Monday, February 28, 2011

剛剛花了整個晚上寫歌給FM,因為已經拖了很久了!!hahah 可能有兩個月吧。:X

寫的當兒才發現自己腦汁好像用光了,一直來來回回寫不出好東西。好希望能得到一些指點! :)


woohooo planning a haircut soon!!! :)
but where?



Sunday, February 27, 2011

stay around positive people. :)
smile when you are feeling vulnerable, and cry when you are with the people you trust most.

always sing a song to someone.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Had to mediate between two guests just now. Skills learnt during policehood came to good use.

Friday, February 25, 2011

in school now.

just had singing test at gv17. HAHAHA
oh my angel in class wrote me something. naise.

waiting to go for class now.

oh yeah i am going to stayover at a backpacker's tonight! hahahha and then work at little india tml morning. i must be going crazy.

sorry for such a boring post. it must be the after effects of lunch.

oh yes. all the best to simpli5 and miaoru for impresario!! :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Must take note never to get avocado milkshake from tekka market.
Yah otw to get my favorite avocado drink at Kebun bahru mall. Hope it's open!

Oooo must sing something for tml's gv17. Haha

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


There are so many interesting people at the hostel! I just saw this old man helping another guy do acupuncture at the lounge area. Hahahahaha it's a melting pot of cultures. And I am happy that I can read newspaper and eat whenever I want, and together with the other backpacker's, since we are all on first name basis, and the boss doesn't mind. Hahahha

i met steward just now, and i told him that the people who stay at the hostel are mostly above average looking. :) but i think that could be the result of my eyes being tired. :P

no la it's true. eye candies walking around everywhere i go. HAHA

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ooooooo tired after 11 hours of work. 3 more to go!! Hhahah I must be trying to kill myself.
Tml gotta start work at 9 again. Hahah oh well it's tiring but it's fun. ;)
Looking forward to piano lesson with Jonathan tml! :)

had fun talking with some of my favourite peepos on msn :) sleep now! hahaha

Monday, February 21, 2011

Tired!!!! Hahah gotta go home soon to sleep after 12 hrs of constant activity. Haha

I am startin part time work at a backpacker's inn tml.
Excited! Hahahah

But I am so sorry friends if I have been mia-ing for some time. Will be rather busy with school, music and part time work for the next few months until I finish my last semester in may! Hahahha

Doing body check up now. Pls let me have a clean bill of health. :)



Sunday, February 20, 2011

Almost gave up on 2 different occasions, whereby I talked myself into not even trying and just live life as it was.
Haha. Glad I didn't. Good things happen to those who dare to want, and those who dare to try. At least you have more than 0% chance.

Okay now otw home to finish up Fyp! :)

I think I am in a good mood.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

my eyes wanna close already so i can prepare for tml. RARRr. FYP rox. :)

Figured out that if I work for it, I can pretty much do anything.
Now I need to find a good way to comb my hair tml.(yes comb) haha.

sleep! gambatte kudasai!

Friday, February 18, 2011

leant that in order to belt high notes, everything has to be relaxed.
three things to take note of would be your jaw, diaphragm and rib cage support, and bouncing the note onto the hard palate.
dun squeeze the throat cuz it doesn't help at all. :)

man. i am itching for a new haircut. Rarrrrrr

just came back from suntec starbucks. watched it's a great great world.
quite a nice show i think my parents would have enjoyed it alot.
HAHA oh yeah think everyone battery low today. HAHAH.
oh yeah we hit the 600-mark for basketball at the arcade. ZAI. but it was crazy when we saw this auntie-girl duo scoring 1200++ points on the basketball machine. MADNESS!
oh yeah thanks irene for the 24k gold coated sticker! hahah

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Finally done with the audition for convo performance.
Now I realized that I have been such a slack performer who never practice enough.
The OAS peepos were so naise they let me do the recording for a second time.
Was more relaxed and finally managed to overcome some stage tension.
Singing is a mental game. Haha.
Consistency is vital, and that's where practice comes in.

K done with the audition now off for dinner at marina square. :)

ok updates on nat's life:
- had first lesson with a new student on tuesday, looking forward to see him enjoy his own voice!
- met ping at inn crowd backpacker's hostel this afternoon. woohooo my first time stepping into a hostel!!! it's seriously damn naise inside, and i can't wait to help out there!
- had lesson with sherlyn yesterday, and the word that i remember most clearly has got to be 'moments'
- had lesson with jonathan today, and the word that i remember most clearly has also got to be 'moments'

alright. let's point out where that 'moment' should be. :)


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

this season's american idol is DAMN NAISE!!!!!!!! filled with really interesting people! and the most touching stories.

woohooo favourite song of the moment! love the "apart" at 3:06.

today's homework is to watch american idol. hell yeah!

Ohno. My short-term memory is too short. Yikes. I can't remember what I wanted to say 10 seconds ago after some distraction.

Yay it's going rain.

Today's lesson is about overcoming fidgeting, removing excessive vocal fry, soul, and moments.

oh yeah! found a really valuable pdf file which teaches how to modulate between keys! really helpful for key changes!

and yeah. finally done with finding the songs for school convo audition. RARrrr.
Firework, Perfect, and Dynamite. cummon lift your hands and sing with me. HAHA

Monday, February 14, 2011

just became a serious boyce avenue addict!

Hahah seeking ways to improve the hearing ability.
I cant seem to catch new melodies and rhythmic patterns.
Probably cuz I have been too accustomed to learning through scores that learning by hear is not very effective. :(
So important yo.

Pretty busy week ahead!
Shall aim to sleep less, procrastinate less, and do more!

finally done with the vocal lesson plan for 20 sessions!!! WAHHHH

i suck. rihanna's latest album is damn naise and i only JUST realised it. RARRrrr

oh had fun steamboating and karaoke-ing at jasmine's. next time no more $40 ktv!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

woohooo heard this song at dunkin donuts a few days ago and have been wondering what its name was. finally found it using midomi! haha
melee - built to last

my mom and dad asked me to help with improve on their karaoke singing. HAHA. so cute.

ahhhh what medley of songs to sing for convocation audition???!?!?!? i need songs which are generally more uplifting and inspirational. RARRr. procrastinated for a month and got nothing done on this. RARRRrrr

it's always damn shiok to take a shower. :)

just came back from bbq and steamboat at regina's house. had alot of food (孩子 & chunrong's 菇菇) and fun doing talkshow with xiao jie. HAHAHA!

you guys enjoy yourselves yah :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Feels lonely without any friends in the classroom.

Okay now that I turned off my iPod, I realised how loud the music must have been. Haha

Bah. Antisocial. Hahaha

why must ppl explicitly say that they dun like this person or that person?
actually i have been putting on a fake front hanging out with all you losers.
i hate you all deep deep inside my heart...












Thursday, February 10, 2011


yay managed to visit the peepos at transinex and got an angpao from fiona!! hahahahah then went to santouka for ramen and haato & co for ice cream with pp.

shall not spend so much already!!! rarrr

hairstyle for the day which disintegrated as the day went on. HAHA!

oh yes. taking alex's advice and shall not attempt to ring sophia up for a haircut until the end of the month. AHHAH

Today's so hot it's sucky. Rarrrrr
Feels like taking a bath for the second time today. Haha

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

had my first lesson of the sem today with Prof Joan Henderson. Same as ever. Can't believe we laughed at her hair - it was really puffy. it was only until we needed to leave early and approached her did we find out that it was because she couldn't tie her hair since her left hand is still in a caste. WAH poor thing! i feel so bad now lo. HAHA

after that had my first pop piano lesson with jonathan. NAISE. learnt the smoking way. MUST PRACTISE!!!

then met alicia and went to irene's house for cny dinner with her family and we louhei!! nice salmon sashimi. HAHAH

afterwhich we went to mbs to send irene to work and bainian with terence and jocasta. HAHHA and then we found our way to the helix bridge and took some photos there. oh yah saw eugene and thomas also. damn coincidental. HAHa overall a fruitful day. HAHA

shall bathe after i finish the pulpy orange juice! :)

oh yeah!!! i have a little nephew born just a few days ago, on 2nd day of cny i think! hahhaha royce and his family! :)

Sitting alone outside lt12. Oh yah met Sandra just now after my lunch appointment with myself. She grew back her china accent. Hahha
Oh loner me wishes my Thm classmates arrive asap. Rarrrr

Fate is funny.
It is asking me to grade someone for something that I cannot even pass.
Rarrrrr why you so like that.

International tourism should be quite fun. Hahha build a spa resort somewhere around the world.

Woohoo. I know where to build that already. Haha

i just thought of a brilliant business idea.


investors pls raise ur hands. :)

thank you friends for being concerned about my curfew.

yes i have a curfew now and i have to be home by 12 midnight everyday. HAHAH! so much for being in the mid-twenties already. RARRR.

okay you guys pls go ahead and enjoy. my curfew should die down soon. :)


oh yeah. HAPPY BIRTHDAY daryl. thanks for being a good listener and safekeeper. i love you slightly less than maddie does. ;)

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

oh yeah. totally forgot to print the lecture notes for my first day of school this sem tomorrow!! oh no. HAHA

not prepared at all for the piano lesson tml afternoon also. RARR... HAHA oh yeah going to bai nian at irene's house tml. yay. :)

oh yeah. tai tai outing this afternoon. HAHAH. only if i am a tai tai. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

okay to do list that took 2 weeks to draw out:
1. lesson plan
2. vc website
3. fm composition

Monday, February 07, 2011

why do i keep smelling roti prata with sugar?!?!?!?

Triplet outing tml. Hahahaha

just came back from suntec with alicia, irene and jocasta.

Lesson with student went okay I guess. At least she is hearing what I am teaching her and working on it.
Hope she does her homework dilligently.

Nv talk on the iPhone with a headset. Hahah

Flying to Punggol now. Dun be late yo. :)

oh yah. kbox last night with ob peepos.

who's birthday was it anyway. HAHAHAHAHA oh yeah we popped balloons!! hahah

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Came to the realization that no one has the right to exclude anyone.
And yah. Too fast too furious.

haha slept only 4 hours today! okay since i am home early it's time to update with pictures of CNY day 3. HAHA :)

went to zach's place in the late afternoon after house visits with my mom and dad. HAHA yea then we headed to holland v swensen's for ice cream with divas and divos of ob, and then back to zach's house for drinks and games. :)

the automated mahjong table!!! sugoi!!
at holland v's swensen's. lol at the waitress. also the day when mr was mistaken to be my gf and we held our pee till we wanna die. RARRR

at zach's rooftop patio right before all lines were crossed. HAHA christina was my sworn enemy for the night. HAHAHA oh zach too. and a whole lot of other people. HAHAH ;) but it was all fun and that's why we all went home at 5am. lol.

Saturday, February 05, 2011


Missing out on the party at cr's house, and missing everyone already.
Today's such a tiring day, mainly because of the huge absence of bed rest.
Oh yah. Lunch and mj at boyang's house was kinda fun! Haha then was at alex's house watching him kill the living dead before heading to CR's.

Ok. On to Fyp meeting with Daniel tml afternoon. Muahahaha

Friday, February 04, 2011

hahahhaha persevere on! :) heeheee.

okay my mom just initiated the bf/gf question with my aunt and uncle. rarrrrr.
woohooo wii rocks totally today. WOOHOO.
needs to get a ear stud.

okay random. HAHA

when i look into my heart, i know that's not what i want.
peepos, stay true to your heart. :)


Thursday, February 03, 2011

heeeeheeee taebo rocks. must do dedication one more time. just one more time where i really can do 100% of everything. :)

and up till now i still have no idea what i am doing.

daniel. after 3 hrs of working on part b, i am moving on to analyse page 12 of 96. WOW. HAHAH naise.

okay. done with like 30% of part b for my fyp. rarrrr.

needs to get basics! :)

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

the taebo dedication workout is MADNESS!!! rarrrrr.
pulpy orange juice is damn NAISE. :)

okay excited with the new books to read. thanks sherlyn for lending them :D





Woke up at 10am today after falling asleep at 5am. Rarrrr

celebrated ferlyn's birthday and drank cola tonic, really lousy red wine and okay red wine whereby my bottle opener failed terribly and we had to poke the cork into the bottle with a pencil...haha, okay then off to yello jello for tiger tower, and then kopitiam at boat quay for a mug of tiger and iced Milo. cheers to singaporean drinks! :)

rarrrr. i am swearing off alcohol and late nights this month. friends, i prefer to be sober. please help me. :)

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

okay. just did a calculation of how much i spent last month on food, entertainment and shopping.

woohooo it's raining again! :) love the monsoon!

剛剛看了戀愛通告。HHAHA。喜歡他們唱 “蝴蝶眨幾次眼睛。。。” 的時候。。。