Tuesday, August 11, 2009

WOW. first day of school officially ended.

met up with alicia and irene yesterday to shop around. junwei, eechen, joyce and elizabeth joined us too. wah took neoprint sia. HAHA waiting for alicia's pics

yeah then went over to airport to send miaoru, huanjie, jacky and junyang off to the singing competition in china. HAHA bought that shrilling duck for alicia and everyone was playing with it. DAMN IRRITATING! esp iris and wendy. tsk tsk tsk

nobody's gonna scold me for posting this. :) why are the 2 of them so shy. HAHA

hahah yeah then we went to mr bean's for supper before heading for pool. i reached home at 3am i think.

slept for 3 hours and then woke up at 6am to go to golden mile to send alicia off. haahah joyce was there too.

then took bus with joyce to mrt and reached my bt313 seminar at 9am. haha i was half an hour late! hhahah i got appointed as class rep. more saikang to do. luckily the prof is still nice at the moment. oh yeah same class as rachel hoon. she is so MINAH. HAHA anyway most of the students in my class are year 3 tourism students. i must read up more so that i won't lose to them!

yeah then met siying for lunch at hall 3. she slept for only 1 hour yeah so she is like more tired than i am.

slept on the train back home and spend 93 dollars on the hybrid concession. FREAKING CHOR! jialat jialat.


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