Thursday, May 14, 2009

eh alicia ysk i watched 1l of tears like how long ago. pls refer to my previous posts posted last year! hahha

anyway adapting to changes is really important. like i said i wrote my first love letter to my mom but i was quite scared to face her when i woke up in the morning. damn paiseh la! hahah but mom was very nice about it. hahahahah i hope she's happy that her son is at least trying to make her happier. :P


HAHA mix with ppl who are really much better than you.

anyway i am picking up SOCCER! hahahaha which fc should i join? hahahaha

oh yeah here's what i did today.

went to sis's place in the morning to help her with housework and leroy (alicia's at school so things were pretty ok) yeah talked to her about her online website. after that went back home to bathe and went to ob at around 2.30pm. saw jason and jacinda at the dance studio and jac was practising her dance. yup then i slacked around for a while but managed to come up with a new song! no lyrics though! hahaha yeah ob really gives me inspiration sometimes :P ok then met ashton lao shi for july perf briefing at 7pm, then went to maxwell for dinner with zach, wendy, iris and fiona (fiona has the same bday as me!)

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