Thursday, April 30, 2009

okay busy 2 days:

28 April: met julio for lunch and practice with him and zach for our sat performance. hahah i really admire how they can play the piano so well. DAMN. i want to be as good as them! hahaha practice practice practice!! :P

after that met alicia and joyce at raffles city and we went to take the train to pasir ris to go to costa sands. junwei was there preparing already by the time we got there. HAHAH oh i can really see how well-loved alicia is among everyone. hahaha we are all sad that she is leaving yeah? hahahahahaha the gifts that everyone prepared for her are damn nice. i think mine will suck when she sees it tml. (hahahah) yeah and so we talked, told lame jokes, drove out to replenish food, and played games till morning. well only 5 of us lasted: junwei, ee chen, joyce, alicia and i. hahaha the singing game, zong ji mi ma, naming things game, and the uses of things game were all intensely fun. hahahh and so were the forfeits.

29 April: went back to hall immediately after we checked out from the chalet. did some packing, caught an afternoon nap, then continued packing again. was unable to join yy, daniel, raymond they all for the sakae buffet...yeah didn't feel hungry and had lotsa packing to do. well they ended up playing saboteur in my room anyway. hahahah and everyone was so nice to help me to carry my 20 bags of stuff down to wensi's uncle's van. omg i was damn paiseh when i knew that i was the only one whom the uncle is ferrying. wensi and eugene are like only moving out tml. WTH. HHAHAH yeah i reached home and took 5 lift journeys to finish unloading everything from the van to my house.

then zach called me to go to genevieve's birthday. hahah i am like WTH i need to pack. but i am like so easily persuaded i decided to go with him. yeah so we ended up at chalet A (yes chalet again! haha) and met genevieve, her bf ray, and her very very passionate larger-than-husky-what's-the-name who was curling himself around my legs the moment i reached. hhahah it's quite funny. yeah anyway had fun talking with everyone. no regrets at all. even managed to come up with a last minute birthday card for genevieve. hahaha well done jianhao. :P

yeah gotta sleep soon. gotta help alicia with her unloading in the morning tml. :P HAHAHA

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

what's wrong with blogging about the star awards? HAHA

had lesson with teacher mei xiang just now. oh my it was really good. informative and she is very funny. HAHAHA now i know better how to find my own style. start by reading the lyrics!! :D ok i can't lose to julio who will be going for a run plus doing hundreds of crunches. i must do it too! anyway i am seeing vs peeps like EVERYDAY. hahah tml and wed also. but fun la. just had a train ride home with iris and wendy and a bus ride home with chloe. they were laughing at how "uncle" jason actually is. AHHAHAAH

oh yes vc peeps are going to penang from 2-6 july. WOOHOO!!! laksa! seafood! :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

oh yeah. today was packed. had deportment (yessss deportment) class in the morning with ex-miss singapore. HAHAHAH quite fun. i think i really cannot sit/stand/walk/talk properly. i am just an ill-behaved boy. HAHH!

ok after the lesson went to outram park to have BURGER KING. yes bryan, zach, iris, wendy and i went all the way there to have BK. HAHAHA anyway the weather was really damn freaking hot and all of us were complaining. i just saw the news and it will be 39degc in bangkok tml. like WTH.

then met up with colin and julio to go to zach's house to practise for sherlyn's church performance. ok we are quite screwed. only a few more days left!!! erm yeah. was watching the star awards just now. HAHHA surprise surprise! 2 awards for best supporting actress. HAHHA and yeah of cuz the little nonya swept many awards. HAHHA

Saturday, April 25, 2009

went to music forest in the afternoon to prac piano with wenhao. it was very fun!!! hahahaah oh and i just tried the piano with westlife and backstreet boys' songs. quite fun!

Friday, April 24, 2009

ok. now that i am supposed to focus on music i can't seem to get any tunes out of my brain. i need to go and listen to more varietiies of music (eg ENGLISH SONGS!!! hahaha) and play more piano. shall devote tml to finding the chords for jay chou, jj lin and dbsk and popular songs... MUAHAHAH. and jianhao needs to find a way to market himself. my teacher said i have no identity, which is very true. HOWWWWWWW.


oh yeah!! how can i forget to blog about my marketing paper today and lunch. ok the paper was TOUGH. it was really mind-bending, even for me who really loves marketing. ok that aside, eugene, wensi, suhui, derrick, yf and i went to double bay at raffles city to eat. the fish and chips' chips and the snapper pie were REALLY GOOD. get the snapper pie. it's a portion for 2 ppl and it's quite value for money. yf and i only paid 16 each together with some koping of food from the others. HHAHA oh but remember to tell them to change the GREEN PEAS to something else. the whole plate was flooded with those things. HAHH

oh yes i need to cut hair. and reservist is on 10-11 june. how FUN.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

did another round around campus today. Woo hoo! feels good to feel tired. HAHAH

last paper: Marketing! fav leh. HAHHA jiayou!!!

just came back from macs supper with yf and eugene. HAHAH yf's mcspicy patty was damn small la. so i was brave enough to go and change it for him! hahahahah! yeah today's stats paper was really ok. i am so damn lucky it's open-book. AHAHAHA same for marketing on friday! :) jiayou! haven't been doing much revision for marketing though...don't really know how to... HAHHA

okay shall study a bit before sleeping. heehee :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

oppps just spilled water on the floor. hahaha

oh i am SOOOO glad stats is open-book. at least i have many things to rely on when i see the question! hahaha i think i am going to refer to the textbook for every qns. i hope i have enough time!!!!! if i have time i think i CAN DO IT! hahahahaahahah and 2 weeks before i was thinking of MC-ing it, and possibly acct. okay hope everything goes fine later!!!! hahahahahahaha

really really looking forward to friday, although studying can get so fun! :P but seeing everyone go home today was really sad for me!! ben left already! and he's only coming back next week. like how shiok! :P nvm i shall have the whole room to myself. MUAHAAHAHA

arh. don't feel like sleeping at all. HAHHA

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

ok stats tutorial 10 here i come! man i am supposed to finish 10,11 and 12 last night! hahahaha ok now now now.

Monday, April 20, 2009

omg. chi-square is killing me! hahaha

laughter and exercise are really the best medicine! hahah just came back from a jog around campus and watched xman and laughed like mad. the golden fishery was damn funny also! hhahahahahahah

ok better study finish stats today!!! ahaahahahhhahahaaha JIAYOU!

was watching the golden fishery on youtube with dbsk on it. although i don't really understand their parodies and puns but i still think that it's UBER HILARIOUS! hahaha go catch it!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

自创曲 for exam! :) needs to improve on the piano!

jianhao is going to become myopic from the strong desk light.

oh accounting and stats have been growing on me. too bad i only realisd that they were interesting subjects until 1 day before the exams. HAHH! sad right! must appreciate next sem's modules and do my homework and participate more in class! hahahah why am i saying all these before my acct paper tml! ok shall go back to the books after my short break :P

only halfway through the lectures and tutorials when the test is tml!!! argh. HAHHAHA

i will be in my element after 1130 on friday! hahahahah!!!


anyway just wanna say that VS was really worth it. i think i found myself there! hahahah i found where my passion lies. now it's left to the external locuses to decide whether i can succeed! hahaha the internal locus is working hard! jianhao just wanna be happy.

okay. less crapping. back to mugging!

ah har. damn nice song for everyone! :)


どれだけの季節 過ぎたんだろう
遠い記憶から 一人抜け出せないまま


この街で めぐりあった
今も忘れないよ あの日から
たくさんの悲しみとか 潜んだ不安 全てを
君のぬくもりで思い出に変えた Proud of your love



この愛を 守りぬける
そう初めてそう思えたから この手を放さないように

この街で めぐりあった
今も忘れないよ あの日から
生きること 信じること 悦びに変えながら
いつまでも二人 共に歩こう Proud of your love

april is ending. :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

ahahha and here i am... still unsure of how to study for accounting II!!! :(

argh really can't wait for the end of exams!!! then i can do the things that i want to do. the list is ENDLESS. hahaha

wants to write better lyrics, like fang wen shan!!!! haha needs better chinese!!!!!

ok just finished stats tutorial 5. omy i am lagging....

Thursday, April 16, 2009

composing is really much easier with korean syllables!! i just need the lyrics!!! ahahahaha i promise i will let you guys hear it someday!!! hahhaahah!

anyway mugged for 4 hours with eugene today. totally shagged. yes, only 4 hours! but really tiring!!! hahahahah will restart again tml and aim to finish the remaining 3 chapters of stats + start on accounting...:)


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

just finished the mini assignment to be handed up next next week. HAHHA if only i was that fast for everything! hahaahahahahha

oh well. this morning's ob paper was okay la. at least i managed to finish everything on time! hahahah

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

yay productive day! hahahah and i got the video from iris already! hahah go check out facebook! :D

did some studying in the seminar room today with eugene. argh i think i study better when i sneeze. was having runny nose the entire DAY. SIAAANNNNZzzzzz

Monday, April 13, 2009

just returned from the unplugged session.

met raq at 5plus to practise the instruments part. hahaha oh i must say my PIANO part was not bad!! hahahaha must be the practising! hahaha oh yeah then suddenly we saw jj's shadow at the corridor, and juno and vicky who were in the room with us ran out and took a photo with him. i was in the 'let's practise' mood with raquel and didn't give a damn. i REGRET it now! hahahah

oh well anyway vs4 did great!!!! mika was supposed to be taking her papers at 7pm but we saw her at 7 plus at ob! i was telling raq that she may have seen a ghost! hahaha raq, geraldine and i were super touched when we saw her just now la!!! mika said she just finished one qns and handed up the paper immediately. hahahahaha oh mika's voice really rocked la. if we didn't have her i think everything wouldn't be as nice. HAHHA raq and geraldine rocked too! hahahha just don't be nervous on stage! (winks)

that's me playing the piano on the left! hahah

daryl, wenhao, vicky and juno's group's guitar girl was good! hahaha quite ownage. zach's and bryan's group was also very good. bryan even kneeled down after getting touched by this girl in his team. HAHAHA i think they confirm top 3 lor. HAHHHA
haiz if only jun yang and jiong shun can give more comments!!!! :P

oh yeah and all the best to clarence who will be going to tekong for the first time TML! hahhaahah all the best dude!

waiting eagerly for the pics and videos to be uploaded by my classmates! hahahah

I REALLY ENJOYED SINGING and PLAYING THE PIANO! hahahaah i wanna sing and play the piano like zach! woohoo!

in the spirit of OB, jianhao also wants to do a johari window! hahah

hahaha ming zhi stayed over in our room to do his video on the friendly ghost. HAHAHA thanks for the mcbreakfast!

ahhhh having a little bit of a cold from the aircon last night. shit. later howwwwwwwww.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

just watched patch adams. really good show. lip yong you should go and watch! hahaha

oh my. tml's the big day! hahahah.

yay felt a litte bit more motivated after inputing some acct revision notes. :)

anyway was watching 2 episodes of amazing race on tv in the afternoon. it's really amazing how the show can carry on for so many seasons!!!! hahaha i really enjoy the show man. i wanna go bungee jumping and paragliding in europe!!! hahaah

Saturday, April 11, 2009

donated blood today! they should keep having more blood donation drives at the cc downstairs! hahah then i can go down every 3 months! ahahah

ok at least that's one productive thing i did today. was trying the stats paper just now... totally no clue what's going on. DIE. i have been using too many DIEs nowadays. hahaha

oh yeah choir test was alright la. actually thought we did quite well. and it was fun playing the pop songs on piano with priscillia during our practice! hahah i just can't believe how some ppl can catch chords so easily while i simply don't have the gift. :(

i hate exam periods. i just keep having this guilty tingling feeling in my heart every time i play the piano, watch the tv, or listen to music.

全世界都停电 tank



i first heard this song during earth hour week - so i initially thought that it was a 'save the world' song! hahahah how silly.

oh and how can i miss such a nice jay chou song -






Friday, April 10, 2009

FINALLY! the comp is back! woohoo!

had vs4 prac at raquel's place this morning. we brushed up on alot of the scores. now it sounds much more complete! yeah mika kept telling me to improve on my piano...but i have my limitations also la! hahahah nvm i will send sendy the recording tml and see what she says...i think it's okay!

hahah i am so gonna screw up this sem's exams. HAHAHA anyway i think i understand how it feels to sing and play at the same time. time for jamming! hahahah

oh yeah went to ob's recording studio on thur! hahahah exciting! then during piano lesson with sendy i kinda screwed up wo niu. OH WELL!!! practise more! and memorise!!!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

erm. at pacific coffee below ocean butterfly now. my laptop crashed (yikes!!!) this morning and i had no chance to do anything on the computer.

hmmmm studying sux too. i want to go and do something. just got back my papers. okay i wanna try to sum up my results thus far.

AA102 Accounting II
Written Test (20%) - 56/100 -> C+?
Written Assignment(20%) - B-
Class Participation (10%) - ???
Semester Exam (50%) - ???

AB103 Statistics
Case Study 1 (4.5%) - A
Case Study 2 (4.5%) - ???
Mid-term Assessment 1 (10%) - 7/14 -> C+
Mid-term Assessment 2 (10%) -
Class Participation (6%) - ???
Semester Exam (65%) - ???

AB105 Organisational Behaviour and Design
Group Presentation (10%) - B+
Mid-term Assessment (20%) - C+
Written Report (20%) - A

AB112 Marketing
Presentation - Case (10%) - ???
Presentation - Project (20%) - ???
Individual Report (20%) - ???

Yup pretty much in the doldrums. HAHAHA DIE. i really wanna stop le.

Monday, April 06, 2009

better post something before IE crashes AGAIN.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

my parents said that i have been singing too much. bah it's true. but i just can't help it.

had dance test(??hhahaha) at ocean butterfly today with teacher 小珂 today. she had long hair today! hahahah anyway the dance moves were sorta challenging! have to break dance on the floor one! hahah madness. anyway she mentioned that i am totally not relaxed and didn't give my all. hahah i beg to differ! i totally gave it all, but it's dance the non-dance genes in me that was causing all the blunders. HAHHA anyway after dance class had to work on 如果爱情 again. luckily we did the arrangements and part designation today. i think i will send them the updated chord progression later! :D

Saturday, April 04, 2009

just returned from dinner with vc peeps at botak jones. food was good. service was good. :)

Friday, April 03, 2009

tapas was quite disappointing as compared to last week's desserts! hahahah oh was trying to do the chording for 如果爱情 just now. hahah i just realised the chords are easy to get! that's why i could do it so quickly! hahahah i was trying to do baby baby and so sick just now. NOTHING CAME OUT. :(

alright. and so i was a little bit grumpier the past few days. HHAHAHA

received 3 hoaxes on april fool's. first thing in the morning with alicia telling me that she would be heading back to kl that day. second one during marketing class. then the third one when ben told me that marcus told him that sue lynn is in hospital and whether we should visit her. :P

oh yeah was at ocean butterfly yesterday and hong jun yang was our teacher for the unplugged session. yah and we were supposed to catch the chords (which i sorta had the gift for! hahahah) for this newly composed song and i had to play the piano (which i totally suck at). the performance is on the 13th, just 2 days before my OB paper. SHIT happens. HAHHAH but nvm will work hard for everything.

anyway had our last ob lesson with chi ching. okay la. she's really not a bad person. it's just that her lessons do not value-add very much. but she's really intrinsically warm and caring. hahha and so we took some photos with her before we parted.

oh yeah tapas at bakerzin later in the afternoon! i am saving my stomach for that! heehee