Monday, February 23, 2009

i realised i was in school today, and the purpose was to have a 10-min interview for the THM major. BAH.

anyway i went to the dentist just now and he told me "no more nuts!"

bah i am very sad. i had so much pecan at sandy's place on sat. BAH SANDY HOW!?!?!? i think i can eat peanut BUTTER right :D oh man what about walnut and macadamia. :(

haahh ice queen can i link you from my blog. haha don't care. silence means consent :) woohoo ice queen is reading my blog!

okay i am mad.

anyway the ice cream that i made at sandy's house turned out great AGAIN. i bought vanilla ice cream from the mart opp. and then added a few spoonfuls of baileys into it. WOOHOO. too bad the fridge wasn't cold enough if not it would have been a BLAST. :P

i am becoming a PIGLET.

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