Monday, February 16, 2009

Yu Ye Hua: Blossoms in the Night Rain

am listening to Victoria Chorale's Yu Ye Hua: Blossoms in the Night Rain from 2002.

No wonder we had a CD. VC really sang brilliantly. the ring was glad. together with the blend. i was comparing miao jia in 2002 and in 2007. it was startling how different both songs were performed. HAHA talking about understanding our past. also have been listening to the cd for so many years. however it was only just now did i manage to spot the high descant hum in ang aking bituin at the start of the song. HAHAHHA

i am proud to be the pres of this choir. sometimes i feel abit embarrassed to admit becuz there are just so many things to learn along the way! hahahaha but we are really one big FAMILY OF SINGERS, aren't we? :D

And of cuz, after every phase in life there has to be changes, whether we like it or not. now's the time for VC to change and move on to a better, greater future. :D

need to learn more ob concepts on building teams and resolving conflicts. :)
am glad i did my first set of accounting tutorials this sem! at least i tried~~~

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