and joel came to my house to discuss hong kong trip. so mid-way i heard some noise from the door but i didn't think much about it. then suddenly everyone started singing the birthday song with the candle in front of me. HHAHA okay that was quite a surprise cuz daniel and joel SNEAKED into the house without my knowledge. THANK YOU GUYS TOO. :D

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

ooooo turning 21 years old.

i had to work OT today. but i guess it was the most wonderful OT anyone can ever do! haha after i finished my work at 9 i was clearing my work in the briefing room. was putting up new reservations form, modding my reg cards, attempting to write on alicia's birthday scrap book. alicia then came and told me that boss wanna speak to me. so i went in then boss started asking me 'so what do you think about the world?' (AT 10PM?????) hahahh jess very naturally at this moment gave the 'go-ahead' look on her face and i immediately told her that she was being really obvious. okay la i know what they are trying to do, but it was really FUNNY seeing them try so hard. :P oh i had the chocolate truffle cake from our hotel's pastry shop again. but this time it tasted better cuz it's my birthday cake. yah thanks josephine and han fen for the tee. :D oh i got MORE suntec vouchers to spend. WHEEEEE. as of now my eye lids are 95% closed and i still haven't bathe yet....i don't want to be a dirty 21-years old. :P

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

why is it that i can point out shihui's mistake and she improves immediately, but i can nv point out my own mistakes...? LAH.

Monday, June 09, 2008

i have a new TRAINEE!

eh but jo always give me guy trainees. i nv get girl trainees. BAHH. :P

eh nodame cantabile is really good. i love the piano pieces! irvin watched it. so did marie. what are you waiting for!? head on down to this moment.

now i have to decide on what to watch next....

Sunday, June 08, 2008

EK! first post in june on the 8th! and at work somemore. (yes i'm guilty.)

after the 4th lesson with teacher Wu Jia Ming, i managed to learn quite a few things, like using a hushed tone, vibrato (his demonstrations of the 3 different types of vibrato were really good! shihui was telling me there is a 4th variation using the breath), and scoring high notes. errrr he did mention that i need to use much much more chest tone to get the bassy sound. erm. yah something which i had needed ever since i was born. HA!

oh. went to the turquoise room for pris's party on fri night. i hated wine and i drank too much of it. DAMN.