Monday, November 12, 2007

jianhao is trying to cast a REALLY big net. so that anyhow tembah (is that how u spell this malay word?) will also kenna one. HAHA

4 waitering jobs + 1 sales job + real estate sales. WHEE. life is so exciting!

went out to town with kenneth, daryl, edwin, yee teck and titus after failing to get back my pink ic from pnsd becuz tl did not sign my dekitting form. well still have to go back on wed anyway to collect the certificate of we had fun eating at swensens and pool at cineleisure. edwin and titus are zai, while kenneth and i are the tai-ko brothers. hahah but the tai-ko brothers won quite alot against the zai ones. :D
alright wanna say that this photo is kinda black. ok blame it on the swensens manager. haha oh yah forgot to introduce these handsome boys. edwin, kenneth, daryl, titus and yeeteck. edwin just had a brush with death not long ago at a road block. kenneth is the muscleman and just got his braces. titus is this super-smart guy whom dennis thought is above normal human calibre. oh and yee teck did something terrible to his dog and loves TWINS. he is the guy who played twins' songs EVERY SECOND when we were in cheeseburger bunk last year.

just attended the first of 8 specialised skills programme lessons at hdb hub conducted by nizam gafoor. i have attended so many of his lessons already but every time i am still amazed at how powerful a motivational speaker he really is, and i wanna learn how to communicate like that. the words just flowed out of his mouth like vomit, but they all made sense, and made u think real deep.

we were talking about having reflecting sessions everyday to charter ur progress in life, your goals, and to review them every now and then. to have pictures of things that u desire placed in the most prominant and visible position in the house so that u will be repeatedly reminded of ur dreams. to mix among with the best, or at worst the better. and to tell ur loved ones and ur best friends that u are going to embark on a journey of challenges and hardships and rewards and that u need their guidance and most importantly support and good wishes.

ok one very very cruel thing that we were taught in class was to filter away negative-thought influences, even if it means to lessen contact with some of ur best-est friends. argh that sucks. i am so reluctant to even think about that.

ok i know i always have short-tongues and long-tongues and twisted-tongues every now and then when i speak...haha ok that's quite funny. well i shall learn from everyone around me. so please. you can laugh at me when i spell or pronounce a word wrongly but try to correct me ok? :D

yah jianhao wants to let his family have a much more comfortable life. :D...

starting from tonight.

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