Sunday, March 28, 2010

today was such a low-productivity day. oh well it's sunday! hahha :P

had meeting with xianhui and daniel at mos. i guess we are on the right track. i can feel it. at least now prof won't say that we lack lit reviews and are not exposed enough to the topic. :P

it was so coincidental to see alicia at amk mrt just now! YOU YUAN REN! hahah i hope you are sleeping now cuz you looked like a GHOST just now when i saw you. HAHAH!

yeah went to hawker centre opp andy's shop and celebrated joel's birthday. hahaha had fun poking fun at andy. HAHA! yeah then we went to amk hub and sorta walked around aimlessly. i was thinking we really didn't change at all after all these years. (the longest i had known these guys was since 2000. 10 YEARS. OMG) hahaaha yeah we walk in 2s and 3s and just sorta window-shop the entire building. HAHA! some things just never change.

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