Wednesday, October 31, 2007

when all the things that you are doing are not going your way, as in such as a job that u r in the way of getting only to find out that u are not qualified. another example would be all the waiting for the things that u wanna get and the people that you want to meet, unsure of whether all these waiting will be in vain. and finding out that you are really low in cash and desperately needs to find a new job. bah that's when u have a bad day. yah that's why gymming was good for venting all these frustrations. argh and pain tastes good.

so i shall not dwell further and make myself more miserable. let's look ahead.

and so i wanna try to get dark-skinned, again, because i am reaching the threshold of fair-skinned-ness.

bahh i am so silly.

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