Thursday, November 15, 2007

was talking to serene just now. 蛇-jie. hahhahah haven't talked to her in a long time!!!!!!! woohoo had a really great convo just now...maybe the best i had this year. HAHA so ser-jie we must talk more yah? wink wink :D

yah i must start my jap self-tuition tml. :D serene was telling me about this jac brother and sister programme whereby ppl are supposed to act as tour guides for japanese students at a humble rate. well i guess that's a very good platform to practise japanese. oh but too bad the dates clash with my taiwan trip. arh shucks. hahaha nvm. i have already dug up my 7 year old japanese textbooks from moelc and will start on the first one tml. wish me perseverance :D

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