Wednesday, November 28, 2007

wants to write songs.

Monday, November 26, 2007

"...giddy giddy, giddy giddy, arh. arh. giddy giddy..."

HAHA had tonnes of fun at sandy's place yesterday. eh yah the bunch of us (joyce, gabriel, ben, kennt and i) went after carolling at the pines yesterday.

ok i did not expect to eat much during dinner but i guess that everytime u are at sandy's cafe u are expected to have a feast! the last time we had selft made bread-pizzas! hehe yah this time we had this cold chilli noodles with prawn and sotong as appetizers, japanese curry rice, salad (ok i didn't eat that HAHA), crackers with Brie cheese and apple and apricot cheese. oooo i totally adore the apple and apricot cheese though the the rest of them like the brie cheese better. well ben tan was repulsive towards both.

oh after all these we had chocolate fondue (2 times) with strawberries, apples, bananas, pound cakes, choco chip and nuts cookies, this cake thingie which taste really good and i insist it tasted like chocolate cake though the rest of them thought otherwise.

...and we are off to the Wii games! didn't know that Wii games are so damn bloody fun! it was really lame and requires less grey matter so it really suits me! hahahah played this rabbids game first and all of us became addicted to this dancing mini-game. well mr cactus had a really marvelous sense of rhythm and got through most of the songs while the others didn't do so well. WHEEEEE! XP ahahahah.

there were rabbids spinning to the tunes of la bamba and stuffs like that!!
oh other games include throwing this super-rabbid, the hog racing game whereby the smacking was most funny, feeding the rabbids carrot juice until they die, and throwing cows into the cemetery. oh the best was probably the "...giddy giddy, giddy giddy, arh. arh. giddy giddy..." memory game. joyce was still chanting it when she was sending us home.

joyce playing the dancing game with the rest of us practising beating to the rhythm.
why is joyce's left hand moving so quickly!? hurhur
HAHAHAH and so we went on to play the mario party games. gabriel had lotsa obscene movements like the can-shaking contest and the sawing game. hahhahah we all went crazy over the waving, sawing and tunnel games. they all made fun of me for having epilepsy and seizure during the tunnel game. :P i think all of us are at least quad-retards who are very suitable for such games - just keep shaking the control stick vigorously until u win!

we actually played for 5 hours. WHOAHHHH.

i had a very good dream last night about holding felicia chin's hand. :D:D:D

Friday, November 23, 2007

losing track of time

oh i did not have any idea what date it was today until i went to check the calendar. BOO this is not good. i need to get work to do soon. i went for the marina mandarin interview with the front office manager just now. thanks bran, yy and serene for ur msges. i finally understood that there are so many people concerned about my life. HAHAHAHAHA
ok back to the interview. well i think i stayed a good half an hour in the hr office talking to this ismail guy and was totally faking this MEGAWATT smile (as serene put it) and trying to keep the look from my eyes soft by focusing on the bridge of his nose. ok whatever that was what i was taught in secondary school during etiquette class. yes in CATHOLIC HIGH. haha well he and the hr dept girl lynette told me they will get back to me regarding the SCHEDULE. ok from that i would infer that i am accepted, though not officially, into the hotel. but still there's this tiny little tinge of uncertainty that i really do not like. oh furthermore i am only able to start work on the 9th dec after my tw trip. yah so two more weeks to waste.

not good.

been singing LOADS the past few days. OK weeks. hahah dunno if i have improved in any way or not but i am really trying to better prepare myself for impresario. haha competition looks really stiff i am very scared. AND EXCITED! hahahha it's been some time since i last took part in a competition. the last one was in 2005 back in vj. and it didn't turn out to be very successful. HAHAHA ok la i will sure this comp will be one eye-opener and i will definitely learn alot from it. argh just need to reduce breathing NOISE (yes dawn, and perhaps alot of other chorale peeps), try to reach higher notes with real voice, and to make the transitions between real voice and falsetto better. :D

taiwan trip in less than 2 weeks time. SO FAST?!?!?!?
woohoo ppl if u need to get anything from there just tell me k? i have got tonnes of requests already so better book ur purchases fast if not i will have no place to put them in my luggages! :D

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

these few days have been really carefree, albeit uneventful. yah no work, no income, no worries, got to have slots to study japanese, got to go jogging and exercise on my own schedule, managed to find time to really practise singing. yah practically everything that i did the past week was all due to my own planning, with no external influences, ok except the crest course. HAHA yah will be going down to marina mandarin for interview this fri, pretty excited about it! really hope that they won't reject me yah...i am mr professionally-friendly smiley-face ok!


还记得那夜 青春最初一页
眼前的世界 看起来快毁灭
你在我身边 看着屋檐 像末日的雨天
假如雨大一些 是否靠近一点
你没有察觉 心跳特别强
烈台风把沉默 吹熄了一整夜
明明有感觉 可惜时间 流出了我指尖
回头只看得见 满地回忆的碎片
答案一直到今天 才在我心中浮现
爱情曾出现 那一瞬间我们都没发现
那雨势一直到今天 还下在我心里面
淋湿了双眼 事过境迁
才清晰的看见 你的脸
后来那几年 当然也有雨天
我开始学会 等雨后的晴天
谁在我身边 渡过长夜 任雨点在倾泄
却再也找不回 当时心动感觉
你是否偶尔 像我静静怀念
岚一样的爱 倾盆的那一年
如果那场雨再度席卷 重新再淋一遍
我一定抱住你 绝对不让你走远
答案一直到今天 才在我心中浮现
爱情曾出现 那一瞬间我们都没发现
那雨势一直到今天 还下在我心里面
淋湿了双眼 事过境迁
才清晰的看见 你的脸

Monday, November 19, 2007

damn there is going to be a new condominium next to my house. and supposedly along with it comes bishan st 25. woohoo new street in my town. now i am wondering if property prices in my area are going to rise? hahah but i guess having a condominium next to ur house doesn't make much of a difference anyway since condos can't be counted as added amenities, or attractions...or things like that. ok perhaps i am just frustrated that the open field next to my flat is going to be a built-up area in a few years' time. and no more unblocked view of bishan park and ang mo kio then...boohoo.

it's true that there may be times when someone cares for u and wants u to do something that u either don't like or fear, which causes u to blatantly turn away their kind suggestions and begin to turn a deaf ear to everything that they say. yah my dad kept telling me the whole of yesterday morning that i need to go have a checkup with an otorhinolaryngologist (ok new word that is very long!) or just some doctor because i seem to sneeze every morning. but not really actually. it's like only on certain days (eg.sundays) when he is around in the house, and coincidentally i will sneeze. ok i am not saying that i am allergic to him in any manner. that's just WRONG! ok i admit i will have mucus coming off my nose every now and then but it's normal yah? it happens to everyone every now and then right? HAHAHA i hate it when ppl make me feel paranoid. BAAAAH

Sunday, November 18, 2007

so what has been going thru my mind for the past few days?

hmmm the decision to make between hotel and real estate. BOO HOO.

Friday, November 16, 2007

yah finally picked up that darned yellow japanese book and started reading it. brought back alot of lost information and memories. HAHHAAH studied it at bishan library for 2 hours. woohoo the longest i have done in 2 long years. yah so kudos to MESELF! :D


and yet another inspiring and highly motivational talk about sales methods today by master trainer yong hock. yah learnt a fair bit of sale skills. well now i should be much more prepared at haggling prices at taipei shilin night market yah!? hehehehe

Thursday, November 15, 2007

was talking to serene just now. 蛇-jie. hahhahah haven't talked to her in a long time!!!!!!! woohoo had a really great convo just now...maybe the best i had this year. HAHA so ser-jie we must talk more yah? wink wink :D

yah i must start my jap self-tuition tml. :D serene was telling me about this jac brother and sister programme whereby ppl are supposed to act as tour guides for japanese students at a humble rate. well i guess that's a very good platform to practise japanese. oh but too bad the dates clash with my taiwan trip. arh shucks. hahaha nvm. i have already dug up my 7 year old japanese textbooks from moelc and will start on the first one tml. wish me perseverance :D

whee had hotel interview spree today. i think i went to these few hotels
1. fullerton
2. pan pacific
3. marina mandarin
4. ritz carlton
5. raffles
6. swissotel
7. marriot
8. hyatt

at the start of the day my aim was to just go for the fullerton interview at 10, then after that go for the powertalk at propnex at 2. however after pan pac the momentum just kept going and i had to skip the power talk to go for the other walk in interviews. but i guess it was worth it.

fullerton was beautiful. but whee i also realised that marina mandarin has VERY VERY VERY nice interiors. the building sorta tapers upwards and when u are at the lobby u just seem to be covered by the hotel rooms and corridors and stuff. really fascinating. and there are fake birds chirping too! well i know there can't be real birds flying around the hotel lobby and guest rooms like. imagine dining under a tree with birds perching on the branches. hahahah oh well it felt like paradise for a moment when i came into the hotel from marina square. hahah whee really enjoyed being in that environment :D erm anyway feeling really tired from walking around the entire day from 10 to 5, from raffles place to city hall to orchard road...ahh and i just came back from a run at bishan park. HAHA

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

ok the morning was pretty blanked out. wanted to go down to dhq for dekitting and collection of cos and transcript and stuff but they said that they are not ready yet. yah we went down on monday and they told us that by wed it SHOULD be ready. now they are saying it would be best if we go down to collect the items 2 weeks from now since dy is busy and stuff. BOO to spf. very inefficient.

oh so i went for tuition. then i went for st james' power station interview as a server. hmmm i guess i most probably won't be taking up the part-time offer since the working hours are really scary and the pay is not really that great anyway. maybe i should just tell the manager that i am willing to work for events ONLY. yah that shall be it. anyway wild rocket had called back already and asked me if i am still willing to take up their job offer. hmmm but i told them that i will give them a reply in a few days' time cuz i have a fullerton hotel interview tml, or rather later in the morning! hmmm oh that i am quite excited. but i shall not pin too high hopes. shall see how things go tomorrow. i think i am quite under-prepared. that's not very good.


after every crest lesson i feel more motivated. more motivated to get started on things not only in real estate, but in many aspects of my life. i need to clean and filter and de-filth and tidy up my life. yah and set a goal. yah that is it. for this week i shall be more decisive and less wishy-washy. and yah procrastination has always been my greatest weakness. i shall stop procrastinating and idling in front of the computer too. thanks for reading if u see me hogging your msn messenger screen for too long pls gimme a nudge and tell me to get away from this nasty technological hazard in front of me. :D

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


你是友情 还是错过的爱情

i went for 3 interviews today. one at mt emily, one at chijmes and one at clarke quay. really liked the mt emily one, even though it's abit inconvenient to get there and the pay's rather low. HAHA junkai just got me an interview tml at st james. wonder what they do there. :D

just wanna be different.

some ppl say successful ppl do things differently but they don't do different things.

Monday, November 12, 2007

jianhao is trying to cast a REALLY big net. so that anyhow tembah (is that how u spell this malay word?) will also kenna one. HAHA

4 waitering jobs + 1 sales job + real estate sales. WHEE. life is so exciting!

went out to town with kenneth, daryl, edwin, yee teck and titus after failing to get back my pink ic from pnsd becuz tl did not sign my dekitting form. well still have to go back on wed anyway to collect the certificate of we had fun eating at swensens and pool at cineleisure. edwin and titus are zai, while kenneth and i are the tai-ko brothers. hahah but the tai-ko brothers won quite alot against the zai ones. :D
alright wanna say that this photo is kinda black. ok blame it on the swensens manager. haha oh yah forgot to introduce these handsome boys. edwin, kenneth, daryl, titus and yeeteck. edwin just had a brush with death not long ago at a road block. kenneth is the muscleman and just got his braces. titus is this super-smart guy whom dennis thought is above normal human calibre. oh and yee teck did something terrible to his dog and loves TWINS. he is the guy who played twins' songs EVERY SECOND when we were in cheeseburger bunk last year.

just attended the first of 8 specialised skills programme lessons at hdb hub conducted by nizam gafoor. i have attended so many of his lessons already but every time i am still amazed at how powerful a motivational speaker he really is, and i wanna learn how to communicate like that. the words just flowed out of his mouth like vomit, but they all made sense, and made u think real deep.

we were talking about having reflecting sessions everyday to charter ur progress in life, your goals, and to review them every now and then. to have pictures of things that u desire placed in the most prominant and visible position in the house so that u will be repeatedly reminded of ur dreams. to mix among with the best, or at worst the better. and to tell ur loved ones and ur best friends that u are going to embark on a journey of challenges and hardships and rewards and that u need their guidance and most importantly support and good wishes.

ok one very very cruel thing that we were taught in class was to filter away negative-thought influences, even if it means to lessen contact with some of ur best-est friends. argh that sucks. i am so reluctant to even think about that.

ok i know i always have short-tongues and long-tongues and twisted-tongues every now and then when i speak...haha ok that's quite funny. well i shall learn from everyone around me. so please. you can laugh at me when i spell or pronounce a word wrongly but try to correct me ok? :D

yah jianhao wants to let his family have a much more comfortable life. :D...

starting from tonight.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

went to oc guy's bike garage at lorong tukang empat today with some of the squad one guys. OOO he has alot of old bikes which looks appealing enough to make me wanna take a class 2 license immediately. hahah yah had great pizzas from canadian pizza (haha it's rare that the pizzas are actually still quite hot) and talked alot with my other former squadmates about npc life... :D
look at the number of motorcycles!
so who are these peeps? -salman, zeya, hakim, sedat, kurniawan, guy, daryl, abraham, nashrun, kenneth, haer, veerappa, kexin, me.

been talking to so many ppl online just now...hahah haven't talked to so many ppl in such a long time already. yah especially jingzhi.

anyway 04S61,
we are thinking of organising a class gathering between christmas and new year.
which day would u guys prefer? and who will still be in singapore then?
hahahah we can do our own turkeys and hams, and i have a few card games can bring over.
just need a venue. maybe i should ask dear pris soon. :D:D:D:D
sheena is weird. especially so tonight.
oh yin chuin i just read ur blog. u sound very lao ah pek..actually u are not old at all what, not mentally or physically or anything for that matter...hahah maybe it's that phase in life whereby u just get bored and sian doing everything. HAHA oh pls introduce me to complicated beer and wine. i need alcohol. :D duh we should go photo-whore together soon. :D:D:D

Friday, November 09, 2007

the last 14 hours of work were very very very very enjoyable. yah. the team met up early to have a pizza session at the briefing room, ooo the pizzas were yummy. :D yah when tl represented the team to present to me a plaque and a box of famous amos cookies as farewell gifts, i was really very touched. it was a really nice gesture. i was then asked to give a speech. yah so i was telling everyone how much i have enjoyed my stay at ty npc with such wonderful colleagues, and seriously, i was abit reluctant to leave so quickly. (HEHEHEHE) there was a mixture of so many different kinds of emotions. after tonight i will most probably not be able to work in the same environment and people and do the same silly things, and i really do not know whether i will find such great people to work with in the future. i really felt like crying then...

this was taken on the 30th oct

(anton, me, chan, ridzwan, farid, nadiah, dennis, bernard, harold, ansari, shane, sedek, peter)

taken on the 8th nov
(harold, ridzwan, shane, me, farid, shimah, bernard, anton, rafiq, nadiah, chan, vincent, junkai, (2 regular attachments), sedek)

HAHA and i was deployed to patrol with chan, someone whom i really wished to have done more patrolling with. yah so really big big thanks to anton for the deployment. as usual we talked all kinds of shit and serious stuffs on the car. it was a busy night running about attending to nonsense cases, most of which likely to have came from nuisance calls, and i did not get to sleep...HAHAHA cuz we were all so happily talking on the 3rd floor and laughing so loudly. then in the morning ridzwan brought us to this block with a spectacular view and really great breeze on the 30th storey....and then ate tau hway back at npc bought by shane and nadiah...i think i am a fortunate person. my team mates are really good people. i hope that they will do well and stay healthy and happy.

Monday, November 05, 2007

yah. been fretting over mindless matters these past few days. lotsa discoveries on thoughts that i never imagine would appear in my mind.

oh last night's rain was fantabulous. had such a good time working with ramli yesterday and had a great sleep this morning. yup if only eveything could be that smooth-flowing.

rafiq was telling me about his friend having this job as a waiter at a pub/bar (not sure what) and gets to work from 8 to 1 in the morning and is paid 1600 a month. i don't mind that.

anyone knows where to get waitering jobs which pays gold for cash?

alright no more talking nonsense.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

蔡旻佑 我可以
陶喆 就是爱你
张智成 末日之恋
王力宏 kiss goodbye
林俊杰 一千年以后 不流泪的机场 爱笑的眼睛
周杰伦 搁浅 退后 蒲公英的约定
tank 非你莫属 岚
so whose shall it be?