Friday, October 31, 2008

okay before i start drowning myself in work. i wanna tell myself how i am over-exerting myself by being overly ambitious. here is a list of activities that i am currently engaged in.

1. vc:
a. learn new songs, carols,
b. settle NAC stuff
c. concert in dec
d. carolling admin stuffs
e. settle korea's stuffs - collaterals and costumes and songs. i am sure there are more than enough things.

2. hall activities:
a. pubs subcomm
b. cheerleading
c. dance (newbie. lotsa things to learn for my inflexible arms and legs to learn)
d. foc monster hunt planning
e. am i doing p&p for SP and biz for FOC? haha
f. ge yao
3. school work:
a. projects: all are over except for comm funds. will kill faith with my smile on monday.
b. lectures and tutorials: not up to mark. needs to work on the lectures that i ponned like biz law. will do fm tutorial after this.
4. others:
a. badminton
b. singing (sign up for competitions and MORE singing lessons)
c. learn sepak takraw
d. weekly run (needs to start again)
e. i really like designing. had so much fun doing the slides yesterday for the IT project. why am i not in ADM and what am i doing in NBS. doing 2 degrees some more. i don't wanna be forced to drop a degree. :(
f. my nikon d40x!
g. learn drumming
h. oh yes. what about my FRIENDS?!?!??! (pls wait for me till the dec hols arrives!!! promise i will draw out some time for each and everyone of u. jiaxun and joshua and lip yong who are returning from somewhere else on earth. bran and mel 4-4 friends, S61 friends, vjchoir friends, npc friends, npco friends, hotel friends. OH NO. SO MANY PPL)
i. oh yes what about my family.
WANTS TO DO SO MANY THINGS BUT SO LITTLE TIME. that's what everyone is talking about now. why am i so busy.

good thing is that i have recovered from my prolonged flu. yay.

the sem is coming to an end. means that i will most probably have to say bye bye to my 3 dear tutorial mates xu wei, everlyn and xianhui very soon. cherish the time now. anyway i don't regret my time with them. late nights, lunches and dinners and badminton sessions. TIME WELL-SPENT. emo.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

had another night of rushing through IT project after the last one for the accounting projects. FROM EIGHT TO EIGHT!!! and IT lessons start at 9! it's madness i went back to my room at 8.15, bathed and rushed to FAL to print the report at 8.30. luckily was in time for the seminar but nothing went into my brain.

OH but the good thing was our presentation was SMOOTH. hhahah good comments from everywhere. yay.

dunno what i am talking about now. JUST DAMN SHAGGED. i need dinner.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

felt VERY lousy this morning. couldn't call pnsd to defer ippt cuz i was feeling unwell. yah and the runny nose didn't help much too. However things took a turn for the better when i went to old pa for ippt when i saw titus and edwin there. HAHAHA been so long since i saw them. and i managed to scrap through an INCENTIVE PASS, which means i get money i hope. HEEHEE.

oh after that i vistied wensi at j8 and went for dinner at MOS burger and had durian with shredded ice (is that what u call it?? i forgot the name!), and then she went to shop for quilt covers with CUPCAKEs. WELL DONE.

AH thought that the 2.4 run did my flu some good, but it's back now. BAAAAHHH

Thursday, October 23, 2008

supposed to create a blog during IT class. so this is legitimate blogging during school hours!

my last lesson with wu jia ming lao shi.

haiya damn sad won't get to sing together in the same classroom and listen to his talking crap anymore....SIANZ.....he's really a very good teacher. LEARNT so much from him. even though i kinda disappointed myself by not singing well today. SORETHROAT. AHHEM.

rushed back to hall from ocean butterfly to go to the hall gym and peeped in at hall dance. wah liao they are uber fast i didn't even catch a thing.

then went to 3e tv lounge for foc meeting. WAH LIAO i don't wanna org fright night. i am scared...HAHA

oh just came back from supper with yao feng, shaun, lesley and sin hui. wah liao so much of talking cock and gossiping. can't stand it. HAHAHAHAHA

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

am glad i can still make the ppl around me laugh, or smile, or at least not feel unhappy.

tt(".) - learnt this from maurice today. HAHA

jianhao wants to graduate quickly and start to earn money.

pretty satisfied with today. did all the things that i set out to do.

today was uniform day! around 15 of us wore sec/jc uniforms to class and walked around the school. damn AA. damn paiseh. i didn't want to cross the bridge to north spine when i was meeting everlyn and xuwei in the morning for breakfast.

oh then in the evening managed to print my notes, then went to run with daniel and qi jun around school. MUST TRAIN FOR IPPT. bah.

had block supper - you tiao, tau hway, prata, soya bean milk.... thought it's really nice talking to everyone though we had to leave early to mug. and yes i finished my FM tutorial 10. proud of myself.

erm kicked abit of sepak takraw just now with the ball flying EVERYWHERE. kan paiseh. wanna do more new stuffs while i am still not so old yet!
feels that a sorethroat is inevitable after all the junk food. HAHAHAHA.

Monday, October 20, 2008

has chipped tooth. i think i am going to hurt my tongue soon....

okay so here's what happened @ 6pm on sat.

terrence and shuwei and my bag. terr took advantage of the situation! HAHAH okay shall not make fun of terrence cuz he taught me drumming basics on saturday. i am happier now.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

wants to remember names better!!! i want to confess something... i can't remember most of the vjchoir peeps' names. PAISEH ah juniors. uncle's memory not very good... HAHA

anyway ippt this coming sat. no chorale for me...

let me think what hmwk i have to do.

1) FM tutorial 10.
2) Study for FM quiz this friday.
3) train for ippt. i think i will fail 2.4, pull-ups, jump, shuttle run and situps. CUI.
4) IT database project
5) FM discover finance essay 2.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

needs to improve stamina to play badminton.

my carrom skill sux. been 2 years since i last played carrom!

if u ever do come to my room, do look out for this notice

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


in a dormant state now after blood donation.

oh what a good afternoon for sleeping. it's raining heavily outside and the aircon in the room is ultra-shiok. ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz

some shots from these 2 weeks:

daniel and his dnd ppl cleaning my room for TEN FREAKING BUCKS

erm my tut mates at my room rushing thru our FM proj and fooling around with my specs at the same time.

the following few pics were taken at lt1a.

YANG YANG!!! - xianhui is obsessed with non-living objects.

vanessa and i with our adidas jackets and crumpler bags...haha

shit. i m not a good back spot cuz alot of girls fell. steph fell on her butt while suhui landed SOFTLY on her head. oh dear...

just doesn't know how to feel....i m confused. i am timid.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

clean room for 10 bucks.

play badminton and sing song till 2am!

sing song sing song sing song. didn't want the night to end.

Monday, October 13, 2008

just completed FM essay 5 @ 1150pm when it's due for submission at 12am. HAHAHAHA anyway after that we celebrated with nutella and peanut butter on bread. YAY.

ok on to acct and biz law tut.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

vj-vc sports fiesta was way too cool!

Oh and the ULTIMATE JOKE -

Friday, October 10, 2008


hahah my neighbour yao feng jio-ed me over to his room to play i went there after bathing without telling ben, and also didn't bring my hp and wallet since i thought it will be a quick game. so in the end i ended up playing two rounds of munchkin before deciding that i should go to bed earlier yesterday night at 10. then when i tried to open my room door i realised that IT'S LOCKED. @*%)!$!)$@&!&#(%&

yah so i ended up calling ben and realised that he was already heading for home. so i called the security office and they told me to go over. then when i reached there in my pyjamas they told me that the card keys for hall 3 cannot be made by them and i will have to wait till this morning to get a new one at the hall office. #(^*(#*(#^#)(%24$&^^. lan lan walked back to hall and attempted to climb into my room with steph and her friends watching from the ground. HOWEVER i think my room was TOO SECURED and thus the climbing in was unsuccessful. BAAAH so i stayed in yao feng's room to do listen to prof lee's FM ppt and waited for ben to return at 2. luckily he only went home to grab some stuffs...not sleep.

BAH. i need to repay my sleep debt tonight.

anyway canteen A's prawn noodle sucks. don't eat it.

i need to breathe more when i am singing!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

morn: faith was disappointed with my lack of ppt slides for the presentation. YAH. i should have gotten a ppt presentation instead of drawing on the whiteboard. but i thought singing on the spot was quite spontaneous. HAHA!

afternoon: totally didn't understand prof anil's tutorial on consideration. some one help me pls!!!

evening: had my favourite veg food for lunch-dinner at cant a. HAHAHA feign ignorance. feigning ignorance is key!

night: went to jog around school with daniel from my hall at 9. then we reached the hall at 10. THEN we went to watch courtyard and his acting. the cast was uber funny! esp gaoli. really a natural... hahah oh then we saw an empty badminton court and we decided to play badminton, and also table tennis until 12. HAHA it's madnessssssssssss.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

my hall peeps can really sing and dance! was at cult night at comm hall. yah my same-floor neighbour eugene sang hei se you mo and it's damn good! weilin and felicia sang ni zui zhen gui which was good too! hahah must jio for karaoke when we are free one day...wonder when that FREE day will come...and yong kai's dance moves are uber sleek. ENVIOUS. i have psychomotor problems. BLAHHH.

work is piling up!

- FM tutorial 7 presentation
- Acct project due next wed
- IT project due at the end of the month
- FM project due next sun
- FM tutorial 6
- Acct tutorial 8
- biz law lect read up + tutorial
- Comm fund presentation next mon
- ideas for monster hunt in 2 weeks
- reprint my FM lecture notes tml, now that my printer is not working


Wednesday, October 01, 2008

OH just had subcomm night. pubs did VERY well by getting 'best dressed' and 2nd for charades. HAHAHA so here is a photo of derrick, the pharoah from hawaii who migrated to phillippines and is now working as a maid in singapore.

oh yah and thanks for supporting me for geyao. (if any of u reads my blog. HAHAHA)

hahah oh we celebrated shaun's birthday yest. shaun is my neighbour and we made him get signatures from girls around hall 3 armed with only his briefs, dustbin cover and the cake box. HAHA

oh happy childish day and selamat hari raya puasa!