Saturday, October 31, 2009

wanted to kayak with gabriel and peien in the morning, but it ended up as a walkathon because we noob, cannot find the place at ecp. HAHAHA :P

prac with nelson was not bad. i like 'ov'e lass' il bel viso?'. :)

argh i hate to be sick!!!!!!!!!!!

can't go for rubberband prac, can't go my projects. BLAHHHH

listening to some of genrong's songs:

and of cuz, gabriel's one-man choir:
- gab pls give me your range. HAHAH

argh i hate to be sick!!!!!!!!!!!

can't go for rubberband prac, can't go my projects. BLAHHHH

going to ecp in a while. HEEHee.

argh. down with flu. :(

Thursday, October 29, 2009

was super angry just now with my AB213 group. even western food tasted bad. it's like we were meant to do analysis, but i ended up waiting up for them to fill in the survey results when i have done it long ago aleady. WTH man. be more responsible leh.

i am starting to sing english songs! jason mraz rox.

the early bird catches the worm!

well. going to do my proj now which is due at 10am later...:P

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

opened a bottle of hoegaarden using a mash potato thingie (!?!?!) and enjoying it now. MUahAHA. along with my bacon bits and cheese sandwich it becomes my dinner. hope i dun get drunk. oh beer doesn't go with oreo. HAHAH


huanjie was the judge at impresario audition. AWKWARDDDDDD. HAHAHAHA went with rachel and saw wensi, jiamin and yukki there too

hahah just some photos of rubberband, which will soon have to be renamed.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

had a long long ln log day. :P got some juicy un-sharable news. =X

presentation in the morning, then seminar. Met miaoru and sherlyn at dhoby, then went to ob to prac with rubberband for the 4 nov gig at kent ridge. i like the songs i am singing! hahah. and daryl and ivan are zai!!

learns the new term 'smoketing' which i just coined.

ivan just told me that i should be more stringent in my assessment of singers, which is true - i shouldn't just look at the overall wow but since i am in the music industry i should also zoom in and pick out good and bad points. TRUE. but still i love the twins who covered tamia's officially missing you.

argh hate that i am no good at almost everything. BLEAH.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

just talked to julio i think he having admin time. WHERE GOT PEOPLE NEVER DO PUSH UP IN ARMY ONE!?!!?!?

watching the shan and rozz show on youtube now. sleazy sleazy...

and of cuz. this.

thanks to daryl's cousin puay sen we got to do a photoshoot along singapore river. quite nice. shall post up the photos soon.

supper at holland v was good except for the poor service and that package corner in my mushroom pasta. BLEAH. oh and those unclean fork and knife too.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

feels kinda sad that I am not yet able to blog as much and as detailed as I want these few days due to the fact that I am still trying to chiong finish the endless amount of projects. and i think i missed too many Malay lessons. DIE.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

just had a gooooood gooooood shower after my run.

feels re-energised and ready to chiong for the projects!

in school waiting for HS813 lecture to start. i think i ponned that for the past 3 weeks already. HAHA

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

just came back from ion hk cafe. wah liao abit pian qian!

anyway take care, julio! seeya in 2 weeks. HAAH

muahah in school now.

I actually took the initiative to wake up early and come to school to do my projects. WELL DONE! :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

some updates on my life

busy preparing for the 2 performances next month with rubberband. HAHA

erm. busy submiting my compositions for album and then listening to more music.

trying to settle vc finance stuffs

busy with school works and projects.


Monday, October 19, 2009

just came back from cityhall. where did mizah go??!?!? she wasn't even here and didn't pick up our calls leh. hmmmm...

alright feels that harrah's and mavern's making some headway...

had dark mocha venti at starbucks. DAMN SHIOK!!!

oh and i realised i haven't been to school in a week. OMGosh. HAHA

there should be more restaurants which opens till late and caters to groups >6 peeps. :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009


just finished my 2nd edition of 我喜欢雨天. TIRED. still need to meet rachel and hamizah tml for BT313. ARGH. we chose too diffcult a topic liao

Saturday, October 17, 2009

just came back from ecp in the afternoon after a morning of sports day with vjchoir and vc. HAHA i like marcus' coloured paper game and the last fill the bottle game. AHAH. i am a shade darker now...

anyway i must really admit that i am older and less fit. HAHA luckily i hang out quite often with the VS people, if not the age gap will be very obvious. :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

ah gagagagaga. writer's block.

just came back from changi airport again and had popeyes! hahah had SATS outing lar, so went into the transit terminal and felt like i was overseas...haha other than that the other parts of the trip were pretty much uninspiring...HEEHEEE

i want to sound-proof my room so that i can do music in the middle of the night. HAHA

hahah miss sung is in trouble.

oh. going to changi airport again later on after leaving that place at 230am this morning...HAHA

every naruto episode should be like ep131!!!

had a loooong meeting with rachel at starbucks in the afternoon. freaking BT313 should be 10AUs lor.

just came back from changi airport terminal 3. the coffee club there is very nice! hahah nobody one.

yeah celebrated zach's birthday with like 18 other people at xin wang cafe at marina square. HAHAHA if anyone has photos please post them up.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

pck's parody of ris low suddenly popped up in my mind - "it's my stra-te...stra-...stra-ge-dy (strategy)."

FUNNEH. ._______.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

beyonce - single ladies. VERY FUNKY CHORD PROGRESSION!!! (or the lack thereof).

well i obviously am not listening/not absorbing enough!

a very true quote. to all my songwriter friends: "
Yes, everything has been done. But not everything has been done well.
Now go create. "

ok i should get to work on my 4 school projects? OMGosh...

just received a call from SPH. excited! hahah

had a long night. just went for a run! hhahaha

2 amazements last night. one was through locating the orion belt in the sky, which yikang taught me to, and watching kane do his magic tricks. it's crazy.

and i finally got my reply from junyang.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

spent the 2nd half of today at ob. doing nothing. HAHA!

Monday, October 12, 2009

sitting in the corner of the class.

prof sunanda says that some research have shown that people who sit in the coner have a higher desirability to become a leader as they like to have an overview of the whole event. HAHA i am sure.

yay! sent the song to junyang liao.

just came back from siying's animal farm play. dinner at sushi tei was good. esp the salmon mentaiyaki :) HAHA siying's play was very entertaining i must say. don't cha! :) siying actually DANCED. i have the VIDEO. muahahah

Sunday, October 11, 2009

new song. lyrics were inspiration from alicia's blog. HAHA


我喜欢雨天 因为凉凉的,蓝蓝的
我喜欢唱歌 因为吵吵的,真快乐
你在我身边 听我 唱情歌
你说我 唱歌 实在没天分

ooooo. shall do this song tonight after siying's perf. oh no i am really late!

just finished the demos for the old songs 绽开的微笑 & 拼图! :)

oh no. not done with 郭静's song at all!!! =X and yeah of cuz all my schoolwork. HAHA

derrick wants me to write a song about 猪头 since i am 猪头. HAHA idea.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

eh daryl! i finally got my cubase le4 working. and you know how i completed the activation instead? merely by using firefox. mozarella firefox rox. that innards explorer sux.

muahahah on to cubase! :)

some of the few things that you can do with cubase!

Cubase 4 Creating Loops Using Repeats - More amazing videos are a click away

oooo i am becoming a geek.

just had a sweet 1-hr afternoon nap.

anyway just to share a very useful website with my songwright-friends! :)

just had one of the best mornings of my life at the ONE°15 marina club!
i mean for people like me, who is always sitting in front of the computer it was a really great experience! day with the sun, sea, and babes(?)! i can now link to why the strawhat pirates love the ocean so much! hahah
got to take a tour around the facility, learnt some important stuffs, such as mussels help to clean water by eating the dirty stuff, and it's important for hospitality establishments to create talking points among its guests through unique offerings. MUAHAHA such as having a dining table in the pool.

had a yacht ride to the outlying islands,

had great food and company,

and got to enjoy the hi-life on a mega-yacht costing 25 million.

thanks prof for organising this!

just came back from sembawang after helping ivan move house from eunos. TOTAL SHAGNESS! hahaha. ooooo had late dinner at pasta mania as a treat from ivan. :) think my back is aching from carrying heavy stuff using the wrong posture. OUCH!

my attempt to find my old mp3 player failed...can't find it at S3 earphones!!

and, a must-hear!

Siti Nurhaliza – Bukan Cinta Biasa

begitu banyak cerita
ada suka ada duka
cinta yang inginku tulis
bukanlah cinta biasa

dua keyakinan beza
masalah pun tak sama
ku tak ingin dia ragu
mengapa mereka selalu bertanya

cintaku bukan diatas kertas
cintaku getaran yang sama
tak perlu dipaksa
tak perlu dicari
kerna kuyakin ada jawabnya oh~

andai ku bisa merubah semua
hingga tiada orang terluka
tapi tak mungkin
ku tak berdaya
hanya yakin menunggu jawabnya

Thursday, October 08, 2009

finally! i have caught up with one piece's latest episodes! muahahah

half an hour more to the end of AB213 lecture. My lecturer is quite funny. HAHA

anyway i ate too much subway and am feeling bloated now. need to walk about!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

is downloading iTunes. i freaking suaku. didn't know that to operate apple products i need itunes. BLEAHX

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Just received a little jab of life. cuz xiaohan finally replied...

met yy and daniel for lunch. was initially at cant A but decided to switch to cant 4 cuz A was just TOOO DAMN CROWDED. yeah paid school bills then went to jookoon with daniel to see see and look look before yy and swee leong joined us on the train at pioneer.

then hanged out with vs peeps and yarden to celebrate yarden's birthday. what a weird name. yarden. HAHA!! he told me that it's an indian name or something like that! haahh

alright waited at ob for like 2 hours before realising that zach FORGOT about me and they were all in room h singing while i was alone in room d. okay ob isn't very big but still...:P

alright forget about that. zach then brought us to the secret garden at bugis to have our dinner. food was not too bad la, though some of us did complain of shoe smell and old people smell in the food.
my smoked salmon sandwich

after that we went to iluma's arcade and had a scare at the 360degree cinema while watching a 'horror' 3D movie. it was really quite interesting seeing headless zombies walk to you from all directions. HAHA!
terence with his shades looking very similar to the 3D one. HAHA

then off to miss clarity cafe where sherlyn and wenhao joined us for late supper. life is really harsh and cruel. we just have to lan lan suck thumb and take everything in our stride. most importantly, just do what you love and love what you do.

using the comp terminal at lee wee nam library. i am still amazed at how much i have changed from being a library-goer to being a non-library-goer. HAHA

anyway lunch with daniel and yy at canteen 4 was fun. HAHA

Monday, October 05, 2009

hahah my spirits sorta went this way after hearing what my mom said to me. I know she wants to help by saying that my compositions were too draggy and flat and my singing's been getting worse, esp my passagios and falsetto, but i can't help but feel bad about myself. HAHAHA this happened after i received junyang's email about writing a song for 郭靜 and started humming and singing... :P

anyway saw a funny article on THE BUSINESS TIMES (?!?!?!). here it goes
"For those who champion Singlish, can they picture the image of a translator standing next to her (Ris Low) in the Miss World finals, if Ms Low had made it that far."
the moment i started imagining, okay i can't. nvm. i am still very disturbed by her indifference towards her act of dishonesty. JUST 认错 lah!

yay finally it's DONE!!!! PHEWs.

life is fair - if i do more, i will learn more.

looking forward to junyang's and xiaohan's replies!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

caught 菲哥's 综艺大哥大 and ate TWO flossssss buns. MUAHAHAH. alright back to AB213 project. Melvin didn't reply. i tried all means of contacting him. i am just short of looking him up at his house.

wanted to blog from teban gardens just now cuz for some reason i managed to hook on to a connection, hahah but oh well the signal was too weak. BLAh.

anyway i love the crowd at teban gardens. there were alot of foreign workers but they looked like they enjoyed my performance. HAHA managed to meet the emcee of the night, who happened to be the stage manager when i was performing with sherlyn at yew tee in july. i introduced myself as 'NETs' and then she became 'Credit'. HAHA okay it's quite funny.

the stage. look at the crowd! haha macham getai!

finally. mission accomplished! this is thick-skinned nat.

wanna thank sherlyn for giving us this chance to perform! i am really looking forward to more performances!

half-way through the AB213 project. okay tried calling melvin but he didn't pick up my i guess this calls for an ultimatum if i dun see anything from him in my email by the time i reach home tonight. ><

good morning!

refering to melvin's post on his quarter-life crisis (okay i know i am slow again...HAHA) - life is, once again, doing what u love. it's not about getting through the singapore education system, get a degree, then a good job, and finally get married, have kids and grandkids, and die. it's about loving what u do and doing what u love!

who says you can't earn your bread and butter doing art and music? (and tourism! hahah). but of cuz. watching animes won't get you very far. esp with all the funny crap that the storywriters came out with! hahah. i love one piece.

and so i am going to start work on the ab213 lit review and compile the written report. seeya at noon. oh yes. i have to bug the other melvin to give me his lit review. if not i am going to baotoh him!!!! ;X

heading to teban gardens in the evening for the final mid-autumn festival performance at the heartlands!

Saturday, October 03, 2009


will work towards the bigger stage!

miaoru called me after her perf at queenstown and complained that the crowd was so .______. HAHAH yeah that's when i told her that sometimes we have to pretend hat they are high and we have to 自high. the performance at 888 plaza was more comforting than yesterday's because even though it was raining quite heavily today, the crowd was warmer, and of cuz i felt happier singing for them.

waiting for the bus along upp east coast road to go for choir prac.

erm. bored. my green tee + neckie + jacket.

AUNTY's POPIAH from beer garden! still the best popiah i have ever eaten!

performance area at 888 plaza.

oh yeah and just one final pic which i haven't been able to post since quite sometime ago.
beware! it's controversial! =X

armed with one bottle of water and one bottle of pi-pa-gao water. MUAHAHAHA

having a hook in your song probably doesn't mean that it needs to hit a certain high note, or be especially tough to sing, and it also doesn't mean that it should JUST have a nice tune.

it has to be memorable, easy to groove with, and dressed with appropriate, touching lyrics.


still coughing. =X

nathaniel is only starting to live.

after so much doubt and uncertainty all these while, it's still jj that inspires me the most. he just made me want to live a better life through words that weren't even directed at me. i wanna be like him.

pls continue to keep me inspired! jj and luffy! HAHA

searching for my one piece too!

DBSK - We Are

you wanna be my Friend?
We are, We are on the cruise! ウィーアー!

feels that he is the suaku-est of the suakus. HAHA but oh well. better late than never! :)

this is really hilarious.

rihanna's umbrella: hokkien-style

Friday, October 02, 2009

woohoo. 3rd post in a day!

haha erm. fajar's performance was not bad. i think the biggest takeaway was that the wonton mee over there is very nice! esp it's char siew. wah heavenly. too bad i was alone and had no one to share that mee with. HAHA

oh the perf was alright. not as good as i could have done because of sorethroat and stuff. BLAH BLAH BLAH. oh but the mc was kinda not up to standard leh. she was totally not proficient at all in her 2 languages. tsk tsk tsk. so she was using fish-market singlish and hokkien to talk. wth. HAHA luckily she didn't interview me that much if not i would have definitely spoken in singlish too. BLAH BLAH BLAH.

ok then went to amk to meet up with yy, daniel, andy, samuel and joel for dinner (??) hahah. yeah to celebrate yy's birthday. HAHA abit early la but that's the only timing available! hahah oh yy and daniel, esp yy, have really good memory. they can remember the class seating plan from sec 1 to sec 4. WTH! hahah

feels so good after the run! SHIOK. :)

woohoo. finally i have heard g-dragon's heartbreaker. oh damn nice! hahah oh yes 2pm's again and again's nice too. okay i am really slow. HAHA

bah. need to prepare for the performance at fajar shopping mall later. HAHAHA :P

Thursday, October 01, 2009

oh yes. i forgot to blog about the tremor that i felt in the afternoon yesterday. KOWAIIIII neeeh!

ahahahah anyway here's ken hirai's song, hitomi wo tojite (justin jap sang this song on facebook. zai!)

Ken Hirai - 瞳をとじて



あの日 見せた泣き顔
涙照らす夕陽 肩のぬくもり
心が 体が 君を覚えている

Your love forever
瞳をとじて 君を描くよ
たとえ季節が 僕の心を

argh. steinberg's website friggin sux.