Friday, December 31, 2010

is trying to speak 90% lesser so as not to aggravate the sorethroat.

BLAH. just went for brunch with daniel and andy in the morn, came back and fell asleep again. HAHAHA :P

Now i think i am ready to get out of the house in a bit! :)


4-4 peepos went to nex yesterday and had some really delish pizzas at pizzahut! hahhahah NAISE. and then yy, daniel and andy stayed over at my house for a bit for...monopoly deal. HAHA

waiting for jialing's reply.

woohoo andy and daniel stayover. HAHA zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

woohoo dbsk's new album teaser :P


preparing for online course registration in 2 hours' time.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


almost done with the cards for the peeps for this fri's countdown :)

facebook is taking forever to upload photos!! hahaha.

okay quite an eventful day! :)
met iris, alex and mr for itacho at ion. yum yums.

then we took a cab down to katong shopping centre to meet bun bun for some teo heng ktv. and we talked about first impressions. HAHA too bad bun bun was not feeling well and only sang 2 songs before leaving!! tsk tsk tsk! (hey i owe you 4 dollars change) anyway. nice photos iris... HAHAH!!

yup yup alex mr and i took bus 48 down to bugis junction (i couldn't remember the name of the shopping mall for a good half an hour just now... HAHAH) for some soup spoon damage and talk about horoscope compatibility. HAHA!
yup then we were off to iluma coffee bean and taught fiona how to play monopoly deal! :)


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

what a naise morning to wake up to. :)

orh orh!! :)

woohoo just finished bathing!!! hahaha!

night out at cedele for dinner, gulliver's travel (not nice at all!!! don't watch the worst movie of the year!!!), then off to selegie for rochor tau hway and then my virgin visit to mustafa centre at little india!! hahah :)excited about lunch and karaoke at teo heng tml!! :)

Monday, December 27, 2010


Sunday, December 26, 2010





Extremely shagged from morning to afternoon hangout with lipyong and Raymond hahaha. the both of them went crazy sing-impersonating mariah and whitney. HHAHAH! k lunch was sucky as usual...we then went to orchard central and had gong cha and quizznos! hahah then off to ion for some takopachi. HEEEHEEE. :) oh yeah i VERY COINCIDENTALLY met iris and ian at ion (woohoo all 'i' hahah) and conveniently passed ian the vest that i was wearing. HAHA! so qiao!!! :) Woohoo then met pp to bring jenny and her mom for dinner. we just had monster-size tiger prawns at newton food centre. and fried oyster egg, kang kong, lala, and stingray. HAHAHA
Yay night out with pp, Jenny and her mom accomplished :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

omg. i just realised next week's almost full also!!!! hahhahahaahhahahaha

woohoo meeting lip yong and raymond in the morn, sunkids in the afternoon, and then pp, jenny and her mom tml night! :)
power la.

woohoo colourmix from zipia rox!!!


just returned from reunion carolling at raffles hotel...saw genrong who told us about his work experience with super junior m in seoul. WAHHHH. oh yah lol at the whispering vj-cheer. HAHA!! how come i got to 'lead' it just now!!!!!??

ben, steph, peien, siying and i then had awesome dinner at santouka at clarke quay. SHIO RAMEN YUMS MAX!!!

and currently down with a sinus attack. SNEEZE SNEEZE... :(

Woke up too early and thinks he got a hangover. Sianz.

I just wanna say someone seriously spoiled the mood yesterday. Haha I am not angry with the person.
Just not very happy. Blah. oh yah thanks everyone for having fun last night!!! and for carrying me around. HAHAA

Okay shall go bathe and head to raffles hotel in a bit.

Head pls stop throbbing.


Friday, December 24, 2010

just woke up. HURHUR. meeting alex and cr in a while to buy the necessary stuff for laterrrrrrrrr. :)

Still at crowne plaza. Haahaa!!

It feels like i have something to do for the next few months already.
Gonna be hard work and going to take lotsa practice to internalize everything.

試著install bootcamp 可是失敗了。
讀著雪玲借我的the professional singer handbook,發現生病事最好不要唱歌!(剛剛之前還大唱了半小時)oh no


Hhahah met up with 3+1 to attend ykx's 21st at farrer park. (before that we were using pens from popular to write on the birthday card. CHEATERS. hah) Woohoo then totally monopoly dealed all the way. waiting for ykx's photos...amazingly i bumped into eileen at ykx's party, and decided to go to francis's party at crowne plaza. Haha shocking news!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

wednesday!!! hahahah :)

met with ob peepos for k lunch at marina square. HAHA 3 hours is seriously too short. we should go for 7 hour marathons next time. 8 JAN. yes. HAHA. thanks alex and regina for joining us despite being drunk and sick!!!! get well soon!!!! :)
after karaoke we went to starbucks at citylink after that and talked alot of nonsense and gossip, and met someone from vs1 who's working there... HURHURHUR. 隔牆有耳.

okay then it was 'class' dinner with ziyi and yehlin at thai express (where we got cheated by the banana fritter and got conned on the receipt twice when they added things which we didn't order. .______.), then we went to society bar at one raffles link to have the gigantic hoegaarden, and then a short walk to selegie for tau hway! :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

was awaken by drilling noise and only managed to catch 6 hours of sleep. BLAH. oh wells.
woohoo lessons with sherlyn in the afternoon. took lotsa pics along the way with pudding cam. HAHAH!

although i failed to meet up with lip yong and raymond today, i had dinner with pp and sy!!! woohoo so cool! itacho has really nice sushi and jap dishes! and i had cha soba. yum yums. :)

ooooo the scallop and salmon were friggin' thick and juicy. WASABI!!!! :) the cream croquette was awesome too! hahah i love the fact that everything here's damn fresh.
after sushi we went window shopping at atas supermarket at ion...and i bumped into puff while watching the wonderful sextet carolling in the concourse! of cuz we were talking excitedly about the impending trip to somewhere cold!! hahahhahaha...then we had gelato at gusttimo. NAISE aircon over there. HAHA reminiscent of dunkin' donuts temperature in seoul :) HAHA. oh this was white wine + plain yoghurt + hazelnut + dark chocolate. YUMSSSSS. (esp the dark choc. HAHA!) and i love this last pic!

Wahhhh even I feel stressed sitting in this little gray corner.
This is macham military drill on the human psychology. Drilling is soing.

Giving prescriptions at the end of the lesson.


still online checking out and WOOHOO.

HAHAHA just came back from dinner with jiesin @ dome. we talked damn ALOT. HAHAHA
and then supper @ rk and crazy late night out at Nexx Fairprice. AHAHAokay go bathe.

Monday, December 20, 2010

woohoo. pretty much figured out what modules i wanna take next sem. Radio practicum and recording. WOOHOO sounds interesting. After this it's time to find a frigging job!!!! someone hire me!!!! :P

okay didn't feel like bathing before going out but i guess with supper it is inevitable. heehee

很宅。看著the bucket list,哭慘了!

Finally done with two hours of Xmas haircut.
Now lunch!!! Haha

watching love actually.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

感傷了兩個月。明天終於要剪頭髮了!!! :)

woohoo the pudding camera app on iphone rocks!!! hahah just finished carolling at universal studios. after that we had dinner at soup spoon. the mushroom soup and clam chowder were yums yums. :)

okay out for a jog in a bit!