Friday, March 19, 2010

15 new mails! wow that's a record. HAHAA

just came back from supper at macs opp int'l plaza. the service there's really good. it makes the sundae taste soooo much better! woohoo. :P

yup i think i learnt growling today! hurhurhur.

been listening to kaseum apado the past 2 days. almost every minute on buses and trains were spent listening to it. WOOHOO. FTTS ROCKS!!!

oh yeah need to find out how to differentiate our rubberband medleys!

oh YES.

RUBBERBAND will be performing in front of Wisma this coming Saturday, alongside other OB performing artistes such as Urban Queens, Simpli5 and Augmented 6. Huanjie and Junyang will also be performing there! Oh yeah other artistes from Lee Wei Song, Ge Fang and Ark will also be there to perform! do come catch us from 8pm onwards. :)

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