Monday, May 31, 2010

i foresee a few stressful days ahead.


Sunday, May 30, 2010

woohoo just came back from a relaxing day - brunch at tanglin mall, rubberband jamming at nic's house, dinner at french restaurant at serene centre, ice cream milk tea at j8 and guitar chill-out beside bishan mrt. woohoo.

why is monday coming already!? hahah

okay off to do some packing for tue. :)

at nicholas' house with miaoru acting as the shaker eggs beside me. SHE's CRAZY! hahahahah



Saturday, May 29, 2010

prepared lotsa activities to do on the bus, at the field, in the hotel conference room for the kids and teachers. hopefully they will like it! i will go and hunt for little prizes tml! :)

gotta lead a 'ghost-hunting' tour at kampong glam on monday. hurhurhur.


have to pack my bags for melaka-kl trip on tue, and find games that i can play with the kids on the bus, and probably at the hotel too. oh yeah and need to go and get ping pong ball plus spoon. HAHHA

Thursday, May 27, 2010

today's hella a busy day. bishan-lakeside-cityhall-tampines-tuas-johore-tuas-bishan. haha 環島追追追!got drenched in the morning and damn sweaty throughout the day! went to old ford factory today! i really like historical clips, but i found that the exhibits were abit too wordy! hahha some of the kids were really friendly and funny. :)

and so i had to deal with 3 stressful situations
1. late tour guide + impatient teacher and fiesty headmistress + restless students + wrong bus number given by coach company + HEAVY DOWNPOUR = wet socks and shoes from trying to run around coordinating everything. HAHA
2. 3,000 people calling out my name at the same time in the office.
3. hour-late bus driver + unsociable teachers and students (except this one guy who helped coordinate) + absent tour guide from malaysia side, in the end i had to leave the group at the malaysian checkpoint and returned back to singapore by myself. BLAH.


oooo i just saw my results for this sem. considering how much i studied it's really not too bad already! hahahah non-examinable modules rock!


gosh i am working from 11am tml.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

the avocado milk at seah inn hawker centre tastes like coconut milk!!! hahah

am going to bathe, before going to bed, and waking up at 5.30 tml. haHHAA

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

it feels good to be able to surprise the teachers and students from shanghai with singapore's postcards.

the kids are overwhelmingly smart - we went to the peranakan museum, (my first time there) and they finished the quiz which was supposed to take 1.5hrs in 15 mins. HAHAHA and they were calling me 豪哥 throughout the tour. my mandarin sux anyway and most of the time i didn't get to convey my message properly. HURHURHUR
alright, i am currently awaiting their email with the pictures that we took today. :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

chinatown tour again! hahah i saw a picture of a girl who looks like yoona at the CHC!

doing last minute catching up for the civic district tour which i am leading tml! omg. have to say everything in chinese! google translate rocks!
singapore cricket club = 新加坡板球俱乐部.
convent = 修道院
national art gallery = 国家艺术画廊
audio guide = 语音导览


miaoru won stardust with alin's PS i love you. WOOHOO!! everyone was SCREAMMMMMMING!! :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

finally completed 2 weeks at my company.

okay had choir earlier on, then we went over to old school timbre for some music, talk cock and drinks. SHIOK. :)

going to support miaoru tml at rp. jiayou for stardust!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

made my way to henry park in the morning while there was still a slight drizzle.

went into the chinatown heritage centre for the first time. it's really informative! and i had some pretty good avocado milk at a coffeeshop near to the place at pagoda street, or was it trengganu?

argh can't upload pics here. WHYYYYY.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

the worst thing to happen to anyone is to get scolded for nothing, and not being able to scold the 'scolder' back.

the place i am working at is plagued with too much inefficiencies. it sux to be under like 5 people at the same time. their attachment program is sucky, yet the exposure to the tourism industry is excellent. i just came from this hk travel commission in the morning (after swollowing all my tears, and some not-too-good hotel food. the triple mushroom soup was delicious though! hahaha) and got to meet many hk tour and hotel operators. that's why it's okay. and stop maligning me by saying that i am trying to be politically correct but never do my work. nvm. 我忍.

ashli told me to eat more when i am stressed. she also contributes to my stress lor. HAHHAHA

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

did my first tour-leading assignment today! hahah brought these sec1 children to chinatown and kampong glam for learning journey. i totally remember these trips during my pri and secondary school era. HAHAHA i was providing all the logistical support for the teachers and guides, yeah coordinate buses and making sure the guides are doing their jobs. HAHAAHA quite a new experience la.

doesn't like the feeling of having to do 10 things at the same time.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

dinner at whole earth at tanjong pagar with daniel, yy, tk, andy and samuel. celebrated andy's VERY BELATED birthday. hahahah then it was dessert at onceuponamilkshake. too sweet for me! hahahah

i just realised how much i missed the mixed veg rice opp my house after a week of abstinence from it. HAHAHHa

Saturday, May 15, 2010

is back in singapore! :)

what a whirlwind ride.

(all in medan time, which is 1-hr behind spore)
06.30 - woke up for bf at swiss cafe. okay the spread was good but the quality was so-so nia. took a walk at the hotel complex, which is a mixed complex consisting of a condo and a shopping mall, which has ya-kun, starbucks, breadtalk, coffeebean and many other familiar names inside.

08.00 - adrian arrived. sorted things out with him, like have to buy local sim card, get adapter, and all those chapalang hotel stuff which i didn't do before he got there. NO MONEY ma! hahahah

10.00 - met suriah again to bring me to do some paperwork, got the sim card, changed leftover ringgits to local rupiahs, and had lunch together at sun plaza. as much as i empathise with the local medan people, i presently can't imagine spending an entire afternoon without aircon. it was SOOOOO HOTTTTT

basically everything after this related to company stuff, which is unsharable. HAHAHA oh yeah i tried chicken char siew noodles and avocado milk from cambridge shopping centre, which was just below grand swiss belhotel. the char siew's GOOOOOOOD. amk's avocado's better than this. HAHAHA

medan was physically and mentally-draining as much as it was spiritually-inspiring. it opened my eyes to the world - people washing clothes in the river; 4-years olds begging for money on the ROADS; a city where shopping malls are never filled up becuz locals can't afford to go there (and probably denied entry by the security); a country where money has to be slipped into the pocket to get things done; and it also showed me that people all around the world needs to be smooth-talked, and certain white lies have to be desperately cooked up to get a seat on a flight.

but i met wonderful people on this 2D1N adventure. kelvin, uncle yong, suriah, rachel. GREAT PEOPLE! looking forward to see them again in KL and Medan if possible! :) ooo this is suriah, my friendly van driver in medan. we tried to speak in bahasa, but i cui k! hahahah but i think i improved today.

i have random malay phrases running continuously through my mind now. PLS STOP IT! hahahahahahah

is ready to conquer the world! hurhurhur

shall wake up a lil earlier to explore the town. shall ask the concierge tml for breakfast snack recommendation. ARGH regretted not bringing my d40! hurhurhur. i hope i got the time difference correct.


woohooo a big shoutout to everyone! :) I am safe and sound in medan now. just took a flight from KL. super shagged.

8am - singapore office

11.15 - left for changi airport with adrian. got a briefing from him in the car regarding what to do in kl. hurhurhur. info overload!

11.50 - reached budget terminal. it was my first visit to the budget terminal, and my tiger airways flight to KL got CANCELLED. well, adrian had his way and managed to nudge me through to the front of the queue line, and i squeezed onto the jetstar flight. WHOOPEEE!

15.30 - reached KL international airport (haha the perks of flying jetstar is that we dun need to go to budget terminals!) the immigration queue was 30-min long (SHAGGZ). managed to buy a sim-card, top-up, taxi coupon, some jianmianli, and finally, lunch-part-deux for myself, and zoomed off to bandar sunway, whereby my KL office is at Leisure Commerce Square. went up the bubble lift (hurhur) and met Kelvin. he's really friendly (like me :P) and he looks like HERMAN. hahhaha! briefed him thoroughly on jubilate IV and he helped me loads with phone numbers and quotations.

19.05 - left for KL LCCT with uncle yong. had a continuous convo on the cab with him for 1-hr. hahahah and i think i gave him the idea that i am a malaysian studying in singapore. woohoo my msian accent rox sox.

20.00 - reached the budget terminal and had dinner at old town coffee (it's ubiquitous in KL!). the wheat grass honey drink was too sweet, and I would have enjoyed the chicken rice if my throat wasn't hurting from the chilli.

21.45 - entered the gate of air asia flight to medan, when it was supposed to have flown off at that time already. heard from my colleagues that air asia flights always get delayed. oh my first time walking up the stairs onto a budget carrier. HAHHA

22.00 (medan time) - greeted by suriah, this 24-year old medanese who's really really friendly. we TRIED to converse in bahasa, but i could only comprehend like 20%of it. hahahahahahahahhahaa and he could only understand like 20% english, so we jitongyajiang for 20mins, before we reached my hotel.
with a bath robe for the first time in my life. DUH.

23.30 (medan time) - there is a jet shower in the bathroom! it's friggin nice. HAHAHA the room's not bad too. :) i am trying to access msn now. dunno why cannot connect. and facebook too - but they put me on security check, and tried to make me identify my friends to confirm my identity. the only problem is all the photos shown were that of shoes, backviews and mud-covered faces. HOW DO YOU EXPECT ME TO KNOW WHO THEY ARE!!?!?!!? HAHHHA INSANE. okay. on to naruto first then. :) okay it didn't work. HAHAHA

Thursday, May 13, 2010

i can feel my soul leaving my body. HAAHAHAH.

flying off to kl and medan tml. :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

a simple russian phrase. I am supposed to lead a russian group to the night safari tomorrow. HAHAH!

приветствуем то Сингапур
privet·stvuem to Singapur
Welcome to Singapore!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010




自己要再加強PR skills HAHAHA 腦筋要動得再快。

i changed my work file again. :P

Monday, May 10, 2010

i foresee 2 more weeks of relentless mental torture in a humourless, all-paperwork environment. :P

i maybe flying to kl for a night on friday. shall update again. :)

just watched iron man 2 with yy, daniel and andy. and it's not too bad la, just that eeeeeeeevan died too instantaneously. HAHA

Sunday, May 09, 2010

nua-ing at home :)

i am starting work tml! just like most of my THM friends. lucky joyce is going on a holiday and starting only next week. HAHA

cooked lunch for my family today.
then choir in the afternoon. celebrated jj's birthday.
and wendy's birthday celebration @ PS cafe. shared foie gras and caesar salad with daryl cuz everything was just TOO EXPENSIVE! hahah. we then wandered around at vivocity, before settling down at nic's place for mahjong, guitar hero and tennis on PS. and playing with rico the extra hairy schnauzer hahhaha

just reached home! :P

Saturday, May 08, 2010

i am a pig who slept for 14 hours.

my favourite naruto character kakashi died le. :(

cao jasmine said that i need to get a flu jab before flying anywhere. :)

Friday, May 07, 2010

blah. why so inconsistent?

11 more hours to freedom! :)

i went into the exam hall today without my calculator. HAHAHA

Wednesday, May 05, 2010


there is this little area behind my soft palate and uvula (the hanging thing in the mouth that hj's mouth can touch) that i have been using for my voice production, especially for the higher notes to emulate real voice. Is it correct? I can reach the notes more easily and puts less strain on the voice, but it doesn't ring as well. How now brown cow?

And i also realised that the neck cannot be stiff. like we have to look and twist our necks a little to relieve it of stress. a tensed neck doesn't deliver as well.

good music must share!

what happens when we 力有餘, 而心不足?



Tuesday, May 04, 2010


wanna pack my bag and leave on a jet plane.

Monday, May 03, 2010


Sunday, May 02, 2010

a SHAGGERMAX party happened yesterday. wah so many people came! HAHHA abit seh even until now.

thanks zach and miaoru for organising!!!! :_D

Saturday, May 01, 2010


謝謝zach特地送我回家!咱們兒明天見!(oh ya shyrlyn 很直。)

我預期自己會留在新加坡到6月中旬,之後飛去香港,然後有可能去上海一趟。 異常興奮地期待著。 hahahahaha