Monday, March 15, 2010

and based on the videos below i came to a few conclusions:

- tend to oversing - as such listen to the voice in my head and relax everytime i oversing. it helped alot during bei dui bei especially.
- must use more head voice to sustain the higher notes
- sense of tempo kinda sucks. i nv get my entries right.
- i often add too much ad-lib into the interludes.
- hold the mic too far away esp during the higher notes, and as such the notes suck cuz they were too soft and sounded like i didn't have any strength.
- lack interaction with joel on stage even though i told him before that that we must have more eye contact! hahha
- my tailing off sounds bad cuz i dun have proper control of wei yin.
- i still talk too quickly on stage
- there is a lack of emotional buildup for most of the songs. like i didn't have different treatments for the painting of the words. BLAH. and as such the songs sound emotionless and too technical.
- i move awkwardly on stage. i think learning dance helps.

okay good night world. :)

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