Sunday, November 30, 2008

just had a very very very full dinner at thai express at j8. curry with rice plus my favourite banana fritters with coconut ice cream! WOO HOO

carolling at the pines was MUCH MUCH MORE enjoyable. held candles and sang to a more appreciative crowd earlier on tonight. :D

jianhao doesn't like sleeping in. i've been sleeping for more than 9 hours everyday! bah cannot be doing this anymore

anyway was carolling at safra mount faber yesterday. was actually very scared the night before that the number of singers would be insufficient, but we actually managed to get 20 singers on stage. woohoo. the only blunder was by safra cuz they used us for an hour instead of just half an hour. oh well. HAHAH hope to receive the cheque soon!

hehee went to tiong bahru market and had great chwee kueh over there!

alright one more carolling session later on at the pines :D

Saturday, November 29, 2008

jianhao should know by now who his true friends really are bah.

maintaining friendships takes a lifetime, boy.
and pls be consistent.

there's a reason why i am called zhu tou. cuz i really am stupid to be max.
lazy asshole. plus poor memory. don't give up on me pls. i will start trying.

how to be a HAO REN. can only be short-term friend.

should take some time off virtual facebooking to go out with my friends. don't spend money. just know more about each other ok.


Friday, November 28, 2008

jianhao thinks it was wrong from the very bloody beginning.

it's nothing but fluff.

and he's under- and over-commiting at the same time.

oh he is talking about alot of things.

and ppl don't wanna bang mang. :D

i am hated.


doesn't want important people to go missing from his life...

oh boy. what did i not do......................

Thursday, November 27, 2008

ooo i think i am going to sleep at 10 tonight. ZZZzzzzzzz.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

met up with lip yong today to have lunch at this japanese restaurant at central, clarke quay. ooo then had dark chocolate ice cream at azabu sabo. erm. then walked around funan, adelphi, raffles city, bras basah, bugis junction, and knew alittle bit more about human body anatomy and french. HAHAHA

exams are over.

qu si bah

zhao lai zhao qu dou mei you...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

it's soooo different now.

(long arms! haha)

why bury yourself in the mixture of hope and sorrow.

there's definitely no regrets bah.

why am i the artist now. sian.

i think my premonition is coming true. (fake happy smilie)

there's no way we can cross that wall to see what's really happening inside.

let's hire our eyes and ears and brains to do some detective work.

and you are such a *TOOT*. ;)

oh man. the little froggie that we saved DRIED UP on the same spot that we have left him...SADNESS...


你是否忘记了 那时候的笑容
舍不得 为什么你说过的以后
留下我 能不能圆梦

那天空,云很多 看不见你的轮廓
没什么事. 只是想知道, 你好不好.
不说出的温柔 让你离开我
我以为你都会懂 等着你我才发现难过
很难说有没有 想念过你的手

那天空云很多 看不见你的轮廓

才等着你的手 拥抱我的寂寞
该说的时候 早应该大声的说

别担心我 我会好好过


1. If I Were A Boy - Beyonce
2. Hot N Cold - Katy Perry
3. Live Your Life - t.i feat. Rihanna
4. Lovebug - Jonas Brothers
5. About A Girl - The Academy Is ...
6. Now Or Never - The Cast Of High School Musical 3
7. Womanizer - Britney Spears
8. Gives You Hell - The All American Rejects
9. Human - The Killers
10. Rehab - Rihanna
11. Just Stand Up! - Artists Stand Up To Cancer
12. I Hate This Part - Pussycat Dolls
13. Get Back - Demi Lovato
14. I Don't Care - Fall Out Boy
15. Next Plane Home - Daniel Powter
16. It's Over - Jesse McCartney
17. Gotta Be Somebody - Nickelback
18. Miss Independent - Ne-Yo
19. Monsoon - Tokio Hotel
20. Right Now (Na Na Na) - Akon
21. Forgive Me - Leona Lewis
22. T-shirt - Shontelle
23. Decode - Paramore
24. Crush - David Archuleta
25. So What - P!nk
26. The Man Who Can't Be Moved - The Script
27. I'm So Paid - Akon feat. Lil Wayne
28. Keeps Gettin' Better - Christina Aguilera
29. Sober - P!nk
30. Poker Face - Lady GaGa

oh man i haven't heard of any of them!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


JOSHUA KOH, JIA XUN (jai-ah axe saaaang. our C-list), SHEENA QUEK
Ocean Butterfly peeps (shihui (!!!), weikoon, haonan, yan fang,...)
MMS ppl (alicia, jocasta (bday soon), irene, jerrick, xiuqi,...)
DEANNE!!! (oh birthday coming too!)
LIP YONG and RAYMOND (wahhhhhhh xiang si ni men le)
TY NPC ppl (will need to go back and visit tl and uncle b and nadiah and chan and choonkai and dennis and everyone else!)
4-4 ppl (yy, daniel, tk, andy, samuel, badminton too! oh man i miss melvin-san and brandy)

non-ict shooting coming up
dental appointment
xmas shopping and decorate hall 3
settle korean stuff
cheerleading practices
bid for sem2 courses and electives


humans are left stranded to decide between life and death.

what are we doing on earth. what's the purpose?

happiness can bring us happiness. pain is just pain.

so what if we experience the emotions of life? so what if we travel and experience the world.

it's no use.

HAHAHAHA okay i was kidding.




sometimes a person can cause a drastic change in your life, and u do not know what to do after that.


oh and he doesn't like unpleasant farewells. jianhao doesn't know how to look into ppl's eyes and say byebye. i think he just doesn't want to leave bah.

Friday, November 21, 2008

will need to make the decision between fun and responsibility VERY SOON.

heavy-hearted. bleah.

looking forward to monday. and yet, not very much cuz i know my friends will all be going back to what they have been doing before the exams, and things will not be the same anymore. it's during the exams when there is nothing to do did we get to do something. i m incoherent and emo.


happy that i can now do strenous exercises without worrying about dying. YAY!

came home with ben yesterday and he was mentioning about the boeing777-300er series which sia offers. oh now i see it on the website!

Sat 31 Jan 2009
SQ16 - SIN 09:15, ICN 16:35

Wed 04 Mar, Sat 07 Mar 2009
SQ15 - ICN 19:25, SIN 01:05+1Day

let's see if we can get those flights with the TA.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

friendship 101

throughout the past few weeks in hall, jianhao understood a little bit more about friendship. jianhao cannot be self-centred anymore and expects his friends to do things for him.

let's all be SOCIABLE bah.

let's start on our FM past year papers.

FM is cui....


feroz said i am very free. i look stress-free. HAHAA

MUAHAHAHA just came back from IKEA! meatballs are yum yum.

oh yes after walking around IKEA we were thinking about having a baby theme for christmas! hahah

oh daniel coudn't study so we were getting fresh air from outside the comm hall, which was just beside my room. and there was this little guybird/ladybird. And then derrick and wensi came and we decided to head to IKEA for dinner. there were suhui, eleanor, wensi, kim min, daniel, derrick and ore-sama. :D

and this was what happened after dinner....


Kim Min

Christmas lighting outside Queensway shopping centre

oh and the little semi-dead frog that we saved from the road. it was standing there motionlessly and daniel used leaves to bring it to the grasspatch. WAH SOMEONE KIND-HEARTED sia...HAHAHA
okay everyone mug hard! hang on! few more days/weeks to go!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


cash flows and risk analysis. (75% complete)

wah on to capital structure and leverage. don't the names sound exciting at all??

it's POURING. how romantic.

HAHAHAHA emoticon-mania!!!

i swear i dreamt that i woke up at 10plus this morning and was late for the show. so in my dream i was thinking of solutions. HAHAHA then i woke up. and realised that it was 1.30am. BLOODY HELL. okay better go sleep now :D

OH YES xuwei just gave me a piece of news about our FM essay. HAHAHAHA

WAH LIAO! was block-hopping when i got stuck at 3B level 1. HAHA it's a dead end there! NOOOOOOOOOBBBBB luckily wensi came to the rescue! wheee ahaah and daniel can stop socialising and read his barnie book.

and yes. Jianhao should be nicer to his friends. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

lunch at executive cafe on monday. which was just yesterday but it seemed so long ago... oh missing xu wei and everlyn and xu wei's roomie jun rong in the photo. HAHAHA paiseh half the group is missing.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

oh finally. JOSHUA IS BACK. though i could sense his reluctance to talk to me yesterday cuz i didn't go to the airport to receive him. TOO BAD!!! hahah sheena come with joshua to visit ben and i on wed! :D

did u see me on tv this morning?



went to zhao an ning hao with nelson to talk about the xmas concert on friday. oh and it's 'live' so it's quite exciting. wanted to take a picture of the location but forgot to. AIKs!

oh i saw thomas ong. who is damn tall and handsome. i tell u he's like 1.90m SIAO EH.

Monday, November 17, 2008

thought accounting exam was awesome given how much i have studied for it. HHAHAAH

yesterday i was doing last minute revision at 5-7 with xu wei and everlyn. then wanted to started doing my own work at 8. then
1. daniel room-hopped to my room after visiting wensi's, but he got down to studying his porn picture and memorising his texts.
2. then wensi and suhui came with prima deli's cheesecakes and kueh lapis. HAHAHAHAHAHA
3. then yongkai came.

so u can imagine how much i absorbed from my books.HAHAHA but nvm at least the things which i did not study for (ie budgetting and OA) didn't come out for exams. PHEWWWW.....

Sunday, November 16, 2008

oh no!

my pain-in-the-arse-friend is coming back tomorrow.


okay la i actually DO HAVE ALOT OF FRIENDS. RIGHT???

Saturday, November 15, 2008

nv once was i not the initiator. =P

you go and eat shit.
happiness is short-lived. HAHA

dreads monday's accounting paper.
long live the hols.

Friday, November 14, 2008

wah A for acct written assignment.

tong xiao with my friends were WORTHED IT!


baby snail was munching leaves when e caterpillar came along until...

there were no more leaves...

cui xin gan.


my next project.
and now, mosquitoes too. when are the elephants and cows coming into my room. HAHAHAHA

wonder what is happening to this small wo niu.............

well. i shouldn't care. I have no right to probe anyway. dunno snail language. :D
i am just too slow to catch whatever that i want.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

i thought i laughed a little loudly while talking to alicia on the phone just now.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

ARGH ants are infesting my home!

oh at this rate, it's going to take MONTHS to finish the practice questions in the textbook.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


双子座有很多的朋友,可是看起来朋友很多,可是知心的没有几个这句话很深刻的形容了双子。双子很能说话,他跟别人可以天南地北的聊,可以聊得很八卦,也会聊一些很严肃的话题。双子可以跟你聊很多东西,可是注意了,他都只是跟你聊一些不关自己的事。随便他跟你说些什么,可是跟自己有关的都只是些皮毛而已。比如,今天又有某个明星怎样怎样了;隔壁班有多少美女帅哥的。关于自己的事,他几乎是不说的,就算是说,也是说一些关于自己无关痛痒的事。当你想更进一步的了解双子,他会很自然的把话题给扯开。 对于自信的双子来说,他又同时很没有安全感,这是双子特有的矛盾。他喜欢把自己重重包围住,不让自己暴露。对于双子来说,如果在一个还不了解的人面前把自己暴露了,就等于让别人抓住了自己的把柄。这样就失去了一定的优势。当双子感到独孤悲伤时,只会一个人躲在房间里哭,或者一个人郁闷着。 双子也很怕被伤害,很多时候宁愿自己承受一切,也不愿别人抓住自己的把柄。所以久而久之也就养成了习惯。 双子基本上也是个很痛苦的人。表面上总是很有活力,很快乐的样子,可是没人的时候他又总是很忧伤。双子总会被一种莫名的悲伤笼罩。但他不会让别人发现的,他怕被伤害,也怕被别人抛弃,只能自己硬挺着一切。所以双子很神经质,精神脆弱,容易人格分裂,因为承受了太多的东西.

一般来说双子的孩子都很早熟双子对很多的东西都在乎得要命,可是表面上就是看起来什么都不在乎。双子并不是故意要掩饰自己,上面说了,这只是一种习惯了,可是在外人看来他就成了虚伪的人。 双子是被公认的最花心、最冷酷无情的星座。其实对于双子的花心,真的不想再说些什么了。解释得太多,累了,也没耐心了。可是说起双子,就不得不提感情,双子这一生,似乎必须被感情牵伴,跟爱情纠缠一世。很多人说双子并不花心,只是博爱,所以才会有那么好的人缘。

忘了在哪里看见了这样的一句话:双子最大的悲哀在于有两个人的思想,却只有一个人的身体,双子有爱自己所爱的人的权利,也有保护彼此所爱的人的义务,双子只剩下一个时,爱也就只剩下义务了。 我想用如来若去说的一句话给双子的花心做个总结:花心的极端就是痴心的可怕。该懂的人应该会懂的。至于冷酷无情真的不知道该从何说起。其实双子是最平和的星座,如果可以不发生冲突,都会尽量避免。双子也很少跟别人吵架,他讨厌吵架,如果是因为一些生活琐碎小事吵架,那么双子就在吵完的那一刻就把这件事给忘了; 要双子真的跟你翻脸,除非是你的所作所为或所说的话实在让双子不能忍受,这时他会很鄙视得看你一眼,然后头也不回地走掉,甚至会不给你留面子地离开。这时你一辈子也别想再和他和好了,就算有的双子碍于面子和你再成为朋友,但是他们已经对你鄙视到了极点,只不过维持着这一层不得不维持的“朋友”关系其实,很大一部分双子,对待感情是非常专一的,之所以给人留下花心的美名,是因为很少有人能够让略带童心的双子动真感情,不是双子铁石心肠,而是双子个性里面天生有一些忧郁,一些潜在的不自信,只是双子隐藏的深入,可是一旦让双子动了真感情,那么恭喜你了,双子的天真,率直,外加表达能力丰富,一定能让你获得很多快乐。



YES ALICIA i agree with u..........highlighted the same parts as u! hahah

ROOFTOP FUN! (one day before exams...HAHAH). photos from suhui. :D

having headache now. CHILLLLL~~~

IT EXAM WAS..... it made me nauseous.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

shagged after only 4 hours of sleeping. i can't believe i was talking cock in wensi's room with suhui, daniel and yongkai until 3.30am when i have a paper tomorrow. OH IT.

Monday, November 10, 2008

thanks to all my friends who made me feel better after mentioning that there is a slight (or total) resemblence to that poor "dude". i think that "he" is a lass.

nvm thanks so much.

i have lovely friends.



Saturday, November 08, 2008

will dream of carrot walnut cake tonight.

Friday, November 07, 2008

this afternoon kai zhi asked me if i came from MALAYSIA. HAHAHAHA

wensi is weird. if she goes on like that she will have to marry the good-looking collie soon.

oh my god. i hate ppl like daniel who draws damn well.

and he explicitly expressed that i look like this person below:

it's OMG.

shit. i have to finish contract law by tonight! hahah

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

shall go listen to music and go sleep and ignore everyone.

go watch obama's acceptance speech...

i am behind in my revision schedule!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

at home. :D

Monday, November 03, 2008

MUAHAHAHA FH3 is simply breathtaking. i love every page!

YAY! no more late nights doing projects. (i wish.)

Sunday, November 02, 2008

rum and raisin with caramelised biscuit at ice cream chefs! i wanna make my own r&r ice cream too. :D