Tuesday, March 31, 2009

jianhao doesn't even like having ppl around him now. though he really needs help. :(

hahah so emo.

i may have just reached the lowest point in life with the onset of the stupid stats case study. and exams coming up. and no more naruto to watch. and couping myself up in my room all day. and i haven't practised my dance and piano for vs4. i am so dead. :(

maybe it's time to break some sweat.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

just returned to hall from teacher sherlyn's house. HAHAH had very singer gathering. played games and ate food and sang and listen to jj's video and sherlyn's performance. ahahah oh man everyone is so unbelievably nice! i think i am very evil in comparison. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

jj's concert was a blast with alicia and friends and 3+1 and eugene. HAHAH

JJ's my idol! i just didn't really like his babies and the dj part. but nvm i managed to guess the order for most of the songs! how zai!

anyway my stats quiz is ultimate cui. i haven't started studying for the other 4 chapters and i got a bbq to attend later. DIEEEE.

Friday, March 27, 2009

HAHAAH zach, clarence and i made a ballad out of 不潮不用花钱. we had some disagreements at first. (i think still having alittle now...) hahhah but oh well bth of us compromised. HAHA. oh i suck at playing the piano!! :(


hey greedy,don't fret
what you see is what you get
you name it,i have it
what you see is what you get







little chick having chips on my sofa
bearbricxs take a shit on my sofa
smudge babies lying on my sofa
neighborhxxds and kiks singing "so-fa"

HAHAH it's really funny! and we are performing it this sunday at sherlyn's house. HAHAH and JJ MAY BE THERE!!!! ok better not get my hopes too high. HAHHAHAHA

oh just had yummy ah lian bee hoon and mango dessert. MUAHAHAHAHAH

shit i think i had 10 episodes of naruto today. my stats studying plan failed terribly

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

gotta stand beside joshua's friend and ethel's sister lynette ngiam today during choir. HAHHA quite funny.

oh well but still i hate nie choir lessons. SO BORING and the conductor sux. i gave him lotsa 1/5 for his appraisals. damn bad la. HAHHAA

anyway just came back from joel's birthday party at west coast. gotta see my 4-4 gang again (minus mel and bran and sam)! yeah more outings and dinners!!! :)

i have this big patch of blue-black on my left knee. OUCH.

omg i have another weird stranger encounter on the bus to joel's bbq!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

been crazy over naruto these days. MUAHAHAH

am damn shagged from purple line. oh saw xu huan liang lao shi just now. he suddenly popped by the dance studio. HAHAH
OCCASIONAL muscle aches kinda rock. i feel fresher now.

yup will need to mug hard for exams!!!!

gotta do my stats tutorial tml in the morning... HAHAH

wikihow: "A general rule of thumb for simple tunes would be to have the bass note of the chord to be a third below the note in the melody. "

wensi just told me that i am always in my own world. i think that's very true. it's not a good thing right. :P

Monday, March 23, 2009

sleep early, rise early.


anyway i remember eugenia and i were saying how much we miss nichole and her performance of 'desperado'. it was classic.

hahah i love occassional muscle aches!

oh man i was looking through stats lect 10 on analysis of variance. HELP ME!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

wah liao ultimate shag!

i do believe i have no dance genes. hahaha

oh yeah yesterday's horny night was very funny! tenors rocked! woohoo!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

jianhao likes the D major.

yay he thinks he can sing and play a few songs by himself already! woohoo!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

vs4: finally managed to learn quite a bit of stuff from sherlyn and sendy. warm-ups and how to reach high notes and staccato exercises. sendy thought me how to play the piano score for wo niu better. i was really happy when she told me that my first time was quite good. :) WOOAHH. hahah and she is very zai! ok i need to prac at home on my keyboard on friday night. :)

hall video was good. really brought back alot of memories though i wasn't inside much of it.

oh man hall life is coming to an end i guess...

oh man i can't believe there's vs4 again on sunday! and it's a dance class! how exciting!

listening to Wang Lee Hom's 脚本 now. NAISE!







wu jianhao is going to be the next music man!

oh eugene and wensi were practising lucky in my room yesterday until 3AM (!!!) eugene and i attempted to learn a new english song in a long time... hahah yah and i was trying to strum the guitar! ok at least i got the chords right i hope. HAHA!

oh yes. and i hope my play-and-sing 蜗牛 can make it later in the evening.

oh yah on a naruto fever now. granny chiyo just died in the show from saving gaayo!!!! sAdness...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

thanks everyone for coming down to support your friend here during luna just now! hahaha i didn't really sing very well, though i really enjoyed the time on stage (except during the high notes!) hahahah. yeah you guys really rock. the name board kinda gave me a shock at first though. HAHAHAHA

yeah the other guys were really good! like everlyn said competition's really stiff. HAHHHA i must work extra hard!

anyway i think i am going to jj's concert! hahahahahah but that would actually mean that i will be missing tenor dinner leh....OH NO...

oh naruto can only be watched in the day. the night internet connection is too slowwwwwwwwwww

Monday, March 16, 2009

wah liao can't believe i am falling sick the day before luna. DIEEEEEE

anyway eugenia is pretty damn good! hahaha

quite proud that i managed to churn out the 3 financial statements together with their notes in 100 mins. although the figures didn't tally but i am still satisfied. i guess i am easily satisfied.

now that the acct quiz is over, the world is a better place to be in.

singpost just called to say that they are SORRY (i am sure) and they will re-deliver (for the 3rd time) the parcel to my neighbour's place this evening. GOOD they better do.

gtg for marketing meeting in 10 mins time. and it's going to rain. so i guess it will have to be 1 min. TATA!

pre-comp stress. SHIT. hahaha

Good Morning, World!

I am learning how to prepare financial statements now.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

jianhao realised how screwed he is - he has only been to 3/9 stats lecture and tutorials. exams' coming up in a week...BAH

oh i just went for a run just now. it felt great!

i realised i can't multi-task at all. i need to handle one thing at a time. school vs choir vs family vs friends vs singing vs me-time.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

okay. needs to just let the voice come out. it sounds perfectly alright.

okay study time from 10pm - 11pm. if you don't start you will KIAO KIAO.



That's damn hard. more to come.

needs to study for acct quiz!

Friday, March 13, 2009


好天气 艳阳高照 的天
单车路 笑声传的 好远

杂货店 大榕树的 下面
用可乐 冰你温暖 的脸

果 实酸酸 的气味
我 想大声 说爱谁
却被你 抢先

两人边 跳边走 的季节
干干净净的 画面

deciding what songs to sing for luna. need to have a fast and a slow song. what do they mean by fast/slow? hahahaha

Thursday, March 12, 2009

nv do internet transaction with Singpost. it sux. their it facility sux.

went to visit mms in the afternoon. oh man i miss working at a hotel... hahaha

ob lessons was kinda scary. my teachers were a lil on the bitchy+heck-care style...hmmm not good. i need to get a piano song out for next week's piano lesson. was thinking of wo niu.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

just went for luna briefing, and guess who i saw??? - eugenia and bee kwee. how small can the world be. HAAHAHAH

i really DISLIKE CHOIR ELECTIVE IN NTU. ahahah prof chia kinda sux, and the songs sux...jj says that it is becuz i am biased towards VC. well, OF CUZ!

got supper treat by yingguang just now. had oc supper items like prata hotdog (OMG) and nuggest (OMG) and peach and green apple drinks (OMG). hahahaha before that i had pork chop while ben had chicken chop. oh and there were these 2 red bull ladies (ermmm..) going around giving out red bulls. (darts eyes & evil grins)

been watching 'how i met your mother' for a while (all thanks to kiat!) and i am addicted. shit. off to season 2 episode 8 now. correction. ep 9.

celebrated charmaine aka eye candy's 20th birthday yesterday with the other cheerleaders at the link bridge between block c and d. FINALLY no more cake-smashing. but we had to help her finish up this drink consisting of coffee, oatmeal, digestives, kopiko ...(yes still alright up till here)... sprite, milk, vodka, ribena. but it was okay... really...

had marketing presentation this morning. oh man we suck. we just couldn't get the point thru. I wanna kill ourselves already.

anyway left my harddisk at the FAL. had to RUN ALL THE WAY back to get it. OH MAN MY PRECIOUS...

i almost jumped when i though that i am supposed to have visited alicia and jo at mms. BUT IT'S ON THURS. okay i am freaking myself out.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

just returned from kim min's cake- and whipped cream-smashing bday party. OH man. it's damn disgusting. i have choc for ear wax.

Monday, March 09, 2009

my prediction came true! there was indeed a solar absorption panel above singapore. that explains why it's so cold today! well done!

and as usual. we all have TONNES of stuffs to clear.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Solar Energy

thought that there was getting less and less meaning in maintaining this blog.

hahah anyway while my dad was driving me back to hall half an hour ago, i was thinking about why solar energy hasn't been harnessed well enough. esp in Singapore! we should learn how to get rid of all that heat and turn it into useful energy! then singapre can be in perpetual spring or autumn. WHEEEE

ok so what's inhibiting this technological transition? issit cost? or issit technology itself?

(imagines a big reflective bowl above singapore on a monday afternoon with singaporeans wearing 2 layers of clothing in a 24degc environment.)


had the first VC prac yesterday. so many new and old faces! hhahah

went to katong shopping centre for dinner. had chicken rice

then we went to esplanade's harry's. oh i was supposed to go e-awards with sandy...but i kinda pangsay-ed her for drinks and ghost stories...EEEK! hahaha anyway i saw alicia and jerrick they all who also went for the award ceremony. oh man i miss them. AHAHAHAH

Saturday, March 07, 2009

okay time to blog!

life nowadays have been pretty much revolving around project meetings and singing. hahah luckily 50% of it is entertaining.

haven't been doing well academically lately. OB results sux.

VC tml. shit i have no time to mug! hahahahahah. and no time to finish my projects on sunday.

LUNA is on the 17th Mar. i am representing hall 3 in it! hahahahahaha

Thursday, March 05, 2009

baaaaah just completed acct essay.

i don't like the way i live now.

thanks for all the support yesterday! ahahaha

bought supper back from 179 and i met the infamous Ah-lian. quite chio as they have said. then we watched valkyrie in daniel's room with my newly-earned pair of speakers. but the movie was boring. HAHHAHAHA

am doing acct proj now. due tml. DAMN. hahaah i want to have my dinner!!!!

and will be having 9-hour seminar tml. 8.30 to 5.30. Jialat.

i am feeling the drift. i want to lead a life but school doesn't allow for it.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

just had hall bbq :) hahah quite fun

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

loves the weather now:)

oh man there was a stabbing incident in my school yesterday.

anyway yesterday's class performance was SCARY! the others were FREAKING ZAI. i need to work hard. should learn to sing and play the piano next time! hahahaah

Monday, March 02, 2009


Sunday, March 01, 2009

jianhao is finding the direction in life.

jianhao has promised himself not to gorge on food anymore.
jianhao has promised himself that he will try to love his family more.
jianhao has promised to take charge of his own life.

woohoo! wahlermak came in 2nd at impresario finals! well done dudes! you guys have worked really hard for it! yes and we cheered really loudly too! hahahahah

oh. it's the 1st day of march already.