Friday, April 30, 2010


Thursday, April 29, 2010

study study study!


went mbs with alicia and jieying this morning. i finally saw the legendary makoto who brought us for a house tour in one of the rooms. ok much of the facilities are not done yet, with lotssa dust flying around everyone, and the river in the shopping mall is not even constructed properly yet.
wooohooo kbox with zach, miaoru and alicia. heard from zach that the carpark is only laid with cement and nothing else. WAH MBS really rushed into all these leh. not good not good.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


going to MBS tml! woohoo. :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


just had yucky avocado milk from bishan mrt's cafe lobby. NV go there to get avocado!!!

time to start studying. TIMETABLE!

jay's new song!

Monday, April 26, 2010

shou just told us that our group RM assignment which was done in a day got A. thank you very much.

the pns officer is surprisingly kind!!! wooohoo.

haven't got my daily dosage of avocado. i am going CRAZY!!!

why so blur ar, fiona! hahahaha

woohoo! iris's surprise bday party was a success! well done regina and wendy and iris's school friends! hahaah :)

we had dinner at F.I.S.H. and iris got to stand on the chair and sang a song for us. HAHAHA! " 。。。我要。。。相信你是愛我的,。。。"

Then we went to cine kbox to have $8 ktv! woohoo. :)

hopefully everyone can be awake for school later! :D

Sunday, April 25, 2010


was on fb and got to listen to volleyphin speak in english. HAHAHA 有搞笑成份。。。

Saturday, April 24, 2010

my niece is a lousy actor. hahhaahaha

reading lonely planet now :)


witness the weary verbal battle brimming with threats between diana and alicia, with david and leroy playing by the side, and nat washing the dishes.

KNS. why does daddy get to say that he wants to continue watching his WWE while i have to let alicia play her songs on my mac.

just managed to make this pear-apple-barley-reddate-pork soup. HAHHA 還不錯吃。我是超级奶爸,对不对。。。king of guestimation

it's rather agonising to watch little britain. i am trying to understand what vicky pollard is saying. HAHAH

Friday, April 23, 2010


after having avocado milk for some time, i have my own ranking of avocado milk in singapore! haha remember it's avocado MILK, NOT avocado JUICE! i like avocado milk with ice more than its blended version. ;) it's only good if it's a pale-ish green, like the one above.

1. MAXWELL FOOD CENTRE (Fruit drink stall at the last row along the centre aisle) - well-blended, creamy, rich taste of avocado
2. Thai Express
3. Block 226 AMK St 22 Kebun Baru Mall (Cheap ($2) and good! only drawback was that it was a lil milky.)
4. NTU North Spine

the one opp andy's shop at Blk 724 AMK Central Market and Food centre USED TO BE CHEAP and GOOD until they stopped selling avocado milk. KNS.

and the rest i have tasted were quite yucky, like the one i had at amk hub b2. TOO CREAMY and PANDAN-ish. and a few others.

AND i found some nutritional facts too!
contrary to what iris has said, avocado doesn't have any trans fats!

swallows saliva.

received the much-dreaded non-ict shooting letter from pns. BLAH. shall give them a ring on monday.

yeah just came back from sis's house again. i really ADMIRE my mom's patience with kids. HAHAH

oh i watched little britain today. my english sux. HAHA

ob got blog???

oh yeah! today's avocado's not as nice. WHY AR.

and. huanjie is right. relax.

and julio FINALLY came for thurs class.

mr/miss falsetto where art thou?

2 MORE WEEKS to wherever-i-am-going-to-go-to.

hahah i have idiotic friends.
just came back from mac dinner/supper with ob peeps. 每次出去吃宵夜必定會聽到《趣》事,就關於某些人啊。eh 我不只生氣好不好,只是聽者比較容易做,所以都坐在一旁不吭聲。 HAHA

2pm's new album!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

let's go and vacuum clean the floor.

then mop it.

then change the bedsheets.

and keep the clothes.

YAYness! tml no need to sing old songs. :)

met alicia for 'lunch' at amk hub. HAHHA just came back from 5 strraight hours of karaoke-ing with jialing at kallang cineleisure's kbox. WHOAH only 8 dollars!!! very cheap. HAHA until 30th i think for kbox members.
both of us missed the last train for circle line. so had to drop off at tai seng. HAHAH

WHOAH i am really happy today. 因為今天的狀態真的是誇張的好,應該以後都不會有這樣的機會了。。。 我在這5個小時裡頭知道了偶像蕭敬騰在台上歌唱是多麼地輕鬆自如。。。真的很 lucky 有這樣的機會。。。hahahahaha maybe it's just that i didn't have dinner! hahahah or maybe it's the pandan-ish avocado milkshake i had at amk hub, right alicia? hahaha maybe it's the char siew bun.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

really getting IMPATIENT. this is seriously causing me to age PREMATURELY. HAHAHA!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

and i failed to get any avocado at any fruit stalls in amk. WTS. how come you don't get avocado when u really crave for it.


the nannies just came back from sis's house again. hahaa. i watched 败犬女王 today too.

attempt-to-get-authentic-avocado-milkshake-at-amk #2

i am been checking my emails incessantly for updates for the past few days.
i was talking to pp yest. she was doing the exact same thing.

so,....where am i heading to for my internship this may?????????

just came back from my sis's house. tml would be 2nd shift. watched 功夫灌篮 and 红白喜事 today. SLACKER.

HAHHAHA i went all the way to the hawker centre at amk only to find out that they weren't selling avocado milk today...had to settle for a less tasty substitute nearby.

Monday, April 19, 2010

is fumgry.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

woohoo just woke up from 5 hours of re-sleep, and uploaded photos! :)

really really shaggs from the lack of sleep.

celebrated regina and iris's birthday at the korean restaurant opp red dot traffic. yay i like korean noodles and rice, the rice cakes were really sticky! hahhaa yeah had avocado milk from maxwell before that. LOVES AVOCADO!

after which we went to play like 300 rounds of murderer at studio. went home at 6am.

then woke up at 11am to attend nadiah's wedding! hahah my first time attending a malay wedding! i love nadiah!!!! my favourite police officer. HAHAH really really happy for her and wish her an everlastingly happy marriage! :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

dwelling in old songs. BAHHH

yay kimchi dinner in a while at korean restaurant beside red dot traffic. :) shall bring my camera! :)

finally cleaned my leather shoes after 3 days of procrastination.

julio ar julio. AHAHAH!

Friday, April 16, 2010

now that it's exams period, i wanna write songs again. :)

just met alicia at marina square. the mango ice at xingwang's damn big.

just had awesome pawsome supper at macs with ob peeps. i am so tired, but still happy to listen to everyone talk.

NEXT WEEK IS 老歌周 already.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

leeching on pac coffee wifi at ob. :)

installing logic at night. thanks mr koh!

last day of school! woohoo. :)

had this really interesting hotel ppt by francis from fairmont. he's a really humsum angmoh, so all the year 3 girls were gawking at him the entire time.

oh yeah we took some class pics with prof gerard.

blah. THM faculty has alot of undeserving profs. why are they teaching in my school?!?!?!??! KNS. hate nbs for not choosing at least so-so professors to teach us. these people suck.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

every wednesday night i will visit to look for inspiration on what to wear on thur. HAHA but on thur i nv look like anyone inside. HAHAHAHHAHA

ZIPIA rocks. and i saw my brown pants on zipia!!! finally my taste is acknowledged. HAHA for those who said this is ugly. zipia and i own you. WOOHOO.

it comes to the time of the year whereby i camp at adm library to do work and mug. HAHAH

choir evaluation was fine. sang a few wrong notes here and there. they told me prof chia kept looking at me. he must have recognised me from a year ago. HHAHAHA

ding dang!!!!!

in NIE now having choir prac. hopefully can finish the individual assignment by tonight. i have been harping on this topic for the last 2 days i realise...

going to the library to check out the travel section for a while before heading over to school. weet weet.

just reached home and had a good shower.

finished RM group assignment. now left with ind assignment and choir evaluation tml. BAH.

oh the our assignment for lyrics class. HAHAH turns out huanliang laoshi's lyrics got selected! hahhahha

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

still at my sis's place helping my mom to babysit her kids. BLAH.

RM meeting in the afternoon. before that was guest speaker wang wei. she should SERIOUSLY replace michael li as lecturer. li is a piece of shit. i think i am biased.

bah i have a thousand things to do tml. choir assessment is TML!!! i am so dead. so dead...and i have to complete the group RM assignment and individual RM assignment by tonight. no need to sleep liao. tml 12pm must hand up to my dear group mates.

hawker stalls should engage in RM practices - make prices cheaper during off-peak hours to maximise revenue!!! :) i am inspired by the RM guest speaker from IDeaS, Wang Wei.

Monday, April 12, 2010


just got back from an endless amount of running about trying to feed the 2 kids and making sure alicia doesn't run and leroy doesn't fall. HAHAHA it was nice talking to mom. i wish my parents can visit me during my internship. HAHA i am sure they would have fun. :)

i heard 2 key words that made my mind go bling bling bling and ding ding ding just now. at funan macs now using my laptop to last me for the next 2 hours. :)

吃咖哩 never tell me his blog is up already, KNS. hahahah!

hahah i was the lousy 殺手 during last night's game. cannot be 最佳男主角 already!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

supper in a while with hj and *** and *** and ***? hahaha

after so long, i am finally on to 蕭敬騰 音樂路 - 第九部 .

I am sure there will be many more to come!

how come there's no fruit store at my house here! i want my avocado juice!!! :P bah looked around all 3 kopitiams but none of them has fruit stalls. BAHHH. and there's no blender at home to make my own avocado juice! PRAY that HCMC has avocado! :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

old liao. everyone is having fun at ob while i am staying at home on this saturday night. HAHHA have to look after kids mah...

i think when i feel tired during a run it's a good thing - it shows that the body is not adapting to the exercise regime, and so more tissues can be destroyed and then rebuilt! woohoo!


is eating the rice that i fried for dinner. hurhurhur 還不錯吃!

wants my daily dose of avocado! BAH.

woohoo! yarden's 'DOWN3' song is now commercialised! congrats!!!
zai jiu shi zai! not some ulu ppl but 彭于晏 leh! ai zai!

why did we agree to singing oldies this coming thur? hahahahaha ZHAO BU DAO LA.

HEAR THIS. JYP audition clip. ZAI!

na ying and zhang hui mei have similar vocal tone, don't they!?! hahah

like how zai!

just woke up from my 12hr coma! i went to sleep at 730pm. beat it ysk.

Sorry for not replying anybody's message since last night! hahhahahaa

Friday, April 09, 2010

finally had our bt203 ppt today. i think prof didn't like it cuz it's very marketing style?!?!?!? i dunno. BLAH.

just sent alicia to golden mount complex. hahah and it rained! we were damn unlucky. HAHAHA miss xueying pls go and find a job in hk. so i can find excuse to go travel in hk. HAHA!

i am TIRED. have to wait for the bloody things to print finish first.


just got back from haidie. AHAHAH when you get avocado drinks MUST GET AVOCADO MILK!!!

had nice korean kimchi steamboat for dinner with iris, zach and miaoru at the korean restaurant beside red dot traffic building. nice! reminiscent of the times in seoul... :)

Thursday, April 08, 2010

why do i always get tummyaches in the morning? hahha i am not suited for morning classes. HAHA!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

can't wait for my favourite day of the week to begin tml! hahah :)

hahha heard from pp that she will be going to vietnam together also. OKAY now abit not so scared liao. HAHHAH!!!

waiting for ANG XIANHUI in ITLAB2. BAH. fyp meeting in a while with prof.

in SR2 with THM peepos doing facilities project. i have fyp and choir meetings later. BLAH. :P

feels unprepared about my overseas internship... BLAH.

back from suntec with alicia and irene AGAIN. hahaha

woohoo my loops like not zai. HAHAHAHAH!!

we took neoprints twice. 幾歲了?

spent the entire day on floorplanner. and still am not done with our drawings yet. BLOODY hell. HAHA

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

talking to huanjie on the train made me realised that we got severe 代沟. HAHHA!!! his version of 老歌s are from the 1980s. Mine's from the 1960s and 1970s. WTH man. HAHHA!

have to thank peiqiang and huanjie laoshis for helping us with the video recordings today! singing was really much much easier to do than talking in front of the cam. oh yeah wenhao rebonded his hair! hahah and it's quite cheap. like only 60 bucks. HOW COME!?!?!!? aahahah

tml will be my basketball match with alicia yap and irene chng. 2 girls bully 1 guy. not fair. HAHA JIAYOU! :)

had this in my heart for a few weeks already because of an sms. but just thought that tonight is the right time to say it out.
我不是你的奴隸。就算我是,我也是很忙的奴隸, 沒空應酬你。


女爵 is not an easy song to sing! woots.

oh yeah kns i saw mark lam on the train this morning on the way to smu. yeah then bt203 meeting was all fluff. we just played alot on floor planner. HAHA!

Sunday, April 04, 2010

just got back from amk hub (hahah i am there like 3 times a week) with alicia and keshin (is that how i spell her name? hahah). yeah i just heard a lame joke from jam today on youtube. HURHURHUR.

hahah tml's gonna be a long day! meeting at smu (?!?!) at 1030am and then go to ob to sing song. HAHHA

finally got audacity to work! woohoo. :)


Saturday, April 03, 2010

慢慢习 惯了寂寞相随

wah!his voice is damn nice!woohoo feels love hahahahha

just came back from stardust semis with ob peeps. woohoo miaoru got into finals! congrats! :) well done still to zach, nic, yikang, alex and zhuming! :) oh i saw adi, who was playing for one of the finalist! hahah

went to arcade and played hoops. woohoo my basketball tossing skills improved since i played with alicia and irene few days ago!

okay now on to vc and school work. :P

just came back from a run. SHAGGS.

went to jeryl's house to practise for choir elective today. his house's like a bali villa! damn nice can...

almost done with my chinese write-up. hurhur. writing in traditional chinese is challenging...

Friday, April 02, 2010

woke up at 830 for prof gerard's lesson. ahhaha yeah then we finally presented during bt202! whee.

went to orchard to meet chunrong in the afternoon for the haircut at the korean salon! i really liked that lady who cut my hair! she's really friendly, and the cut's cool! i think i will go back there again.

had lesson at ob. just came back from boon tong kee supper with ob peeps. :) food's good and company's good but i was really tired. HAHAH! can't wait to go to bed now!

needs to make my facial expressions more pleasing to the eye. :P