Saturday, February 28, 2009

okay i just messed up our korea video by overwriting the one at the embassy with our 'no man' video on the bus. YESH KILL ME PLS.

anyway HAPPY 21st / 5.25th to MARCUS!!!!! woohoo!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

latest infatuation with food:

wholemeal bread + cheese + butter + bacon bits = Heaven

just watched slumdog millionaire. quite a good plot. it takes creativity to come up with a good storyline. either that or a stroke of genius.

jianhao has a secret - he HATES to check NTUmail. HATES it.

kapo-ed this quiz from pockthong's blog:
What is your True Fear?
Your Result: Being Alone

While you may act like you don't care on the outside, on the inside your biggest fear is being alone. You can be quite shy and reserved. You feel like a lot of times people don't really see the real you. You're afraid that no one will really truly love you, and that you will be alone for the rest of your life. On the inside you are great person, so just remember that and don't let your shy nature get the best of you! If you don't want to be a lone then you need to make an effort to be with someone. Show the people that you care about that you really love them, and chances are someone will always be there, even if you think they won't.

Losing Someone
Where Your life is Going
Looked down on
What'>">What is your True Fear?
Quiz'>">Quiz Created on GoToQuiz


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

just went for mb. i hope it's just the first lesson which is boring. i wanna sing very soon! okay next monday next monday....:)

jianhao is about to have his dinner.

he just saw 2 rainbows in the sky.

he just finished meetings for acct and ob projects.


rushing for vs5 later :D

full day of activities!

10am to 2pm: vc exco meeting (we kept disturbing sue lynn with her "oh my bus is here!")
2pm to 3.30pm: shopping
3.30pm to 6pm: study + day dreaming about becoming our own boss with sam
6pm to 7pm: dinner with sam and nic
7pm to 12am: roam around cafes in orchard, like starbuck, dome, and coffee bean with my marketing mates. :D had so much to eat!!!!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

cannot! your blog is like my favourite link cuz it's the most updated one. HAHHAHAHHAHAHA

Monday, February 23, 2009

i realised i was in school today, and the purpose was to have a 10-min interview for the THM major. BAH.

anyway i went to the dentist just now and he told me "no more nuts!"

bah i am very sad. i had so much pecan at sandy's place on sat. BAH SANDY HOW!?!?!? i think i can eat peanut BUTTER right :D oh man what about walnut and macadamia. :(

haahh ice queen can i link you from my blog. haha don't care. silence means consent :) woohoo ice queen is reading my blog!

okay i am mad.

anyway the ice cream that i made at sandy's house turned out great AGAIN. i bought vanilla ice cream from the mart opp. and then added a few spoonfuls of baileys into it. WOOHOO. too bad the fridge wasn't cold enough if not it would have been a BLAST. :P

i am becoming a PIGLET.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

anyway the security guard uncle asked me:

"why aren't you going for a jog or something?"

i think he's implying something. NAHHHH i am being OVER-SENSITIVE! EAT MORE!!! :D

what we learnt about yesterday during nus choir concert was balancing public relations together with welfare. yup. tough call.

met gim sen and sue lynn today to settle our bank accounts at ocbc. finally it's done after 3 futile attempts. finally had KATONG LAKSA!!!!!! woohoo i live to eat! :D HAHAHA yah TALKED ALOT (of cock)!! like whether the exco and musico should get paid, and whether we should publicise our changing-over of committee on the front page of straits times.

oh this made me realise that i need to get our exco photo from WHOEVER who took it in korea.

Friday, February 20, 2009

strawberries! bread! milk!

finally had some free time to myself today.

yup went for my ict shooting today. OKAY AT LEAST IT'S OVER FOR THIS YEAR.

vc blog is up.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

my tummy is showing.

i should stop eating.

:) DIET!

(i am sure...)

okay on to the giordano case study! :D

oh what's great-est about today was the OB quiz. i totally didn't know what to write. and i thought ob was interesting. that's before the exam questions appear before my eyes...HAHAHA

oh anyway jude promised to send all of us the weblink for the dvd and photos soon! hhahah excited. and jasper added me on msn. HAHHA

been eating at least 4 meals a day. i think it's to work off the stressss...i need to run but there's no one to run with me. i am off-hall already. Sshit...

and boy am i glad i did my accounting tutorial today. WOOHOO!! applause please!

been catching damn alot of movies on my comp during lunches and dinners. HAHA just watched iron man...was watching the longest yard during lunch, big daddy yesterday, and over the hedge. HAHAH all are good movies!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Yu Ye Hua: Blossoms in the Night Rain

am listening to Victoria Chorale's Yu Ye Hua: Blossoms in the Night Rain from 2002.

No wonder we had a CD. VC really sang brilliantly. the ring was glad. together with the blend. i was comparing miao jia in 2002 and in 2007. it was startling how different both songs were performed. HAHA talking about understanding our past. also have been listening to the cd for so many years. however it was only just now did i manage to spot the high descant hum in ang aking bituin at the start of the song. HAHAHHA

i am proud to be the pres of this choir. sometimes i feel abit embarrassed to admit becuz there are just so many things to learn along the way! hahahaha but we are really one big FAMILY OF SINGERS, aren't we? :D

And of cuz, after every phase in life there has to be changes, whether we like it or not. now's the time for VC to change and move on to a better, greater future. :D

need to learn more ob concepts on building teams and resolving conflicts. :)
am glad i did my first set of accounting tutorials this sem! at least i tried~~~

we are all spastic.

we want to work more so that we have a greater sense of affection to something that we have CREATED.

we want to pay more for the brand / price prestige. HAHAH.

i chanced upon an article saying that the ST THOMAS BOYS CHOIR from LEIPZIG will be performing Johann Sebastian Bach’s legacy at the Esplanade Concert Hall. Ticket prices range from S$38 to S$118.

hmmmm why can't vc tickets be as expensive? HAHAHAHAA.
I am sure ours can be. look at our ticket prices in korea. :D 30,000 won to 80,000 won. that's about 40 sing bucks to 100 sing bucks.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

jianhao should stop trying to make everyone like him. REALLY. it's not good.

my parents are the real masters of oral suasion. now my hair sux. HAHAHAHA

no wonder everyone loves sunday. :)

it's a day to clear all your rubbish in the week.

***inserts -> had breakfast with raymond and lip yong on saturday at toa payoh lorong 4!!!! and of cuz, we gossiped like siao la! HAHAH

Thursday, February 12, 2009

post 444 - had a day full of meetings for ob and marketing.

10am - OB meeting
2.30pm - lunch in hall
4.30pm - STATS meeting
9.30pm - STATS meeting.

AND here i am.

yes yc...I AM TRYING VERY HARD TO HANG ON LEH. but it's as if i am clinging on to a rubber band which may just snap anytime. i know if i pass through this period everything will be much better and i most certainly would regret it if i didn't get any degree. anyway all these things are making me really forgetful. i totally forgot that my black shoes are at home and my OB presentation's tml. luckily eugene was kind enough to lend me ying guang's shoes! WAH LIAO IF NOT AR....

and to make matters worse the OB case critique, which forms 20% of the semester grade, falls on next tue. and i have yet to study anything about it yet. I WILL DIE VERY SOON. HAHAHAHAHA

and i am going to pon prawning with npc guys on friday to go FAME, if not wensi and steph will kill me. i know. i should be studying. even my mom sounds exasperated drilling that idea into me. i am exasperated too. my it's a matter of my abilities not being able to live up to my expectations. BAH.


just before i forget, the blueberry & strawberry shortcake cookies at hall16 canteen rox. :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

half an hour of badminton did me good! sweat like mad! woohoo!

hahah watching the official cheerleading video. i miss cheerleading ppl!

it must have been a bad afternoon. i opened a can of tuna and i totally can't finish it. i wasn't even hungry. will it go bad if i leave it covered until tml morning? DIE.

alright anyway there comes a point in life when decisions have to be made.

i just don't like numbers. i hate accounting and stats. how. on one hand i need to meet the expectations of my parents and continue to work hard, on the other hand i am really not happy handling all these tutorials and projects shit. ARGH. okay although when i called my mom yesterday to complain she told me that it was okay for me to not study. HAHAHA! i'm sure.

i think it's just that i am such a slacker and i can't take it when i am lagging and i can't study. i just paid for the sem's education and i definitely can't quit! AND I AM LACKING BY 3 TUTORIALS FOR ALL MY MODULES. just watched the stats online lecture 4 (lect 6 is going on now as i type this entry) and it's really boring. i can't imagine myself being an accountant. argh this double-degree thing really sucked. i'd rather be singing and doing things for chorale rather than going to school. but we all know that's not very practical. i have so many things to do for vc, so many dreams to fulfill, but there's no time. everyone is so busy handling school work and stuff. it's really tough. if only i can be paid to sing! hahahahhahahah finding it such a chore to study.
yah and i am totally neglecting all my friends. I AM SO SORRY. just blame me for being stupid in attending university. i can't even go home. :(

blah blah blah. shall skip first 2 hours of the choir elective and STUDY. then after that i will reach nie at 6.30 and then go off at 6.45 to take photos for hall3 table tennis. how zai.

oh friends come find me in my room i think i have some things for u from korea.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

i just received a call from OCEAN BUTTERFLY in the afternoon!!

was containing my joy since then and now i got to blog about it!
i got into the VERY SINGER CLASS!!! WOO HOO!!! yay can get to hear other ppl sing, and also get to learn stuffs like dancing and speaking in public. YAY!

DAMN HAPPY. and i just finished my OB case study. moving on to marketing!

Victoria Chorale Brought the Soul of Music to Seoul

Victoria Chorale, one of Singapore’s most famous youth choirs, has just concluded a successful concert tour to Seoul, South Korea.

At the special invitation of J&A Music, South Korea's largest publisher of choral and orchestral music, Victoria Chorale performed a full-length concert in Seoul on February 3 to an audience of nearly 2000. The theme of the concert revolved around showing off the choir’s diversity in tackling challenging contemporary and sacred Asian and Western choral music. In particular, the choir also showcased music by a local composer, Dr Zechariah Goh Toh Chai.

Said Mr Jude Oh, the manager of the Department of International Performing Arts from J&A Music, “I have been planning this for a year. I am really overjoyed that the concert finally took place and that it has received such critical success.”

The concert entitled Victoria Chorale in Korea had an impressive turnout. In the hope of hearing a culturally diverse repertoire executed by an Olympic Champion Choir, many conductors of prestigious choirs such as Seoul City Choir and Ansan City Choir flew to Seoul from all over Korea to attend the concert. Mr KooChun, the chairman of Korean Federation of Choral Music (KFCM), also graced the event.

Mr Yoon Eui Joong, the conductor of the guest choir, Seoul Master Choral, commended, “Victoria Chorale gave a concert at the most professional level.”

In Singapore, Victoria Chorale is commonly known as the alumni choir of the Victoria Junior College Choir. The fresh, young and rejuvenating sound of the choir J&A Music heard at the World Choir Games 2006 convinced the Korean corporation to invite the choir to perform at the acclaimed Seoul Arts Centre.

Being showered with rave publicity on such a large scale in South Korea is the first for any choir in Singapore’s choral history. Victoria Chorale was featured in a premier Korean publication known as Choir & Organ which reaches out to a strong group of about 2000 choral enthusiasts. The concert was also covered by niche Korean newspaper, Seoul Culture Today. In addition, there was a live webcast and telecast of the concert on Arte TV – a Korean TV Station that plays 24 hours of classical performances. The broadcast of the Victoria Chorale Concert in Korea will also be repeated a further five times this year.

The choir’s resident musical director, Mr Nelson Kwei, was also invited to give a workshop on Southeast Asian choral music at a choral symposium organised by Professor Shin Hua Park from Ewha Womans University. While in Seoul, Victoria Chorale was also invited to perform at a dinner hosted by Mr Chua Thai Keong, Singapore’s Ambassador to South Korea. The choir was then featured on The Korea Times as the Singaporean choir that augured the prosperous 2009.

Mr Nelson Kwei remarked, “This Korea trip and concert has provided us with a brand new perspective on the future direction of Victoria Chorale. Going in the line of becoming a professional choir, being invited to perform in overseas festivals and having the honour to give concerts to an international audience will make us stronger ambassadors of the Singapore choral music.”

Victoria Chorale is grateful for the strong support shown by the National Arts Council, Singapore Tourism Board and People’s Association in making this trip possible.

Monday, February 09, 2009

alright. finally time to blog about korea all i want. :)

i am just all SMILES thinking about the fun i had with all the great ppl in seoul.

- seoul's freaking cold, and i got to wear as many layers of clothing as i want!

- seoul's really windy too esp during the extension trip. oh well i bathed a LITTLE LESS and got smelly feet the moment we reached dongdaemun. HAHHAHA so i decided to bathe a little more.
- initially caught flu on day one but i recovered with sue's medicine and sandy's liang teh.

- suelynn and i were the tour guides for the trip. MUAHAHAHA

- drank water from convenience marts everyday cuz water is not potable in korea. spent alot of money buying mineral water! hahha

- did pseudo-yoga exercises every morning to warm up the body. some ppl are just very flexible while SOME AREN'T. like me and.... HAHHAHAHA

- went to frasers suite where by the gm of the serviced residence, jerry gan, is the president of the singapore club. he hosted us and took us around for a tour of the apartments.

- went to ewha women's university for a conductor masterclass conducted by nelson and we were the demo choir. saw how conductors get psychomotor problems with 4/4 and 3/4 timings. HAHAH watch out for the video that i took for this event!

- singapore ambassador chua was really nice and he invited us to dinner at the shilla hotel, one of seoul's premier hotels, and we did a mini-performance. oh but i didn't really like networking. HAHHAHAH anyway i am relieved we asked everyone to wear really nice blazers and formal jackets to the event. HAHA!!!! pats shoulders.

- did ironing the night before the concert. thanks to sandy and sam and yc and nelc and minguo for helping out with the ironing! roomie emma was not bad at picking up this essential bachelor skill.

- seoul arts centre is really a great place to sing in. great acoustics, big stage,... we had to sort out our choreos on stage with nelson in the afternoon during the rehearsal and i had to pull a long face at everyone. HAHAH SORRY LA GUYS! i really would rather you get scolded by sue lynn and i than to be scolded by nelson. HAHAH

- the concert itself was ABOVE AVERAGE *quotes nelson. heeheee second half was clearly much better so kudos to the ppl who stayed on for the second half! the hall was quite filled! :D- i really enjoyed the post-concert celebration that we had at the bar near to our co-op residence. the bar belonged to jude's friend so he helped us to book the bar and also ordered food. sue and i went to take a look at the bar the night before and thought that it was really nice! hahhaah yah we had so much fun that night with cass (a korean beer) and soju and fried chicken and omelette and skewers...OH MAN THAT WAS THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE!!!also managed to kapo some korean pop music from the bar owner!!! HAHAHAHAHA best takeaway from the trip!
- jude became drunk that night, and we insisted that he hire a cab to go home. in the end he didn't even listen to us and drove to his office and then had more alcohol before driving home. oh man. he's damn emo that night, telling us how he really treated us like his own family and i really miss him!!!!! he's freaking nice!!!!

- oh my seoul's a food paradise. bulgogi, bibimbap, msg soup, glass noodles, samkiapsai (sam cham ba), cinnamon pancakes, seaweed, soju....OH MY!!!! i just didn't like kimchi at all. AHAHA

- there are lotsa cosmetics shops like face shop, skin food, etude alot as gifts for family and friends as well as for yours truly! :D

- burnt my gloves at a radiator in a cosmetics shop

- shopping at dongdaemun was fantastic. the wholesale market had a really really wide variety of clothings to choose from, it's just that they only sell in bulk. and that's why i couldn't get the tee and belt i want. oh well. we went to another few malls like hello apm and good morning (hhaha weird names i know...) and the service there was much better. the vendors were telling each other that there are 3 singaporeans walking around the mall and better make a hell load of money out of them. HAHA no la there were really nice and took out all the short-sleeve tees that we requested. it's really funny all of them had the same reaction ("OKAY!") and then took out their stack of clothes from underneath the clothes on sale.

- shopping and eating till the wee hours (3/4am) is really common as the stores in dongdaemun are open for nearly 24 hours! that's korean night life for u :)

- had a museum tour planned by jude for the extension ppl. got some really sweet treats over there!!! hahahah

- loves the diary from insadong, the ice cream from myeong dong, strawberries from dongdaemun, the hyundai seaweed from coex mall, and donuts from last minute shopping at the airport.

- i am mesmerised by korean pop music.

- saw this really nice waitress from this fusion food restaurant twice. once at insadong and the next time at myeong dong. HHAH~!! what a coincidence. she was very surprised to see us at myeong dong and immediately blurted our "insadong!". HAHAH

- didn't realise how much a bimbo and himbo siying a.k.a. sally and asik a.k.a. klasik was until the trip. go visit

- taxi in seoul is uber cheap. the meter starts at 1900won and doesn't jump until around 10 minutes later. MUAHAHHAH and so we stopped taking the subway. HEEEHEE

- too bad there's no snow.

- boeing777-300ER was really much nicer than boeing777-200. wah liao!!! damn comfy la! and the entertainment was much better. i was busy uploading photos onto my harddrive on the plane with gim sen's and sam's comp. HAHHHA i must have been the busiest passenger on the plane running around every 5 minutes. HAHHA oh the strawberry cheesecake ice cream that sia served was really really nice! must get it again!!! oh but the cheese on sq18 was really good.

- one tiny little regret i have from the trip would be that i didn't get to talk much to some of my fellow vc members....sorry guys can't help it gotta run here and there...HAHAHHAHA

- it's kinda difficult to spot an exceptionally beautiful korean in seoul. wonder why. even plastic surgery and tons of cosmetics don't work very well.

- BUT BUT BUT ---> the korean style of service is very very commendable, and i got alot of namecards from alot of ppl.


- and the amount of media coverage we have in korea thanks to jude - appearing live on national tv, featuring in premier korean choral and orchestral magazine and arts paper, radio broadcast and online streaming of our performances. and kiat just showed me a web news article about us at shilla hotel. WAH LIAO! we better work hard for the press release(s) in singapore!!!!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

okay...leaving for singapore tml evening...argh can't bear to leave the cold weather in korea!!!!

okay myeong dong tml morning!!!"D