Saturday, May 09, 2009

currently waiting for my lazy butt to get off the chair so i can go and bathe...HAHHHA

met julio and janice in the afternoon. we thought each other harmony, beatbox and dance. okay i really suck at dance. it was really upsetting seeing myself dance in front of the mirror. i really don't think this is a self-fulfilling prophecy lor! hahahah oh yeah damn happy. sherlyn said that my "wei wan cheng" is okay! hahahah (shows guan yin ma hand) yeah just need to work on the playing of the piano and to bring my sound more forward like what huan liang lao shi said. ahahah

okay i really find that there is a need for me to blog every nitty gritty details down just in case i get dementia someday. (choi!) okay after class went to dhoby gauht fish and co. fried calamari with the garlic-butter-lemon sauce is heavenly!!!

hahaha oh yeah will be performing at yew tee and taman jurong on 17th and 18th july. more details to come soon :D

yup need to plan in the morning later! shall go and bathe really soon!! :)

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