Thursday, February 28, 2008

today's one of those days when i can feel a little happier going to my workplace, cuz we had training today, and that means - NO WORK! :D yah so i kinda smiled more i guess...

a few days ago when i felt more stressful at work i really can't bring myself to smile, cuz every second i will be worrying about something that i have done, what are it's consequences, and other things which i have not done, and what are the consequences if i miss something out. then when i am deeper into my thoughts, some irritating customers will ring the phone asking me to help them to change rooms, give them wake up calls the next day, asking for directions to some tourist attractions....
alright the last one's not so bad, actually it's one of my favourite activities to do with guests, but i guess i don't like 'SERVICING' other people as much as i should...alright josephine has told me that i will be attached to her the next week so that she can teach me the right way of doing things so that i will stop making silly mistakes. yah i think that will be better. i just wonder how much she can guide me since we are always so busy with customers and occupied with the admin stuff. I HATE ADMIN STUFFS...i thought i escaped it by not looking for an admin job but now i am stuck in it. BAH

alright i have picked up a new favourite word 'alright' from thomas kerschbaumer. i think that's how i spell this italian's name. okay went out after hr training with xiuqi. we had the azabu sabo ice cream after our lesson which ended at 3 instead of the original 6pm. heehee yah i had this dark choc ice cream which sorta killed my throat for 5 minutes after the first few mouthfuls. heehee xiuqi had this green tea flavour which she totally adored, though i didn't really find it to be very tasty. oh we chanced upon this nus high school string ensemble thingie at esplanade and decided to sit down and listen. they also had this guy and girl voice solosists who i did not really like.

erm...i was watching 超級星光大道第三季 just now. i am hooked with it now, just like i was with the previous 2 seasons. :D

oh anyway ntu's offering double degrees in biz and acct. OOOOOOOO~~~

Saturday, February 23, 2008

after working for a little more than 2 months, i have a trainee at work now. like wth. HAHHAAHHA i am like so inexperienced i can't even take care of myself properly yet i have to take care of another person. haahah i am screwed. and i lost my name tag yesterday. i think the replacement will cost me almost 30 bucks. WTH. :(

Friday, February 22, 2008

took photos with tra my and iffah yesterday at the canteen while they were in their red cheong-sams. i am more used to seeing them in the black and gold ones...but yah it's a nice change. i think the red cheong sams are better...:D
can i just post photos next time? i think my english is totally not improving at all and i can't write with grace like other ppl. my posts are so superficial i think photos will suffice. right? heehee

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

so many of my friends are leaving me to go overseas to study. AGAIN.

yah had my last outing with lip yong and raymond yest before lip yong leaves for perth on thur. well i was really sad when i was writing his card at home. we had known each other for 10 years and he is really one of my best-est friend lor. i think i will really miss him leh. ever since we met raymond we have been celebrating our birthdays together...but i think we can't do it for this year cuz he will be in australia while we will still be in singapore.

hopefully i can fly over next year to visit him and all my friends over there! :D

just came back from partyworld ktv outing with deanne at orchard. heehee took so many videos and photos of each other's stupid faces. hahahahaah i had this strawberry milk drink which was really really really nice! heehee the mango juice which i ordered after that really paled in comparison. ok still got a few more karaoke sessions with a few other ppl. oh yah jaye is leaving mms for some boutique wine shop. i shall jio her for karaoke too! :D

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

i wanna earn more money bcuz i get high levels of enjoyment spending it to be around ppl i like and on things i like to do. :D

went to joel's house on sun for potluck. heehee i made fried toast (is there such a thing?). ok three things:

1. yah i know i only know how to deal with bread.

2. melvin's miso soup was really goottttttt, though the fish bones can be a little irritating.

3. we enjoyed playing saboteur. ALOT.

went to sing karaoke with teck kuan and joel. really enjoyed that session very much. got to listen to 2 very good singers there. joel was a little cranky there though...HAHAHA they had free flow of drinks over there so i guess i had a little bit too much hot honey...we sang for 4 hours plus sia.....damn shiok.

Friday, February 15, 2008

bye josh!!! pls come back soon...and take care!

Monday, February 11, 2008

i think my afternoon singing sessions have paid off. yay. needs ktv soon to test out the new songs.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

i have turned into a happy glutton.

went to dawn's place for makan yesterday. wow dawn's mom is a really good cook. she cooked sweet fried fish, chicken curries, mushrooms and vegetables, tiger prawns, more mushrooms and vegetables, fried bee hoon...and i think we also had sambal prawns right which they ordered from caterers. yahhh i think i had 3 rounds of food and alot of the very sweet fruit punch. :D then we had the semi-circle love letters and strawberry love letters. then we started to play and watch ppl play mahjong. there were frequent attempts by valmond and i to start a poker or blackjack game since we were the watchers but to no avail.
and then sandy and bra came with Wii! :D heehee we played the spastic rabbit games again and i had my first right arm workout in ages. it was really tiring shaking the controller and the nanchu...HAHAHAH yah then we proceeded to play this seed game which was really quite fun. ooo then when some of them left i got the chance to play mahjong :D at this point of time we were served piping hot and really good red bean ching tng. heehee after mahjong we had chocolate fondue with marshmallows (!!! :D:D:D:D) and bananas. gabriel and joyce tried to dip the really nice love lettters into the chocolate fondue and it turned out really good! heeehee...had such a great time dawn u must invite us over to ur place soon k. :D

oh earlier in the afternoon my family and i went to my uncle's new house in boon lay (so fAR away!!!) and played mahjong! hahah my aunty, uncle and my mom were really too fast for me, i could hardly catch up. so i just waited for their promptings and scoldings lor everytime i ate the wrong tiles....haha but still i managed to earn some money from the flowers that i drew from the deck :D

yah then i just went to the gym at millenia walk with josephine and han fen. haven't had a decent workout for a few months already so that session was really necessary. fitness first was not too bad i would say. they have funky inner thigh and outer thigh workout machines (probably for girls so they can have easier labours) and this alien-fied sit-up machine. HAHA i think the only thing that i did not like about that place was that they did not have the squats machine that i am so used to at bishan gym. yah but they still have alot of other weird exercising machines. okay another good point would be free flow of 100-plus (:D) and the locker room is really well-air-conditioned, although i didn't really like the small bathrooms very much. HEEHEE

okay after workout we went to changing appetites and we ordered the baby ribs, spicy spaghetti, mushroom pizza and fried onions. OOOOO i really love my pizza and onions....sooooo nice. then the two girls were bitching about work and i didn't know that my office has so much politics. hahah okay i must be careful. oh well anyway we ordered this montrous cookies and cream mudpie and had a hard time finishing it. HAHAH

Friday, February 08, 2008

oh it's Chinese new year again!!! whoah so fast!!!

went out with jingzhi and priscilla to boat quay on tue. i met pris first at raffles city with the intention of shopping till we drop, but we guessed we overestimated the potential to shop there. yah anyway i bought a dozen donuts from donut factory at basement one, and i found out that there was a new donut shop(J.CO donut and coffee?) just on the other side of the basement floor and they were giving away free donuts.
HAAHHA pris and i then walked to adelphi to where jingzhi was working and waited for him to finish work. so pris and i talked for 1 plus hour. after jingzhi was done with his work we then headed to this Rabbit seafood restaurant at boat quay. hhaaha i was abit disappointed la cuz pris was saying how nice and cheap the food was over there, but i realised that the serving was really small and not really that nice. thank god i had my donuts with me that night...
we then walked to singapore river and sat there to talk somemore. we wanted to go to fullerton to look for brandon, then we realised that there were fireworks on that night at marina bay. yah so we managed to catch 5 minutes of the fireworks. we saw brandon at the hotel but he was really busy la yah hhahahahah so we couldn't really talk to him that much. last we went to tcc at circular road and talked somemore. reached home at 12 plus and i had to work morning shift the next day.

anyway just came out from malaysia after visiting my relatives from my dad's side of the family. at the customs this singapore ICA officer wanted to take a look at the glove compartment in the car and just opened my door without asking me. so when he opened the door my sigg water bottle dropped out with a really loud bang and now that beautiful black thing has a dent. :(

ANYWAYSSSSSS, i did manage to get quite a bit of ang paos from house visits. went to ty npc just now to visit old friends. they were still the same as ever. had alot of fun talking to them...and i really miss them lots...

ARGH this is a post coming from a tired boy.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

wants to learn how to beat-box, dance, strum the guitar, and get a gym membership. :D

had so much fun eating and talking (gossiping) today at pris's house. yah we ate murtabak and prata for lunch, then went back to pris house for fruits. on the way back we picked up miss low from kembangan mrt station. yah she's still the same old miss low. HAHAHA old as in not old-OLD, but familiar-old. HAHAH yah like still so talkative just like xiuqing. i really loved every minute talking to my old classmates about our lives and also A LITTLE about other ppl's lives. HAHAHA.
yah next time i hope we can go have a mahjong session at miss low's place. :D

hahah talked to frances on the train just now. i used to think that she was an innocent girl. hahaha but guess not. we were comparing 'room status' just now. well i declared myself 'vacant clean' while she is actually a 'show room'.

okay i need to get myself a girlfriend before valentine's day. :(