Wednesday, November 14, 2007

ok the morning was pretty blanked out. wanted to go down to dhq for dekitting and collection of cos and transcript and stuff but they said that they are not ready yet. yah we went down on monday and they told us that by wed it SHOULD be ready. now they are saying it would be best if we go down to collect the items 2 weeks from now since dy is busy and stuff. BOO to spf. very inefficient.

oh so i went for tuition. then i went for st james' power station interview as a server. hmmm i guess i most probably won't be taking up the part-time offer since the working hours are really scary and the pay is not really that great anyway. maybe i should just tell the manager that i am willing to work for events ONLY. yah that shall be it. anyway wild rocket had called back already and asked me if i am still willing to take up their job offer. hmmm but i told them that i will give them a reply in a few days' time cuz i have a fullerton hotel interview tml, or rather later in the morning! hmmm oh that i am quite excited. but i shall not pin too high hopes. shall see how things go tomorrow. i think i am quite under-prepared. that's not very good.


after every crest lesson i feel more motivated. more motivated to get started on things not only in real estate, but in many aspects of my life. i need to clean and filter and de-filth and tidy up my life. yah and set a goal. yah that is it. for this week i shall be more decisive and less wishy-washy. and yah procrastination has always been my greatest weakness. i shall stop procrastinating and idling in front of the computer too. thanks for reading if u see me hogging your msn messenger screen for too long pls gimme a nudge and tell me to get away from this nasty technological hazard in front of me. :D

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