Monday, May 21, 2007

FINALLY! my last week was a hectic and troublesome one. kena called back during the saturday i took leave...and had to do extra duty somemore...NADIAH NADIAH...HAHA
oh having a traffic accident was just bad enough. it took place on friday when i was supposed to drive the van from dhq to hta for our shoot. oh well it was my first time driving a van and i turned too early, forgeting that the wheel is actually near my feet instead of my butt. in the end the left side of the vehicle kena a pillar, resulting in a 50cmX50cm area of scratch marks and a slight dent near the left rear wheel. LUCKILY my statement is already settled and hopefully no suspension or anything of that sort!!!! yay. PHEW. yah so basically during that faithful friday my dear friend titus was upset over not getting marksmanship, but i just have no mood to brood over that extra 200 bucks... hehe.
oh si sani was nice enough to wait for me at dhq today for me to finish my report. nice guy.
was watching naruto the past few days. damn nice la. and i started to find out why people likeD/loveD to play final fantasy. i am damn slow la but i guess it's alright. HAHAHA. finally i get a full day off tml.

yay happy 100th post day.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

woo hoo just came back from team dinner at simpang bedok. woooo i am so fullllllllll...i like the satay and fried eggs with onion there ehehehhe.

SOV07. it was fun reminiscing the backstage bustle when i was still in vj. i remebered when i was year one we had sov at the vjc theatre. HAHAHA...yeah and we have to change from the concert attire into our japanese costumes in the v-block classrooms. hhehehe running here and there...i think every batch experience these kind of moments right...just a matter of where and with who...

o ya after the concert sheena kinda reminded me that i only have a stalk of flower. from gracia and her. hahahah perhaps flower count drops as we grow's's alright... talking about gracia i have not seen her at all for AGES.

oh an artistic shot of BING!.

Monday, May 14, 2007

wants to be grammatically correct.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

eating the heavenly balestier tau sa pia... wheeeeeeee
running around...hmmmmm
and meeting obnoxiously obstinate taxi driver. lotsa suppressed anger and impatience. brrrrr
these pretty much sum up my yesterday.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

yeppie!!! haircut haircut haircut. i like my hairdresser's polite service. hahaha this is such a weird post.

oh today's in-service was a total waste of time.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

SYF 2007.

PHEW. it was such an exciting day despite hearing 16 different renditions of song without words.
there were some pretty funny ones with 'roti prata's and 'ntuc fairprice's sticking out here and there...want to laugh out loud but cannot la for fear of being pulled out of the concert hall! hahah

yay vjchoir got GWH! heeheehee all of us sitting in the audience were worried sick after hearing some of the other choirs sing but i guess my vjchoir juniors totally rock on stage! you guys DEFINITELY deserve the standing ovation HURHURHUR.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

WOOHOO i am so happy i took leave from work these past few days...really enjoyed myself.

so i had...
joshua's SURPRISE! birthday party.... HAHAHA so fun la the food was great the company was great with LOTSA singing...i stayed back until 12 plus with the cat high boys and sang and sang and sang some more...wheeeeeeee...

AND...we went to...


4 of the 5 earliest peeps on the monorail. nelc was not there becuz he was a loner... kept reading books the entire day la!!! hahhaha so anti-social lor hahaha...SOME of us agreed to meet at harbourfront @10am. i thought i was late when i reached at the place at 1015...but there was no one at the i had to wander around at vivo...but it was then that i saw a very nice white baseball cap at river island...and thought that i finally had an affinity with something to cover my hair...but it's overpriced!!!

Cafe del Mar was rather nice...just that the place is abit dirty...dirty chairs...cushion...and JACUZZI....but we still soaked inside with our long islands and martinis and vodkas until our skins wrinkle....HAHAHA...the music was abit too rythmic...ok so my virgin experience at a bar actually turned out great and non-groggy/pukey. =)

oh our lovely game of BANG! hahah ok some of us were playing volleyball and frisbee on siloso beach...and yin chuin was there to capture all the exciting moments with his nikon SLR....hahaha YC you must send me the photos soon....

alright then it's off to vivocity to eat pizzas at modesto AGAIN! hahahahha oh this time round our pizza combinations were much much better....salami with capsicum and onion, and seafood mushroom!!! hahahha yeepie valmond and bing and grace ordered this octopus/squid ink looks almost as hideous as road tar but it really tastes great!!! can even stand in as dips for our sesame bread hahaha.

Friday, May 04, 2007


i am in a good mood today. :D

yay went to vivocity with yy and daniel today to catch spiderman3! wooo i was 75% blown away by it HURHURHUR. today was indescribably fun!!! :D:D:D:D

(minus the gold class HAHA)

oh i saw this fabulous absolut book at pageone it's damn cool you have to spot the absolut bottle it's quite challenging sometimes... HAHA so interesting. this is one of the most beautiful ones.

oh the view outside vivo is simply fantastic!! haaha great phototaking place hurhurhur. :D:D

heeheeheeheehee. we make great models don't we HAHAHA!

oh topping things off with my very own panoramic view of vivocity! haha it's so fake la!!!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

OH YES! i am SOOOO wasted this labour day! HOHOHOHO! more vodddhhvodhvodhvdohvodhodoKAarrrr!! hurhurhur

excerpts from a scholarship appraisal:
intellectual undertakings
emotional maturity
care for community
oh darn do i have any of these?...kekekeke i only have my vodka in my hand now.