Saturday, September 29, 2007

yep hope to write more here before september ends.

don't u guys agree that the months flew by this year? hahah at least it did for me. some ppl said that facebook is evil cuz it is highly addictive. it's true.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

alright alright jianhao it's time to think and plan ur life...

ok i was talking to chan about what to do in the future, so i came out with a outline about what to do in my life in the near future

all blurred up
carolling practices
spring singapore practices
10 - ORD
mid-end - find a temp job: what?
carolling practices
4-8 - Taipei Trip
- relief teaching, just for the 65 bucks a day
- waiter/sales assistant
-more tuition assignments
- what else????
school begins

oh well in the meantime i would like to go for a few tempting money-eating courses
- language courses: malay and japanese
- singing course
- guitar course (joshua...? haha)
- diving course

such a motivating post.
i need to cut hair cause my hair has grown so long it stays FLAT perpetually.

talking to ppl older than u really gives u wisdom.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

i was tourist for a day when i went to shenton way yesterday. so many tall buildings! however on my way to city hall via the esplanade from shenton way i had to pass by the singapore river, and i must say that it was actually quite smelly still. we need to have more green-ing projects.

for those of u who have forgotten how i look like,

presenting to u mr tourist boy.
it was so bright i had to squint even when i look down.

it has gotten rather chilly nowadays, which is good actually. i suspect all the bus drivers turned the bus air conditioning temperatures to 16 deg celcius. it was brrr-cold. and i didn't have any jacket or extra clothing to cover my shivering body.

talk about feeling cold in singapore! what if it snows in the lion city?

i am not ready for the big world out there...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

the comp took so bloody long to startup. :(

ANYWAY i was at macritchie area earlier in the morning attending to some case which i believe is either housebreak-in, over-suspicions or X-FILES. haha yah i got bitten on 4 spots over both arms the moment i stepped outside the house. when i was in the house, i caught one mosquito landed stealthily onto my right arm and my left hand instinctively slapped on it. blood just sorta oozed out of it's big fat abdomen. HOWEVER, the scary thing is that it's legs have WHITE lines, similar to those of an aedes mosquito. the bad thing is i might have already caught the dengue virus, the good thing is that i am still going strong and feeling alive. YAY shall see what happens tomorrow.

arGH itchy.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

sheena is also going to taiwan at the end of the year! and she is going to spend the new year there!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Some of the things i did:
1. queued up for donuts at donut factory
the queue took me an hour plus and i had donuts for dinner. people keep saying i suffered from sugar rush that night all through the following day
2. asian voice symposium with vc and vjc choir (carmina burana). had a really rushy afternoon trying to find ties. thank god gabriel went to borrow some from our vj juniors. thanks.
3. dinner at lao beijing at novena square. the sweet and sour fish and prawns and brocolli were really good. I like the duck meat wrapped in egg rolls too.
4. went for pre-ord medical checkup at old tracom and managed to meet up with the other cheeseburgers. went to j8 to eat with yee teck and edwin in the morning, and to orchard with daryl and kenneth in the evening.
5. managed to do the itinery for taipei trip at the end of the year. YES i am going to taipei. need anything from there just tell me.

OH NO it has been rather long since my last posting. :P