Friday, March 26, 2010

bm305 - interesting as usual. i thought the group presenting went a little out of point though...
bt202 - a waste of time as usual: 'facebook' tutorial as mentioned by bernard...hAHA
fyp meeting with xianhui and daniel. hahaha aiyah we are really still very unproductive leh....

had a really great evening at ob.

dinner with alex (thanks for walking with me to maxwell for my fav curry rice! hahah), then sang gaseum apado for review (whoah my first time! i nv thought that i would even dare to sing this song! hhaha). HAHA you all know why i always want to sing first? cuz my voice warmed up already before that so i dun want it to cool down, that's why i always rush to be the first one to sing...HAHAH! then supper at macs - told lotsa stories and lame jokes but the best one must be julio's NUT story. HAHA!

thanks avril for sending us home! :)

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