Friday, July 31, 2009

needs to start doing lotsa crunches and stretching. dancing with julio and zach was quite fun. :) collected money from sherlyn and had dinner/supper with ivan, miaoru, zach, eug, marcus and sherlyn.

thought through alot of things the past few days, and i realised who my true friends are. zach mentioned something really true - it is more important to have true friends compared to having many friends.

True friends are ppl who you feel happy to be around with and whom you can freely express your thoughts cuz you know they will listen. They are ppl who you will want to write a song for. HAHA they are ppl who will not forget you no matter where you are and will support you always. They may not hang out with you everyday but every now and then you pop up in their minds. They are the first few ppl you wanna invite to your performance. They are the ppl whom you share no awkward moments with.

you know who you are. :)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

met up with vs peeps yesterday for supper at amk. then off to changi airport.

needs to make an impt phone call tml. wish me luck.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

woohoo welcome back ivan!

haha i just woke up. slept at 5am this morning. went to funan to visit my mom for a while, then off excelsior to fix my mic stand, then went to ob to meet miaoru, zach, julio and sherlyn for dinner. then mr,zach,julio and i went to woodlands to meet yk for karaoke. HAHA then we went to upp thomson road prata house for supper with regina then off to sembawang beach for another chit chat session...

oh, and is megan fox a man? :P

Monday, July 27, 2009

haven't been out so late in ages! hahah i just returned home from a good supper with vs peeps at henderson waves. HAHA

yeah today's bistro performance was cancelled cuz melvyn had his son's first month's celebration at the bistro bar. HAHAH yeah. so we went for dinner at LJS and watched harry potter at marina square with collin, wendy, iris, shuting, mireen, regina, alex, fiona and chunrong. before the show we were trying to catch dolls at the arcade and i think we spent almost 50 bucks on a few of them. we also saw SEAN's look-alike on the poster of xiao dao xiao. yeah then we walked around mandarin oriental and got chased out, so we went to esplanade rooftop terrace to enjoy the night scenery.

zach came soon after and we went to balestier to meet miaoru and yk for boon tong ki chicken rice. quite nice. ordered half a chicken, fried tofu, kailan and sweet and sour pork. really not bad! yeah then we headed over to serangoon gardens but liquid kitchen was closed, so we headed to henderson road instead.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

BUSY and TIRING day! fulfilling though! :) can't believe i did 2 performances tonight. hAHA

went to vj at 1pm to collect the carpark label from miss sandhya. started warming up at 2pm...dinner at 5pm sucked...

then rushed off to tampines central cc for hdb performance with shuting. yeah shuting don't fret! jiayou everything comes with experience :) ooo got to take photos with charissa. she was the mc for the past 3 venues that i was at. hahah so coincidental!

then rushed back to vj in shuting's parents' car. i thought our performance was not too shabby. sang for president nathan who graced the event. however, i think no one can ever hit that Bb in circle of life other than that crazy joshua koh. HAHA yeah and i was totally stunned by gabriel's cheering on stage. HAHA! i think vj wouldn't dare to invite us back there to perform ever again. HAHA!

gabriel's thinking of having a PCC. shall we? :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

dissatisfied with my hdb performance today at rivervale. i think i didn't warm up enough. VERY BAD...blah. jiayou tml for tampines and homecoming. i am WONDERNAT :)

did my first proper demo of 不靠近 today! muahaha needs drum loops!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

22nd July marks the beginning of RUBBERBAND. HAHA!

yooosh just came back from supper at swensen's at changi airport. yeah spent the whole day with zach, daryl and miaoru doing midi stuff - from daryl's house where we saw all his fanciful equipments, to funan and excelsior where i got all my stuff from...managed to buy an audio interface which comes with cubase, condenser mic, lotsa cables and a mike stand... hahah still neeed alot of setup to be done!!! shall do it tml morning. HAHA :)

yeah then we had supper at swensen's. kept listening to the other guys talk about army stuff. HAHA~ jiayou bryan and alan who will be enlisting tml! and may all the sick birds (alex, julio, ashton, etc...) get well soon :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

just reached home, had a good bath, and then i saw a cockroach in the room. BAHHH now my room smells of insecticide...BLAHHH

oh yeah! best thing to happen today: the formation of RUBBERBAND! yeah just had a long practice after daniel informed me yesterday that his band pulled out and we had to perform for the singapore food fest at clarke quay the next day...yeah so we barely had 2 practices before our perf earlier on. HAHAHA yeah but there were a few technical errors here and there la, like no sustain pedal for the keyboard (hahah wth i thought sustain is essential...) yeah then it's my first time performing with a shaker egg. hahah quite challenging! hahah thanks collin, iris, mireen, regina, chunrong, julio, ashton, wenhao, alex, shuting for coming down to support us earlier on. HAHA regina later went on stage to wear a sarong. HAHA

yeah then shaved bryan joined us and the bunch of us went to macs at liang court and kept talking about performance and midi stuff. bah i should get a macbook pro, audio interface, synthesiser, midi interface, condenser mic...BAHHHH no $$$$$ oh just found out that my keyboard has midi in and out! woo hoo! damn happy! hahah

yay going daryl's house to play with his midi tml. :) got my inspiration from huanjie's and miaoru's blogs: once i can do my own demos and covers i will post them here! hahah

okay now have to think of a way to remove the damned cockroach...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

CONGRATS to everyone who got into the ZHONG JI BAN! hahaha

of cuz i am abit sore about not being inside with all of u guys, but we were clearly not good enough yet la! hahaha will jiayou and work hard! gambarimashyou! you guys work hard and sign more autographs for me! hahahah

just learnt how to play the shaker egg! VERY FUN!!!

needs to go and compose songs for SHE and do covers! hahah

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

had supper at chomp chomp and rk with ivan, ashton, regina, iris, julio and yamapi. most of us can hold the volleyball with ONE hand! hahah


cummon NAT. let's work even harder. prove to ppl that they are WRONG. :)

NEVER leave my fate in other ppl's hands. I WANT IT!!!!


will be performing on wed night @ 10pm at the central fountain @ clarke quay. seeya! :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

had a really long day yesterday! thanks to my parents, yy,bran,mel,samuel,tk and gf for coming down to support me yest! had a really great time on stage and really sang our hearts out. HAHA of cuz we were disappointed that we didn't get to take home any special prizes la, but some of our friends did mention that they CRIED listening to us. HAHA i guess that's enough consolation yeah!

I WILL MISS EVERYONE man...all the practices, no more seeing wenhao practising like mad when i reach ob in the afternoon and waiting for mika to arrive 3 hours later, no more seeing shuting's and bryan's groups practising in the dance studio, more practising till 11 plus at night until wewe had to chase us all out of the office so that he can go home...hahah feels abit lost now... BLAH

Saturday, July 18, 2009

tml's the BIG day! sleep early :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

hi hi! hi everyone who's reading. HAHA!

met lip yong and raymond for lunch this afternoon, talked non-stop from the hong kong cafe (where i had a very very choking wasabi seafood baked rice, which was nothing like the wasabi prawns i had the other day) to basement food gallery to thai express. AHAHA this time the topic changed to travelling and extreme sports! hahah wanna sky dive and bungee jump and para-glide leh!!! hahaha

then went to lip yong's house cuz he recommended a hairdresser near to his house but he did warn that the hairdresser was going to be abit gay. HAHA omg when we entered we felt like exiting immediately! hahah we had to endure his stories and his weird laughter throughout the haircut lor...hahah i think his assistant must be suffering alot working there...HAHA

went to yew tee for the HDB performance. and i created a classic by saying "wow i have never been to yew tee before. you guys really have a lot of shopping malls ar, i am very impressed! WELL DONE YEW TEE!" hahah STUNNED. :P anyway sherlyn laoshi mentioned that i shouldn't hold the mic with 2 hands and i should choose easier songs. HAHA

yeah then we cabbed down to OB (oh yeah ivan and sherlyn owe me 4 dollars each!!) had a short prac with wenhao and mika. tidied up abit here and there...

ok skipped supper so that i will have a good sleep tonight and prepare for choir and hdb perf tml! hahah

had our...FIFTH review today. HAHA! erm i played so many wrong notes i hate myself...bah need to continue working on the thai dance song, and a few of my other compositions...and HDB perf's later!! i am bringing a music score stand on stage for my lyrics...HAHA!

oh yeah went shopping with ivan in the morning for my shoes...they cost 180 bucks... OMG. HAHHA better take good care of them!!! hahaha

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

went k lunch with shihui in the afternoon...HAHA i think i prefer playing the keyboard and singing to it! hahahaha yay save money...HAHAHA

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

rotting in front of the comp and my butt's getting bigger.

Monday, July 13, 2009

my second aunt and my cousin jieyin stayed over at my house last night, then my first aunt and her husband came over with breakfast in the morning... HAHAH :) pancake and youtiao! hahah had a good talk with them on travelling! and they told me there's such a thing called disney-sea in tokyo. HAHA!

then went to watch the bistro performance in the afternoon...

then off for dinner at waraku at central...

just did the REVERSE BUNGY at clarke quay withe bryan, wenhao, ivan, collin and miaoru..miaoru said this was nothing compared to sky-diving.. HAHA. but still IT WAS MIND-BLOWING. AHAHA!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

OH MAN! really tired!!! hahah woke up t 6am this morning, the earliest in months!!!

john and janet's wedding was the glue.

hahaha oh met all the brothers and sisters and they are really nice people! ahahah

also gotta meet so many of my aunties and uncles and cousins and we exchanged emails! hahah can't believe we haven't been keeping in constant contact for 20 over years! oh my fav dish just now was the fried wasabi prawns! OMG i am sure i had over 10 pieces. HAHA!

Friday, July 10, 2009

spent the whole day shopping for concert attire. was with mika at city plaza to get her gown, then we went to bugis to look for blazers, while the rest were still at clarke quay central. yup after that we met at bugis and decided to get wenhao and my blazers at taka zara. was very disappointed when i couldn't find the blazer that i wanted over there! it was $229 yest and the price on that rack dropped to $179 today! no wonder it's gone. bryan and alex then came and bryan persuaded me to go to marina square to look for the blazer. LUCKILY it's there, if not ar...

haha okay then we headed back to ob for review and photoshoot. hahah everyone was dressed very nicely. will post the photos soon. yeah the photoshoot was fun, and i thought our perf was not too bad, just that i really need to get my piano chords right!!! argh. yeah then we threw a surprise for bryan and he had to blow 20 candles off his cake. HAHA aiyah it's just that the candles are easy to blow man.

JIAYOU peeps! don't be too stressed!

yeah have to go and get my accessories tml with mireen at far east. BLAH.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

have been spending most of my days with vs peeps nowadays. met sue, marc, adrian and asik for lunch at astons at cathay. then went to far east to meet ivan, wenhao, mika, mireen, alex and shuting to shop for clothes.

gotta try out central tml afternoon...:P

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

been having suppers almost everyday with the vs peeps. just came back from rk house at serangoon gardens. HAHA

anyway accompanied zach and bryan to far east to buy their perf costume. need to buy mine and wenhao's very soon tml! :)

anyway wencong laoshi said that our performance is on the right track. YAY!


heard a very bad news from gabriel on sunday...may gabriel and cheryl's family be blessed with hope...

Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Monday, July 06, 2009

had a bad day at singapore flyer. luckily i didn't see any of my friends there! hahaha if not ar...will be damn paiseh! hahahah

was walking in the rain with the vs peeps just now. QUITE fun la. HAHA

Sunday, July 05, 2009

5 July - Bistro Bar @ Singapore Flyer - 5pm
7 July - VS Grad Perf Review
10 July - 4-4 Dinner @ Kallang
11 July - Janet's Wedding @ Grand Park City Hall
17 July - HDB Performance @ Yew Tee Square - 7pm
18 July - HDB Performance @ Elias Mall - 6.50pm
19 July - VS Grad Perf @ NUS UCC
24 July - HDB Performance @ Rivervale Plaza - 6.30pm
25 July - VJC Homecoming Performance @ VJC Field
26 July - Bistro Bar @ Singapore Flyer - 5pm
6 Aug - Hall 3 FOC SP Night Performance

had food-tasting-cum-briefing with john and janet yesterday night at the hotel. hahah maybe i am not very picky but i thought the food was good. HAHA but everyone else was saying either it's too oily or too sweet... HAHAHA

Friday, July 03, 2009

had a whole day of practice for bistro. haha even so i felt that we didn't really accomplish much. HAIZZZ why?!?!!?!

just had supper just now. erm. played tap tap revenge again. HAHA huanjie is freaking lame la! hahaha all the politeness we showed each other in the beginning was just a SHOW!! hahahaah :P

okay more practice tml! and tml's the review! OMG.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

loves to play with the tambourine! was playing this love with daryl just now in the drum room. WAH damn shiok. HAHA!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

went to kk hospital with sis in the morning for her routine checkup. HAHAHA i think i look better wearing masks. YEAH? aahah

yeah after that went to OB and had a FULL DAY of practices. our group still couldn't come to a consensus what to do for FRIDAY. tsk tsk tsk.

attended huan liang lao shi's composing workshop and we are urged to learn how to use MIDI, and also to compose a dance song for 3 thai singers. HAHA! quite fun.