Tuesday, April 29, 2008

went jogging with the hotel staffs at east coast park earlier on, and it was really HOT! woo hoo but i guess it's good in a way that it gets all the sweat out, so you actually feel like you have done some workout....

well this sense of accomplishment lasted till dinner time at the lagoon food centre, where we had sambal sotong and stingray, fried oyster egg, mee/beehoon goreng, sugar cane with lemon (favourite drink!), and satay with rice cake and cucumber and onions (try the stall with the green and yellow sign). wooo hooo became really full. had so much fun talking to atuk shah, jocasta aka shining moon aka ah ma, alicia aka ye lai xiang and jacqueline from aquamarine. heeeehee then took the bus 55 home with alicia and jocasta.

AM REALLY TIRED NOW after mixing the ice cream with the famous amos cookies and julie's chocolate sandwich cookies. heehee

Monday, April 28, 2008

ok i had...

1) 200ml milk
2) 3/4 packet of pocky choco-banana
3) one banana
4) 2 pieces of chocolate
5) 5 pieces of chocolate wafers
6) one cup of milo
7) two slices of bread

....in the past 15 minutes, and my stomach's still growling! WTH.

thanks gabriel for the beef hor fun. heehee

went to gabriel's house with valmond earlier on to have guys' prac for group one. yay managed to sing through the 2 songs. i think we just need to tighten our notes more and to listen more and to work on the dynamics and phrasings later on. we are doing fine i guess. okay now what are we going to do for male chorus 1? hmmmmm.

OKAY FEELING VERY VERY VERY HUNGRY NOW. shall go hunt for food in the kitchen. :D

Sunday, April 27, 2008

oh i was reading siying's blog just now. it atually made sense! go read siying's blog! ahhaahah

i think my lame jokes are quite lame leh. ok at least to some ppl like melvin who laughed till he cried on the bus on the way home just now. hhahha okay i think it's funny maybe except to ppl like ALICIA who knows all the jokes already! BAAAHH needs to update

went for tom yam buffet yest with the year 4s. hahahha very pleasant to see long-time-no-see ppl like weijie, edwin and jon gan. then we went to ice cream chefs to eat nice cream. oh i can still remember the chunks of oreo and famous amos cookies in the nutella ice cream.... WAHHHH hahahha ok i think we are usually already very retarded, but weijie's phone can take slow motion videos which made us look even more retarded...:P

oh yy, melvin and andy came to visit me at my hotel just now. heehee showed them around the hotel and also went to take a look at the rooms. HHAHHA i think i dunno my rooms well enough...oh welll had a really great time talking to them and showing them around my workplace. hahahah one thing we need to seriously consider now will be the hongkong trip

Friday, April 25, 2008

had a really good time playing pandemic with valmond, gabriel and marie on tue. oh we saw francesca's friend beekwee (i think that's the spelling) there at minds cafe! hahaha such coincidence.

arh starting to hate myself again for making soooo many mistakes at work.

oh i need a haircut!

Monday, April 21, 2008

*****************XIUQI is leaving. oh NO!*****************

Murmurs are abnormal heart sounds that are produced as a result of turbulent blood flow which is sufficient to produce audible noise

jianhao has heart murmurs. am i going to die soon...?


ahhh think i am over-reacting. hahhaha okay it's kinda funny when i told jiejun just now that i have heart murmurs, and she told me it's becuz i drank too much. hmmmmm was in ntu just now for the medical checkup when my doctor suddenly listened to my heartbeat using the stethoscope THRICE. hmmm yah normally it will be a one-off thing. so i kinda knew he was listening for something. he suspected an abnormal heartbeat somewhere. so he suggested i go do a heart beat scanning. okay it was quite comfortable lying on the bed in an air-conditioned room. i almost fell asleep on it. okay the result came out, and it was quite obvious that i have "heart murmurs". okay i sorta felt this about 2 years ago when i was still at HTA, but it sorta went off after a while, so i thought it's okay. now it's back. i sorta still feel it sometimes.

okay anyway went out with rafiq, chan, choonkai and peter AGAIN to go play LAN at paradiz. HAHAHA ok i conclude that i am bad at cs and total war, and serious sam is a really addictive game.

found treasure in this song. -->>


风吹落最后一片叶 我的心也飘着雪
爱只能往回忆里堆叠 给下个季节
整条街都是恋爱的人 我独自走在暖风的夜

多想要向过去告别 当季节不停更迭
却还是少一点坚决 在这寂寞的季节

艳阳高照在那海边 爱情盛开的世界
远远看著热闹一切 我记得那狂烈
我了解那些爱过的人 心是如何慢慢在凋谢

从回忆我慢慢穿越 在这寂寞的季节
还是寂寞 的季 节 一样寂寞的季节

i think i am too serious when i am working. but i can't afford to make stupid mistakes again. maybe it's becuz i was too meticulous with my work that i actually forgot how to do common-sensical stuffs properly. HURHRUHUR

Saturday, April 19, 2008

i had SOOO much fun with rafiq, chan, peter and choonkai at the kembagan lan shop! hahahahah yah played command and conquer, age of empires, oh my favourite was dota. HAHAHAA yah especially the 'pest-control' game. i think we should come out again real soon. i was really happy to meet up with them cuz i was supposed to join them for dinner but i had to do OT. oh well...really really really really happy that we got to meet up. OKAY more pest control next time! heehee

sorry to my colleagues at work today for being emo. i think i was tired and self-reprimanding. SORRY. :P

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

JUST came back from suntec city with deanne. i think we sat too long at the benches at the fountain of wealth. HAHHAAHAHHA okay we wwentt to raffles city to eat at shokudo first. ohhh we had rosti, teriyaki chicken burger (which was a really big portion) and prawn and ham wasabi pizza. after that we had crepes and ice. i loved the red beans on all of them! woohoo MMMMMMMMMMMMMPH!!!

After the food we decided to bum around at the kid's corner in the restaurant. TOTALLY HER IDEA!!! HAHHAHAHAH.

alright after that we went to suntec city and deanne got herself the taiwanese egg tarts which i had recommended to her. ppl: it's really nice. alright then we got ourselves strawberry soda and papaya milkshake from the stall beside it. my papaya milkshake was not very nice cuz it's not blended well enough and there's not enough ice on it. her soda was just TOOOOO sweet, even for me! oh well she loved it. so we walked to the fountain of wealth and sat there for 5 minutes before it started to drizzle. heehee so we seeked shelther at the arcade in suntec city. played mario kart, D.D.R. (both our first time on that machine!!!), this weird hand-waving rhythm thingie, bishi bashi, and more mario kart. Miss mario looks fantastic over here....

hahahhahahah yah i think i enjoyed myself alot today. AM REALLY FULL NOW from all the food and drinks. HEEHEE :D

celebrated ben tan's 21st birthday yesterday. heeehee it was a successful SURPRISE birthday party. AHHAAHHA aiyoh ben ar ben. oh well. good for us. i think the turnout was pretty good and the food cooked by marcus and suelynn was marvelous. i LOVED the satays and chicken wings. ok sorry guys i didn't dare to admit that i ate quite alot of food yesterday also. i guess i was second to gabriel. HAHAHAHAH oh well post up the pics soon!!! :D bahhh after that i went home without my house keys!!! damn stupid. i think i was a little drunk la. SORRY MUM for waking you up in the middle of the night!!! :P

Friday, April 11, 2008

it was vanessa's birthday party and also the housewarming party of frances, cheryl and may, their housemate. BEEN DRINKING ALOT NOWADAYS!!! haha.

alright so i was the earliest to reach them and helped them to finish up 50 percent of the food which was in the process of preparing....ahahha okay la that was exaggerated. well then i was still hungry and asked them if they got a cake for vanny. HMMM they all shook their heads. WHAT'S A BIRTHDAY PARTY WITHOUT THE BIRTHDAY CAKE!??!?!?!?!

so in the end i walked over to amk hub to get a nice round choc fudge cake. :D

0oh the party was quite good. like had lotsa things to eat and drink. i was in charge of the tacos. cheryl was in charge of 5 calamari rings and she got them all burnt cuz she forgot about them while dancing away. haahhaha i think we were quite noisy yesterday actually because music was soooo loud and we were talking very loudly too. heeehee luckily no one came and complained about us. :P so i attempted to smoke the sisha (the egyptian water pipe that cheryl was sucking from -->) and was successful only one out of my 5 tries. hahahaah well....it was fun i think we should all try new things at least once in our lifes. :D

anyway i think i am starting to get allergic to alcohol cuz i am starting to have this chicken skin on both my forearms. sooo ppl stop tempting me with alcohol!!!! SUGAR will be a better alternative to getting high though.... :D

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

...been drinking alot for the past few days. POOR LIVER.
went to tiger brewery yesterday with my hotel peeps. it was a whole lot of fun!!!!
the initial part was rather boring when we went to take a walk around the brewery smelling and looking at fermentation processes....yawns.... then we went to the packaging department and saw boxes of TIGER BEER. hahahahh i was tempted to just run out of the factory with 2 boxes in my arms. WHEEE. hahahah okay then we went to THE TAVERN, where all the fun begins. our guide told us that we can have FREE FLOW of beer over there. HEEHEE you are envious now aren't you...
i think i had one of the nicest catered buffet over here...yah okay so we had lotsa drinking and drinking games and drunk singing and drunkards carrying drunkards around the lounge.

hahahahah it was hysterical. i think i laughed too much. hurhurhur.

Monday, April 07, 2008

gracia should be happy that i bought myself a HOT PINK tee. HAHAHAHAHAH it's her fav colour. ARH i miss our ice cream outings to parkway after school...

ahhhh so jo gave me 3 days of offs. hahah long weekend. it also means that i will be having a long week ahead of me....wonder when my off will be next week.

i think it's really great that some of us older peeps are getting to know our vjchoir juniors better. hahahh yah i think they are really fun. singing old songs with them outside siglap cc's hall was really fun too even though i only managed to join them for 1 or 2 songs. hahahhah ok jialing we go out for karaoke soon k? :D

after prac went to arab street to have egyptian food as recommended by bing. HAHAH it's really good! i like the lamb chops, bing's lemonade and the pitas bread with humus and brinjal. brinjal is officially my favourite purple food. i eat it almost everyday from the mixed veg rice stall :D heehee yah


Saturday, April 05, 2008

doesn't want to count how much money i spent yest. FORGET IT! :D

ok while waiting for letitia to finish work yest i went walking around suntec to use my vouchers :D okay it's really quite unexpected that the front office gave the top upselling groups even more vouchers to spend. heehee. alright i went to the pushcart stores outside carrefour and bought a watch. a lousy 10 bucks one which almost dismantled later on in the evening. hahah then i went to topman to shop for tees. then after that i went to zara and bought another tee on impulse. alright no more shopping for the next 15 years.
ooo so we walked to clarke quay from marina square. it was pretty warm but i guess we get to the scenery. went to merlion and became a tourist there! :D hahah then we were walking past the entire of restaurants along boat quay and every 5 steps there was someone asking letitia if she wants to have dinner by the river. okay and so we reached clarke quay and went into caribbean (did i get the name right?) and met belinda there.
i had this coffee-alcohol shit which was not nice at all. can't compare to letitia's blue lagoon. oh belinda had this disgusting cranberry cough mixture-like thingie. HAHAHA then **poof** we went to fashion bar. OH it's really cool there i like the chill-out atmosphere over there. i think we should have stayed there fr 2 more hours before leaving. we met some french guys over there who came over. there was this guy who kept teaching me long french sentences like "you look pretty. you want to be my date tonight?"
hahah obviously my brain can't store that much info. i only remembered "sesua setongsua". okay that's only the phonetics shall go ask miss froc for the french spelling. oh then we went to have ice cream at haagen daz while wating for herman to reach

ok erm we couldn't wait any longer so we decided to just cab to zouk. went into the club with belinda's friends and here goes my first clubbing experience! hahha okay erm i didn't really like the loudness of the music over there. but i guess nobody wants it to be toned down anyway. so it's alright. i can't believe i actually am not shy to dancing! hahah but i think after an hour plus i grew quite tired. i think it was the lack of alcohol in the body. so herman came and joined us and bought us this lousy 70 bucks drink. i think i had a much better one at cafe del mar last year. hahahah but oh well... then we continued dancing till 4 but didn't have much to drink. so i was pretty much sober the entire night. arh so shagged.

oh belinda's pretty friend. :D (tsk tsk tsk letita!!)