Monday, November 19, 2007

damn there is going to be a new condominium next to my house. and supposedly along with it comes bishan st 25. woohoo new street in my town. now i am wondering if property prices in my area are going to rise? hahah but i guess having a condominium next to ur house doesn't make much of a difference anyway since condos can't be counted as added amenities, or attractions...or things like that. ok perhaps i am just frustrated that the open field next to my flat is going to be a built-up area in a few years' time. and no more unblocked view of bishan park and ang mo kio then...boohoo.

it's true that there may be times when someone cares for u and wants u to do something that u either don't like or fear, which causes u to blatantly turn away their kind suggestions and begin to turn a deaf ear to everything that they say. yah my dad kept telling me the whole of yesterday morning that i need to go have a checkup with an otorhinolaryngologist (ok new word that is very long!) or just some doctor because i seem to sneeze every morning. but not really actually. it's like only on certain days (eg.sundays) when he is around in the house, and coincidentally i will sneeze. ok i am not saying that i am allergic to him in any manner. that's just WRONG! ok i admit i will have mucus coming off my nose every now and then but it's normal yah? it happens to everyone every now and then right? HAHAHA i hate it when ppl make me feel paranoid. BAAAAH

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